Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Arrested 38 people, including a deputy minister, in a crackdown on corruption in Brazil

Federal Police have arrested 38 people Tuesday involved in corruption within the Ministry of Tourism, a new scandal that splashes the Government of Dilma Rousseff. Among those arrested was the deputy of that office, Frederico Silva da Costa, who is accused of misappropriation of public funds.

In the operation, which was named 'Voucher', included nearly 200 troops who were deployed in different cities. In Brasilia, 20 involved were arrested, twelve in Sao Paulo and six in the state of Amapá (north). The Federal Police also seized 664,000 reals (285,809 euros) in two records in Sao Paulo.

In addition to Silva da Costa, were also arrested National Secretary of Tourism Development Program, Colbert Martins, the former secretary of the ministry executive and president of Embratur, Mário Moyses, and several businessmen, directors and officers of the Brazilian Infrastructure Development Sustainable (Ibrasi) Brazilian official agency reported.

After the operation began, Rousseff urgently summoned the Minister of Tourism, Pedro Novais, to clarify what happened and to report on this new corruption scandal that has tarnished the leftist government that took office on Jan. 1 . Last weekend he resigned the executive secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Milton Ortolan, after being accused by the magazine Veja 'award contracts irregularly.

But also the holder of that portfolio, Wagner Rossi, has been accused of favoring relatives of leaders of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB), which makes coalition with the ruling Workers' Party (PT), as denounced by the newspaper "Folha Sao Paulo '. Allegations of corruption are related to a contract between the Ibrasi and the Ministry of Tourism to train professionals in Amapá.

Federal Police investigations revealed that the institute had no financial capacity to implement in this agreement, however, were paid in advance, according to local daily reveals the 'O Globo' on your website. In a report published last month, O Globo reported that Deputy Silva da Costa was one of those responsible for hiring the services of the Brazilian Institute of Housing, an NGO that was also responsible for train tourism professionals and was led by businessman Caesar Gonsalves, who was ousted three years ago Brasiliatur - state company that manages tourism activities with the government of the capital - for embezzling some 52 million reais.

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