Monday, May 30, 2011

Sarah Palin is testing his campaign for 2012 Harley-Davidson

The whimsical Sarah Palin was again noted on arrival Sunday, May 29 Harley-Davidson in Washington. Radiance that feeds the rumors about his possible candidacy for the Republican nomination for the U.S. presidential election of 2012. Egeria the conservative fringe of the Republican Party, the "Tea Party, Sarah Palin has started a tour on the East Coast by joining a parade of tens of thousands of bikers who marched in tribute to veterans.

Security forces burst into the Syrian city

At least three civilians were killed Monday when Syrian security forces entered the town of Talbiseh in Homs province, to eliminate dissent against the government of the Baath Party, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The deaths brought to 14 the number of civilians killed in the area near the city of Homs, capital of the province, from which troops backed by tanks besieged several towns in the region on Sunday said the Centre's director, Rami Abdelrahman.

Cuban exile in Madrid honors dissident Pedro Luis Boitel

"Boitel be in the pantheon to which they are the right people," said Fernando Gril today, author of the biography of the dissident Pedro Luis Boitel (1931-1972). The poet, a student leader and central figure of dissent on the island was declared hunger strike on April 3, 1972 and died 53 days later, on 25 May.

He was buried in an unmarked grave in the Colón Cemetery in Havana. And so, an unmarked grave, is titled the biography that the Argentine Fernando Gril has written and presented today at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid during the tribute act, in which writers participated Carlos Alberto Montaner and Zoe Valdés, human rights activist Janisset Rivero and a group of former political exiles in Spain.

A night with the "outraged" by the Puerta del Sol in Madrid

Madrid Special Envoy - The call echoes through the speakers installed at all corners of the square. This Saturday, May 28, as every evening at 21 hours since the beginning of the movement, there are two weeks the "outraged" by the Puerta del Sol, Madrid, held their daily meeting. Several thousand people settled in the central symbol of the city following a now well-oiled organization: we sit in rows of gentle lanes passage; we raise our hands in different ways to signify his approval or disapproval incomprehension and can also at any time ask for food or water to members of the organization walk the rows.

Beijing deploys its security forces in Inner Mongolia

The Chinese authorities have deployed, Monday, May 30, important security forces in the region of Inner Mongolia, where calls to demonstrate circulating among members of the Mongolian ethnic minority, said an NGO and journalists from the on place. Events of a magnitude unprecedented Mongols claiming their rights have occurred last week in this autonomous region, according to the Information Centre on Human Rights in Southern Mongolia, an organization based in the States USA.

PROTECTION Brazil peasants to death threats

The Brazilian government announced today that it will take "special measures" to protect tens of farmers threatened by their activities against employers accused of illegal deforestation in the Amazon and other crimes. "It will intensify the monitoring and research of all kinds of illegal and action will strengthen the sustainable development of the region," Amazon, told reporters the minister of Agrarian Development, Afonso Florence.

Nigeria: new president, ten dead in an attack on a military base

The new president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, was sworn in on Sunday in Abuja and sworn before promising to transform and unite this vast nation, the most populous in Africa. In the evening, however, ten people were killed and twenty others injured in the explosion of three artisanal gear in a market located on a military base in Bauchi in northern Iraq, an official of the emergency services.

Yemeni Republican Guard joins opposition

A brigade of powerful Yemeni Republican Guard operates under the command of the son of President Ali Abdullah Saleh defected to join the opposition. The defection is the first among the elite forces, which have underpinned the staying power of Saleh despite mass protests and changing allegiances of some military and tribal allies.

"We ask you not to follow orders to take on other Army units or people, "said separatist units in a statement read by the province of Damar Aleiwa Gen. Ali Abdullah, a former defense minister. Yesterday north of Sanaa seven explosions were heard after a tenuous cease-fire after nearly a week of fighting between security forces and a powerful Saleh tribal group that killed at least 115 people and forced thousands to flee the capital for safety.

Syria crashes leave seven deaths

Seven civilians were killed, among them a girl, and a hundred wounded in shootings by the Syrian security forces in the region of Homs. Dozens of tanks surrounded Rastan and Talbiseh and opened fire against the people demanding the departure of President Bashar al Assad. "More than 100 wounded have been taken to hospitals (...) of Homs," said a human rights activist.

The Washington Post published a story quoting unidentified U.S. officials, which says Iran sending instructors and Syria to help the regime to repress the demonstrations that threaten its main ally in the region. Human rights organizations estimate that the crackdown has killed over a thousand people.

Kirchner Landslide in La Rioja

La Rioja, one of the least populated provinces of Argentina, with 350,000 inhabitants, which has served as a refuge to the Peronist president Carlos Menem since he left the Casa Rosada in heavy corruption charges, re-elected Sunday by an overwhelming majority to its current Governor Luis Beder Herrera, 60, candidate of the Frente para la Victoria, strongly supported by the Kirchner.

