Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Unesco urges Egypt to protect its national treasures

On the sidelines of a popular uprising against the regime of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, UNESCO launched an appeal Tuesday, February 1 at the safeguarding of heritage. The organization called for measures to protect "the treasures" of the country, "Cairo, Luxor and all other cultural or tourist." "The Egyptian cultural heritage, whether buildings or objects, is a part of world heritage, handed down to us through the ages," said the director general of Unesco, Bokova, in a statement.

Mubarak rules out re-election after Obama call

U.S. President Barack Obama asked his counterpart Hosni Mubarak is not submitted for re-election in September, a U.S. official confirmed shortly after the Egyptian leader announced exactly that on television. After a day of historical events throughout the country, Mubarak announced he would not seek a new presidential term after spending 30 years in power.

Obama, who praised the Egyptian military to allow peaceful protests against the regime, Mubarak called for half an hour after meeting with his national security team. Earlier a U.S. official on condition of anonymity, confirmed a report of "The New York Times", whereby Mubarak advised Obama not submitted for re-election.

Switzerland freezes assets of Jean-Claude Duvalier

According to information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland, Switzerland has blocked Tuesday, February 1, the assets of former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, following the entry into force of new legislation, which should allow return them to Haiti. "This law was accepted by Parliament at its autumn session 2010, it entered into force on 1 February 2011", says the Department of Foreign Affairs on its website.

Cairo becomes a battlefield

Tahrir Square in Cairo became a battlefield between protestors who defend the regime of President Hosni Mubarak and opponents calling for his resignation. Clashes between the two sides began, according to witnesses, when they threw stones and all sorts of objects after prolonged verbal altercation that left several injured.

The situation in the Place de la Liberation (Tahrir) in Cairo became highly volatile with the arrival of thousands of government demonstrators without the Army to control the situation.

The biggest cicln Australia's history is grounded

Around 90,000 households in the northeast Australian coast are without power to prevent incidents by the arrival of Cyclone Yasi. The first effects of the storm that pulls the phenomenon, with a frontage of about 650 kilometers wide with winds of 300 mph and feel the coast of Queensland. Anna Bligh, head of the Queensland Government has warned that the situation will worsen in the next two hours, according to local media reports the ABC.

Harmattan / 2

Hospitality is the virtue which induces us to feed and accommodate some people who do not need either to be fed or to be housed. With this quote from Ambrose Bierce opens the second chapter of the Harmattan, a documentary that tells the journey, the exchange relations between a small Italian delegation in charge of decentralized cooperation and the inhabitants of Ouali, a village in Mali.

Outside the cliché of the Italian-good-to-any-price, and the logic of welfarism, there is a discovery of a parallel world, with the villagers who welcome tubabu, white men alike. For those who wish, we will be back on Wednesday with the documentary series. Here, then, the second chapter of Harmattan.

Live: Day of mass mobilization in Egypt

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Egypt clashes between pro and anti-Mubarak demonstrators. A number of the wounded

The next day the great event that saw two million people take to the streets against the regime, the protest continues unabated. The speech given last night by President Hosni Mubarak on state television in which he announced to the Rais did not wish to reapply to the September elections, has not had the desired effect and protesters took to the streets again.

As denounced by activists of the opposition forces, police officers in plain clothes would have infiltrated the crowd massed in Tahrir Square in the heart of Cairo. The declaration comes after violent clashes broke out when supporters of President Mubarak were able to raid on the esplanade in front of the Egyptian Museum, coming into contact with the anti-government protesters that the patrol since last Friday.

Pragmatic, "the Muslim Brotherhood would rather not be at the forefront"

Researcher at the University of Kent (Ohio, USA), Joshua Stacher evaluates the social and political weight of the Muslim Brotherhood and opportunities opening up for the Brotherhood, the main opposition force in Egypt, while the regime Hosni Mubarak is weaker than ever. You have to put the movement in context: it is patriotic demonstrations against a regime considered a client of the United States, which annually receives 1.5 billion dollars in aid.

