Thursday, March 3, 2011

Côte d'Ivoire, the massacre of women demonstrating against Gbagbo

Fifty dead in a week, 365 victims from 28 November last day of a crisis that slips dangerously close to civil war. Paralyzed from the incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo's refusal to recognize the results of presidential elections that marked the victory of his rival Alassane Ouattara, Côte d'Ivoire continues to live days of rising tension.

In the morning, hundreds of women were without courage and took to the streets in Abobo, a district north of the capital inhabited by the supporters of Ouattara. "They started to raise slogans and placards against the Gbagbo," say many witnesses. "At one point, one lane of the square rushed a couple of jeeps loaded with armed men.

I'll be back in Italy!

I started some time ago to London, to try to build a hope that in my home country, Italy, I was constantly, mercilessly, destroyed. The problem is that this dream, this hope, I realized I was not even able to understand how to build, how it can be done, for that matter. What does it mean to have a future, a prospect? What does it mean to imagine that your work, whatever it is, bring a contribution to society, that society needs you, and not only seeks to exploit you and marginalized because he who was born at the right time and right place, and it is built his castle and security privileges, can continue to do what he does? Ever since I enrolled at university in Italy, I was taught that my opinion did not count, I had to learn only passively, that I was not a person with sufficient means to develop a thought, my self.

Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi suspected of plagiarism university

According to the statements of one of its spokesmen, the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE) investigate whether the youngest son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam, was guilty of plagiarism in his thesis Philosophy on the theme "The role of civil society in the democratization of international governance institutions," dated September 2007.

"The school takes very seriously all allegations of plagiarism and studying the matter in accordance with the procedures of the LSE," said the spokesman Tuesday 1st March. The charges were initiated by scholars who wished to remain anonymous, according to the student newspaper of the LSE, The Beaver.

Dying for the Tripoli Western dilemma

Intervene or not intervene? This is the problem. The readiness shown by the delusional dictator Muammar Gaddafi nell'ammazzare that the Libyans, he says, love it all, but they have strange ways to express it - takes us back to the crucial issue of our time. I defy anyone who watches the air attack Gaddafi city under siege not to admit that it is legitimate to discuss the desirability of at least some intervention by outside powers to prevent other victims of the dictator to his people.

Manning case: United States accuse WikiLeaks informant in 22 points

The pressure on Bradley Manning grows. The U.S. authorities have 22 new charges against the alleged informant of the unveiling platform published WikiLeaks. A soldier is accused, among other things, "collaborating with the enemy". It is suspected to have passed more than 250,000 secret despatches of the diplomatic service of the U.S. to WikiLeaks. Now Bradley Manning, according to U.S. media reports in 22 other points have been indicted. Be the worst accusations of weight "collaboration with the enemy", the U.S. NBC television network reported Wednesday, citing military sources. If convicted, he faces the death penalty here.

Why say no to intervention in Libya

Hillary Clinton, albeit ambiguously, raised the possibility of U.S. and NATO military intervention in Libya: "We will continue to explore all possible avenues for further action ... There is no imminent military action involving U.S. ships." The key words are "all" and "imminent." When it is stated that "all" options are possible it also includes the military.

And what is not "imminent" today could become tomorrow. Meanwhile, the Sixth Fleet is en route to the coast of Libya and Italy has already authorized the U.S. to use for its air base in Sigonella "purely humanitarian purposes." And you know how they end the "humanitarian purposes" operated by trigger-happy American pilots.

Portfolio - "A fairly indescribable chaos" at the border between Libya and Tunisia

The final farewell to the captain in the church also Ranzani Berlusconi and Napolitano

ROME - In a solemn ceremony in the Roman basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, in front of the highest offices of state, relatives and soldiers, has been awarded a final farewell to the captain of the explosion of a Lynx Ranzani died in Afghanistan to 37 years. The body wrapped in the Tricolour was escorted by a guard of honor composed of representatives of all the armed forces, the Army band and the notes of the song of the Mountain 'Lord of the peaks'.