The opposition candidate, Julio Martínez radical, lost no less than 50 points apart. Kirchner's strong victory in La Rioja used to confirm the proper time in the election which is the president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Carlos Menem himself said that could easily win re-election next October without a runoff.

Libya: Dumas and Verges want to file complaint against Sarkozy

Two famous French lawyers, former Minister Roland Dumas and Jacques Verges, said Sunday in Tripoli they planned to file complaint against French President Nicolas Sarkozy, for "crimes against humanity" in Libya. During a press conference in Tripoli, a representative of the Libyan Ministry of Justice said that both attorneys had brought "volunteers" to support a complaint by the families of "victims of NATO bombing" against the President Sarkozy, whose country took over the operations of the international coalition in Libya.

Al Qaeda declared an Islamic Emirate''''

About 300 members of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda took Zinjibar Yemeni city and declared the capital of the "Islamic Emirate", a term used during the Islamic regime established by the Taliban when they took Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan in 1996. A local official said the fighters of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP, in English) took Zinjibar on Friday.

The reports could be verified until yesterday because of government restrictions on foreign media. Opponents of President Ali Abdullah Saleh accused him of allowing the entry of militants to the city of more than 19 thousand inhabitants. The president recently said that insecurity in the country could cause the fall in the hands of Al Qaeda in several provinces of South and East.

Investigate deaths of children in Afghanistan attack

The strength of the Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Afghanistan said it is investigating allegations of Afghan officials about the deaths of 32 civilians including 12 children, and 20 policemen in two bombings recorded in the South and East Afghanistan. The latest bombing took place on Saturday, which killed 12 children and two women and six others were injured in the restive southern Afghan province of Helmand, according to Afghan official sources reported.

Britain prepares bombs Libya

Together with other NATO powers, Britain is stepping up its military intervention in Libya, to end the stalemate which enabled Moammar Gadhafi to remain a leader despite weeks of air strikes since a rebel uprising. The United Kingdom is prepared by adding bunker-buster bombs, to the arsenal used their warplanes on Libya, a weapon would send a strong message to Muammar Qaddafi to decide to relinquish power, officials said.

Morocco applies tough on youth protests

Rabat was proud, until recently, to be alone among the Arabs who repressed youth protests that began in late February, but since a couple of weeks his forces systematically used the stick and intimidation to stop with them despite their peaceful nature. The repression was struck, on May 15 on youth who tried to organize a picnic in the forest of Temara surrounding the secret police headquarters, the Oversight Division of the Territory, whose offices had, according to them, a hidden prison .

Rousseff Brasil/Uruguay.- will host a lightning visit to Uruguay to sign cooperation agreements

BRASILIA, 30 May. The president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, held Monday a five-hour flying visit to his Uruguayan counterpart, Jose Mujica, which it hopes to strengthen bilateral relations by signing a dozen economic and social agreements. Rousseff arrive in the morning (afternoon in Spain) to the Air Base No.

1 of the Uruguayan Air Force accompanied by eight of his ministers. Its first activity will be a quick visit to the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay (Latu) which runs a digital television center considered a benchmark in the region, the official Agencia Brasil reported. Rousseff Mujica and negotiating alliances in the areas of infrastructure for the production of software, to power transmission lines, as well as in science, technology and education.

Yemen, police fire on crowd in TaezAlmeno 20 dead and 150 wounded among the demonstrators

Anti-regime demonstrators in Yemen massacre of antigovernment protesters in Taeza, the second city of Yemen. The security forces broke up a sit-in protest in the main square of the city, burning the tents of the camps of protesters and killing at least 20 people and wounding 150. Was reported are the organizers of the protest.

Fifteen deaths were also confirmed from the town hospital. "And 'a massacre - an activist told Agence France Press - and the wounded were dragged by force into the street to be arrested." According to the account of witnesses, the forces of President Ali Abdallah Saleh on the night they attacked with tanks and armored protesters camped at Liberty Square, set fire to their tents and then they evacuated the place.

Mladic is appealing the decision to allow his transfer to the ICTY

Counsel for Ratko Mladic, MeMilos Saljic, appealed Monday, May 30, the court's decision for war crimes Serbian authorize the transfer of his client to the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY ) at The Hague. For his part, former military leader of Bosnian Serbs has ensured that he had "nothing to do" with the Srebrenica massacre in Bosnia, which earned him to be indicted for genocide by international justice, according comments reported, Sunday, May 29, by his son Darko.

Blog - "Yes, for support, not to the French intervention in Syria"

Obama promises a national response to tornadoes

The U.S. president, Barack Obama, has led the people of Joplin (Missouri) the message that the world has even seen his "courage" before the tornado a week ago killed at least 139 dead and 44 missing. During a visit Sunday to the neighborhoods reduced to rubble to see first hand the stories of families of the victims, Obama said that Joplin is a "national tragedy" and promised that the town will have federal help until you can get up.

