Monday, January 17, 2011

Tunisia: "domino effect or backfire?"

The Tunisian people have spoken and, significantly, the Arab people listen, "says the analyst Lamis Andoni on Al Jazeera, which sees the popular uprising that brought down Tunisian President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali a" warning all leaders, whether supported by international or regional powers, they are no longer immune to outbursts of popular anger.

"While the shock wave Tunisia began to spread to other countries the region, some bloggers were also quick to compare events in Tunisia in the fall of the Berlin Wall, says the Lebanese daily L'Orient-Le Jour. "ingredients found in Tunisia are also present elsewhere, "from Morocco to Algeria, Egypt to Jordan, whether unemployment, police repression or obstacles to democracy," said Amr Hamzawi, the Center for Middle East American Carnegie Foundation in L'Orient-Le Jour.

Lebanon: report of consultations on the new prime minister

Consultations to name a new prime minister in Lebanon after the fall of the government of Saad Hariri, have been postponed by one week. These consultations between President Suleiman and the parliamentary groups were originally scheduled to begin on Monday, following the collapse January 12 of the coalition government, caused by the resignation of ministers of the powerful Shiite party Hezbollah and its allies.

Adultery Process: Iran suspends death penalty against Aschtiani

In the case of the original to death by stoning condemned Iranian Sakine Mohammadi Aschtiani There seems to hope: One of Iran's parliament, according to the death penalty was suspended - Aschtiani threaten therefore now ten years in prison Tehran - Iran's judicial authorities are still silent, the President said nothing - but yet there are increasing signs that the country has suspended the death penalty against Sakine Mohammadi Aschtiani.

Cuba sees "positive" but "insufficient" Obama's measures to ease travel and shipment of money

Raul Castro's government has received as a fact, "positive" but "insufficient" the final steps of the administration of Barack Obama to ease some restrictions on travel to Cuba from the United States and send money to Cubans, announced last week Washington. According to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) of Cuba, the measures are generally positive but "have a very limited scope and not change the policy against Cuba," so that "fall far short" of the claims Havana to put an end to U.S.

The fear of contagion in the Arab world

A heavy silence accompanied, among Member States of the Arab League, the sharp reversal of Zine El-Ali AbidineBen, January 14. "It's a real shock," says one Arab ambassador posted in Paris, because the Tunisian regime was regarded as far more robust in the region. This revolution illustrates a crisis of the Arab state that can no longer be concealed.

" At the end of March in Baghdad, the annual summit of Arab League countries gather in effect or entities in a poor situation, threatened secession (Sudan, Yemen), "dysfunctional" (Lebanon, Iraq, Palestinian Authority) politically sclerotic (Syria, Libya, Algeria) or facing difficult Estates (Saudi Arabia, Egypt).

A Swiss banker Wikileaks formalized delivery of thousands of secret accounts database

A former Swiss banker has provided the Wikileaks page Julian Assange data on hundreds of overseas bank accounts of clients suspected of tax evasion. It has done so publicly in a press conference in London which was attended by both the founder of Wikileaks as the banker, Rudolf Elmer, who on Wednesday will be tried in Switzerland for breaking the rules of banking secrecy.

In an interview published in Forbes magazine in November, Assange already announced that it would have information on banks. Elmer, an executive who was fired in 2002 from the office of private bank suizoJulius Baer in the Cayman Islands, has become Assange information on two discs containing the names, and transaction details of around 2,000 customers of banks to send money abroad to obtain tax benefits that way.

Tunisia: the turn of France, forced by events

French diplomacy has made a major shift in the Tunisian case, forced to adapt to a chain of events that has expired and is set to false. After the flight of President Ben Ali, France has used for the first time the word "democracy" in describing the aspirations of the Tunisian demonstrators in recent weeks.

In a statement released Saturday, January 15 to 14 hours, the Elysee was first sided with those calling for political liberalization: "For several weeks, the people of Tunisia expressed its commitment to democracy. France, that so many ties of friendship bind to Tunisia, it provides strong support.

Lebanon: report of consultations to form a new government

The consultations provided Monday, January 17 for appointment of a new prime minister after the fall of the government of Saad Hariri - caused by the resignation of the ministers of Hezbollah and its allies - have been postponed to January 24, said a statement from the President . "After evaluating the positions of different parties in Lebanon (...), President Michel Suleiman has decided to postpone the parliamentary consultations on Monday, January 24 and Tuesday, January 25, 2011," according to a statement from the president.

