Monday, August 8, 2011

Syrian President justifies repression of protesters

Syrian President Bashar Assad defended the bloody military offensive to silence dissenting voices, the same day that the troops entered the towns of Deir el-Zur and Haul causing about 50 deaths. Assad said he is a "state duty" to protect the safety of its citizens and act against "criminals who violate the law, cut roads, closed cities and terrorize the families." While the authorities again accused criminals and terrorists of the violence plaguing the country, opposition groups complained that the army stormed Deir el-Zur (Northeast) and Haul (province of Homs, in the center) and bombed several areas with tanks and heavy artillery.

A spokesman for the Local Coordination Committees opponent, Mohammed al Abdullah, said at least 38 people were killed in Deir el-Zur, where authorities forced the closure of private hospitals, while an audience was surrounded by troops. This city "lives a catastrophe," according to Al Abdullah, who said that electricity, water and telecommunications are cut.

In addition, there were clashes between the army and dissident soldiers loyal to the regime of Assad, there are campaigns of arrests and many snipers on rooftops. As Haul, one of the spokesmen of the committees, Edelbe Omar said from Beirut that at least eight people, including two teenagers died in the army attack against this city.

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