Monday, August 8, 2011

In the middle of social unrest, Israel increases in electricity prices by 10%

At the risk of fueling social unrest that has pushed tens of thousands of people in the streets for several weeks, the Israeli government announced on Monday, August 8, an increase of 9.3% of the price of electricity.
According to Boaz Stembler, spokesman for the Ministry of Finance, the increase was "mainly due to interruptions to supply Egyptian gas to power plants." Egyptian gas pipeline to Israel in recent months has been the target of repeated attacks in the Sinai Peninsula, resulting in prolonged interruptions of gas supply.

The government says the increase would be the cause of 20% before the State does not waive a portion of its royalties. This announcement is sure to be poorly received by the demonstrators who denounce the cost of living and require more "social justice". Saturday, the third party mobilization organized by the protesters, nearly two hundred and fifty thousand people marched in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and other cities.

A number that far exceeded the "critical mass" of two hundred thousand that organizers hoped to achieve in order to force the government the right to yield on their demands. Following a cabinet meeting on Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the establishment of an expert committee to review responses to the demands of protesters.

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