An Egyptian and Mauritanian burn to bonzo

The example of Mohamed Bouazizi, who set himself on fire in Tunis to protest the economic situation and became the wick of protests that have come to overthrow the dictator Ben Ali, continues to spread in Arab countries. If yesterday was an Algerian who was burned to the Bonze, today has happened in Egypt and Mauritania.

The Egyptian case is a man who has been burned to bonzo before Parliament in downtown Cairo in a protest against poor living conditions in the country, officials and face. Apparently, the man tried to enter the Egyptian parliament to expose the problem and after that prevented them from joining the Legislature has been burned to bonzo.

Wikileaks, the Swiss banker with Assange "$ 20 billion in hidden offshore

LONDON - Rudolf Elmer, the Swiss banker who is now delivered to the site of Julian Assange the names of thousands of potential major tax evaders, takes "Wikileaks my last hope. I tried to approach the authorities and the media in my battle against the banks. There 'was nothing to do. " Elmer holds a press conference today at the Frontline Club in London along with Assange and John Christianson organization Tax Justice Network, according to which 20 trillion are hidden offshore.

In Tunis, between shots, the people cheering the army and cries for vengeance

Tunis, Special Envoy - A girl stands in front of the tank and installation, the smile left, the time that his mother take a picture. The armored military and its lattice, stationed at the mall The Zephyr, became the darling of the neighborhood of La Marsa, north of Tunis. Everyone comes here to take a picture khaki background.

It seems as natural as going to sit down café terraces, crowded on this Sunday 12:16 January. In Tunisia the post-Ben Ali, the army has become, in the twinkling of an eye, the most revered institutions in the country. We count on her to stop looting, put down the militias, protecting residents and public buildings.

Sakineh, Iran suspended the sentence of hanging for murder

Iran has suspended the sentence to be hanged for complicity in murder of her husband against Sakineh Mohammadi. The announcement was made the head of Iran's parliamentary committee for human rights, Zohre Elahian, in a letter to the President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff. The sentence of stoning for adultery against Sakineh had been suspended last year after the protests of many governments, but still hung on woman sentenced to be hanged for complicity in the murder of her husband.

Live: The evolution of the situation in Tunisia

& amp; amp; amp; lt; a href = "http://www. CoveritLive. com / mobile. php / option = com_mobile / task = viewaltcast / altcast_code 382b38c2bf =" mce_href = "http://www. CoveritLive. com / mobile. php / option = com_mobile / task = viewaltcast / altcast_code 382b38c2bf =" & amp; amp; amp; gt; Follow live situation Tunisia & amp; amp; amp; lt; / a & amp; amp; amp; gt; The first two days after Ben Ali was marked by looting and violence in Tunis between supporters of former President Ben Ali and the army.

"Maybe we will go, but it will burn Tunis"

Tunis, special correspondent - This man is neither large nor small. We can not describe it. It has no name. It needs to invent one: Zyed. He hides in a house in the neighborhood Bardo in Tunis, he conducted surveillance from the street by young parents, nerves on edge. "I change location every hour," he said, pushing back tears.

Advisor Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali at the Palace of Carthage, he had made contact on his own initiative a few days before the fall of the former president because, he said, he would not be "complicit in the massacres." To meet this Sunday, January 16, follow emissaries through a maze of streets.

Social Democrats: Israel's Labor Party is split on

Jerusalem - It is a dramatic step: Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak joined the Socialist Labor Party. The former party leader Barak said on Monday in Jerusalem, he would start with four other deputies, a new party named Azmaut (independence). Barak comes with this step, the left wing of the party before, who had campaigned heavily for a withdrawal of the Labour Party from the right-wing government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The rains continue pounding Ro while amounting to 633 deaths

The Christ the Redeemer of Corocovado, protective symbol of the city of Rio de Janeiro, is drawn today by the Brazilian cartoonists Strip mourning in his arm open. The rains have returned to the disaster region, especially in Petropolis and Nova Friburgo, have produced more death, fear and destruction.

More landslides have buried entire families again. The government of Rio de Janeiro has declared a state of public emergency in seven municipalities and announced the construction of 3,000 homes for some of the nearly 6,050 families lost their homes and others that have to be relocated because they live in areas at risk.

Shoot to protest opponents in exile to presidential candidate

TUNIS - gathered on Central Avenue Bourguiba, and gave new life to a protest, shouting slogans against the inclusion in the new government of representatives of the old regime and against the police, they say, is still working for the old regime. Dozens of Tunisian citizens took to the streets to demonstrate after the fall of President Zine Abidine Ben Ali.

