Friday, February 4, 2011

"Day of Anger" in Sanaa: "The opposition is afraid of the fall of the regime"

erJust in time for lunch is the "day of anger" in Yemen's capital Sanaa end. The tens of thousands of demonstrators, angry rush just yet, but had the peaceful removal of the incumbent for 32 years, President Ali Abdullah Saleh called for by the clogged streets to home. The cries of "Down with Ali!" silent.

The counter-demonstration organized by the government on the central Tahrir Square is dissolving. Young and old and it's now cosiness on thick cushions on the floor and begins to stuff Qatblätter in the jaws. The afternoon is also in these times of mild drug revolution takes a break. want unrest and violence like no one in Egypt.

Sex-Affair: Silvio Berlusconi can breathe again.

Silvio Berlusconi can breathe again. Parliament strengthened the prime minister's back. But that's the thing is not over yet. There may be spicy material on Silvio Berlusconi's sex scandal. But he must not disclose it.

The Chamber of Deputies in Rome on Thursday rejected a request from the Milan prosecutors to be able to search the premises of financial experts and confidants Berlusconi, Giuseppe Spinelli. Spinelli said to have paid as the "treasurer" Berlusconi young girls, which would have taken part in orgy-like parties in a villa of the 74-year-old media mogul, the investigators suggest.

Cartoon controversy: Somalis sentenced for attack on Mohammed cartoonist

Armed with axes and knives, he wanted to kill Muhammad cartoonist Kurt Westergaard in his home: Now a court in Denmark said the Somalis are guilty of the attack. He faces life imprisonment Aarhus - About a year after the attack on Kurt Westergaard, one of the signatories of the controversial Muhammad cartoons, there is now a case: A 29-year-old Somali, was spoken in Aarhus, Denmark for terrorism and attempted murder guilty.

Million people in the Middle East want freedom

Million people in the Middle East want freedom, as once Eastern Europe would have. At that time the West was a role model, now he betrays his values. He makes his stronger enemy: militant Islam. "For 60 years the West has found excuses for the lack of freedom in the Middle East and set up well with her.

But this strategy has not given us more security. In the long run can not buy stability at the expense of freedom." George Bush the Younger has said that. We see that there were not nice words and clever insights that were missing the West. Have lacked the right policies and - much worse - the belief in one's own values.

Tens of thousands of Egyptians take to the streets in 'The day of departure'

Several thousand people participated on Friday in Alexandria, Egypt, in the manifestations of the "Day Out" called by the opposition to force the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, said an AFP photographer. The demonstrators, who included a majority of Muslim Brotherhood, the main opposition, gathered outside the mosque Qaed Ibrahim, at the center of the city, shouting "Down with Mubarak! Down scheme!".

Mexico .- Mexico has a plan to revive the Doha Round

GENEVA, 4 Feb. (Reuters) - While trading powers embark on a new offensive to drive the Doha Round, Mexico has presented a comprehensive proposal to try to break the prolonged deadlock in negotiations. Trade ministers pledged last week to reach an agreement in principle in July and instruct their negotiators in Geneva that would make the necessary concessions.

Mexico's proposal faced so far is the main difference in the negotiations: the call for rich countries to a broader agreement, meet the demand of poor economies to reach an agreement that promotes development. U.S. and EU want emerging countries to open their markets to a greater extent than they have so far offered, while developing economies want the rich world make a major contribution towards an agreement.

The Twenty require reform politics in Egypt "begins now"

The EU leaders insist that "the transition process should begin now in Egypt for which the authorities are asked to" meet the aspirations of the Egyptian people with no political reform and repression. " In the absence of explicitly encourage President Hosni Mubarak to attend the street clamor demanding his withdrawal from power and learned the lesson of the cost of living with autocrats of any stripe, the Twenty sing the mea culpa and announce that they will reform and Neighbourhood Policy Union for the Mediterranean to actively support the democratization of the region forward.

