Monday, May 16, 2011

Prosecutor requests arrest warrant for Gadhafi

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Luis Moreno Ocampo, announced Monday he asked the judges a warrant for crimes against humanity against Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, his son Saif al Islam and the head of the intelligence Libyan Abdullah Al Senusi. "Based on the evidence collected, the prosecutor's office has asked the Senate Preliminary No.

1 to deliver arrest warrants against Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam and Abdullah Al Sanusi," said Moreno Ocampo on a wheel Press in The Hague where the ICC is based. "We believe they are the most responsible" for the current conflict situation in Libya, three months after the outbreak of a revolt against the regime of Gadhafi, the prosecutor said, adding that Libyan authorities have the "obligation" to execute the arrest warrants.

The shocking killing of 27 peasants in Guatemala

Few things are capable of causing unrest in a society hardened by violence. Guatemala, with an average of between 18 and 20 murders a day, is one of the most violent countries in Latin America. But the killing of 27 peasants this weekend in the municipality of La Libertad (Petén, north) has shaken the conscience of a population begins to reach unusual levels of anger.

Until noon there were more questions than answers. But all indications are that the Mexican group Los Zetas drug is responsible for the attack. The brutality of the murders leaves little room for doubt: the victims were beheaded and some were amputated legs and arms they used as brushes to leave messages written in blood on the wall of the manor house of the Finca Los Cocos, where the event occurred .

Nabil Al-Arabi, the new "Voice of the Arabs"

Some traditions have survived the revolution of 11 February in Egypt. Again, this is indeed an Egyptian foreign minister in office who was designated Sunday, May 15, at the head of the Arab League. Nabil Al-Arabi, born in 1935, replaces the position of Secretary General Amr Moussa of the organization which had already preceded him for ten years at the helm of the Egyptian diplomacy.

Amr Moussa had himself succeeded in 2001, another former Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed AsmatAbdel Mégib, past the headquarters of diplomacy to that of the League, both located on the same bank of the Nile in Cairo. Now free of any commitment, Moussa may arise in the next presidential election in Egypt.

"Daze" before the images of handcuffed DSK

France shocked by the arrest of Strauss-Khan

The news of Strauss-Kahn on charges of rape has shocked France, where the head of the IMF was given as the favorite in all polls on the 2012 French presidential elections, although he had not yet resolved the reserve on its possible job. Now the possibility that Strauss-Kahn will present seems to fade out completely, even for a simple technical matter of time, as explained by Jeremie Saland, a lawyer from New York, quoted by the French website Le telegram.

The arrest of DSK plunged Greece into anxiety

Athens, Correspondence - The arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) falls ill for Greece, while EU ministers are looking again on the issue of the country's debt, Monday, May 16 The government spokesman said Sunday that the relationship with the IMF was "institutional", but the personal relationship between Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Prime Minister George Papandreou, both Socialists, have played a key role to enable the plan Rescue Greece in May 2010.

Israel accuses Syria and Lebanon after clashes on the border

The Israeli delegation will submit a formal protest to the UN Security Council for the accident on Sunday on the borders with Lebanon and Syria. According to the Israeli military radio said the government intends to accuse the two countries had violated international resolutions and allowed Palestinian protesters cross the border.

The request of the Jewish state is the antithesis of the one already presented by the UN representative in Lebanon, accusing Israel instead of having violated international law and demand an investigation to determine the facts that occurred near the village of Marun A-Ras: the second Lebanon, ten people were killed and 112 were injured when Israeli troops opened fire to stop the protest of hundreds of Palestinian exiles who had stormed the border to commemorate the Nakba, the catastrophe, which leads to flight tens of thousands of Palestinians from the territory that in 1948 the UN gave the new Jewish state.

These few hours were plunged into turmoil DSK

Dominique Strauss-Kahn handcuffed, out of a police station in Harlem: the image is shock at the height of the case which is made the director general of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Arrested Saturday afternoon in New York while preparing to fly to Paris, DSK to appear, Monday, May 16 in late morning (late afternoon, French time) before a criminal court in Manhattan.

