Friday, March 25, 2011

Jerusalem bus explosion on bus kills one, wounds 30. Netanyahu does not start

JERUSALEM - In the early afternoon, a loud explosion devastates a bus stop line 74 and 14 in Jerusalem, at a time of day when public transport is usually very crowded. Had just arrived at the stop means of both lines. Israeli media reported the death of a woman, initially included in the budget of 31 injuries spread a few hours after the attack on the police chief, Aaron Franco.

The blast zone is opposite the main railway station and close to an international conference center in downtown Jerusalem. The terrorist act has not yet been claimed. Following the attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's departure to suspend his trip to Russia. Shortly after the detonation, the Israeli military radio reports of gunshots heard at the entrance to Jerusalem, in the area of the 'Sakharov Gardens', about a mile from the explosion, but it is a false alarm.

First stop riots in Syria killed

At least 20 people have died in a town south of Syria being shot by the police to disperse a demonstration, according to the Qatari television network Al Jazeera. The network, citing witnesses, said the victims were in the town of Sanamein. Al Jazeera also reported the death of a protester in the southern city of Dera, near the border with Jordan.

Al Jazeera, however, acknowledged it could not independently verify the casualties. Deraa, about 100 kilometers south of Damascus, was the scene of a peaceful demonstration attended by thousands of people and in which tribute was paid to the opposition activists died in that city in recent days.

Fukushima nuclear crisis makes people search

Rescue Japanese authorities reported that the nuclear crisis registered in Fukushima Prefecture has hampered the search for missing persons by the earthquake and tsunami of March 11 in the Asian nation. Personal Self-Defense Forces stated that face difficulties in operating in areas of Fukushima, hit by the earthquake and tsunami, due to orders to evacuate before the crisis in the Fukushima Daiichi plant.

Allies agree to NATO's key role in Libya

The U.S. President won on Tuesday the British and French support for a role for NATO in its air campaign against Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi, while Western allies were discussing operational details to transfer command of the mission. Barack Obama, who has pushed for giving the U.S. command of allied operations in Libya in a few days, telephoned British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and all agreed that NATO would play an important role White House said.

Bolivia refuses to demand his relationship with Chile dae

After the president of Chile Sebastián Piñera said Thursday that the announcement of his Bolivian counterpart, Evo Morales, to go to international justice to find a way out to sea was a "serious obstacle" to relations between the two countries, Vice President of Bolivia, Alvaro Garcia Linera, said yesterday in La Paz that "dialogue and the action are complementary activities because both operate in the area of the grounds and historic rights." The controversy comes in the wake of the controversial speech that President Morales delivered the Sea Day, which commemorates the loss of an outlet to the Pacific after the defeat Bolivia against Chile in a war in the nineteenth century, where he said his government would turn to international courts to solve the problem.

The West is protecting himself

You just follow a few minutes to talk shows, seasoned political analysts, military experts and various ways, journalists who have followed on Saturday afternoon after reports that French Mirage had flown to Libya, to understand that ' Attack of the western countries had little or nothing to do with the protection of civilians affected by the fury of the dictator of Tripoli.

It speaks of the objective of France to assert his own primacy in the Mediterranean, the United States who, surprised by the advance operations given by Sarkozy, shortly after they launched 110 Tomahawk missiles from their ships to show that they are still having the staff of command, the interest of Britain to recall the positions lost in 1970 when Gaddafi expelled, in addition to 20 thousand Italians that were, in general, restaurant owners or shopkeepers, even the British oil companies, the need for Italy assume "an active part" in the attack and then have an equal entitlement to participate with others in the business of reconstruction (which is the new sport western destroy a country and then make money on the business that follow, as happened in Afghanistan and Iraq).

Jordan: One hundred young protesters injured by loyalists

One protester Jordan age 55 died Friday, March 25, Amman after clashes between protesters camped on a square of Amman and loyalists. Medical sources did not specify the cause of death. Earlier in the day, similar sources had said two wounded, among the more than counted after clashes, were in critical condition.

Nearly two hundred government supporters have worked hard on "Young, 24 March," a group that brings together various trends, including Islamists, who met on placeGamal-Abdel-Nasser, where they erected a camp for call the Jordanian regime to "reform" and "Judgement" corrupt leaders. Thursday at nightfall, police had tried to disperse them, then cut the electricity on the spot around 23 am local time (22 hours French time).