Wave of protests in the Arab world affect Jordan's King Abdullah II

The wave of protests in the Arab world is taking another ruler nervous. Jordan's King Abdullah II has now dismissed his entire government - so he obviously hopes to defend his own position. Amman - Jordan's King Abdullah II, deposed Prime Minister Samir Rifai. New prime minister to be Maaruf al-Bakhit.

Bakhit, a former general, was now military adviser to the king. He is now charged with forming a new government. Bakhit was to achieve "genuine political reforms," King told the House in Amman. His task was to take "practical, quick and concrete steps" to begin political reforms and for all Jordanians a "safe and decent life" principle.

The Israel trip by Chancellor Angela Merkel

The Middle East is in turmoil - which also makes Israeli politicians nervous. They call for tougher action against Iran. But Chancellor Angela Merkel stirred from her visit to Israel in such claims: whether further sanctions are necessary, must see. The Israel trip by Chancellor Angela Merkel is the subject always discussed: the Iran sanctions.

But the CDU politician has so far reacted cautiously. Tzipi Livni, opposition leader warned at a conference with Merkel on Tuesday that Iran could be potential beneficiaries of the riots in Egypt and the developments there, even driving to destabilize the country. Livni has called for more pressure on the leadership in Tehran and tougher international sanctions, it was said among the participants from Germany.

Protest movement in Egypt: the roots of anger

The Egyptians want to overthrow the Mubarak regime. Initially fueled primarily young, educated people, the protests - but now they have joined protesters from all backgrounds. They demand that which was previously only reserved for the elite: prosperity and freedom. The poster is in the middle of Cairo.

Five boys and girls smile for the camera, it is a campaign by the government, which promises to be "for the future of your children" should be used. A week ago it would have been one of those pictures that you drove by randomly wanders with the look and immediately forget. But this poster is just outside the headquarters of the Egyptian ruling party.

Mubarak rejects Egyptian truce

Thousands of people demonstrated throughout Egypt calling for the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, intensifying pressure on a leader who has been a mainstay of politics in the Middle East for three decades. Tahrir Square (Liberation) in Cairo was crowded with people, from lawyers and doctors to students and unemployed people, and the crowd took to the streets nearby, called to be part of the event "the million" summoned.

Yemen's president announces that its mandate does not extend

"There will be no extension of [my] office, or succession, or reset the clock", announced today the president of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, at an emergency meeting of the two houses of parliament. His decision, just 12 hours after his Egyptian counterpart make an announcement similar to the protests that threaten to evict you from power, seems a desperate attempt to stop a similar development in the impoverished country in the southwest of the Arabian Peninsula.

Changing the vote of Italians abroad

Roger Galtarossa * The Italian Society of Trinity College Dublin launches a petition for review of the rules of the votes of Italians abroad. The initiative change the vote of Italians abroad want to highlight the difficulties that face the Italians living outside Italy at the time of exercising the right to vote.

The current rules penalize particularly those Italians who live abroad recently or have not yet decided whether to move permanently. Once collected, the signatures will be delivered to the chairmen of the House and Senate, the President of the Republic and the Presidents of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House and Senate.

Egypt prepares to "walk a million" from the opposition

Like every day since January 25, tens of thousands of people demonstrated, Monday, January 31, in downtown Cairo and other cities demanding the departure of President Hosni Mubarak (read-line monitoring of the day and synthesis of significant events and reactions). At nightfall, they were still tens of thousands to quietly defy curfew in effect from 3:00 p.m.

to 8:00 pm local time (from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 French time) in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez in an atmosphere of carnival. But the day Tuesday, 1 February, a week after the beginning of the unprecedented revolt of the Egyptians, should mark a turning point. Following the call for general strike launched Sunday, the protest movement called for "a million march" of people on Tuesday in Cairo and across the country to further accentuate the pressure on the regime.

U.S. health reform: Obama's prestige fails again in court

It is a new legal setback for U.S. President Obama: A second Federal Court has declared the law to his health care reform unconstitutional. Now the dispute over the insurance requirement will likely end up before the Supreme Court. Washington - The prestigious project of U.S. President Barack Obama, his health care reform is not justified.