He is charged with "attempted rape", "sexual assault" and "sequestration person" following accusations of a young woman of 32 years, employed at the Sofitel New York. Saturday around 13 hours according to police - noon by later versions - the hotel employee enters after 2806, when she feels empty, to clean.

Retrieve information from the black boxes of Ro-Paris flight

The Office of French Research and Analysis (BEA, its acronym in French), charged with investigating the crash of Air France flight 447 on June 1, 2009 fell mysteriously into the Atlantic in mid-flight from Rio to Paris with 228 people on board, announced today that it has been possible to recover all the data from black boxes.

These were rescued earlier this month to about 3,900 meters deep, where they remained for nearly two years, and have begun to be studied this weekend on the outskirts of Paris. The complete data analysis will take several weeks and an initial study published during the summer. "After the opening operations, extraction, cleaning and drying of the memory cards of the flight recorders, data have been read during the weekend," BEA has announced in a statement.

Francia/Brasil.- Experts retrieve all data from the two black boxes of Air France

PARIS, 16 May. Researchers from the plane crash of Air France fell to the Atlantic for almost two years against the Brazilian things have recovered all data from the two black boxes of the apparatus, including recording booth the last two hours of flight. The two cash registers, orange, arrived in France on Thursday kept in demineralized water after rescuing more than 3,900 meters deep, although one had lost some of its protection module.

Strauss-Kahn Berlusconi plagued by

Today we talk about elections because we can talk better next week, we talk about what's going on in one of the most important and powerful organizations in the world, the International Monetary Fund, whose general manager is in jail for three days of rape, sexual assault and criminal side. Her name is Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a Socialist is very bourgeois French, long active politics behind him, he was ready to announce his candidacy for president after the French socialist disaster of recent years, the man he should have been levied on the beat , in a year, Sarkozy, and instead end of everything, the end of his career to the IMF, have already packed up, sent away and replaced, the end of every political ambitions forever, though it will end this trial for rape who will the United States against him.

A mass grave was discovered in Deraa, Syria

A mass grave was discovered on Monday 16 May at Deraa, in southern Syria, by residents of the city, said an activist of human rights. On 25 April, the Army had invested the city, located 100 km south of Damascus, to quell the protest, before beginning its withdrawal, May 5 "The army has now allowed people to leave their home two hours a day," said Ammar Qurabi, the National Organization for Human Rights in Syria, reached by telephone by Egypt .

UN condemns Israel's''disproportionate force''against protesters

The UN special coordinator for Lebanon, Michael Williams, condemned the "disproportionate use of force" made yesterday by Israel against demonstrators on the border between Israel and Lebanon, which killed 10 people. "I am shocked by the number of deaths and the disproportionate use of force by the Israeli army against unarmed demonstrators.

Something that I condemn," Williams said after meeting with Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati appointed. Williams, who presented the condolences to the families of those killed, said his interview with Mikati focused on the bloodshed in the "Blue Line" border between the two countries or established by the UN as well as in the evolution of situation in northern Iraq and the region.

NATO aborted bombing attempt in Misrata

NATO forces thwarted a bombing attempt on the Libyan port city of Misrata carried out by the forces of Muammar Gadhafi, according to the organization in a statement. The incident occurred after NATO's maritime equipment detected early in the morning two inflatable boats that moved in the direction of Misrata and approached them.

One of the boats escaped at high speed in a westerly direction, while the other stopped and was inspected by NATO forces, they found on board about a ton of explosives and two mannequins in human form. Faced with the danger posed by explosives, the soldiers destroyed the boat at sea, firing from a warship.

