Friday, February 25, 2011

Libyan ex-minister: Gaddafi is said to have ordered the Lockerbie attack

What is the role played at the Gaddafi Lockerbie bombing? In the words of a renegade minister Libyan dictator has ordered the attack personally, but he had evidence. Gaddafi will end as Hitler - with suicide - so the prediction of the politician in a Swedish newspaper. Stockholm - It was a bloody attack, 270 people died there.

To date, the exact reasons for the attack on an American Airlines plane are the airline Pan Am over the Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988 uncertain. has now a renegade minister who was until recently part of the Gaddafi regime, in a Swedish newspaper reported the floor - and charged the Libyan rulers difficult: "I can prove that Gaddafi has given orders for Lockerbie," said Mustafa Abdel Jelil the Swedish paper "Expressen".

The accounts do not add up Italy

In the days of the tragedy in Libya, the international press to terms in his pocket to Italy: on the one hand, the impressive weight of what the Financial Times in a commentary, called the "Italian connection" Business and finance from ' other, the unbearable lightness of the political influence of Mr.

B. "Environ" Gaddafi, ready to overthrow him on charges of fomenting the insurgency with weapons and the threat of coastal download the biblical exodus of desperate migrants. A pretty impressive map of the billions invested by Colonel dictator track the Guardian: Banks in Dubai, luxury properties in London and Italian waters and spa to Antrim and Fiuggi, not counting the attendance count in UniCredit, Fiat, Fininvest, Juventus.

Libya: "A textbook case of right of interference"

Charles F. Dunbar is a professor of international relations at Boston University College, former ambassador to Yemen and Qatar, former director of the U.S. embassy in Kabul. It is Persian and Arabic scholar. Washington can not do nothing without relying on the Security Council of the UN. We must act in two directions: one, to rise very quickly the pressure on the regime to end its abuses, and two, to prepare active intervention to protect those who can.

Libya, the wave of refugee migration Napolitano: "Do not fall for alarmism"

BERLIN - In these times of great concern for the problems that traumatic rupture of the balances in Libya will be able to determine, the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, on a state visit to Germany, invited everyone to soften the tone: "Do not give to victims and alarmist, "said the Head of State before concluding his visit.

In the German capital, Napolitano gave an update on the situation in the Maghreb with its counterpart in Christian Wulff and Chancellor Angela Merkel. He then reiterated "the need for a strong solidarity to deal with this emergency, a need that is not only Italy or Germany, countries that do not you ask for a particular role, but of all." Why, he added, "the problem is not only Italy, but throughout the European Union." "The EU to act better." Napolitano has also responded to some comments in the press: "The newspapers - said the Head of State - I read that my appeal to Germany would have fallen on deaf ears or he would find the doors closed.

Human Rights Council calls to suspend UN Libya

The Human Rights Council on Friday the UN adopted a resolution demanding the suspension of Libya as a member of the body, and an independent investigation into violations committed by the regime of Moammar Gadhafi. This determination was preceded by exhortations from Mexico and other Council members like France, Britain and Spain, to proceed with the removal of Libya from the body by the killings of civilians in the crackdown against protesters in the African country.

If we were a bank

Oh, oh, I beat you to write a serious post, or serious, which is worse. I ran away from the spin doctors-to-superficial moralist. Oh well, those who fear allergic-type reactions, read these first three lines stop and go to more qualified bloggers. If you want to go I will try, at least, to be brief. Let's talk about money.

And responsibility. And Libya. I read and I feel a bit 'indignation everywhere, position papers, to protest for what at best can be described as international relations very careful to respect the most basic civil rights of so-called developed democratic countries and those rich in natural resources but poor democracy.

"The risk of a new Somalia '

Laurence Pope, Arabist, a retired diplomat and former political adviser to the "Central Command U.S. Army, was chief advisor to the U.S. embassy in Tripoli from 1974 to 1976. Washington is in a situation where there are only bad options and worse others. Libya is a country where it is very difficult to operate, mainly because ...

it's not really a country but a union of three provinces, carried out in 1950-1951. Colonel Gaddafi has continued to rule over Libya playing its divisions. There are heavily promoted regionalism, tribalism, and prevented the development of national institutions. It is no coincidence that today Cyrenaica is in the hands of the rebels - but not Tripoli.

Libya, Qaddafi's 30 thousand to the bunker

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in Tripoli alone controls his barracks-bunker of Bab al-Aziz, in which it resides. E 'contention the satellite broadcaster al-Jazeera, quoting media sources in the Libyan capital. The President of the Community of the Arab world in Italy (coma), in contact with witnesses in Libya, has said: "About 30 thousand protestors are concentrated in Algeria Square and look towards the bunkers that Gaddafi is located in the Bab el Zizia about two kilometers.