Syria, riots and deaths near the mosque, police fired on hundreds of young

DAMASCUS - More unrest in Daraa, 100 kilometers south of Damascus, where security forces have stepped up repression against anti-government activists. At least 15 people, including a 11 year old girl, were killed in clashes between security forces and activists of the movement for human rights who celebrated the funeral of two of the 12 victims of the assault of police at the Omari Mosque.

Witnesses said police opened fire on hundreds of young people trying to reach the city from the North: "They shot and the bodies fell on the road." After days of violence, the French government to intervene with a warning to Assad. Syria must renounce to the 'excessive use of force "against demonstrators," said French Foreign Ministry Alain Juppe.

Radiation in the water comes to Tokio

The radiation emanating from the damaged Japanese nuclear plant in Fukushima has caused the water leaving the keys in Tokyo radioactivity exceeding the limit considered safe for children, authorities said Wednesday, raising concerns about food safety in Japan. Residents emptied the shelves of bottled water after the governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara, said the levels of radioactive iodine in tap water doubled the limit considered safe for infants.

Latin America dislikes the military operation in Libya

The military operation carried out in Libya by an international coalition that is headed to the United States, France and the United Kingdom refusals arouse more sympathy from the Governments of Latin America, traditionally advocates of non-interference and self-determination regardless of ideology. Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela have openly criticized the operation dubbed "Dawn Odyssey", Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Panama and Peru defend more or less force, Brazil has adopted a middle position such as Costa Rica and Honduras, and the rest is silent.

Libyan crisis, the EU increasingly split. The European External Action Service will not work

Catherine Ashton, president of the European Action Service The Libyan crisis splits Europe. The European Union, in fact, can not find a common position. Too many voices and too many bureaucratic ties that bind all decisions unanimously. Without that every action is impossible. Yet, in 2009, something had been designed with the creation of a European External Action Service (EEAS), immediately hailed as one of the most important innovations of the Lisbon Treaty, which entered into force in 2009.

Fukushima: the reactor vessel No. 3 could be damaged

The situation at the Chernobyl nuclear accident in Fukushima is "unpredictable," warned, Friday, March 25, Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan. "We work to ensure that the situation does not worsen. We must be extremely vigilant," he told a news conference. Mr. Kan has also expressed his "respect for all those who have joined forces to cope with the worst crisis experienced by Japan since the war." "Two weeks after the disaster, I would ask everyone to show solidarity to overcome this crisis," said the head of the center-left government.

Libya, UN, NATO and the resolution of the majority of refugees

ROME - Strict compliance with the UN resolution through diplomatic and political initiatives appropriate notice of the cease-fire as soon as possible to return to a state of conflict, to NATO command and control of military operations, but also the arms embargo against Libya's action and patrolling the Mediterranean to combat organized crime with the risk of terrorist infiltration.

Again, reactivation, when circumstances make it possible, bilateral agreements, especially those concerning energy, between Italy and Libya, initiatives to protect European businesses unable to honor contracts for sanctions. And finally, involvement of European partners and the Commission to give financial resources also to share the burden of management of landed immigrants and act to Europe should have as soon as a 'single system of asylum' which immediately provides a system of 'burden sharing' aims to redistribute the presence of immigrants among member countries and provide more assistance in the operations of recognition and identification of those who head to the Italian coast.

Tokyo radiation water exceeds acceptable limit for babies

Drinking water in Tokyo doubled the limit of radioactivity considered safe for infants, authorities said Wednesday, while it was increasing concern about food safety as a result of the radioactive leak from the damaged nuclear power plant in Fukushima after the earthquake and tsunami. The warning came as authorities a new cloud of smoke forced an evacuation of workers seeking to stabilize the Japanese nuclear plant, which is releasing radiation.

UN mission said that Gbagbo's forces prepare rockets

The mission of UN peacekeepers in Ivory Coast said Laurent Gbagbo's forces were preparing an attack helicopter and multiple rocket launchers and condemned the increasing use of heavy weapons against civilians. The statement came after Gbagbo's rival, Alassane Ouattara, has criticized the mission for not doing enough to protect civilians, saying that security forces killed a leader defiant 832 people since a disputed election in November the largest producer of cocoa in the world.

Gaddafi has the style and pace of the assassins

A - respectful - a letter of dissent to Juliet Church and other traveling companions. On the war in Libya. I have not met neither Hitler nor Mussolini, but I feel that Gaddafi resembles those murderers. For the haughtiness fascist style, the celebration of paranoid himself, his hatred for the obsession.