Iberoam .- Spain and Latin authors claim the "poetry with the uncertainty" of the crisis in a new anthology

GRANADA / MADRID, 16 May. The Book Viewer editorial published the anthology "Poetry to uncertainty ', in which a group of young authors from Spain and Latin America claim a poetry that first of all be understood and excited" at a time "full of uncertainties." These are the poets Ali Calderón (Mexico), Andrea Cote (Colombia), Jorge Galán (El Salvador), Raquel Lanseros (Spain), Daniel Rodríguez Moya (Spain), Francisco Ruiz Udiel (Nicaragua), Fernando Valverde (Spain) Wajszczuk Ana (Argentina), who have in common, language, some important literary careers, but above all share the same view of poetry.

The electoral projections predict a victory Turn left onto Milny

After one and a half of votes, the polls have closed the polls Italian at three in the afternoon. The first screening of vote RAI (public television) in the Italian city predicts the victory of center-left in Milan, Turin and Bologna. In Milan, the center-right mayor, Letizia Moratti, 42% would be the candidate of the Democratic Party, Giuliano Pisapia, 46.5%.

According to early polls for municipal Milan and Naples, no candidate obtained more than 50% of the vote, so it would require a runoff, which is set for within 15 days. Partial official data show that participation has voted 72% of the census, representing a decrease of 1.5 points over the 2006 municipal.

Brazil .- Petrobras achieved a record profit of 4,760 million in first quarter

SAO PAULO (BRAZIL), 16 May. The Brazilian oil group Petrobras posted net profits of 10.985 million reais (4,760 million euros) in the first quarter, representing a new record for the company, which improved its result by 42.2% over the same period 2010 . The Brazilian company said its results benefited from high oil prices, which in the case of Brent crude oil averaged $ 104.97 compared with $ 76.24 for the same period last year, bringing export earnings as well as production and sales of the international segment.

Cade Strauss Kahn and even the EU countries in crisis shaking. Here are the reactions in France

Paris loses the Socialist candidate for president 2012, Brussels guide EU countries in the IMF and the crisis shaking. If the guilt of Dominique Strauss-Kahn for sexual harassment has yet to be ascertained, but two things are certain: his international career and political life is over and the effects of his fall will be felt not only in Paris.

While opinion leaders believe the French no longer possible candidacy for the presidential Elysee DSK 2012, in Brussels feared the effects of the decapitation of the International Monetary Fund at a key moment for the financial stability of Europe. Just yesterday, Strauss-Kahn would have to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel to speak again of Greece and dissolve the last doubts of Berlin on the second loan of 60 billion euro necessary to save the government in Athens from bankruptcy.

The IMF chief's departure would upset the global economic negotiations

Whatever had to happen in a room at the Sofitel Hotel in New York, the chances of Dominique Strauss-Kahn to emerge unscathed from the charge of attempted rape are low in the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Connoisseurs of the institution deem "shocking" or "staggering" the facts leading to a real field of ruins, to the extent of the prominent place that the Director General of the Fund had acquired globally.

Arab spring, high tensioneal Syrian-Lebanese border

Wadi Khaled is a small village in northern Lebanon, near the border with Syria. The director Christophe Karabakh told in an independent film the lives of its inhabitants, mostly Bedouins, on the margins of Lebanese society. Among the inhabitants of Wadi Khaled and those of Tell Khalakh, Syria, there are strong family ties, far from being erased by a border inherited from the end of the French mandate over Syria and Lebanon after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire at the end of First World War.

The ICC prosecutor requires an arrest warrant against Kadhafi for crimes against humanity

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) announced on Monday, May 16, he had asked judges to issue arrest warrants against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's son Seif al-Islam and the Chief intelligence, Abdullah Al-Sanusi, for crimes against humanity. "Based on evidence collected, the prosecutor's office has asked the Trial Chamber to issue an arrest warrants against Muammar Gaddafi, Seif al-Islam and Abdullah Al-Sanusi," said Mr.

Libya, arrest warrant for Gadhafi's son for crimes against humanity

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Luis Moreno Ocampo, has requested an arrest warrant against Muammar Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam and the head of Libyan intelligence, Abdullah al-Senussi for crimes against humanity. The Rais is indicated as having "personally ordered" the violence against the Libyans.