Egypt, Suleiman: Mubarak Ben Ali is "The EU" strongly supports the transition

Tahrir Square in Cairo is filled once again for "departure on Friday," according to the definition of opposition leader Mohamed El Baradei. In recent days, in fact, the Nobel Prize was demanding the resignation and departure of President Hosni Mubarak before the day today. Mubarak said in an interview the former director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, is just trying to prolong the life of his "toxic regime." For its part, however, the Egyptian Vice-President, Omar Suleiman, has wanted to make clear that "Egypt will never be like Tunisia," and that President Mubarak will not leave the country, "as it had to the Tunisian President Ben Ali.

Blog - Who chooses the name of revolution? By Martin Vidberg

Corruption: ex-minister jailed Indian telecom

As part of an investigation into a vast corruption scandal that would have cost the country up to $ 40 billion, an Indian court has cleared Thursday, February 3 police remand in custody the former minister of telecommunications, arrested the day before. Andimuthu Raja is accused of organizing a fraudulent sale of mobile telephone licenses of second generation in 2008, bypassing the normal auction and in granting these licenses to operators ineligible.

The French Egyptian feel abandoned by the Quai d'Orsay

The government spokesman, Baroin said Thursday, Feb. 3 that the French had "no emergency or urgent obligation to stay on Egyptian territory" would return "as soon as possible." But many French people still there complain about the isolation that leaves the Quai d'Orsay. "We really wonder what the embassy expects to establish charter flights to evacuate and start putting people in safety.

Dwindling Air France flights, one flight per day and during the curfew," says and Peggy, who lives in Cairo for five years. "I want to leave but this is impossible for me without the help of the consulate," adds Irenaeus, also in Cairo. If Baroin says the Quai d'Orsay had established a "special device" for French nationals in Egypt, they felt strongly about the lack of return measures.

6.4-magnitude quake shakes eastern India

.- An earthquake of magnitude 6.4 struck on Friday eastern Indian state of Manipur, said the United States Geological Survey. The depth was 89 kilometers, said the service (USGS for its acronym in English), after he had given an initial depth of barely 10 km. The epicenter was 48 kilometers north-northwest of Imphal, near the border with Myanmar.

Tunisia: approximations of Michèle Alliot-Marie

Michèle Alliot-Marie has chosen to cope. Isolated heart of a series of controversies over Tunisia, Foreign Minister spoke, Wednesday, Feb. 2, on television to defend himself. Leave to commit some approximations. Already under fire for offering to provide the Tunisian state the "French expertise in policing," a few days before the fall of Ben Ali, Ms Alliot-Marie was pinned by Le Canard chains.

Offensive against Taliban in Pakistan causes mass exodus

.- More than 20 thousand Pakistanis have fled the tribal region of Mohmand, where the army continues an offensive against the militias allied to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Official sources put in at least a hundred rebels killed in attacks in the restive area near the border with Afghanistan, reported the Pakistani news channel Dawn News.

The offensive, which included aerial bombardment, artillery and infantry ground, started on 27 January in Mohmand. The Pakistani military has conducted several military operations in the area in the past three years. Accounts of civilian deaths are numerous, but the army does not allow independent reporting in the area, considered a sanctuary for Taliban forces and groups associated with Al Qaeda.

You do batteristaè a real job

* Chiara Quaquero At 19 I left my Sicily to study in Rome, University "La Sapienza", not just finished my studies in Linguistic Mediation, I decided to leave for London. By combining my two passions, languages and music, I was able to experience myself. In England, thanks to the so-called student loans I had the opportunity to undertake new studies for those who decide to create innovative art of making music.

Haiti: the candidate of power away from the second round of presidential

Port-au-Prince, Special Envoy - The second round of presidential elections in Haiti will oppose Mirlande Manigat Michel Martelly March 20, announced Thursday, Feb. 3 members of the Provisional Council election which has partially reversed the provisional results of the first round . Announced in early December 2010, provisional results placed Jude Celestin, the dolphin's President Rene Preval, in second place behind Mirlande Manigat.