For the plagiarism of the many miserable love shaking his portraits dressed as soldiers. For threats to the rebels to return to Benghazi and to kill them all, searching house to house. For garish shirts, and the tabernacle of rogue, for the arrogance that has become the master to servant.

In Tokyo, "I do not give in to panic"

"I feel that the checks are done seriously," by Olivier At first I panicked as much. It did not used to think that poisoned just by breathing, or three drops of water dripping in your neck of the coat. Then we made it. And then I feel that the checks are done seriously. That would mark too bad if an oversight was obvious later discovered.

And we can trust the Japanese to do something seriously, they do not do things lightly. "I still drink tap water", by Julian Regarding the presence of radioactive iodine in tap water: the rates were raised in Tokyo, Wednesday, March 23, of 210 becquerels per liter. The rate limit set by the Japanese government is 300 Bq / l for an adult.

At the front riding a Kawasaki smiling the warriors of the revolution

Benghazi - is a survivor of the Battle of Ras Lanuf, lost city days ago and now in the hands of Qaddafi, but he, Ali, is sure to win her back soon. How many Shabab, boys fighters, Ali takes little account of reality. It's a bit 'funny' guy. It will not take it easy because that Ras Lanuf oil center, one of the most important, teetering on the Mediterranean coast, is more than two hundred kilometers, after Brega, also employed by Gaddafi, on the way to Tripoli.

Uncertain, the source of radioactive leakage in Fukushima

The nuclear power plant affected by the disaster in Japan still emits radiation, but it is unclear what the source of the leak, said a senior official of the UN atomic agency. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) also said it had continued to receive data from Japan which confirm "high levels of radioactivity" in foods, particularly spinach, affected locations south of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex.

Spain joins the military action in Libya

The Spanish parliament on Tuesday approved a government decision to contribute forces to the alliance led by United States imposed a no-fly zone over Libya. The request of Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero was approved by 336 deputies against three votes against and one abstention. Thus, Spain became a military offensive led by France, Britain and the United States.

Spain will provide four Israeli F-18, a Boeing 707 tanker, a submarine, a frigate and a maritime surveillance aircraft. The F-18 patrolled the Libyan airspace Tuesday after two had done on Monday. Around 500 Spanish soldiers participating in the operation. Spain should seek parliamentary approval for their forces to participate in a military operation in outdoor emergency forces may be deployed prior to approval.

Repsol Argentina .- captures 870 million with the IPO of YPF after the underwriters exercise the 'green shoe'

MADRID, 25 Mar. Repsol has raised a total of 1,235 million dollars (870.3 million euros) by selling its 7.67% stake in YPF through a public offering (IPO) after exercise underwriters of the 'green shoe', said Friday the oil to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV). Specifically, the placement institutions have fully exercised the purchase option granted by the oil of 3.93 million shares of YPF, representing 1% of capital.

Only Germany, Spain and France are committed to closing the nuclear power to suspend the test resistance

The Heads of State and Government of the European Union agreed to test security at European nuclear power plants and implement the highest standards of security to the 143 reactors in 14 of the 27 EU countries, only Germany, Spain and France made a public commitment to close plants to suspend the examination.

"If it is clear that fails the safety test and that corrective measures can be the logical consequence is that the plant should not be active," said José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the Spanish president. The European Council discussed the challenge that the Fukushima nuclear accident raises a European energy policy in the composition of atomic energy has a considerable influence.

Bloody Protests: Opposition speaks of more than 100 dead in Syria

In the case of clashes between protesters and security forces in Syria apparently far more people had been killed than first thought. The opposition speaks of a hundred victims. Hospitals reported 25 dead - all showed gunshot wounds. Security forces in Syria go brutally against demonstrators.
In the clashes could be far more people died than previously known. According to the opposition, the number of victims of the recent unrest is at least a hundred. This information is made eye-witnesses and civil rights activists on Thursday after the security forces had beaten the day before the protests against the government throughout the state Daraa Southern Syrians.

Killings in Afghanistan: Court condemns' Kill Team "soldiers to 24 years in prison

A U.S. military court has sentenced the soldiers Jeremy Morlock to 24 years imprisonment. He had confessed to having killed three civilians in Afghanistan - as a member of a group that called itself "Kill Team". The men were posing for photos next to one of the victims. Lewis-McChord - The 22-year-old Jeremy Morlock is part of a squad of five soldiers who are accused of murder of innocent civilians.

