Friday, December 31, 2010

Sarkozy says the death of the euro will be the end of Europe

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, has joined its voice to that of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, calling on his countrymen confidence in the European economy after the financial rescue operations in Greece and Ireland, where Germany has been the main contributor. "Do not think, dear compatriots, those who suggest that we should leave the euro ...

The end of the euro would be the end of Europe," Sarkozy said in his televised New Year's Eve. "I will fight with all my strength against these setbacks it could undo 60 years of European construction, which brought peace and brotherhood to the mainland," he added. Sarkozy has also assured that France will not follow the lead of other European countries that have experienced debt crises this year and has promised to keep the plans to improve state finances.

Found dead the leader of a Mexican crime ring that four days ago fug

Elizabeth Tamez Gabriela Muniz, aka The Redhead, leader of a gang of kidnappers in northern Mexico, has now appeared hung on a bridge in the city of Monterrey after last Monday managed to escape from police in a spectacular operation. Four days ago, also in the capital of Nuevo León, The Redhead was being transported in a police car from a prison to a hospital when a group of armed men intercepted the vehicle and took it without firing a shot, before the impotence agents.

The Pope: "Still concerned about the insecurity of many families"

CITY 'OF THE VATICAN - "Our time is full of human evil, of suffering and tragedies of all kinds, from those caused by the wickedness of men to those resulting from natural events ominous, but it contains now and permanently and indelibly the news joyous and liberating of Christ the Saviour. " The Pope said in his homily of the Te Deum at the end of year, recited in the basilica of San Pietro, in front of the faithful, religious and civil authorities and ambassadors accredited to the Vatican.

Côte d'Ivoire gives Ouattara Gbagbo until midnight to leave

Alassane Ouattara, known as the President of Côte d'Ivoire by the international community gave Gbagbo until midnight on Friday, December 31 from power. Through his prime minister, Guillaume Soro, Alassane Ouattara has promised that the incumbent president "would have no trouble" if he withdrew in time.

The mission of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) which visited Abidjan on Tuesday "is coming in for Tough Mr Gbagbo to cede power peacefully," said Guillaume Soro told reporters Since the grand hotel in Abidjan transformed HQ camp Ouattara. "This mission has asked the president Alassane [Ouattara] to give guarantees [that] if Mr.

Strike in Pakistan to maintain the death penalty in blasphemy cases

A strike called by Islamist parties paralyzed the major economic centers of Pakistan, Friday, December 31. AP / BK BangashUne strike called by a dozen Islamist parties paralyzed the major economic centers of Pakistan, Friday, December 31, including the capital Karachi where public transport is stopped.

The markets were also closed and deserted roads around Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This national mobilization had been declared on December 15, following the departure of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI), the main Muslim party, the ruling coalition in protest against an amendment to abolish the death penalty if blasphemy.

Côte d'Ivoire: UN experts concerned "crimes against humanity"

Violations of human rights in Côte d'Ivoire, following the presidential election on Nov. 28, could constitute "crimes against humanity" to be "severely punished", say experts from the UN Friday, December 31. "According to credible sources, enforced or involuntary disappearances, arbitrary detentions, extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions and acts of sexual violence may have occurred or could still occur in Côte d'Ivoire" , denounced these experts depending on the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Abbas placed the cornerstone of Palestinian embassy in Brazil

The president of the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, has today laid the foundation stone of the building housing the Palestinian embassy in Brazil, who admitted this month a Palestinian state with 1967 borders. Abbas thanked the gestures of Brasilia to the recognition of a Palestinian state "initiative and this month was followed by the governments of Argentina, Bolivia and Ecuador, and logistical support for the installation of diplomatic representation, according to AFP.

Belarus government OSCE closes office searches in offices and homes of journalists KGB

MINSK - Belarus has ordered the closure of the Minsk OSCE, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. This was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "Belarus has decided not to continue the operations of the OSCE office in Minsk," he said without another spokesman Andrei Savinykh.

The announcement follows criticism by the OSCE came after the presidential elections of Dec. 19. Observers said that the organization had the vote was not free and that the police had cracked down on opponents. The elections saw the reappointment of the incumbent President Alexander Lukash.

No pardon for Billy the Kid "too much ambiguity historical"

ALBUQUERQUE - No pardon for Billy the Kid, Billy the Kid a legend. It's been 129 years since "the Kid was" killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett, and now the governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, announced the television channel ABC that he examined the case and decided not to grant pardons posthumously to the legendary bandit.

Billy the Kid, born Henry McCarty, but also known by the names of Henry Antrim and William Harrison Bonney, has inspired dozens of books and films dedicated to his life. Symbolic figure of the West, in fact, owes its fame to the man who killed him, Pat Garrett, who some years later shot him in Fort Sumner, 14 July 1881, wrote a biography entitled''The True Story of Billy the Kid''by handing him and his rival to the legend.

