Thursday, May 12, 2011

Three alleged accomplices arrested for the attack in Marrakesh

Three suspected accomplices in the bombing April 28 in the Jemaah el Fna square in Marrakesh have been arrested by Moroccan security forces, confirmed today the executive, who insisted on the link to the alleged perpetrator of the terrorist network Al Qaeda. Minister government spokesman Khalid Naciri, said today at a press conference after the weekly Council of Government, which has arrested three suspected of being linked to the bombing, which left 17 dead and scores injured, while no details about those arrests.

Indian court refuses to increase the punishment of those responsible for the Bhopal disaster

India's Supreme Court rejected Wednesday a request by the authorities to increase the penalties handed down against former leaders of the pesticide plant manager of the industrial accident at Bhopal. A toxic cloud had escaped from the pesticide plant of Union Carbide on the night of December 3, 1984.

The accident, the worst in the history of global industry, made the first three days between 8 000 and 10 000 deaths among the population of this city in central India, as the Public Centre for Medical Research (ICMR). Official figures suggest 3,500 dead. On 13 April, the Indian Supreme Court had begun consideration of a request from the authorities for tougher sentences against former leaders of the pesticide plant manager of the industrial accident.

Warm up the engine of the French presidential elections. Sarkozy in trouble

The French government has made today announcing the dates of presidential elections to be held April 22 and May 6, 2012 to mid-June followed by those policies and within the UMP working at a fast pace to raise the popularity of Nicolas Sarkozy in view of the race for the Elysee reappointment. The order of battery pack to catch up in the polls is shaking off the promises of 2007, but did not formally renounced.

Syria bombed the city of Homs

Nearly two months after the start of the protest, repression continues in Syria. Nineteen civilians including a child, were killed Wednesday in parts of Deraa (South) and Homs (Central), outbreaks of protest against the Syrian regime, said Wednesday the chief of the National Organization of Human man, Ammar Qourabi.

According to the Syrian opposition, "13 people, including an 8 year old child, were killed by sniper fire at Al-Harra, a village in the western region Deraa. Among the dead also included a nurse came to rescue the wounded, he added. A fourteenth person died in the neighboring town of Jassem.

Spain, Región de Murcia earthquake in at least ten victims

Would be at least ten people and wounded dozens in the budget of the earthquake that shook the afternoon Región de Murcia. One of the autonomous communities with the highest seismic risk in Spain. According to government spokesman, Miguel Ángel Pérez, among the victims - because of the collapse of a building in the district of Las Viñas - there would also be a minor.

Two shocks with its epicenter in the Sierra de Tercia, Lorca, between five and ten kilometers northeast of the city center. Damage in the neighboring town of Totana. The first quake, of 4.5 degrees was felt at around 17.30, the second - of 5.1 degrees - nearly two hours later. Citizens are now poured into the streets and some witnesses told the Spanish daily number of scenes of panic.

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