Attack in Jerusalem: one dead, 30 injured

(Source: Xinhua) Terrorism hits back to Jerusalem. A strong explosion occurred at a bus stop line 74, near the convention center 'Palace of the Nation'. A woman aged 60 died in hospital. Wounds 30 others in the attack. According to CNN, two women are serious in an advanced state of pregnancy. At first it seemed that the explosion had been caused by a suicide bomber.

But later determined that the bomb was triggered by a bomb that was found in a bag at the bus stop. The area of the incident was isolated and inspections are carried out now to find other devices that may still be in the area. The authorship of the attack has not yet been claimed by any organization.

Blog - Weight of the World

The crime of indifference

Is never easy to justify a war, who is sent to the front but also for those who have the task initiative, decide on goals and purpose. It is not easy even for those who, in the newspapers, trying to tell the truth of the war, its dangers. The biggest temptation is to take refuge in platitudes, in phrases, in lies.

Phrases like, no war is good, no reasonable political s'impantana in distant countries, no war, then it should be called war. The Italian government is a specialist of that lie, the more hypocritical. Nor is confined to lie: a prime minister who said he was "saddened by Gaddafi 'without feeling pain for its victims do not know the story he does, or why does it.

More than 23 thousand dead and missing in the earthquake and tsunami in Japan

.- The death toll from the earthquake and tsunami on 11 in Japan rose today to the nine thousand 301 people while another 13 thousand 786 were missing, according to the last count of the Japanese police. Twelve days after the earthquake of 9 degrees on the northeast coast of Japan, the worst natural disaster after World War II, the fear is still to increase the victims while trying to restore infrastructure to cater to the victims.

Falls to earth American F-15 mechanical fault

An American jet fighter today fell to the ground in Libya due to mechanical failure, and the pilot and copilot are safe, informed British sources. The fact was confirmed by the Pentagon in Washington, which said that it is an F-15 fighter-bomber flying over Libya, were injured but neither the pilot nor the copilot.

A Pentagon official said the plane suffered a mechanical accident and both the pilot and copilot in charge of armaments could abandon ship and be rescued. The pilot was rescued by U.S. forces, while the passenger fell into rebel-controlled territory, where he was treated, he added. The accident happened on the third night of the operation at dawn Odyssey, which specifies the Resolution 1973 of UN Security Council Unity, formulated to block fighting between rebels and army as well as protect the civilian population Libya.

Concentration in the Plaza de Mayo to commemorate the last coup

BUENOS AIRES, 25 Mar. A crowd gathered on Thursday (Friday in Spain) in the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires to commemorate the date of the last coup, which took place on March 24, 1976. Several organizations signed a manifesto repudiating these facts and in defense of human rights. Thousands of people marched through the Avenida de Mayo to lead to the landmark square, carrying banners with pictures of the murdered and disappeared during Argentina's military dictatorship (1976-1983).

At least one dead and hundreds injured in demonstrations in Jordan

At least one person died and more than a hundred were injured today in clashes between opponents and loyal to the Jordanian monarchy Gamal Abdul Nasser Square, near the Ministry of Interior of the capital, Amman. Protesters of all kinds, Islamists, liberals and liberals have several weeks and sit-ins staged protests demanding a constitutional monarchy.

Hours after the clashes, Khairy Saad Amer, hainformado the agency that her father, Khairy, 57, died in hospital from the beating of the security forces. About 200 supporters of the monarchy of King Abdullah, according to figures from AFP, approached the spot where protesters camped among which dominates the Youth Group on March 24.

The double meaning of the Libyan strategies

Here are some questions (and possible answers) that we made on the conflict in Libya. Why does the international community has moved only at the last possible moment and in any order? More than the "coalition of the willing" that is attacking Libya appears to be the 'army of reluctant "between distinctions, exceptions and partial commitment, only two weeks ago it seemed that only a little push to dislodge the dictator would have been done (albeit with the bad), but seemed to lack the fundamental motivation: an official document that would allow the act or resolution which took away the doubts about action without the "cover" (or umbrella) impartial, the United Nations (perhaps sheet the former with the U.S.

BHL: "I have no legitimacy other than my own conscience"

There is a warrant. Clearly. Simply follow. And it totally excludes a scenario in Afghanistan. I remind you that the commitment of ground troops, for example, is completely excluded. And rightly so. The Libyans are very clear about it: the liberation of Libya must be the work of the Libyans themselves.