They were also heard some gunshots. Apparently, the police burst shots in the air to disperse the crowd. On the spot came riot agents. The people who flocked to the demonstration, also because of the reopening of many activities, he has looked continuously to the roofs of the city in fear of snipers.

Tunisia: send us your pictures "jasmine revolution"

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An Egyptian is on fire before Parliament to protest against poverty

The example of Mohamed Bouazizi, who set himself on fire in Tunis to protest the economic situation and became the wick of protests that have come to overthrow the dictator Ben Ali, continues to spread in Arab countries. If yesterday was an Algerian who was burned to the Bonze, today has happened in Egypt.

This is a man who has been burned to bonzo before the Egyptian parliament, in downtown Cairo in a protest against poor living conditions in the country, officials and face. Apparently, the man tried to enter the Egyptian parliament to expose the problem and after that prevented them from joining the Legislature has been burned to bonzo.

In Egypt, a man himself on fire before the Assembly

A man set himself on fire Monday, January 17, before the People's Assembly in Cairo, said at a parliamentary source, a gesture reminiscent of a young Tunisian who has triggered the riots in his country . The man poured gasoline over his body before setting it on fire, then the police intervened to extinguish the flames, said the source who spoke under condition of anonymity.

The man was then placed in an ambulance to be transported to a hospital. His condition is unknown, as are the reasons for his act. December 17, a salesman 26 years old Tunisian, Mohamed Bouazizi, had set himself on fire in protest against the seizure of his goods, sparking riots that led to the flight of President Zine El-Ali AbidineBen last Friday.

Iran nuclear plant opens doors

Iran opened its uranium enrichment facility at Natanz (Central) ambassadors from several countries, a day after the head of the Iranian nuclear program, Ali Akbar Salehi, says the country continues to "strongly" that enrichment. The representatives of nonaligned countries, the group of 77 Arab League, Venezuela and Syria before the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are involved in this visit at the invitation of Tehran, an invitation to Russia, China and European Union declined.

Military operators face Ben Ali

Violent clashes in Tunisia opposed to the Security Forces loyalists to the ousted Head of State Ben Ali, culminating in the assault on the presidential palace in Carthage, a day of announcing the composition of the new government. Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi, warned that the transitional authorities will not show "zero tolerance" to those who sow chaos in the country.

Shooting first sporadic, then more intense, there were over two hours in the capital, including snipers hiding in buildings, police and military. Two snipers were killed in those clashes, according to an Army official. Hours later, the Army gave the assault on the Tunisian presidential palace, where they were entrenched elements of the presidential guard Ben Ali.

25 years in exile: former dictator "Baby Doc" returns to Haiti

For 25 years he was in exile - now ex-dictator Duvalier, also known as "Baby Doc", returned unexpectedly to violence-ridden Haiti. "I'm here to help," says the man who would be responsible for the deaths of thousands of people. His return could further destabilize the country. Port-au-Prince - Haiti is struggling with the aftermath of the devastating earthquake, with a cholera epidemic - there is a political power vacuum.

Tunisia: Ben Ali's militias fight against Tunisia's special forces

 The president is overthrown, but the situation remains dangerous in Tunis. On the streets there is violence, body-guard of the fleeing dictator Ben Ali to deliver heavy fighting with special forces. Meanwhile, the protest movement seems to spill over to Jordan. Tunis - Tunisia finds no peace, again and again shots echo through the capital Tunis on Sunday evening, Tunisia's special forces delivered near the presidential palace heavy fighting with members of the fugitive former bodyguard of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali.

"Ruby case ': Berlusconi defends himself against an investigation into Prostitution case

Silvio Berlusconi has ruled on the allegations in the prostitution scandal involving a young woman named Ruby. The Italian prime minister denied ever for "relations with a woman" to have paid money - it was beneath his dignity. Rome - She was 17, he 74: Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has defended itself against accusations of having been a customer of underage prostitutes.

He had never paid for "relations with a woman," Berlusconi said on Sunday in a video message. This was beneath his dignity. "It is absurd even to think that I would pay for sex with a woman," he said. He also lived for his separation from his wife, Veronica Lario in 2009 in a fixed relationship.

Sakineh was suspended death sentence "The children have forgiven"

TEHRAN - Iranian authorities have also suspended the execution of sentence of death by hanging of Sakineh Ashtiani Mohammadi, who was found guilty of adultery and complicity in the killing of her husband. This was announced by the Iranian Parliament's Committee on Human Rights, Zohre Elahian, in a letter to the President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff.