Ban Ki-moon calls for free and fair elections in Egypt

.- The United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon today in Berlin demanded that the political transition process in Egypt start immediately and conclude with the elections are "free" and "fair." "The process (of change) should begin immediately. No time to lose. I demand that the regime in Egypt to hear the voice of the people.

This requirement applies to all governments of the world," said Ban, who is visiting Germany . At a conference on the role of your institution in the Humboldt University, the UN secretary general called the "end of conflict" and "a new political beginning" in the Arab country. Also described as "unacceptable" violent attacks in recent days against the international media and humanitarian organizations, adding that the rights of assembly and expression are essential.

"Mornings are spent in search of basic necessities"

Civilians become militia to ensure their safety, long queues outside food shops ... The protests have disrupted the daily life of Egyptians, particularly affecting the food supply. In Cairo, cash machines have been refilled for the first time on Wednesday, but convenience stores scattered rays are always taken by storm.

Pending a return to normal, the Egyptians are trying to organize ... "If this situation continues, the supply will be a real problem" by Nada Despite all that lives unbearable as days between extreme joy, fear, dreams of a better country, optimism despite fears of a future unknown For me, the measures of curfews and supply difficulties in the stores are not a problem.

Five European countries are calling for a transition "now" in Egypt

The chief executives of the five largest European countries (France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain), called Thursday, February 3 in a joint statement to the establishment of a transitional process "now" Egypt. French President Nicolas Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero, expressed their "extreme concern" before the "worsening situation".

Tunisian Lessons

I was in Tunisia about ten days ago, as a representative of Democratic Lawyers in a delegation of the euro Mediterranean Network of Human Rights. I saw an entire nation that was recovering democracy. One of the jokes that circulated was: "Until yesterday, the Tunisians spent half their day to talk about Tunisian football and half to discuss Italian football.

Now go all the way to discuss politics. " In fact, everywhere you could see small crowds, deep in discussion, made up of young and old, military and civilians, women and men. A similar phenomenon is happening now in Egypt and elsewhere may soon happen, on the shores of the Mediterranean.

The Yemeni opposition to the streets again Thursday

Tens of thousands of opposition supporters protesting Thursday morning Yemen in Sana'a, the capital, demanding democratic reforms and the ouster of President Ali Abdallah Saleh, in power for thirty-two years. A few hundred yards away, on the Al-Tahrir, had held a similar gathering of supporters of the ruling General People's Congress (GPC).

Under pressure from the street, Mr. Saleh, whose power has toughened over the past fifteen years, has made several concessions to the opposition on Wednesday. Before Parliament, meeting in special session, he stated that he would not seek re-election and said he was "against the inheritance of power." He also announced the postponement of legislative elections scheduled for April 27, whose dress was contested by the opposition and the "freezing of constitutional amendments" which could pave the way for election of president for life.

Day of violence: violent power struggle in the center of Cairo

Stone-throwing volleys, vigilantism, hate: raged for hours on Wednesday in Cairo, Mubarak civil war fighting between opponents and supporters of the regime suddenly mobilized. A log of the hours, zunichtemachten the dream of a peaceful revolution. The voice of the young woman is hoarse, but does not hear the crying.

"We are all Egyptians, we must not kill each other," she croaks. In their eyes are tears. Maha has waited seven days in the Tahrir Square in central Cairo, day and night, has protested peacefully for the overthrow of the dictator, Hosni Mubarak. Now drag screaming men past her. Many of them bleeding on the head - hit by the stones.

Offensive Mubarak loyalists

After the opponents of Mubarak's report is now his supporters say - with clubs, knives and baseball bats. Is that the response of the regime to the legitimate demands of the demonstrators for democracy and freedom? Suddenly they are back. In Bahtim, Zeytoun, Heliopolis, Cairo and other parts of town they are on the streets, directing traffic, waving by busloads of Mubarak supporters who drives it towards Tahrir Square: Egypt black uniformed policemen.