Whatever the wish of one or the other. I repeat that there is a clear UN mandate. The more a moral mandate formulated by the Arab League, before UN vote. In any case, a ground intervention. That was the solution, three weeks ago. As it was late, we must go beyond the "no fly zone". That is to say go to the targeted strikes against heavy weapons from Gaddafi.

Fukushima, black smoke from the reactor 3 iodine in the water in Tokyo, denied to the children

OSAKA (Japan) - the black smoke was lifted today by the No. 3 reactor of the plant in Fukushima. The smoke is gone then gradually decreasing, but the engineers to work in the area were still away. To make matters worse, an aftershock with a magnitude of 4.7 recorded near the central, however, did not cause further damage.

"We do not know if the smoke coming from the building that houses the turbine or the reactor containment structure," said a spokesman. Following the Agency for Nuclear Safety has reported that radiation levels around the plant remained unchanged. For several hours the electricity and lighting are back in all six reactors at risk for the consequences of the earthquake and Tsunami of 11 March.

White House condemns the brutal repression''in Syria''

Syria is another country in the Middle East fighting to end the political crisis. Protesters took to the streets to demand political reforms in his country, but never imagined that he would meet Armed Forces of the Syrian regime. Given this, the White House condemned the "brutal repression" by the regime that has left dead and wounded, against Protestants in the city of Dera.

The U.S. government said it rejects violence under any circumstance and is deeply concerned about the arbitrary detention of human rights defenders, among others. The U.S. government urged President Bashar al-Assad to remain calm and respect the rights of its people, and also launched an appeal to citizens to exercise their rights peacefully.

Prohibit consumption of food from Fukushima

Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan on Wednesday ordered a ban on milk and vegetables from the prefectures of Fukushima and Ibaraki (northeast) due to high levels of radioactivity resulting from nuclear Fukushima. Kan asked people not to eat the vegetables in which abnormal radioactivity was detected, especially spinach, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower.

Further ordered that the green leafy vegetables and raw milk Fukushima and Ibaraki parsley are not sold by now. Radioactive substances in excess of the legal standards were detected in eleven vegetables in areas near the troubled Japanese nuclear plant in Fukushima, said the Ministry of Health.

Libya bombing uncoordinated

The allies bombed Libya are uncoordinated. A clear example is the difference between Britain and the United States on the future of Moammar Gadhafi, and that while the British defense minister acknowledged on Sunday that could be one of the whites, his U.S. counterpart, Robert Gates, it was "foolish" to kill him .

This divergence is the fact that the rest of the Allies-France, Italy and Norway say they worried about the scope of the operation. The deputy spokesman of the French Defense Ministry, Brigadier General Philippe Ponti, admitted that cooperation is not yet "integrated" because it is "extraordinarily complex." Even British Prime Minister yesterday, David Cameron, said the operation "Odyssey at dawn" is under U.S.

Obama calls on Argentina to return seized a cargo plane from the U.S. Air Force

BUENOS AIRES, 24 Mar. The U.S. president, Barack Obama, has called on the Government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner to return the shipment that was seized from a plane of the U.S. Air Force who came to Argentina in February for a special training . This is the first time Obama has referred to this incident that sparked a diplomatic crisis between both nations.

"It's (a matter) seriously in the sense of Argentina has historically been a friend and partner of the United States," he said in an interview with Andres Oppenheimer, a journalist for 'The Miami Herald and a columnist for' The Nation 'of Buenos Aires, published Thursday. The conflict arose last February 10 when an aircraft of the U.S.

The Europe that reveals the Libyan crisis

Could we let die before our eyes of viewers to the victims of Gaddafi? I think not. The bold decision of the UN to use force legitimately questioned our consciences Libya peace. Taken the initiative of Great Britain and France, which joined the United States and other countries, this decision also raises important questions necessary for the European project.

That are both moral and political. The moral questions are concerned with the use of violence by states. The question of just war, that we considered since antiquity, and that may well be addressed by theoretical discourses and historical references, this has not stopped being a permanent source of doubts and uncertainties, we can not afford to discard a slap.

Military police remand for accused child-blank shooting

BRASILIA, 25 Mar. The Court of the State of Amazonas, in northwest Brazil, has ordered preventive detention for six military policemen accused of involvement in an assault on a fourteen year old who was shot at close range, according to the newspaper "Folha de Sao Paulo." Six of them were under administrative detention since Wednesday in Manaus, capital of Amazonas state, but could go free within 48 hours, while another is fled.