This was decided on Monday for a second federal court. The court in Florida said on Monday that Congress acquire the obligation of every citizen, health insurance, had exceeded its powers. The insurance requirement violates the Constitution. That sense, the entire law invalid, the judge said.

Obama calls on Mubarak to initiate transition

.- U.S. President Barack Obama said Tuesday that called on Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak that the smooth political transition begins "now." In his first reaction to Mubarak's speech earlier in which he said he will leave office in September, Obama reiterated that it was the United States would choose the leader of Egypt.

Obama added pressure on Mubarak, in power for 30 years, but avoided any call to step down immediately. "What is clear, and pointed out tonight that President Mubarak is my belief that an orderly transition should be meaningful, it must be peaceful and must begin now, "said U.S. President phone minutes after his Egyptian couple.

"We will insist on the withdrawal of nuclear weapons from Europe"

The German government will defend the euro area and German society conviction means that effort. But there is a clear red line "measures that socialize European debt is not an option." Well summarizes the German government's position in the storm on the euro zone liberal Hoyer Werner (Wuppertal, Düsseldorf, 1951), Minister of State for Europe, a position with a seat in the federal Cabinet, who in an interview in Madrid also stressed that Berlin will continue to stress Europe's call for the withdrawal of tactical nuclear bombs.

On women's bodies

John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, that to be clear that the night of the Republican victory in midterm elections, America has seen you cry like a baby and, again, appeared with lucciconi in the eye during the speech on the State of 'Union when Obama recalled how he got there, wash the floor, starting from the bars of his father, the "softie", in short, he was able, for a moment, the Republicans seem to have a little' better than what are, in contrast, showed his true face.

In Egypt, the repatriation of tourists and employees are accelerating

While the Egyptian uprising has already claimed at least 125 dead in six days, many countries and companies continued, Monday, January 31, repatriate or reduce the number of their nationals. Greece has decided to send military planes and Portugal announced it would send a plane for those who "wish" can return.

London has recommended the British to leave Cairo, Alexandria and Suez, while holding that the situation had "not reached a stage where we would look to charter planes and evacuate large numbers of people." Moscow has recommended that about 70 000 Russians, 30 of 000 expatriates, present on site to stay at home or in the hotel zones.

Retire to 34 security officers of the former Tunisian regime

.- The retired Tunisian Interior Ministry today to 34 responsible for the security services and appointed seven new regional directors, according to security sources quoted by the Tunisian official news agency, TAP. The agency, which did not identify the source, says that seven out of retirement have been natural and forced the rest.

It also states that have been renovated to the directors of the departments of Public Security, Ministry of Interior. This measure coincides with the celebration of the first Council of Ministers of the new Tunisian government announced Thursday. The government spokesman, Tayeb Bacuch said after the meeting that "the council has registered its satisfaction at the improvement we have seen, especially today, in the security situation, the results will be felt better today and in the coming days ".

Australia prepares for the biggest in its history cicln

Australia is on high alert. Some 300,000 people in the northeast have fled their homes and gathered in shelters to await the arrival of a cyclone with a frontage of 650 kilometers wide with winds that can reach 280 kilometers per hour. Is expected to make landfall with Category 5 on the Queensland coast at 10 pm (14.00 GMT), between the cities of Cairns and Innisfallen.

It is estimated that their strength is on par with Hurricane Katrina, which devastated New Orleans in 2005. "We are facing a storm of catastrophic proportions," said Anna Bligh, president of the state of Queensland after Cyclone Yasi was elevated to a category five storm. The weather service says Australia will be the strongest cyclone ever beaten the country.

As we like dictators

Clearly, the ultimate embarrassment of the West (meaning America and all the so-called democratic countries that are the train) in the face of popular revolutions, secular, suddenly emerged in Tunisia, Albania, Egypt. Because it puts us in front of our basic contradiction: on one hand we are the great standard-bearers of the democratic ideal so that we do not hesitate to impose it, even to the sound of "blue bombs and depleted uranium, to people who do not want knowledge (Afghanistan), if the other emerging powers, democratically elected, that there are friends, or who suspect that they are not, we prefer dictatorships, including those particularly vile and corrupt (one of our specialties is to support the most corrupt regimes world, because they are easier to maneuver).