"An unknown administrative become supreme guide"

The Muslim Brotherhood leader premiered, the eighth in its history, little more than a year, in January 2010. Mohamed Badie, 67, is now a key figure in the Egyptian opposition, but then for the American Embassy in Cairo, was "a relatively unknown administration," said a secret cable dedicated to his election as supreme leader.

" Account of this telegram is Professor of Veterinary Medicine, your choice "is a generational change [...] because it is the first leader who did not know in person to the movement's founder, Hassan al Banna," and as one source of embassy, therefore, without the added legitimacy that meant, that in 1965 he was convicted, along with Sayyid Qutb (the main ideologue of the organization), as a member of a paramilitary group accused of trying to assassinate President [Gamal Abdel] Nasser and overthrow the regime.

Algeria, Italian tourists kidnapped in the Sahara

ALGIERS - An Italian tourist, Mary S., 53, was kidnapped in southern Algeria, near Djanet. This was announced by the newspaper Echourouk citing "reliable sources". The intelligence services have confirmed the news of Algiers. Also according to the newspaper, the woman was taken to a nearby Niger. The news was confirmed by the Italian embassy.

Maria S. was in Algiers for a stay of about a month, according to El Chourouk, was started last January 20. The source of 'Ech-Chourok' claims that become aware of the kidnapping would have been the Algerian security forces, alerted by a tour guide who was accompanying the party which was part of the Italian woman.

Egypt in "one" of the international press

Egypt and U.S. discuss plan for immediate resignation of Mubarak

The Egyptian officials discussed a proposal to President Hosni Mubarak, resign immediately and hand over power to a transitional government headed by Vice President Omar Suleiman. So says on its website to The New York Times that argues that the transitional government would have the backing of the Egyptian Army.

Mubarak has so far rejected requests for immediate departure from power. Still, the Times said, citing U.S. government sources and unidentified Arab diplomatic sources, said that Washington and Cairo are in talks for a plan that Suleiman would take over the country. The vice president would have the backing of the armed forces chief, Sami Enan and Defense Minister Field Marshal Mohamed Tantawi and immediately begin a process of constitutional reform.

Egypt plunges into anarchy

Opponents and supporters of the Egyptian regime staged a day of clashes in downtown Cairo, while anarchy took possession of the city, the scene of looting and burning while supporting the mobs that attacked President Hosni Mubarak told reporters, foreigners and activists. In an environment in which Mubarak said he would not seek reelection, while emerging reports that the U.S.

Government is discussing a plan for transition led by Vice President Omar Suleiman, the fighting claimed the lives of 13 people. British phone company Vodafone claimed that the Government was forced to send text messages to the population. A message called the "honest and loyal men to confront the traitors and criminals." Vodafone said the texts had been drafted by the Egyptian authorities, protected by emergency laws.

Journalists beaten

Mubarak's regime does not want witnesses. Although what is experiencing these days in Cairo is not a war the president is trying apparatus that truth is one of the collateral victims. Journalists are in the spotlight of the supporters of Arafat, who wants to silence the voices and images of the protests.

Egyptian president's supporters broke yesterday in hotels in downtown Cairo near Liberation Square, the epicenter of the protests, to prosecute foreign journalists. The most serious attack suffered a Greek reporter, Petros Papacostantinu, special envoy of Kathimerini newspaper, who was stabbed in the Place de la Liberation, as he has told.

Mubarak: "If I leave now in Egypt will be chaos"

CAIRO - I just left the presidential palace in Cairo, where I met President Hosni Mubarak for an exclusive interview of half an hour. He told me to be upset by the violence that we saw in Tahrir Square in recent days, but that his government is not responsible. Instead, he blamed the Muslim Brotherhood, a party that was outlawed here in Egypt.

He said he is tired of being president and that he would like to leave the office hours. But he can not do it - says - because he is afraid that the country would collapse into chaos. I asked President Mubarak to speak of the violence unleashed by his supporters in Tahrir Square against government opponents.