The two friends

Wars are two. One is in the streets of Benghazi and Tripoli in the sky. The other is on the dock of the island of Lampedusa, where women and Italian men crazy chaos and loneliness of trying to push back desperate human beings who can not go anywhere else. Although the culprits are two. One is Colonel Gaddafi.

The other is those who have pretended that it was a normal head of state, with which they can and should have normal relations. But if Gaddafi is now considered by the United Nations and world opinion of guilty to murder his own people, because Berlusconi, who kissed his hand to the murderer in public in order to demonstrate that the association was full and unconditional, to the submission (with large public benefits and private) should get away and appear among the executioners of the free world? Yes, we noticed that he is cautious behind the door, and went out only once, "I'm sorry." He's sorry of the Treaty or the victims? However, Defense Minister La Russa fills the stage with gestures and words from commedia dell'arte.

Ionizing radiation, to confusion

Between becquerels millisieverts per hour, the grays and other curies, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. The activity can be expressed in curie (Ci), but the unit most commonly used is the becquerel (Bq). Equivalence: 1 Bq = 27 picocuries (27 millionth of a millionth of a curie). To determine a level of internal contamination, it is reported the activity to the mass or volume considered (Bq / kg or Bq / l).

Attack on the rebels, killing of children in Misurata Gaddafi: "I laugh missile Western"

TRIPOLI - A surprise return Gaddafi: from Bab el Aziziya, bombed the barracks on Sunday night, the colonel promises war: "The missiles of the West make me laugh, fight and win," repeated before his people. And from day keeps the commitments: the problem is fighting against his people. The first victim of the city these days of war is measured: three hundred thousand people, unless those who desperately managed to escape, have been resisting for days in a deluge of bombs and bullets that no peace can ever erase the history.

EU condemns crackdown on demonstrators in Syria

The White House condemned the "brutal repression" of the Syrian government against demonstrators, including violence and killings of civilians by security forces of the regime of Bashar Assad. "We reject the use of violence under any circumstances. We are also deeply concerned about the arbitrary arrests of human rights activists and others, "said White House spokesman, Jay Carney.

The U.S. position was known after the deaths of at least 25 protesters during the violent crackdown on a mosque in the southern city of Dera, focus of protests against President Assad, which began on 17 March. Deraa The National Hospital in the south of Syria, received at least 25 bodies of demonstrators, medics said the hospital, a day after security forces put down an anti-government demonstration in that locality.

Three new tremors shake northeastern Japan

Three strong earthquakes shook large areas of northwestern Japan, the area devastated by the Richter 9.0 earthquake 11 days ago, but considerable damage is reported. Japan's Meteorological Agency said the first quake of 6.6 on the Richter scale occurred at 17:18 local time (08:18 GMT) and its epicenter was 274 kilometers east of Iwaki City, on the island Honshu, the largest in Japan.

Almost an hour and a half later, around 18:44 local time (09:44 GMT) an earthquake of 6.2 degrees hit the prefectures of Miyagi and Fukushima, the most affected by the earthquake of March 11, which has left more nine people dead. The epicenter of the second quake was located some 200 kilometers off the coast of Iwate, at a depth of 10 km above sea nievel, without triggering a tsunami alert, meteorological agency said.

We depend on partners: rebels

Libyan rebels recognize that rely on allies to confront the forces of Muammar Gadhafi, although the international coalition inconceivable that its primary objective is to help them. "If we do not get more help from the West, Gadhafi forces will eat us alive," says Nouh Musmari insurgent fighter. Others settled in Benghazi leaders recognize that they need more training, but yesterday the international coalition in the voice of their leaders insisted on reporting that their goal is to comply with Security Council resolution, United Nations (UN), which focuses on the cease-fire from government forces and establishing an air exclusion zone in the North African country.

Argentina .- 'Puerto Deseado' come to Mar del Plata on Monday for the last phase of studies in Antarctica

MADRID, 24 Mar. Oceanographic Vessel "Puerto Deseado 'arrive at Mar del Plata (Argentina) on Monday March 28 to begin the last phase of the 2010/2011 Antarctic campaign Research carried out in the framework of the agreement between National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) and Argentine Defense Ministry, as reported by the CONICET.

Thus, the Council recalled that the ship sailed on December 31, 2010, with a crew of approximately 128 men and women, including scientists from the CONICET and the Universidad de Buenos Aires, the Southern Center for Scientific Research, National University Mar del Plata, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Naval Hydrographic Service, National Fisheries Research and Development and the National Institute of Antarctic and Southern Argentina.