"We have massive evidence - the prosecutor said - we are almost ready to go to trial." These tests, Ocampo said, show that violent acts were planned "at appropriate meetings and also made against alleged offenders - whose lists are prepared on the orders of Gaddafi - who are" arrested, imprisoned and tortured and then disappear into thin air.

The absence of DSK will not have implications for the Irish case, according to Dublin

Dublin is not Athens, Greece so hard to hide his dismay after the arrest of the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauss-Kahn, considered the most effective counsel, Ireland, she is mine do not worry about it too. While the Fund has contributed a third in aid plan of 85 billion euros granted to the winter of 2010 to the former Celtic Tiger for him to avoid bankruptcy.

Russia defies Japan visit Kuril Islands

Challenged Russia to Japan with a new visit to the disputed Kuril Islands, claimed repeatedly by Tokyo, which threatens to further entrench the current bilateral tension. "I love the Kuril and their wild nature," said Sergei Ivanov, Russian Deputy Prime Minister , who led the government large delegation that traveled to the islands of Iturup and Kunashir, two of the four South Kuril Islands.

ICC calls for arrest of Gadhafi, his son Saif Islam and the head of military intelligence

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has called for the arrest of Libyan leader Gadhafi, his son, Saif Islam, and military intelligence chief, Abdullah Senusi for crimes against humanity committed against civilians since the last 15 February. Gaddafi becomes an outcast of international justice.

As commander in chief of the armed forces and security services in Libya on the list of the three "most responsible" for crimes against humanity committed in Libya on 15 February. The list has sidohecha públicapor the ICC prosecutor, Luis Moreno Ocampo. The ICC issued the international arrest warrants for.

Clashes leave 170 injured in Israeli border

At least 15 people were killed and over 170 injured in the protests that took place in the region to mark the Day of Nakba (Catastrophe), in which the Palestinians commemorate the exile and the loss of their homes and land that was the foundation the State of Israel, 14 May 1948. The main fighting took place in the Golan Heights, territory occupied by Israel from Syria in the Six Day War of 1967.

The ICC today to ask those responsible Dwell crmenes against humanity in Libya

Muammar Gaddafi today can become an outcast of international justice. As commander in chief of the armed forces and security services in Libya, it is presumed that his name appears on the list of the three "most responsible" for crimes against humanity committed in Libya since last February. The list was drawn up by the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Luis Moreno Ocampo, asked the judges to the arrest of the trio.

In 2007 a journalist denounced Strauss-Kahn: "He tried to rape"

It is not the first time that the Director of the IMF is involved in issues of "sexual conduct". Dominique Strauss-Kahn has seen his career wobble in 2002 and 2008. In February 2007, the young French journalist and writer Tristan Banon revealed during the telecast, "93 Faubourg Saint Honore" that a "very influential politician" had tried to rape her in 2002.

At that time, the journalist who was working on a book called "Erreurs avouées ... (au masculin) '(Mistakes ... confessed to men), had requested an interview with what later turned out to be Dominique Strauss-Kahn. DSK gave her an appointment in a so-called "bachelor pad" or an apartment used for clandestine affairs.

Osama bin Laden was surrounded by dozens of children

Surrounded by the bustle of many families within the high walls that gave him refuge in a house with a look of prison, Osama bin Laden worked continuously on a computer, dictating his terrorist empire guidelines, dispersed and beleaguered. Bin Laden instructed members of Al Qaeda and its affiliates: attacks that caused heavy casualties, but most were small-scale shocks.

The latest intelligence information seized in the hideout of Bin Laden offers a complicated picture of the fugitive, on the one hand deeply committed to the mission of his violent life, but on the other a little tired and distracted. Inside the compound in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad, the extremist leader was busy in conspiracies, rehearsing and recording messages of propaganda, and sending messengers to remote Internet cafes for them to send emails from there stored in flash memory.