Tunisia: Police brutally dispersed a rally of young

While calm had returned two days in Tunis, the Tunisian police brutally dispersed, Monday 31 January afternoon, with batons and tear gas a few dozen young people gathered in the center of the capital, near the Ministry from within. Journalists saw police chasing young and violently beaten repeatedly with batons while they were ashore.

Several people were arrested and dragged unceremoniously into police vans. In the morning, small groups of protesters found themselves on Avenue Habib Bourguiba, the main artery from the center of Tunis to demand the departure of all officials of the Interior Ministry from the former ruling party power, the RCD former president Ben Ali, some even demanding the resignation of newly appointed minister in the transition team.

Egyptian president will not seek reelection

Egyptian President Hosni announced today that it will not stand in the elections scheduled for September in a further attempt to placate public anger at home. In a speech broadcast by state television evening, the president said ending the last months of its mandate to be a "peaceful transfer of power''and reform the rules for presidential elections." Quite frankly, regardless of the circumstances, I never meant to be a candidate for another term,''Mubarak said, in a dramatic tone, promised that he will die in Egyptian soil, referring to opponents also ask your departure.

Under pressure, the Jordanian king dissolved the discredited Government

The popular pop that runs the Arab world claimed its first political victim in Jordan. King Abdullah II dissolved the Jordanian government discredited and appointed a new prime minister. With this move, the monarch is fulfilling one of the main demands of the thousands of demonstrators who, inspired by Egyptian and Tunisian protests, they go out every Friday after prayers in Jordan.

Abdullah was appointed prime minister Maaruf Bakhit, replacing Samir Rifai, but the Islamists believe that the replacement "is not reformist" and promised further demonstrations. Bakhit, a former strongman of the country's military intelligence, and with a reputation for honest, be responsible to "take concrete steps to political, economic and social." The Islamic and leftist opposition had organized demonstrations in recent weeks against the high cost and to demand reforms, criticizing the economic policy Rifai.

Egyptian conglomerate in the 'march of one million'

Hundreds of thousands of protesters were on Tuesday afternoon in downtown Cairo to participate in the "march of the million" called on the eighth day of a popular revolt that demands for the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. There were also tens of thousands gathered in Alexandria. Given the success of the call, the opposition said "no negotiations" until Mubarak, 82, in power since 1981, tendered his resignation, thus closing the door to dialogue proposed yesterday by Vice President Omar Suleiman.

The government punishes DuPont Argentina for "trafficking"

The Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP), equivalent to the Spanish Tax Agency, announced yesterday that it suspended the "home office" the group DuPont Argentina, for their involvement with the company Pioneer, accused of benefiting from slave labor and tax evasion. The AFIP claims that its agents captured images of a labor camp located on a farm in Pioneer, in the province of Cordoba, and there is no doubt that it is "a case of human trafficking." The department of external communication of DuPont, contacted by El Pais, reported that he had instructions not to make statements regarding what happened.

In Cairo, the ski lift

Even revolutions today seem machinations of unreality. This is one of the many things that came to mind watching the pictures from Cairo bouncing on TV these days, the garrison of Tahrir square, open doors of the prisons of Abu Zaabal and Tora, smashed the windows of the Egyptian Museum, the camps and tents in the shadow of the tanks, the fields of road set up by the ordinary people of Egypt, some people just 'hungry for more freedom than they have so many other oppressed peoples on Earth.

Cannon fire kills seventeen people in Somalia

According to witnesses and medical sources, a Somali soldier killed at least seventeen civilians and wounded more than fifty, Monday, Jan. 31, after opening fire on a crowd in Mogadishu, apparently accidentally, with an antiaircraft gun. The incident occurred near the Banadir hospital in the south of the capital, where a dispute between Somali security forces had degenerated into fighting that killed a soldier a few minutes earlier.