Conflict in Côte d'Ivoire: Cocoa climbed to its highest thirty-two

Cocoa prices peaked last thirty-two years, driven by concerns about the situation in Côte d'Ivoire, the scene of renewed tension in recent days. Tonne of cocoa for March delivery has reached Tuesday, February 22, 3666 dollars, its highest level since January 12, 1979. "The escalation of violence in Côte d'Ivoire cocoa prices propelled" to new heights, observed Yingxi Yu, analyst at Barclays Capital.

Dangerous Liaisons

As I write, the Air Force and the Army of Libya in Tripoli are massacring the protesters and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi tries not to "disturb" his friend too Gaddafi. Berlusconi and his foreign minister, and identified by their European colleagues, have wavered, hesitating to condemn the actions of Libyan dictator, defended until recently as an important ally of Italy.

I particularly warm personal ties with the Italian premier was seen as a valuable asset for the country. It is not known whether to laugh or cry, but we are in front of the foreign policy of the bunga bunga. It is not merely a humorous joke, it seems that for years the most cordial relations that Berlusconi has managed to establish with the world's leaders have always preferred the worst dictators: Vladimir Putin, Qaddafi.

Leaves five dead in attack on NATO convoy in Pakistan

.- At least five people died when a convoy of tanker trucks carrying fuel for NATO troops in Afghanistan was attacked by a group of fighters in the city of Peshawar in northwest Pakistan. Among the dead are several of the drivers of the tankers and support personnel, while authorities reported that at least 12 units were completely burned.

Relief agencies rushed to the scene, while firefighters took several hours to extinguish burning vehicles, local media reported. Tanker trucks Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are generally driven by local drivers and are accompanied by private security teams. Local authorities said that fighters attacked a NATO convoy drivers when they stopped to refuel on the Ring Road area, near Peshawar, capital of the province Pakhtunkhwa Khyber.

Nicolas Sarkozy says Gadhafi should go

.- The French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, said in Ankara that the Libyan leader, Muammar Qaddafi, "must go", before the open crisis in the country by the violent repression of popular revolt. "Gaddafi must go. We can not accept violence that is taking place in Libya." Sarkozy said at a news conference in Ankara after meeting for three hours with his Turkish counterpart, Abdullah Gül, as current president of the G- 20.

At least five killed during an anti-Gadhafi manifestation Trpoli

Police have shot today against an anti-government demonstration in Janzour district, west of Tripoli, killing at least five people, according to witnesses told the agency. While Fashlum district, east of Tripoli, security forces have been firing into the air while shouting slogans against the opposition leader Muammar Gaddafi.

The situation in Tripoli is "critical" as reported by the Youth Movement Libyan Twitter. In the capital, reports that opposition group, are being recorded "shots, tear gas and arrests" and that people are out of their homes in protests in which women are also participating. Today is a day of prayer in Libya and the security forces have been deployed around mosques in Tripoli to put down the protests.

The scheme and the censorship no censorship

I just started to understand something of modern Egypt with an Italian colleague of Saad Eddin Ibrahim, a couple of weeks ago, has kindly sent me an article written by the Egyptian scholar. Ibrahim, a former professor of sociology at the American University of Cairo, is a democracy activist, very critical of Mubarak, and also went to prison for his ideas, little appreciated by the regime.

So, thanks to him, intrigued by his review, I read, with some years of delay, The Yacoubian Building Ala-Al-Aswani, a 2002 novel that became the best-selling book in the Arab world after the Koran. Ibrahim writes: "I found Al-Aswani in prison where I was imprisoned on charges of having stained the good name of Egypt.

Gaddafi defended in the media by his children

A son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, the former footballer Saadi Gaddafi, said that his father will be the "grandfather" of any new regime in Tripoli. "My father would like the grandfather who advises," he told the British newspaper The Financial Times, Wednesday, February 23. "After the earthquake positive, we must do something to Libya," he added.

"We need to bring new blood to rule our country." The third son of Colonel Gaddafi also said that 85% of the country was "very quiet and very safe" and that the system would resume control of the country "sooner or later." "There are people who protest against the reign of my father, that's normal.

Libya, the rebels take measures Zawahiri: "Attacking the West"

Argentina .- Argentina confirms a private consultant to give a figure than the official inflation

BUENOS AIRES, 25 Feb. (Reuters) - The Argentine government has sanctioned Thursday at a private consultant to spread a different inflation index issued by government agencies, as announced by the official news agency Telam, a move that will expand generated controversy that questioned official economic indicators.