"After the sentence of stoning was not performed (it was blocked last year, ndr), the hangings were suspended by the forgiveness (of their children)," reads the letter, as reported by the agency Iran's ISNA. Elahian Roussef wrote in because his predecessor Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva had offered asylum to Sakineh, embarrassing Tehran, with which Brazil is among the few countries to have good diplomatic relations.

Where is Tunisia?

Congresswoman Giffords wakes critic

Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who eight days ago was shot in the head at a rally in Tucson (Arizona), is no longer in a situation "critical", although his condition remains "serious" as the last medical known this morning. The doctors who treat you in the Hospital of the University of Arizona say that Giffords, 40, "continuous improvement" despite the severity of the injury.

On Saturday, doctors removed the breathing tube that's congressman and he performed a tracheotomy, in view of the improvement is experiencing after a bullet went through the entire left cerebral hemisphere in a shootout that killed six people and 14 wounded. Giffords was the only victim of the attack remained in critical condition.

Man sets himself on fire in front of Parliament Perhaps emulation of the young in Tunis

CAIRO - A man set himself on fire outside the Egyptian parliament. The local sources. There are currently no known reason for the gesture even though it could be a rival of the 26-year old Mohamed Bouziz, the Tunisian Jan Palach set himself on fire on December 17 last year triggered the protests that led to the fall of Zine al-Abidine Ben.

Yesterday, three similar cases were reported in Algeria. The young Egyptian who, according to preliminary information, the owner of a small restaurant that was closed by the authorities, would have poured gasoline as a form of protest against their poor living conditions and would have burned down when some people tried to come near him.

Google and Facebook accounts, privacy breached if there are suspicions of criminal activity

NEW YORK - What do you do if someone checks your account, Google and Facebook, for an investigation was opened against you? And if you're not even notified of this "electronic searches? The dilemma hangs on Internet users in the United States, which could be - without even knowing it - the notorious National Security Letters, the letters in defense of national security requesting information on people suspected of any crime.

The secret services of the FRG employee accused of Klaus Barbie

The former Gestapo chief of Lyon, Klaus Barbie, have collaborated with the German foreign intelligence service (BND) after the Second World War, says the weekly Der Spiegel Monday, January 17. "The butcher of Lyon" sentenced to life imprisonment in France in 1987 for organizing the deportation of hundreds of Jews, was recruited by the BND early 1966 while living under the alias Klaus Altmann in Bolivia, says the weekly German, citing documents from the BND.

Floods move east to South Australia

The inhabitants of the Australian state of Victoria today struggle against the floods that ravaged Queensland last week, where it is still looking for 14 people who disappeared in the worst flooding in half a century. so far, 14,000 houses are submerged and 3,500 residents have been evacuated in the southeast, and police asked citizens to stay away if the rivers are overflowing.

Two young men were rescued yesterday in the city of Melbourne when they escaped the inflatable sex dolls being used as floats to navigate the Yarra River, which flows through the capital of Victoria. The downpours have affected 34 localities in the north of the state, while in neighboring New South Wales another 7,000 people are held incommunicado.

The Labour Party to the Independence division based Barak

TEL AVIV - The Labour Party, led by the Minister of Defense Ehud Barak, is close to a split. The announcement was Barak himself in a press conference. The new party is called Atzmaut, Independence in Hebrew. In the current Knesset, Labour has 13 MPs out of 120. According to the early, Barak intends to take a split in the parliamentary list along with four deputies (Matan Vilnay, Einat Wilf, Orit Noked and Shalom Simchon).

Beijing ready to overtake "The dollar has to fall"

BEIJING - Forty years after the start of realazioni diplomatic ties between China and the United States, President Hu Jintao will land tomorrow in Washington with an agenda unimaginable compared to what Mao Zedong introduced to Richard Nixon. In 1972 the leader of a nation's failure explicitly asked America a plan to save 820 military aid to farmers from starvation.

Tomorrow, the head of the country's record as it prepares to save and lead the world in this century, it will tend instead to reassure the White House on a reasonable slow sunset USA. The roles have not yet been reversed, but today is Barack Obama having to ask China to a rescue program for the United States and the West, trying to understand, not if, but when Beijing will surpass Washington also starting to control the world that U.S.