In a speech, Mubarak discuss the upcoming elections in Egypt

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, say in a speech that will not participate in the upcoming elections, but will remain in office until then to play in that period with the demands of protesters, said Tuesday the station Al Arabiya. The channel did not give a source for news, which was followed by an announcement by the same means that Mubarak was giving a speech today February 1st, the day that there have been massive demonstrations across Egypt, where at least one million People demand the resignation of the president.

The volcano Shinmoe estalllido recorded his fourth in six days

Shinmoe volcano in southwestern Japan, today reported its fourth outbreak in the last six days, which has led authorities to extend the exclusion zone around the crater, NHK television reported. The Shinmoe, which erupted last Thursday for the first time in the last 52 years, reported early today in a huge explosion which damaged the windows of some thirty buildings in the city of Kirishima, about three miles distance.

Thousands gather in Cairo to demand the resignation of Mubarak

Tens of thousands of people gathered Tuesday in downtown Cairo to demand the departure of President Hosni Mubarak after almost 30 years in power. The organizers expect a million people are concentrated in Tahrir Square for forcing the resignation of the man they blame for ignoring the needs of the poor and allow the proliferation of corruption and abuse of officials.

Streams of people came in Tahrir by different checkpoints that were monitored by protesters and the military, which vowed Monday that demonstrators would not shoot. "Freedom of expression is guaranteed for all,''said military spokesman Ismail Etman. The announcement was a sign that military support to Mubarak may be waning." We're not going anywhere until you go Mubarak'' said Mohammed Abdullah, an aeronautical engineer for 27 years.

How to bury the mummy?

The Pharaoh is dead, politically dead. What we see is his mummy. How long will this inertia walking embalmed? Spending hours, days, weeks? The soldiers have their answer, they will decide when and how to seal the coffin. Depending on the size of the Egyptian protests today, the time that the military takes to find an institutional and policy for transition and when it reaches the green light from Washington.

Obama hard with Mubarak "The transition will start now"

NEW YORK - "The transition will start now" was not an appeal, an order was what the U.S. president, Barack Obama gave today in Washington to the President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak. In a highly anticipated action, and lasted only four minutes, Obama has weighed very carefully every word of his statement.

But against Mubarak was clear: his televised speech on how important it was not enough, and the United States expect that transition will start now, immediately. " "President Mubarak has also recognized that the status quo (in Egypt) is not sustainable and that we need a change - Obama said -.

Egypt Mubarak: "I do not for election again"

Hosni Mubarak will be a candidate in elections in September. The Egyptian president in a speech to the nation, however, has confirmed that it will not leave his job as he asks the square. "My first responsibility - he said - is ripistinare security to reach a peaceful settlement of power." "I do not for election at the next elections - he stressed - but I want to conclude by presenting my work to Egypt next government to come after me." The country has assured the head of the regime "will be released this crisis stronger than before." "I started forming a new government - he explained - with new priorities and new initiatives to meet the needs of our young people to address their anxieties for the future." Mubarak said that with the political forces "have been discussed all the issues raised with regard to political reforms and constitutional amendments that will be used to find an answer to the needs of this population and to ensure safety." But the president has accused "certain political forces" that he "declined the invitation to dialogue" and being "stuck to their own priorities without worrying about the situation we are facing." Political groups, said Rais, who "want to incite people against each other, have led to looting, with roads blocked, with attacks on private properties and national embassies." Mubarak said he had asked the authorities to identify and punish those who have created chaos and brought the country to "choose between chaos and stability '." "I will die in this land - said Mubarak in his speech to the country tv - I've always worked for this country and continue my life until his death on this earth.

What appears to embody the Egyptian opposition?

King Abdullah II of Jordan dismisses cabinet

King Abdullah II of Jordan dismissed his entire cabinet after a series of street protests and asked a former prime minister to form new government and immediately institute political reforms. The powerful Muslim opposition, which had demanded the dismissal of Prime Minister Samir Rifai in mass protests inspired by the events in Tunisia and Egypt said the changes were inadequate.