The Orlando Ferreres y Asociados consultancy, the indicators used to Reuters estimates of the economy, has been fined by the Internal Trade Secretariat with 500,000 pesos (90,335 euros). The company had violated a standard on fair trade which provides fines for those who by concealment or inaccuracies could lead to mistakes and confusion about the prices of goods, according to unidentified sources quoted by Telam.

The rebels announced that they control the majority of Libyan petroleum

The people's council that governs the Libyan city of Benghazi, held by the rebels since last Tuesday, announced Friday that controls most of the oil wells of this Arab country, the agency reported. The main Libyan crude holdings are concentrated in its eastern part, released this week from the yoke of dictator Muammar Gaddafi, who yesterday, in his third speech since the outbreak of the crisis, threatened to cut off oil supplies abroad.

Italy and the credibility problemidi

On the website of Le Monde in these hours are very informative interview. A release was Charles F. Dunbar, professor of International Relations at Boston College and a former U.S. diplomat. Referring to the Libyan crisis, Dunbar spoke of a textbook case of the right to intervene. We are indeed in the presence of a regime that slaughters its own people, then there are the extremes to by-pass the sovereignty of a nation-state.

Libya: follow live events

But the ghost of Al Qaeda is not around in the desert

Timely appears the ghost of Al Qaeda. He uses Gaddafi barricaded in the bunker. It materializes the same jihadist organization, with a statement of support for the insurgents. The orphans irreducible evoke the clash of civilizations. Gaddafi uses the paper of the global jihad in order to show the West that he, like other autocrats had fallen the task of containing Islamist revolt that behind you is Al Qaeda.

Four NGOs report that Spain violated the law in selling arms to revolt passes

With or without riots in the way, have clarified the five organizations from the Control Arms coalition (Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Foundation for Peace and Oxfam), the Spanish government has exported weapons in violation of the law. And they have qualified because the latest data released by the Executive under the first half of 2010, the period in which the revolts in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East had not yet leaning his head.

The dictator who is in us

"It was stupid, was not simply ideas. That remoteness from reality and the lack of ideas, can be much more dangerous than all the evil instincts that maybe are innate in man. " These are the words of the philosopher Hannah Arendt described the banality of evil in the Nazi genocide in the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem in 1960, became the prototype of the inhuman, as trivial, in fact, insane cruelty of the Nazi eugenics project.

Yemen: President Saleh says he wants to protect the protesters

During the day, the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh announced he had ordered his security forces to "protect the demonstrators." The Head of State "gave instructions to the security services to prevent any clashes and prevent direct confrontation between protesters and pro anti-government", according to a statement released by the official news agency Saba.

He asked "to protect the rights of citizens to assemble peacefully." Mr. Saleh said Wednesday that he "would not run for another term" after the expiry of his in 2013. In Aden, the main southern city, where twelve people were killed in the repression of protest, the authorities decided not to use live ammunition to disperse the demonstrators, according to a local official.

Berlusconi and friends dictators' private and business visits Golden

ROME - Jokes, jokes and private affairs. Ministers and human rights left out of the door. Fellow business cheerfully accepted. Silvio Berlusconi is increasingly fascinated "by the assertive leader, is seduced by the tyrants, dictators from those that affect irreversibly the Italian foreign policy. As was the case in recent weeks, with Rome lined up outside the Euro-Atlantic axis Libya, Egypt and Tunisia.

United Nations inaugurated the first agency devoted to women

The United Nations headquarters in New York was visited last night for a long historic inauguration, the new organization of UN Women. The Infanta Doña Cristina, as president of the Institute of Health in Barcelona, attended the birth of the new body. In front of the UN Entity for Gender Equality of Women, which brings together four organs of the existing UN is the former President of Chile Michelle Bachelet, who drew applause with his speech at the ceremony to remember his career: "My own experience has shown that there are limits to what a woman can get," he said.

Gaddafi accused in TV Al-Qaeda Switzerland freezes assets of Saddam

The Swiss government announced it will block all the assets of Gaddafi. The decision will take effect immediately, said the spokesman stressed, however, that still is not yet known whether the Libyan leader still has assets in Switzerland and that the government has initiated an investigation to verify this.

In 2008, at the time of tension erupted between Bern and Tripoli, after the arrest of the son of Colonel Hannibal accused of mistreating his servants in a luxury hotel in Geneva, the Libyans claimed to have collected the goods from Swiss banks, threatening to wage jihad against Switzerland.