Ehud Barak left the Labour Party and created a new political

Ehud Barak, the Israeli defense minister, will announce on Monday morning, he left the Labour Party he founded and led four other MPs with a new political party, announced the Israeli media. Barak will leave the Labour Party with Vice-Minister of Defence Matan Vilnai, Shalom Simhon, Minister of Agriculture and two other members, Einat Wilf and Orit Noked.

The new party is called HaAtsmahout (independence in Hebrew]. The Labor Party had so far 13 MPs out of 120. The other ministers and Labour MPs have not yet announced if they had to stay within the Most current Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu. It is unclear at present what the consequences for the government of this unexpected gesture.

The syndrome of youth

The youth shows signs of discomfort increasingly conspicuous. Protests and rebellions alternate with waves of urban violence. In Europe and beyond. He wrote Bernardo Valli in recent days on these pages, to explain the collapse of the regime in Tunisia. "The youth-aimed wrote Valli-are powerful detonators which can impose political change." Even if the tensions expressed by the young people do not reveal common themes expressed by specific components.

Silvio Berlusconi denies having paid "for sex with a woman"

The Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi defended himself in a video message, Sunday, Jan. 16, to have "never paid for sex with a woman", rejecting outright the investigation of the matter is that Ruby Milan for prostitution of a minor and abuse of office. "This is something that I never arrived, not even once in my life, I would consider degrading my dignity," said Berlusconi, who is suspected of having paid money to a Moroccan girl called Ruby, for intimate relationships as a minor.

U.S. and China, the challenge of the giants to boost the economy of the planet

NEW YORK - Some 47% of Americans believe that the passing of GDP between China and the United States has already occurred. The result of the authoritative annual survey Pew Research is revealing. In fact in the most optimistic projections, the Chinese economy will not reach the size of the first U.S.

2018 (others refer to the historical attachment 2030). But perceptions count, and perceptions is the fact that G2, the Sino-American Summit which opens tomorrow night in Washington with a private dinner. The two masters of the world: like it or not Barack Obama and Hu Jintao, so they regard their public opinions, and other nations.

Tunisia: A new government should be formed Monday

After a weekend marked by clashes in Tunis between supporters of former President Ben Ali and the army, Tunisia should develop a new government Monday, January 17. The Prime Minister, Mohammed Ghannouchi, consulted Sunday representatives of political parties and civil society to begin the transition process.

According to Maya Jribi, secretary general of the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP), parties close to power before will be rejected. "The new government will be composed of representatives of the movement Ettajdid (Renaissance), the PDP, the Democratic Front for Labor and Liberties, as well as independent personalities," she said.

Brazil .- There are now 633 dead in floods in Rio de Janeiro

BRASILIA, 17 The death toll from torrential rains in recent weeks about the state of Rio de Janeiro, southeastern Brazil, has risen to 633, said Monday the State Department of Health and Civil Defense. In this context, the governor of Rio, Sergio Cabral, has declared a state of emergency in seven cities.

The most affected city Nova Friburgo with 287 deaths, followed by Teresópolis with 271. A fall distance of 56 and Sumidouro Petrópolis, whose mayor, Joar Corguinha, corrected the death toll provided a few hours ago to raise it to 19. Moreover, in total there are 7,780 and 6,050 evacuees whose homes have been totally demolished, according to the latest report released by Civil Defense.

Twenty-five years after being toppled Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier in Haiti returns

Santo Domingo, correspondent - A quarter century after he was forced into exile by a popular revolt, the former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier returned to Port-au-Prince Sunday, January 16. The surprise return of "Baby Doc", who has long lived in exile on the Riviera, will further complicate the situation in Haiti.

Ravaged by a devastating earthquake a year ago, hit by a cholera epidemic, the country is plunged into a political crisis following elections marred by fraud in late November. In her off the plane, the former "president for life" 59 year old said to have returned "to help the Haitian people and to show his solidarity." Arrived with his French girlfriend Veronique Roy, he was greeted by hundreds of supporters massed outside the airport.

Crude oil remains strong in Asia and the Brent is around $ 100

Côte d'Ivoire Laurent Gbagbo seeks to acknowledge defeat and leave power

.- The coalition of political parties that support Alassane Ouattara called to do a "dead country" in Ivory Coast on Tuesday, "to rival" Laurent Gbagbo "acknowledge defeat and leave power" in a statement released on Sunday. The call to cease the work coincides with the visit of African Union mediator, the Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga earlier this week expected in Abidjan to find a peaceful solution to the crisis generated by the presidential election on November 28 .