There are 60 injured in religious violence in Egypt

At least two people were killed and 60 wounded in Cairo in clashes outside the headquarters of the Egyptian Television, which erupted when unidentified group attacked a Coptic Christians protesting against sectarian violence. According to several local television stations, the situation has been controlled by police and the army has used tear gas.

The state television said on its website that the origin of the clashes resulted from an argument between a protester who controlled the traffic in front of the headquarters of the Egyptian Radio and Television and the driver of a minibus. The channel reported that many religious people fired from a bridge that passes near the site of the concentration.

Blog - Affaire DSK: What is known about the maid?

The 'case DSK' complicates the European economic crisis

The Police Department of New York comes into play in the interminable European crisis. Fiscal fires in Greece, Ireland and Portugal, the tug of war between northern Europe and peripherals, the lack of leadership in Brussels and, finally, the mess Morrocotudo who are involved in the euro and the European Union came yesterday a new dimension, between the shock and uncertainty, for the arrest of one of the key characters in the output of this interminable crisis: the French socialist and, even then-managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauss- Kahn.

DSK's arrest shook the financial world

"The affair Strauss-Kahn reshuffles the cards," editorialised the Financial Times Monday, May 16 The charges against the director of the International Monetary Fund "are very serious," the British business daily. Strauss-Kahn was charged with criminal sexual act, attempted rape and kidnapping, after accusations of a maid of 32 years, employed at a Sofitel hotel in New York.

And whatever the outcome of American justice, guilt proven or not the boss of the IMF, "the consequences of this case for international finance and the French policy is already very important," the newspaper said. The FT says that under the leadership of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the IMF has promoted a policy of stabilizing the global financial system, shaken by an unprecedented economic crisis, and initiated a plan to rescue ailing European economies.

The story of Eliot Spitzer, the rise and fall of the "sheriff" in New York

Eliot Spitzer, Governor of the State of New York until March 2008, "Eliot Spitzer is gone despite not having committed any crime. In Italy, however, would be the height of Silvio Berlusconi fell to a prostitution ring after having sent an entire country falling apart for years, abused his power and ridiculing the law.

" No discounts on Rubygate Alex Gibney, an Oscar in 2007 for "Taxi to the Dark Side," and director of "Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer," the documentary that reveals the intricacies of power hidden behind the resignation of 'former Democratic governor of New York. Elected in November 2006 with 69 percent of the vote, Spitzer has handed in his resignation March 12, 2008, two days after the New York Times had published the news of his meetings with Ashley Dupre, the prostitute of high rim Emperor's Club VIP, the agency he was having to ring the 'Customer No 9 '.

Electoral violence in Nigeria have been 800 deaths according to Human Rights Watch

The riots that followed the presidential election of April in Nigeria have killed more than 800 dead in three days, shows, the international human rights Human Rights Watch. "The murderous violence between communities related to the election that followed the presidential elections of April 2011 in northern Nigeria have killed more than 800 deaths," the NGO said in a statement.

HRW added that victims "were killed in three days of rioting in twelve northern states" after the presidential election of April 16. In early May, NGOs have accused the Nigerian military and police violations of human rights, including extrajudicial killings during the crackdown on post-election violence in northern Iraq after the presidential April 16.

Strauss-Kahn today before giudiciLe Pen: "His weaknesses were well known to all"

Dominique Strauss-Kahn leaves handcuffed from prison in New York for medical tests Second night of detention in New York for the Director of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who now appear before a judge. Arrested late on Saturday (Read the report) by the Special Victim Unit following allegations of sexual assault made against him by a Puerto Rican waitress of 32 years who works at the Sofitel in Times Square, Strauss-Kahn has spent more than 30 hours in a cell in Harlem.