Egypt to deport an Iranian diplomat suspected of espionage

Cairo said on Sunday the arrest and expulsion within 48 hours of an Iranian diplomat suspected of espionage, a case that casts a shadow on the delicate efforts for rapprochement with Tehran incurred since the change of regime in Egypt. The announcement was made shortly after the agency official MENA had announced that the diplomat, arrested in Cairo a few days ago and questioned Sunday by the prosecutor of the State Security, was released.

Separatist Army units put pressure on Saleh Yemen

.- A separatist militant group on Sunday called for other units of the armed forces of Yemen to join him to overthrow President Ali Abdullah Saleh, increasing pressure on the governor to end his term of three decades in the divided country. Opposition leaders accused Saleh separately to allow the city of Zinjibar, in the Gulf of Aden, fell into the hands of militants from Al Qaeda and unleash the alarm in a region which in turn hand over its support for the president.

The Syrian army besieged towns new

Faced with an unprecedented protest movement, the regime of Bashar al-Assad intensifies every week repression against the Syrian people. The authority had sent the army in recent weeks in several cities, including Tall Kalach (150 km northwest of Damascus), Homs (center), Banias (northwest) and Dera (south), home of the revolt .

Sunday at dawn, "dozens of tanks have surrounded" and Talbisseh Rastan, "and the village of Teir Maaleh, situated between Homs and Hama, said an activist of Human Rights. According to another activist, five civilians were killed and several others wounded Sunday by fire from security forces in cities and Talbisseh Rastan, when the security forces and the Syrian army invaded the city.

WTO chief says Arab revolutions in European tourism benefit

.- The secretary general of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Taleb Rifai, said today that the revolutions in the Arab world have benefited countries such as Spain, but warned that this is a temporary phenomenon. "Some places have benefited, especially in Spain the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and the South," Rifai said during a visit to Cairo, where today he met with the head of government Esam Sharaf and Tourism Minister Munir Fakhri Abdelnur.

The people of Malta voted to legalize divorce

The people of Malta have voted by referendum to legalize divorce. This is the last small country in Europe where divorce was still forbidden. Currently, the Maltese can legally separated, but it is very difficult to remarry because we must first cancel the wedding, a lengthy process - it usually takes about eight years - and complicated.

Voters were asked "Iva" (yes) or "Le" (not) the question: "Are you prepared to offer the possibility of divorce for married couples who are separated for four years when there is no reasonable probability of reconciliation and when the well-being of children is assured? " The official results should be known only in the evening, but the Maltese Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi, who had fiercely campaigned against the introduction of divorce legislation, acknowledged the defeat of the "no" to the referendum on Saturday.

Belgrade, ultranationalist streets to Mladic. Twenty injured and hundreds arrested

It 'more than one hundred arrests of a dozen injured stock of violent clashes with police erupted in late last night in Belgrade at the end of the demonstration in support of Ratko Mladic organized by thousands of ultra-nationalists and extremists. Police Chief Milorad Veljovic, quoted by Beta, said at least 13 of the wounded were police officers and four of the hooligans who attacked the police with throwing stones and bottles.

Afghanistan: NATO accused of killing thirty civilians

Thirty civilians and 20 policemen were killed in recent days in two separate airstrikes in Afghanistan to NATO, said Sunday authorities of southern provinces of Helmand and eastern Nuristan. In Helmand, a stronghold of Taliban insurgents and most dangerous province for the coalition since the conflict began in late 2001, helicopters from the NATO intervened to defend a position contested hit two houses in the district of Nawzad, explain the governor's .

Mladic "has nothing to do with Srebrenica" Maybe tomorrow the transfer to The Hague

The former Bosnian Serb general, Ratko Mladic, who was captured last Thursday in northeastern Serbia after 16 years on the run and accused of genocide by the international justice could be transferred to The Hague as early as Monday or Tuesday. He reports Judge Mehmet Guney said today the Turkish news agency Anadolu.

"Mladic could come Monday or Tuesday. In application of international law will be immediately submitted to the court, "said Guney that serves as the court added the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. Guney also said that Mladic will be transferred after the administrative and financial issues related to his transfer.

Berlusconi faces the specter of defeat on home soil

It was at Milan, it all started for Silvio Berlusconi: his birth in 1936, building his empire in construction and in the media around the 80s, launching his political party, Forza Italia with what he s is slender, in 1994, the conquest of Italy. Is that everything could start to finish? The second round of voting in municipal elections in the Lombard capital, Sunday 29 and Monday, May 30, could spell the beginning of the end for the "Cavaliere" accustomed to upsets most compromised.