Saturday, August 13, 2011

Falls into the sea an experimental supersonic unmanned U.S. plane

The Falcon supersonic, which would connect Los Angeles to New York in 12 minutes, crashed in the Pacific, fortunately without a pilot, though so far no official confirmation yet there are not. Traveling at a speed 20 times that of sound and could connect the West and the East Coast of the United States in a matter of minutes.

But unfortunately the plane supersonic tested yesterday by the U.S. defense and whose project has so far cost 308 million dollars have literally gone missing, a fact which is making prevail, without doubt, the hypothesis dell'inabissamento ocean . Hit targets anywhere in minutes. The Falcon Hypersonic Test Vehicle (HTV-2) was designed to fly at a speed of 23,860 kilometers per hour and, in theory, should have allowed the American aviation to strike a target anywhere in the world in less than an hour.

Yesterday, however, something went wrong during the flight-test and the "DARPA" (U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) announced that after "nine-minute flight anomaly has caused the loss of signal." "Early indications suggest that the aircraft has schiatato in the Pacific along the route of flight." Withstands temperatures to 800 degrees.

The first experimental test, which took place last April from Vandenberg Air Force Base, 130 miles northwest of Los Angeles, ended in a stalemate. The Falcon, in addition to supersonic speed, it is theoretically capable of tasportare a payload of about 2,500 Chili - enough for a nuclear warhead.

Launched with a rocket, the Falcon is part of the atmosphere at a speed of over twenty times higher than that of sound: that is coated with special metals designed to withstand temperatures over 800 degrees. The Pentagon's project, which cost so far 308 million dollars, should be completed by 2025.

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