New Zealand: the toll of the earthquake becomes even greater

The earthquake occurred in Christchurch, New Zealand has 98 dead and 226 missing, said, Thursday, February 24, local police, thus giving for the first time an accurate accounting of missing persons, on which "we are extremely worried, "he told reporters the district commander Dave Cliff. Hope dwindled into effect on Thursday of finding survivors in the second largest city (390,000 inhabitants), two days after the earthquake of 6.3 magnitude - the biggest killer in New Zealand since eighty years years - no sign of life was no longer seen by rescuers last twenty-four hours.

With the freedom

All the West is uncertain outcome of the revolution that shakes Libya, with the insurgents who look to Tripoli city liberated from the regime that shoots into the crowd and promised reforms now that would not be granted for 42 years. In Europe, Italy to Malta is the country most exposed to the explosion in front of Libya.

For this reason, if you include the concerns of the government is also right to demand clarity in behavior, and even earlier on political judgments. Italy, with its Premier and his Foreign Minister, arrived at last to condemn the violence, and still has not called for as the dictatorial regime against which the people fell into the streets in defiance of the weapons and mercenaries Colonel.

UN calls for international help to break the negotiating block

The UN coordinator for the Middle East, Robert Serry, appealed today for greater efforts by the international community to break the deadlock for months that are the peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. "Quite frankly, the parties have little trust between them and international efforts are needed to help them overcome their differences, "Serry said in its monthly report to the Security Council on the situation in the Middle East.

Discusses UN sanctions against Libya today

United States raised the tone against the regime of Moammar Gadhafi and Libya called for the expulsion of the Human Rights Council United Nations (UN). The decision, which will be debated today in Geneva, is the first concrete step taken by the Obama administration to repression in the African country.

Philip Crowley, a spokesman for U.S. diplomacy, said that "soon" take a decision on possible direct or multilateral sanctions against the regime of Gadhafi. At the meeting in Washington today will support the creation of a commission to investigate Libya for "serious and systematic human rights violations committed by the authorities," according to an official who requested anonymity.

Blasts Libyan diplomacy and the press Jimnez Trinidad

The Libyan embassy in Madrid said yesterday in a statement that the declaration of the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trinidad Jimenez, on the Libyan regime's legitimacy "is based on falsehoods in the media." Trinidad Jimenez had said Thursday that a president such as Muammar Gaddafi, who "has decided to bomb their own citizens," has lost "every right" to stay ahead of Libya.

Jiménez insisted it was "absolutely unacceptable" use of force by the authorities against their fellow citizens. The Libyan embassy in a fax sent to Efe, said he had received "with surprise" the minister's statements "that appear to have been the result of the influence of manipulative propaganda orchestrated by the media and unprofessional." "The statement of the minister," continues the official note-Libyan bilateral relations hurts and makes us doubt about the credibility of Spanish diplomacy.

Italy is losing its most valuable colony

Try to line up four facts dated February 23, 2011. 1) Il Giornale, the daily close to the Italian Government, writes: "But come on, it's time that Eni Mattei - luckily, I'll add - obtains resources from countries mainly governed by authoritarian regimes. It will also be cynical, but there is a relation of symmetry between the huge natural resources and simplified forms of government excess.

" (Readers are advised to write down the words "simplified forms of government excess"). 2) Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said the Corriere della Sera: "The problem is that Libya's Gaddafi to hand do not know anything else. (...) In Libya, Cyrenaica, as we know, there are the tribes: we have no idea who they are those of the tribe.

Libya: Al-Qaeda in North Africa fully supports the protesters

Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has assured the protesters Libyan its full support, promising to "do everything possible to help" the insurgency against Colonel Gaddafi. "We declare our support and assistance to the Libyan revolution and its legitimate demands, and we assure our people that we are in Libya with you and we will not let you down," said a statement posted on jihadist websites Wednesday, according to the central monitoring Islamist websites SITE Intelligence Group, based in the United States, Thursday, February 24.

In the besieged city where the militia reign

TRIPOLI - A war. Tripoli expect a war. There is no other feeling to see in this city go empty, paralyzed, frozen by the mistral mad that raises dust and sand. As always, those who may try to escape: 5 pm, when we come out of Tripoli airport on the departure hall, we are left speechless. The throat is dry, the hysterical laughter that we exchanged until just before you go out.

Three thousand seven hundred people where there WOULD BE a nest shapeless spread on a sea of blankets, towels, nappies and abandoned, plastic bottles, shopping bags, vomit and urine, cuddly dog. And everywhere hundreds and hundreds of small packets of peanut Turkish Airways, emptied until the last piece of food from people fleeing hostage in here because the planes are not enough.

In Yemen, women join the demonstrations

For the first time since the onset of political protests in the capital of Yemen, women organized their own demonstration at the University of Sana'a, demanding the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Dozens of female voices joined thousands of demonstrators opposed to the Saleh regime since early this week remain encamped in a square near the university.

The demonstrators, most human rights activists, waved banners with slogans like "Go Ali" and "We have bored you." In this place, thousands of people, men and women, united both in their claims against the regime and to celebrate the noon prayers and evening. "The only demand of men and women is to overthrow the regime," said the president of an organization pro Yemeni women's rights, Amal al Basha.

South Korea and United States military conducted air exercises

South Korean military and the U.S. began aerial maneuvers today to coordinate actions of an alleged search and rescue pilot trapped in enemy territory, in full tension with North Korea. According to South Korean news agency Yonhap, the scenario exercises are the southwestern province of Jeolla, away from the volatile border with communist North Korean regime.

The maneuvers are the largest undertaken so far to simulate a rescue of captive riders and with the participation of two Sikorsky HH-60 helicopters, four South Korean KF-16 fighters, four F-4 training jets and six F-5 A -10C anti-tank weaponry. The United States has deployed in South Korea about 28 thousand 500 soldiers as a deterrent against North Korea since the end of the Korean War (1950-53), which ended with an armistice, not a peace treaty.

Mexico wants to stay in Libya Human Rights Council UN

.- Mexico you expect to order the removal of Libya from the Human Rights Council of the UN, in a special session of the agency scheduled for Friday in Geneva, said on Thursday, Ambassador Juan José Gómez Camacho. "The situation in Libya extremely serious, unacceptable and reprehensible, the government has turned against society, and we will recommend to the UN General Assembly to assess the situation and, if necessary, suspend to Libya, "said Ambassador Gomez Camacho, first Nations in Geneva.

Uribe has a suit against the Nobel Peace Prize Adolfo Pérez Esquivel

BOGOTA, 24 Feb. Former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe (2002-2010) has filed a criminal complaint Thursday with the Attorney for Colombia against Nobel Peace Argentinean Adolfo Perez Esquivel for alleged defamation. "I have fought with transparency to all criminals and now I have denounced the outrages of Perez Esquivel, Uribe has been reported in your account on Twitter, it has used to harshly criticize the statements of Argentine activist.

"Ecuador won 46 million per day for every dollar that goes up the petroleum"

The Non-Renewable Resources minister of Ecuador, Wilson Pastor, responsible for oil policy, quantified with great accuracy the consequences of seizures in the price of oil to the economy of the country. A dollar in the price is $ 46 million more a day in revenue, over 16,000 million a year. Only that the equation works well up than down, so that no abrupt changes in interest rates.

Shepherd is located in Madrid, from a meeting of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) in Riyadh to participate in a seminar on the prospects of the oil sector in the country organized by the Embassy of Ecuador. But the international situation is inevitable in the conversation, especially when the Ecuadorian ambassador in Madrid, Galo Chiriboga, joked in public asking to continue raising the price of oil.

Assange, the court decides to extradite in Sweden

Yes extradition of Julian Assange. This decision by the tribunal in London on a request by Sweden against the founder of Wikileaks. Assange is accused by the prosecution of sexual crimes in Stockholm after the complaint in the fall by two women who accused him of sexual intercourse against their will.

Judge Howard Riddle considered eligible violence and allegations of sexual harassment lodged by both established and "properly motivated" the request for extradition presented by the Scandinavian country. The founder of Wikileaks now has a week to present the previously announced appeal the ruling.

Libya denounces Obama's a bloodbath "scandalous"

Barack Obama broke his silence Wednesday, February 23, on Libya, calling the world to unite against the violence in the country, giving the kickoff of a U.S. diplomatic effort increased. "The suffering and the bloodshed are outrageous and unacceptable," he told the White House the president of the United States, which was the first statement about the violence in Libya since the crisis began.

Immigrants still battle Maroni EU-Italy: "For some countries no solidarity"

ROME - "There is concern for what could be an exodus of biblical proportions." Defense Minister Ignazio La Russa is not optimistic about the numbers of flows of immigrants from the African coast, and from the Libyan ones in particular, could leave for Italy and Europe. "Our country can not be left alone: there are 2 and a half million foreign nationals in Libya and if it were a small percentage to come to Italy we would not be able to accommodate everyone." Immigrants have also focused on the discovery of the ministers of Interior and Italian Foreign: Minister Maroni hopes for Europe's solidarity on the management of immigrants and complaint: "The controls on the Libyan coast have been cleared." This was reiterated in Brussels where he attended the meeting of Council Affairs.