Lula denies CSAR extradicin Battisti to Italy

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, has decided today to deny the extradition of Italian Cesare Battisti, sentenced to life in his country for four murders committed 30 years ago, when integrated a left-wing armed group. Lula, who will pass his office on Saturday to President-elect, Dilma Rousseff, rejected the extradition requested by Italy and approved last November by the Supreme Court of Brazil, according to Foreign Minister Celso Amorim said in a brief statement to reporters.

Afghanistan, an Italian soldier died "Shot by a sniper shots"

ROME - An Italian soldier died in Afghanistan. The report news agencies quoting parliamentary sources. According to preliminary information, and as stated by Defense Minister Ignazio La Russa, the soldier was killed by a sniper. The incident occurred a couple of hours ago, in the Gulistan district, west of the country.

"Another grief that comes on a day that had to be festive. There were too many deaths among our soldiers in Afghanistan,''said La Russa, who announces his intention to go to Afghanistan soon after the funeral of the young soldier died this morning . La Russa says that the military was guarding a tower south of the area under Italian control, when a rifle shot fired from a distance by a sniper hit him in the side, just a part of the body not protected.

France encourages families with children to leave Ivory Coast

The French authorities today recommended to families with children that are national in Ivory Coast to leave the African country's political crisis facing the country, which is on the brink of civil war after the election rigging. In an update of its recommendations in past weeks, the French Foreign Ministry advised in a statement "to the French that they can, and in particular to families with children, that will be Ivory Coast temporarily pending the situation returns to normal.

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo pendants prevent UN investigation

The Ivorian electoral losers Laurent Gbagbo clings to the presidency and is therefore isolated internationally. But to his supporters he can count on still. They refused the UN human rights experts access to suspected mass graves. Abidjan - followers of unauthorized remaining in office Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo have prevented according to UN figures investigations into alleged mass graves.

Two sisters released from prison only if one donates a kidney

Draw a kidney and got out of prison. So you play a scowling "Monopoly" of justice in the State which was the most racist and segregated of America, Mississippi, where a kidney is the paper that the Scott sisters, for robbery convicts, will fall by order of the governor if they want to return free.

Sentenced to two life sentences for each will be commuted to probation if Gladys Scott will donate a kidney to her older sister Jamie suffering from chronic renal failure. Not for justice, humanity, or because at last the judges and the Mississippi Governor Hailey Barbour will be convinced that two life terms each for robbing $ 11 in 1993 were worth a little too much for two girls with no criminal record.

Paris recommends French families to leave Cote d'Ivoire

France has once again recommended, Friday, Dec. 31, its nationals to leave Ivory Coast temporarily due to "acute political crisis" facing the country since November 28. "While foreign nationals are not until now directly threatened, the French authorities renew their board to postpone travel plans to Côte d'Ivoire and, to all French people who can, especially for families with children, to leave temporarily Côte d'Ivoire pending normalization of the situation, "said in a statement the Quai d'Orsay.

The revolution of the stripper to the class action for salary

The gift came last year but from now on, nothing will ever be in the world that lays bare the weaknesses not only of America. A federal judge has upheld the first class action filed by professionals in the world of strip-tease. "We stripped our clothes - said the slogan of the battle - but not strip us of our rights." They won.

Well, almost. It 'a revolution of custom, or what's left of it. But most of the labor law. Wages below the minimum wage. Mance refused. Remember Julia Roberts? No, not "Pretty Woman", "Erin Brockovich, the heroine of one of the largest class action in history. Well, the strip is called Sabrina Erin Hart.

Khodorkovsky wants to appeal his conviction

The defense of Mikhail Khodorkovsky filed Friday, 31 December a preliminary appeal of his sentence to six additional years in prison. "The complaint is preliminary because we do not currently complete text of the decision," said the lawyer Karinna Moskalenko.

The defense of Khodorkovsky and his former business partner, Platon Lebedev, was also sentenced to the same penalty, filed this appeal on Friday: the next ten days are public holidays in Russia and is the legal deadline for challenging a decision . The lawyer said an appeal would be full and final tabled at the end of the holidays early this year in Russia or after January 10, when the copy of his trial has been transmitted.

The repression will not stop the revolt of the young graduate

TUNIS - In front of the Ministry of Social Affairs, only minutes from the Medina, the heart of Tunis, about fifty people heatedly discussed. "Do not make too many questions around here there are several policemen, no, this is not a protest, we're just talking among ourselves." Only one of the youngest agrees to leave to answer a few questions, says his name was Ahmed, "a name very common," when he says chuckling.

Europe in Crisis: The burqa my daughter

 "They already exercise to tighten the burqa," said my husband and our six-month shows smiling little girl, who instinctively pulls her doily to the eyes. We like to joke with our children about the future of Europe. We imagine how it might look like on the continent when the Internet will have become a symbol of a bygone era like today telegram or fax.

We can laugh at it wrong, as if we saw ourselves in a science-fiction ham from the era of silent film. And it is not true that is required of any responsible Europeans to prepare for the future? Is currently a lively debate about Muslims and Europe. Even in my Czech homeland, where they are found rarely.