Rifai, who was responsible for increases in fuel and food prices and the slow pace of political reform, submitted his resignation to the king, who accepted immediately, said the royal palace. The king appointed Marouf al-Bakhit as prime minister appointed with orders to''take swift and tangible real political reforms that reflect our vision of a comprehensive modernization and development of Jordan,''the statement said.

South Korea and North Korea held military talks

South Korea and North Korea agreed to hold military talks next Feb. 8 to ease the tension between the two countries, in what would be their first conversation since a North Korean attack on South Korean island in November. The meeting, which will take place in the border village of Panmunjom that separates the two Koreas, is intended to set the date, place and agenda of high-level military talks, possibly at the level of defense ministers.

One million Egyptians against the Government

Egyptian Armed Forces said they did not shoot at peaceful protests, and they recognize "the legitimacy of the demands of the people", after a march that aims to bring together today to a million people to demand the departure of President Hosni Mubarak, on the seventh day a rebellion that has killed at least 125 lives.

A similar march was announced in Alexandria. The military statement appeared as a further sign that the Army is willing to let the protests continue as long as they remain peaceful, even if they end with the departure of the president. If the president of 82 years, former commander of the Air Force lost the military support it propinaría him a fatal blow.

Argentina Argentina .- punishes the responsible company to hire 140 workers in slavery

BUENOS AIRES, 1 Feb. The Argentine government has sanctioned the company Dupont with the suspension of the home office by hiring more than 140 workers who toiled in slavery in various fields of corn in the Paraje Monte del Rosario, Córdoba province (central). "The Customs home scheme is based on the fiscal reliability of the firms" and, in this situation, the company "ceased to be a reliable operator," said Ricardo Echegaray, director of the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP).

The UN says the Tunisian revolution cost 219 dead

The head of UN team to investigate human rights in Tunisia, Bacre Waly Ndiaye, said that 219 people were killed and 510 injured during the riots that led to the fall of dictator Tunisia Ben Ali on 14 January. The UN figures contrast with those provided by the recently ousted former Tunisian Interior Minister, Ahmed Fria, who had set the number of victims of the revolution 78.

The interim government has not increased the numbers of Fria. In a press conference, Bacre Ndiaye, has specified that 147 people died in the riots started in mid-December and 72 in fires unleashed in four prisons. Ndiaye noted that these figures are still "tentative" and that the UN is continuing its investigations.

Mubarak: "I'm not standing for re" Two million square in Cairo

CAIRO - After a day of massive protests and peaceful, with the streets of Cairo full of hundreds of thousands of Egyptians who have responded to the call for the "march of a million," President Hosni Mubarak gave in to pressure and announced in a speech to the country that will remain in office until the next election and then not be standing for re.

Concessions are not enough to appease the protest: the message is received by Saddam demonstrators in Tahrir square in central Cairo, shouting "Get out! Get out! Get out!". For the Nobel laureate Mohammed El Baradei, who asked the president to leave office no later than Friday, Mubarak does not listen to the voice of the people "and the amendment of the Constitution is" just a joke.

U.S., goes Olbermann, the "American Santoro"

He left so suddenly. 'S the end, perhaps, controversial and ironies that have populated the "countdown" followed by many Americans who were returning home at night after a long day at work. Keith Olbermann, the popular conductor of the transmission Countdown, he greeted the faithful viewers so dry, a little moved.

Do not come back, at least not on the MSNBC channel. It was not a divorce by mutual consent, but the controversy remained inside, finished the press the last moment. Olbermann speaks quickly, imposing his ideas, not sends word. It is framed with everyone, Republicans and tea parties in the first place, but also the political far left, closest to him.

The opinions of the other

On Wednesday of January, only five Germans braved the cold to go to the archives of the Stasi, the former political police of East Germany, located in Schwerin, a beautiful small town located between Berlin and Hamburg. Like the other eleven centers in the country, it is open during office hours, but offers a guided tour per week.

The five visitors, two young lovers, a retiree and a couple of sixty years, are interested but not very explicit. Three quarters of an hour is enough to explain that the archivist for this single center contains 750,000 records, which occupy about 3 km radius. Two cases of "unofficial collaborators" (the famous IM Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter) are presented.