Libya calls for a ceasefire, NATO wants to expand the number of targets

Abdul-Ilah al-Khatib, the UN special envoy to Libya, urged the regime of Muammar Gaddafi for the establishment of a cease-fire and access to humanitarian assistance in cities affected by the crackdown. Libyan government officials told the UN envoy that they were "ready to cooperate", reported the spokesman for the organization, Martin Nesirky.

According to the official Libyan agency JANA, the Libyan prime minister, Baghdadi Mahmoudi said, on receiving Mr. Al-Khatib, the regime wanted "a cease-fire to coincide with an immediate halt to the bombing of the NATO ". The Prime Minister also added that his country was committed to the unity of its territory and its people, and that the Libyans had the right to "decide their affairs and their political system through a dialogue Democratic away from bombing and threat.

Allegations of rape Dominique Strauss-Kahn slams U.S. press the monster on the front page

NEW YORK - political storm in France, irony and jokes in the United States. The news about Dominique Strauss-Kahn are bounced from one side of the Atlantic, between Saturday and Sunday. The first day of the trial went on for hours in Manhattan. According to speculation, the final sentence could range from thirty to fifty years, the accumulation of the charges - attempted rape, criminal sexual acts, kidnapping - and because the accused has pleaded not guilty.

U.S. debt reached the limits prescribed by the parliamentary

The debt of the U.S. federal government should address, Monday, May 16, the limit authorized by Congress, a ceiling that MPs refuse to meet yet. The Treasury warned since early April as May 16 is the date on which the ceiling of 14 294 billion dollars will be at hand, preventing them from borrowing more.

The government has insisted in vain with the Congress to increase that amount. But the issue divided the parliament: the Republicans require first, in the words of Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, "thousands of billions of savings," what the Democrats deem dangerous.

Israel extends closure of West Bank

The Israeli army announced the extension of twenty-four hours of closure of the occupied West Bank until midnight Monday (23 hours in Paris) in the wake of violence that killed at least 12 dead and hundreds injured on Sunday while commemorating the "Nakba" (catastrophe), by appellation in the Arab world from the creation of Israel in 1948 and the exodus of Palestinians that followed.

"This measure was taken as directed by the Department of Defense and based on estimates of the situation," said the spokesman of the army in a statement. During these twenty-four hours, the Palestinians will not be allowed to visit Israel, "except for humanitarian cases and for people requiring medical treatment," said the military spokesman.

Palestinian President Gore says 'not in vain'

The Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, said today in a televised speech to mark the Day of the Nakba (Catastrophe), the "blood shed for freedom of the Palestinians will not be in vain." "The will of the people is stronger than the power of oppressive forces," he said in a speech on Palestinian television, referring to at least fifteen people were killed in protests the day that commemorates the exile and the loss of land the creation in 1948 of the State of Israel.

DSK become villain

The scenario awaited by some and dreaded by others, the explosion in flight, is about to perform. At this point, one can not imagine how Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK), charged with sexual assault and attempted rape in New York, will carry through the project they had embarked and submitted to the French presidential elections of 2012.

Obviously, before going further, we must adhere to the facts and wait for the development of research and the process in New York. And also the DSK version of itself. Recall that has already been acquitted of an earlier case and that their aggressive intentions then were discarded. He had to make excuses, but, although he was close to disaster, escaped from it.

Reported earthquake of 6.5 degrees on Bougainville Island in the Pacific

An earthquake measuring 6.5 degrees on the Richter scale struck the island of Bougainville today, near the Solomon Islands, with no reports of damage or tsunami alerts. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the epicenter of the quake had a depth of 8.1 kilometers and is located 122 kilometers west of Arawa, Bougainville, off the coast of Papua New Guinea.

For its part, the Tsunami Warning Center Pacific, based in Hawaii, denied that any risk of tsunami in the area or nearby regions, said on Radio Australia. So far has not indicated whether the quake caused damage, although local authorities remain alert. Bougainville Island is located in the "Pacific Ring of Fire", an area particularly active seismic level has included the devastating earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand.