Friday, January 21, 2011

Peking became a model for Africa

Not surprisingly, China and gluttony in Africa. Since the octa, but especially in the last decade, China has shown an enormous appetite for raw materials of the continent oil and gas, but also timber, agricultural products and minerals needed to make electronic devices. The figures already known, the only available, IMF discuss trade relations have been growing in recent years to an average of 30% and likely to have exceeded U.S.

Frost between Hu Jintao and the U.S. Congress "Do not create tensions over Tibet and Taiwan"

WASHINGTON - Human rights, religious freedom, forced abortions, piracy, unfair competition, manipulation of the exchange: subjected to a barrage of accusations during his visit to the U.S. Congress, President Hu Jintao has lost for a moment his usual aplomb. Nth critical of the undervaluation of the renminbi is blurted out: "Is not that the problem of trade imbalances at the root is the fact that we are more productive than you." So reports the leading Republican John McCain, who attended the scene.

Palin, Santanché: almost twins

Mrs Daniela Santanché, speaking Annozero, without even listening to (let alone let talk) Conchita De Gregory, the yelled something about female solidarity which, according to her, the director of the Unit appeared to be lacking, failing to define the girls involved in the scandal that is sweeping (but it's really overwhelming?) Prime Minister Berlusconi, "prostitutes." Now if you call things by their names showing the absence of female solidarity, then I'm really lacking in solidarity.

In Australia, the government wants to create a flood tax

Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, referred to the establishment of a special tax to cover the repair of damage caused by historic floods that hit the country since late November. Crops, roads, railway and thousands of homes were devastated by floods this month the north-eastern Australia and four other states.

Canberra said it was the most expensive natural disaster this country has ever known. Ms Gillard, Labor said it was facing tough decisions given the extent of damage in Queensland, but keep it intended to renew its commitment in 2012-2013 with a budget surplus. "The spending will be reduced but it is also possible that there is a tax," she said Thursday night at the ABC television.

Bloody attacks have rocked the Iraqi city of Karbala.

 At least 45 people were killed. The attacks were apparently the many pilgrims to a religious festival in the city desired. More than 150 people were injured. Karbala - terrorists near the Iraqi city of Karbala caused a bloodbath. In two suicide attacks on Thursday at least 45 people have been killed.
Another 150 people were injured, said a representative of the provincial government. Among the casualties were women and children. It was said that the car bombs were detonated around the same time on the road to Baghdad and on the road leading into the city of Najaf. Karbala is located about 100 kilometers south of Baghdad.

Pakistani action against U.S. drone

Almost every day people die in Waziristan by U.S. drone attacks - the first time, organized a group of members of the resistance and dares to complain against the U.S.. To the annoyance of the Taliban. One eye and both legs. This is the price to be paid Sadaullah Wazir, 17,. That he lives in a part of the world as the "hotbed of terrorism" is and why the United States for a few years by drones lobbing rockets.

Press Freedom in Tunisia

"Castles in France, accounts in Switzerland, large estates in Argentina!" it says in large letters on the front page of the newspaper Al-Chourouk. "We have the hunt for the riches of Ben Ali's opened," is the subtitle, with the Tunisian "Sunrise" on Wednesday to woo readers. Also, the competition is trying to lure buyers: it shows a picture of a man in flames.

The story about this: Since triggered by self-immolation of an unemployed academic revolution in Tunisia have set in several countries in the Arab world, people on fire. The suicides were hoping thereby to her hometown to spark a revolution, reports the Journal "as-sarih" in German, "blunt".

War on Terror: Obama plans new Guantanamo process

Barack Obama finally puts on one of his campaign promises: the U.S. president wants to close the camp at Guantanamo, according to a press report is not anymore, but even launch new military tribunals. At the start there may be proceedings against three suspects. Hamburg - Barack Obama fits the political reality.

The U.S. president has not shut Guantanamo before - and apparently sees no chance to do so in the near future. Now he wants to make more use of military tribunals, according to a press release on the ground for the prosecution of the remaining prisoners. According to "New York Times (NYT) is expected that the withdrawal of Defense Robert Gates in the coming days, a statement that no new rules are instituted against the detainees there.