Foreign journalists targeted

Many journalists covering the deadly clashes in Cairo between supporters and opponents of the regime of Hosni Mubarak complained of increasing violence against them. In the streets of the capital, reporters have been attacked by men in civilian clothes in favor of President Mubarak, but also by anti-government protesters, more and more nervous.

Benjamin Barthe, Special Envoy of the World in Egypt, was questioned at length, without violence by the Egyptian secret service this morning at Suez: Listen! According to Benjamin Barthe, journalists are all asking themselves how to move, protect themselves, trying to work. Hotels around Tahrir Square has been emptied - more or less forcibly - by the henchmen of the Mubarak regime.

Obama asked to meet Abdullah Ali reforms in Yemen

.- U.S. President Barack Obama praised the political reforms announced by Yemen and called for restraint against the protests that continue to protest against the regime of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, the White House said Thursday. "President Obama called Yemeni President Saleh (Wednesday) February 2 to salute the important reforms that President Saleh had announced that day and asked him to fulfill his promises to take concrete measures," he said in a statement the U.S.

Egypt rejects and start''transition''

The new prime minister of Egypt, Ahmed Shafiq, rejected the U.S. demands and the international community''and''start transition of the country and promised to punish those responsible for violence in Tahrir Square. Under the tenth consecutive day of protests demanding the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak and the second in clashes between opponents and supporters of the president, Shafiq gave Thursday a press conference to calm things down.

Berlusconi conducts federalist reform despite the rejection by Parliament

The Italian government approved by decree the country's entry into the municipal fiscal federalism, demanded by the Northern League party, a partner in Silvio Berlusconi's executive, hours after parliament voted against the measure, in a decision that Opposition calls "unprecedented." "It is an outrageous political act: it is not never seen a council of ministers convened urgently to speak out against an election of Parliament." The text, however, must still be ratified by the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano.

Egypt into chaos, the UN left the country hunting for journalists, U.S.: "Unacceptable"

CAIRO - Another day of high tension in Egypt. Cairo continued clashes between the protesters who oppose Mubarak and those who support it. For the Ministry of Health in two days of mobilization, there were thirteen dead and over 1,200 injured. In this budget, unfortunately temporary, must be added - according to sources not yet confirmed - a foreign national killed in Tahrir Square.

A situation that has prompted UN officials in the country to leave Egypt. In the evening, President Mubarak said in an interview with ABC broadcaster: "I resign if I could, but it would be chaos." Then, from Washington, warning of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, calling for "restraint by all parties concerned", urged his Egyptian counterpart to enter into "negotiations and expanded credible" and stressed "the responsibility of the Egyptian government not to escalate in violence in peaceful demonstrations.

Now the U.S. is expected to bond centenarians

Primates, you know, are made to be broken. Even when the existing ones appear to have science fiction. Or, rather, "fantafinanziari. No exception to the rule nor the bond market, a favorite place of unprecedented storm now affecting the sovereign bonds of all or most of the major economies of the planet.

In a surprise move, the U.S. Treasury Department was urged by his advisors to bring to market a product never seen before: Federal bond maturing in 2111. No, not a typo, we mean just "duemilacentoundici. Because, believe it or not, the idea is this: place a bond on the market in 100 years, a period that is twice that found today in the longer-term securities on the market.

New York passed the ban on smoking in outdoor

It will now be forbidden to smoke a little away on the lawns of Central Park. After the Spaniards, it is now the turn of New Yorkers having to comply with a particularly restrictive tobacco legislation. The New York City Council adopted Wednesday, February 3, prohibition of smoking in its parks, beaches and other outdoor venues.

The ban, immediately welcomed by the mayor, Michael Bloomberg, 1700 extends to parks and beaches about 22 kilometers from the city, as well as pedestrian areas like Times Square or walking, Brighton Beach in Brooklyn. Michael Bloomberg, a former smoker became fierce opponent of smoking, had met with strong opposition in 2003 when he banned smoking in bars and restaurants.

