Thursday, August 11, 2011

Radiation rice hits Japanese psyche

Reports that local governments in Japan will be tested to find radiocaesium rice fell like a blow to the country's collective psyche to the possibility of their revered their support from the long list of forbidden foods. The announcement of the analysis last week came amid fears of the population there is radiation in food after the worst nuclear crisis in the world in 25 years at the plant in Fukushima, having found excessive levels of radiation in meat beef, vegetables, tea, milk, shellfish and water.

Syria: Assad's troops fired on a Minaret

Syria's President Assad can continue the offensive against regime opponents unabated: in several strongholds of the opposition went before the army against insurgents. But the protests continue. Damascus - At least 27 people were reportedly killed in the early hours of Thursday in attacks by the Syrian army.

According to the opposition 19 people died in the city of Homs, eight more were in the villages of Deir el-Sur Idlib and killed. In Deir el-Sur are the troops have fired on and destroyed a minaret. The reports of the opponents of the regime can not be independently confirmed because journalists are not the Syrian government can work freely.

Israel to build thousands of homes in East Jerusalem

The Israeli Interior Ministry has announced the approval of the construction of 1,600 homes in Ramat Shlomo settlement in East Jerusalem. This presents a challenge to the Palestinians and the international community, which considers the construction contrary to international law. Interior Minister Eli Yishai, plans also approved the building of other houses in 2700 "the next few days," a ministry spokesman said.

Cameron guarantees massive police presence until Sunday

David Cameron seemed to definitely controlled by the riots that have lived in London, Birmingham and other British cities between the night of Saturday and Tuesday. After the general calm that prevailed in England on Wednesday night, the Prime Minister has said in the debate held this afternoon urgency of Commons that the police maintain the current levels of deployment spectacular until next Sunday to ensure no regrowth violence.