Tunisia: All dictation Party ministers quit

The Tunisian transitional government breaks with Ben Ali's regime. Now all the ministers in the cabinet, the party leaving the ex-dictator - under pressure from protesters. Also for Ben Ali's clan is tight, many members of his family could continue living in cells rather than villas. Tunis / Paris - A new beginning, the political transition Tunisian President Foued Mebazaâ promised in a televised address, the "total break with the past".

Smooth transition of the system in Ben Ali's hometown of former president

Hammam Sousse (Tunisia) Special Envoy - In the middle of the roundabout at the entrance to Hammam Sousse (north-east of Tunisia), a young soldier sleeps quietly, sitting on a plastic chair. The noise of cars, yet many in the late morning, do not mind. That of snipers firing tear gas and either: there is none.

January 14 already, the day of the fall of President, the hometown of El-Zein Ali AbidineBen remained amazingly calm. None of the 37,000 inhabitants of this town in the Sahel has cried her great man. Several dozen have even walked the streets, history this Friday, and have redone, January 19, to proclaim their rejection of the system Ben Ali and his party, the Democratic Constitutional Rally (RCD).

Obama Hu Jintao threatens to reinforce the military presence in Asia

At the gala dinner that the U.S. president Barack Obama offered his Chinese counterpart on the occasion of his visit reigned a much more relaxed than yesterday met Chinese President in the House of Representatives and the Senate. But now it has emerged that at a private dinner at the White House after the two leaders Obama's words were not so kind.

U.S. President Hu Jintao has warned that if no reinforced its pressure on North Korea The White House will be forced to send more troops to Asia to guard against a possible North Korean attack on U.S. soil, has informed a senior official in the Obama Administration quoted by The New York Times.

Lebanon: Saad Hariri confirms his candidacy for prime minister

The Prime Minister of the Lebanon, Saad Hariri, confirmed Thursday, January 20 at night, his candidacy for prime minister "in spite of intimidation" of Hezbollah. "There is a constitutional process that we will accept the result, whatever it is, despite the intimidation in the street or elsewhere," said a grave Mr.

Hariri during a speech to the nation broadcast live on television. Saad Hariri has accused Hezbollah and its allies, without naming them, of wanting to 'get out of the political spectrum "and the" politically assassinate ". His comments came after the decision on Thursday, Turkey and Qatar to suspend their mediation to unblock the crisis facing the country, after two days of fruitless contacts, and when the army continued to reinforce its presence in Beirut.

Tnez overlooks the power vacuum

Overcome, at least for the moment, violence in the streets, Tunisia faces a dangerous power vacuum. The party of dictator Ben Ali has been dissolved, the police have withdrawn from the streets, the army still waiting but no one knows what's going on in his bosom, and at a time dominated by uncertainty and fear, the opposition does not inspire sufficient confidence.

Almost no one knows the emerging political figures and were completely silenced for decades. The central committee of Reagrupamientol Constitutional Democratic (RCD) party of the dictator fled, was dissolved yesterday after most of its members, while ministers leave their ranks. At the doors of its headquarters in the capital, thousands of protesters demanding his ultimate demise.

Credits Atomic City

If the majority does not share your values

The strategy of tension does not respond to an ethical or moral position. Those who use it claiming to be the defenders of the essence and purity of values, but the fact is that the political confrontation is only a tactic designed to win elections. Its purpose is twofold: to mobilize the electorate next and at the same time, encourage abstention from rival party voters and moderates.

This type of strategy is not new and has been widely used in the United States. In 1800, during the election campaign between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, a contemporary newspaper warned that if Jefferson was elected president, murder, rape and adultery would be permissible. Years later, in 1828, the candidate Andrew Jackson, one of the founders of the Democratic Party suffered a brutal campaign of vilification.

Berlusconi invited the girls were encouraged by their families

The Italian press published Thursday, January 20, evidence from phone tapping girls involved in the "Rubygate" showing that their parents and brothers, inducing them to participate in the evenings controversial Silvio Berlusconi. Corriere della Sera cited as the brother of one of the girls involved in the festivals organized in Arcore villa, the residence of the Chief Government near Milan, called on the phone to his sister: "This man [Silvio Berlusconi ] can solve many of our problems, Mom, you and me.

Baby Doc is missing

Former Haitian dictator Jean Claude Duvalier, known as Baby Doc, is missing since Wednesday, when he left the hotel in Port-au-Prince in which staying since last Sunday returned to his country after 25 years of exile in France. As reported by local media, the former president could have left the premises through a back door while his wife, Veronique Roy, distracted the media stationed at the main entrance.

Seoul accepts military talks to "high" with Pyongyang

South Korea agreed on Thursday 20 January, the proposal for North Korea to begin military talks "at a high level" to discuss "military matters", said a spokesman for the Department of Unification of South Korea. After several months of tensions between the two neighbors of the peninsula, the North Korean minister Kim Yong-chun was sent earlier in the day this proposal to his South Korean counterpart Kim Kwan-jin, according to a spokesman for the Department defense of South Korea.

The advantages of polarization

Arizona's attack has been front-radicalization of the terms of political debate in our democracy. Usually thick tone, if not apocalyptic, deliberately simplistic seems to dominate the American political debate. In radio, debates, speeches, rallies and TV cross slurs, insults and even threats. Many wonder if the United States, which was always considered a civil paradise because of the maturity of its society and its institutions, today is not purely and simply an "uncivil" society.

Marble, gadgets, luxury, One Hyde Park is the world's most expensive address

LONDON - If you're ever here, and noticed a strange tail in the district of Knigthsbridge formed by Arab sheiks, Russian oligarchs, billionaires and the Chinese nouveau riche Silicon Valley, you know that do not try to grab what little remains from the annual winter sales of large Harrod's. Line up, rather than to buy one of the 84 apartments in Hyde Park One, the skyscraper opened in London yesterday, immediately labeled "the world's most expensive address.

Tunisia: Government adopts draft law on general amnesty

The Tunisian government of national unity has decided to recognize all banned political movements and an amnesty for all political prisoners. These are the measures taken by the first cabinet of the new cabinet, weakened by the resignations of ministers and the frond of the street. This bill amnesty will also cover the Islamist party banned Ennahdha.

The Prime Minister, Mohammed Ghannouchi, had already announced on Monday, among other measures of democratization, that all political parties who will require legalized. Banned under the regime of ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, the party announced Tuesday he would seek its legalization.

45 Shia pilgrims die in suicide bombings in Iraq

At least two cars driven by suicide bomb exploded today in the holy city of Karbala, south of Baghdad, killing 45 Shiite pilgrims and injuring about 150, reported the Iraqi Ministry of Interior. The explosions occurred in two routes used by people who make a pilgrimage to Karbala, 110 kilometers south of Baghdad.

The pilgrims were preparing to participate in the celebration of Arbaeen, which marks the end of 40 days of mourning saved by the death of Imam Hussein, grandson of the prophet Muhammad and third most important magnet for the Shiite branch of Islam. Earlier, a suicide bomber rammed the vehicle he was driving against the police headquarters in Baqouba, capital of Diyala province, leaving five dead and 30 heridesplosiónos, in the second attack against the facilities of the Iraqi security forces within 24 hours.

At least 45 dead and 110 wounded in two suicide bombings in Iraq

At least 45 Shiite worshipers were killed today and another 110 have been wounded by two suicide bombings in the northern and the southern city of Kerbala, 110 km south of Baghdad, police said. The sources explained that the victims were pilgrims who were to participate in the celebrations of Arbainiya, the holiday that commemorates the 40 days of the death of Imam Hussein, grandson of the prophet Muhammad and third most important magnet for the Shia community.

Battisti, adopted the Resolution on Extradition Strasbourg: "Principles of justice is not negotiable"

STRASBOURG - The European Parliament adopted by 83 votes in favor, one against and two abstentions, a resolution which calls on Brazil to extradite to Italy Cesare Battisti, a terrorist convicted of four murders and sentenced to life in a final. PHOTO 1 - 2 The result was greeted with applause. An Italian deputy shouted, addressed the Commission "act, you act." The text of the joint resolution - signed by all the groups except the Greens and United Left Gue - in what is essentially political "hopes that the Brazilian authorities to exercise their right and duty to respond to the request of the Italian government" and calls for "the Council and the Commission shall conduct political dialogue with Brazil and monitorino constantly that any decision respecting the founding principles of the European Union and good relations with the Member States ".

Tunisia - The Fall of the House-Ben Ali Trabelsi

Thursday, January 13 evening, the French press, we specified that the final televised address to the Tunisian President Ben Ali had been delivered in colloquial Arabic, "to be understood by the greatest number". We conclude that his usual speeches, more literary Arabic, were not included by the "greatest number".

Protects Iran's uranium enrichment if Iran is attacked

.- Warned that Iran will continue uranium enrichment if it is attacked, while their negotiators prepared for talks with six world powers seeking to disarm a crisis over its disputed nuclear program. Meanwhile, the United States stated that it expected "significant progress" in a controversy now in its eighth year on Tehran's nuclear ambitions when the powers and the Middle Eastern country meet in the Turkish city of Istanbul on Friday and Saturday.

Sel diplomatically accepted talks proposed by North Korea

The South Korean government has accepted the high-level military talks proposed by North Korea today, as reported. Pyongyang had proposed a meeting between defense ministers of both countries and had promised that Seoul was free to decide the topics, schedule and venue of the meeting, as the television channel YTN.

Relations between the two Koreas are severely damaged after the attack with mortars North Korea to South Korea's Yeonpyeong Island in the Yellow Sea on 23 November last year, which caused four deaths. In early January, the regime of Kim Jong-il proposed an unconditional dialogue with South Korea to resolve the crisis, but Seoul welcomed the proposal and asked coldly before a serious and responsible commitment to Pyongyang.

New York, big-round-up anti-mafia boss More than 110 arrests between affiliates and

NEW YORK - More than one hundred and ten arrests on 127 indictments, seven of the main building we "families" mafia involved overseas. "This is one of the largest anti-Mafia operations conducted in the history of the FBI, the number of arrests and extension," said U.S. Attorney Eric Holder, presented the results of the blitz.

It points out that "At this time the Justice Department is leading the fight against organized crime like never before. We are committed, we are determined to uprooted this criminal activity once and forever." A finish in the network of investigators, prominent leaders of the Italian mafia in New York: Family members Gambino, Lucchese, Genovese, Bonanno and Colombo, as well as the De Cavalcante, the latter based in New Jersey.

US-China, a promising start to the year but the future is uncertain

NEW YORK - No one can say that 2010 was a rosy year for dialogue between Beijing and Washington. The eyes of the world were against the republic, guilty of violating human rights and repress dissidents like Liu Xiabao, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The U.S. president, Barack Obama - he was awarded the Nobel, the year before - has repeatedly said that the republic has to change course.

During his visit to Washington on his Chinese counterpart, Hu Jintao, gave some opening, talking about the "universality of human rights", even if they are to be taken into account "national differences." The same joint statement by the two leaders at the end of the bilateral meeting states that "U.S.

Blog - Hu dribble on Human Rights

Health reform: Republicans raise Obama's law on

The U.S. Republican redeem an election promise: In the House, they voted for the withdrawal of the controversial health reforms of President Obama. The vote is largely symbolic and has no consequences. For in the Senate, the Democrats hold on the majority. Washington - When U.S. President Barack Obama last year put his health care reform, Republicans vilified the opposition the project.

Also on Wednesday, they again found pithy words. The law "destroy the relationship between doctors and patients" and "vandalize the fund in America," thundered Republican Steve King. The verbal attacks were only the beginning. For the Republicans, who now have a majority in the House of Representatives voted, now for the reduction of health care reform.

Press conference with Hu Jintao: Confusion about the human rights issue

At a press conference with U.S. President Chinese President Hu Obama did not answer the question of human rights in his country. Now puzzled reporters: Hu has ignored the question? Or did he simply not understand? Washington - long pauses, annoyed statesmen and translation problems: the press conference by China's President Hu Jintao and U.S.

President Barack Obama on Wednesday at the White House could have been better. It lasted one and a half hours - and was particularly unpleasant, as the Chinese leader was asked about human rights in his country. There was simultaneous translation at the press conference it is not - why, is not yet clear.

Government crisis: Ireland's lost a quarter of his cabinet ministers

 Ireland's Prime Minister Cowen must replace five members of the Cabinet: Foreign Minister, After four other department heads of your resignations. But it should not be shocked Cowen - the resignation of the Minister fits well into its strategy. Dublin - Irish Foreign Minister Michael Martin After four more cabinet members submitted their resignations in Dublin.

With the departure of Defense Minister Tony Killeen, Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern and two other leaders, the cabinet loses a quarter of his ministers. What sounds like a bitter defeat for Prime Minister Brian Cowen will actually be a smart move by him. The Irish Times reports that the resignations facilitated by him already longer planned cabinet reshuffle.

Argentina .- Fernandez de Kirchner signed with Turkey's economic and trade agreements

BUENOS AIRES, 20 The president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, met Thursday with his Turkish counterpart Abdullah Gul in Ankara Palace official to sign a series of economic and trade agreements, after his visit to Qatar and Kuwait. "It is a time of opportunity for countries with emerging economies like Argentina and Turkey, following the global crisis of 2008," the president said.

Also wants to return Aristide to Haiti

Three days after a surprise return to Port au Prince Haiti's former dictator Jean Claude Duvalier after an exile of 25 years in France, also a former president of Haiti Jean Bertrand Aristide has expressed a desire to follow his steps and return to the devastated and unstable Caribbean nation as "private citizen." Aristide, 57, today sent a letter to the Government of South Africa, where in exile since 2004, in which he declares his intentions.

Two suicide bombings in Karbala killed at least 50 Shiite pilgrims in

Karbala - At least 45 people died and 150 were injured as a result of two separate attacks in the Shiite holy city of Kerbala, Iraq. The suicide bombers have used two car bombs. The victims, mostly women and children, pilgrims would arrive in town for a party. The first bomb exploded north of Karbala about 13 hours to Italy.

The second blast occurred about twenty minutes later, ten miles south of town. A Karbala in recent days we celebrate the Arbain, or annual pilgrimage to the holy places of the city on the 40th or the day after Ashura, which commemorates the martyrdom of Imam Hussein in 681. In the city are expected to attract around one million pilgrims.

Case Battisti, now the European Union also calls for extradition

STRASBOURG - The case of Cesare Battisti walks in the European Union. With the resolution adopted today by an overwhelming majority in Parliament, who wanted the extradition of terrorist refugee in Brazil is not only Italy. That is in Strasbourg came the same relatives of the victims of Baptists and attended a press conference organized by all the Head of Delegation of the Italian parties (PDL, PD, IDV, UDC, Lega).

Tunisia - The Palestinian Authority banned a demonstration in support of Tunisia

Ramallah, special envoy - The Palestinian Authority has prevented the holding of a rally to support the revolution of Tunisia, to be held Wednesday, Jan. 19, Ramallah, the political capital of the West Bank. The few dozen protesters who defied the ban by the authorities, have encountered when they arrived at the Manara, the main town square, a gathering of activists from the Fatah party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas .

Students take 5 ex repressors trial of Argentina's dictatorship

BUENOS AIRES, 20 A court in Buenos Aires on Thursday will resume the trial of five former oppressors accused of crimes against humanity for acts that occurred in the clandestine detention center known as Motor Orletti during the last dictatorship in Argentina (1976-1983). The hearings will take place until Friday morning in Federal Court number one which started these proceedings on 3 June.

More than 80 witnesses have testified about the events in Orletti Automotive facilities, where they held the opposition to military rule. In the case are accused former Colonel Reuben and former general Visuara Eduardo Cabanillas, plus former members of the State Intelligence Secretariat (SIDE) Honorio Martínez Ruiz, Raul and Eduardo Guglielminetti Ruffo.

Death of a traveler on a flight carrying cocaine between Colombia and Spain

A passenger on a flight from Guayaquil (Ecuador) and Madrid has died of an overdose caused allegedly by the balls of cocaine, carried in the stomach, reports EFE. Iberia's plane had to make an unscheduled landing at Lajes airport on Terceira, Azores Islands, due to the unwillingness of the young, 22.

The flight landed at Barajas with three hours behind his schedule. The Aviation Herald magazine says Terceira police sources said that the man had a "large number of capsules of cocaine inside her body," as determined by autopsy. Another ill during a flight An eight-month pregnant woman was arrested Sunday in Palma de Mallorca when he started having seizures during a flight from Madrid.