In broth culture Paris, the killer has become a winner

There is a "case Battisti, the Italian slopes, the inaction of France, the Brazilian prison. But there is also, and above all, the clinical case of the gauche Alps, or rather that environment that one day very Parisian inspired by Che Guevara and another to Voltaire, relaxed ride between exotic and drives great principles of revolutionary democracy.

The support committee for Cesare Battisti found themselves illustrious names, or at least well known: first, the writer Fred Vargas, who has bankrolled and protected, and has even found a bank in the Elysee première dame, Carla Bruni, all 'origin - apparently - the meeting with the Brazilian Justice Minister Tarso Genro, who explained the nature of "victim" of the character in question.

Curiosities 2010: Our world licks

Holes and leaks everywhere: in earth Islands in the Gulf of Mexico, on U.S. diplomats in the coffers of the Treasury. 2010 was the year that urged the everywhere disagreeable to the surface. It is amazing that the world is still rotating, says Alexander Smoltczyk. There is no getting past the inspection: 2010 was the year of leaks.

It started with the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico and would not stop anymore. Then the floor was under the Eyjafjallajökull Iceland in a hole, and for a week it looked as if Europe would be through the ash clouds of a sub-arctic volcano again back in the railway age. Germany was on the ground.

At least 200,000 people stranded by floods in Australia

About 200,000 people are isolated in Australia as a result of torrential rains in recent weeks that have flooded, according to authorities estimate, an area equivalent to the sum of the territories of France and Germany. Days of torrential rain have left thousands of homes and businesses flooded, flooded crop fields and roads severed, a disaster that will cost several billion dollars to local authorities and insurance companies.

A full authoritarian drift in Hungary took the lead in Europe

Even before the rotating presidency of Twenty-Seven for six months, from January 1, Budapest is the subject of criticism more vivid after the adoption of a controversial law which could undermine the freedom of the press. The Hungarian Parliament adopted on 21 December, a series of measures to regulate the media.

Publications that produces content that would not be "politically balanced" or "impeding human dignity" - the law does not specify these notions - are promised to heavy fines: up to 200 million forints (720,000 euros) for TVs and 25 million (90,000 euros) for newspapers or websites. The body responsible for imposing these fines did nothing pluralistic: the five members of the Media Council are from Fidesz, the party of conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Eight people killed by suspected Islamists in Nigeria

The remains of a burned car in the aftermath of anti-Christian violence, December 25, in Maiduguri, Nigeria. AP / Njadvara MusaDes suspected Islamists have killed eight people including three policemen in the city of Maiduguri in northern Nigeria announced Thursday, December 30 the army and police. "The authors of the five armed attacks Wednesday night are suspected of belonging to the sect Boko Haram," said a spokesman of the army.

Evo Morales does not placate the social

Street protests against the decree of rising fuel prices continued yesterday in Bolivia, despite government efforts to neutralize them with the announcement of a substantial wage increase for next year. Moreover, the demonstrations were mainly in Cochabamba, El Alto and La Paz, considered strongholds of support for Evo Morales and his party, the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS).

In a speech to the nation on Wednesday night, Morales announced a 20% increase in the minimum wage to offset the impact of the increase (of between 57% and 82%) of gasoline and diesel, which has unleashed a spiral in commodity prices. Morales defended the need to remove fuel subsidies to stabilize the economy and combat smuggling.

Cameron forecast 2011 "difficult" for Britain

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has advanced in his New Year speech that 2011 will be a year "difficult" for the United Kingdom because of the plan of reducing public spending has led to significant cuts, and also because it provides new economic-cutting measures . "2011 will be a difficult year because we have been hard but necessary steps to fix things," Cameron said in reference to the adjustment program of public accounts approved by his coalition government with the Liberals which provides for a reduction of 19 percent of expenditures for the next four years, in order to reduce a deficit of around 10 percent.

Merkel urges Germans to confirm in the euro

"Germany needs Europe." Is the resounding message that Angela Merkel sent to his country was New Year's address, to be broadcast on German television today, which shows its strong commitment to the euro and urges people to follow suit despite the large mistrust generated after the bailouts to Greece and Ireland, where Germany has been the main contributor.

"Europe is recent months amid a crucial test. We must strengthen the euro. It is not just our money. The euro is a currency," said Merkel in her speech. He adds: "A united Europe ensures our peace and freedom. The euro is the basis of our prosperity." The chancellor, who in recent months has been criticized in Europe for its intransigent positions in the common economic policy, with this message soften its image abroad and encourage your country to trust the EU.

Lula decide tomorrow whether to grant refugee status to Italian activist Battisti

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, must take a final decision just hours before the end of its mandate and take its successor office Dilma Rousseff on Saturday. Brazilian President to decide whether to grant refugee status or permit extradition to Italy's left-wing activist Cesare Battisti, held in Brasilia for four years.

Local media speculated for days that Lula granted refugee status Battisti, who told an Italian court in 1992 convicted of killing four people, two of them policemen, in the seventies, a period in which militated the group Armed Proletarians for Communism (PAC), linked to the Red Brigades.