Mubarak said that if he withdraws, Egypt could fall into chaos

The president, Hosni said he would resign after a wave of massive public protests against him, but feared chaos if you do. "I'm sick. After 62 years in public service, I've had enough . I want to leave, "Mubarak said in an interview with ABC journalist Christiane Amanpour." If I quit today, there will be chaos, "he added.

Mubarak, who remains inside his heavily guarded presidential palace in Cairo, said he was concerned about the violence that was experienced during the protests and that his Government was not responsible, ABC reported. On the other hand, Barack Obama described the president as a very good man, but HESITATIONS when asked if he felt that America had betrayed him, said ABC.

Journalists, victims of violence in Egypt

The international press is the subject of arrests, assaults and threats in Egypt, which led the U.S. to demand the release of the informants and European leaders described as "unacceptable" attacks against these professionals. The numbers of journalists arrested at Cairo vary each time on a day when they participated in the assault and intimidation of informants and in which supporters of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, surrounded the Ramses Hilton hotel downtown in search of foreign correspondents were staying there, witnesses said.

Killed two teenagers killed while trying to loot a train

BUENOS AIRES, 4 Feb. Two teenagers were killed and several injured in a confrontation with police. The youth group was trying to plunder a freight train had derailed earlier at the height of the municipality of José León Suárez, Buenos Aires province, in eastern Argentina. The young and the agents were engaged in an intense firefight in which two boys, 15 and 17, were seriously injured, so they were immediately transferred to two hospitals in Buenos Aires, where he eventually died.

Death row prisoner in Guantnamo

A prisoner of Afghan origin detained at the detention center at Guantánamo died Tuesday afternoon after collapsing in the shower after having been exercising. According to military authorities, Awal Gul, 48, died of natural causes due to a pulmonary embolism or a heart attack, as the autopsy suggests, remains unfinished.

Even so, it has opened a parallel investigation to determine the exact cause of death. Gul was locked up at Guantanamo since October 2002 and was one of the longest-prisoners in the center established earlier this year. Accused of being a Taliban military commander who recruited soldiers to attack U.S., Afghan was also suspected of having ties to Al Qaeda and had served under the command of Osama Bin Laden.

Organ donation after election as Pope Benedict XVI removed from the list of donors

CITY 'OF THE VATICAN - Benedict XVI if he were still included as an organ donor the result, ironically, was the donation of relics. But since he was elected pope, the inclusion of Joseph Ratzinger is no longer valid. This is what is stated by the Vatican, through a letter from the Pope's personal secretary, Don Georg Gaenswein, denies rumors that it appeared sula German press.

In the letter, sent to Dr. Gero Winkelmann, medical Unterhaching, near Monaco of Bavaria, the German section gives news of 'Vatican Radio'. The news comes from an actual event, ie, from a simple cardinal, Ratzinger was enrolled in Germany to the list to donate organs. "If it is true that the Pope has an organ donation card - now writes Mgr.

Reportage - In Cairo, is hunting for journalists

Cairo - Cairo violence continues. And the feeling is that, at least with stones, the anti-Mubarak protesters are stronger. We continue to fight in the Egyptian capital. The east side of Piazza Tharia is a battlefield. Supporters of Saddam and the criminals hired to confront the ruling party do not give up.

But those who go on the front lines are less visible to the other side. La Piazza is able to repel the assaults coming from the bridge all morning. Then, shouting "Allah akbar" (God is greatest ", ed), part of the offensive. The military armored vehicles moving, the stone-throwing cover the sky.

Cairo, scene of deadly new fighting, the Americans on the move

New clashes early Thursday on Tahrir Square in Cairo, the heart of the protest against the Egyptian president for ten days, three people were killed and several wounded after a day of violence between pro and anti Hosni Mubarak, who had done least three dead and hundreds injured. "Three people were killed by gunfire over the last three hours," said the Dr.

Amr Bahaa, from a makeshift hospital in a mosque near the site. "Most of the victims have arrived in the last three hours, many with gunshot wounds," he added, estimating the total number of wounded since Wednesday in more than a thousand. A previous report, obtained from witnesses reported two people killed early Thursday morning.