Arab countries rejected foreign military intervention in Libya

The ambassadors of Arab countries accredited in Madrid told the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trinidad Jimenez, his rejection of foreign military intervention to stop the repression Libya leader Muammar Al Qadhafi. Arab diplomats moved this message to Jimenez at lunch that the minister offered in a hotel in Madrid to discuss the process of revolt in the Maghreb and the Middle East, especially in Libya.

Thousands of people in the streets in Bahrain

Thousands of protesters have again Tuesday, February 1 market in the streets of Manama, affirming the unity of the small kingdom of Bahrain, where Shia and Sunni communities coexist. Since February 14, protests demanding political change in this archipelago predominantly Shiite dynasty ruled by a Sunni.

The opposition, dominated by Shiite formations, has so far refused to initiate a national dialogue proposed by King Hamad Al-Khalifa Benissa, demanding the resignation in advance of any government. Protesters camped for days on the Place de la Perle, in central Manama, have requirements and want more drastic fall of the dynasty of Al-Khalifa.

At the start of the Italian humanitarian missions Frattini: "No military intervention"

ROME - There is a package of measures to alleviate the humanitarian situation in North Africa shocked by the riots and the migratory pressure on the Italian coast in the middle of the Council of Ministers held in Palazzo Chigi. Foreign Minister Franco Frattini has anticipated that in Italy the next few hours will aid in Benghazi, Libya's second city.

Just from Benghazi organization Doctors Without Borders urges that his team can reach the western part of the country, still isolated, and announced that will set up a camp in Tunisia on the border with Libya, also dealing with the return of thousands of Egyptian citizens. At present, Frattini said, there are 77 thousand people in Tunisia, 70% of whom are Egyptians.

Ruby in Vienna, the Austrian public television, "No to the dance of the whores"

The Ruby found to invite the debutantes' ball in Vienna is likely to create serious image problems, that is Italy to Austria. Because it is always a girl involved in a story of child prostitution. Even if the final would be the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The program director of state television, ORF, Wolfgang Lorenz, who has exclusive rights to the event, he even sent an an email to his reporters: "Do not let the event is transformed into the dance of the whores." An email that journalists have not taken very well: "The girl is in the news, we do our job." This just to see what the Austrians and the king liked the idea of brick Vienna, Richard Lugner, to invite Karima El Mahroug, Ruby for all, all'Opernball.

"Libya is not a desert health"

France sent on Tuesday 1 March, two civilian aircraft loaded with equipment and medical personnel to Benghazi via Cairo. A team from Doctors Without Borders was able to enter Libya on February 24. Its eight members, including three doctors, are now in Benghazi. Anne Chatelain, medical coordinator, is part of the team.

We assessed the situation in six hospitals in the city and its environs. What is certain is that we are not facing a health desert. Benghazi has structures well equipped with operating rooms, intensive care units, monitors and ventilators in good working condition. This is not chaos, and even if the equipment level decreases as the distance from Benghazi, the situation remains pretty good.

New terminal at Brega bombing Gaddafi investigated for crimes against humanity

TRIPOLI - New Brega bombing at the center of the eastern Libyan city where the insurgents yesterday rejected an attack by air and ground troops loyal to Gaddafi. "I heard a plane, then the explosion and saw a crater," said the witness, Mohammed Shibli by Brega, stating that the bomb landed near the university of engineering which is located about two kilometers from the oil terminal for exports.

The Iranian opposition manifested in Tehran

Uprising in Libya: Gaddafi launches offensive against rebels

Fierce fighting in eastern Libya: the forces of Muammar al-Gaddafi have retaken by witnesses, the city Brega and its oil facilities. The air force bombed the regime appeared to another city. In Tripoli makes the explosion of a tank truck for panic. Gaddafi loyal troops hit back: the regime's soldiers apparently recaptured the town in eastern Libya Brega and the country's oil installations.

I, Journalist "in class" by the police as anti-revolution China

BEIJING - Now, if I wish to extend the word to a Chinese, I must ask for permission from the police. Nine forms to complete, during office hours. Uncomfortable, in case of urgent necessity, but acceptable, the power of the technocrats of the second century that suddenly awake, mysteriously besieged by an invisible enemy.

More difficult to request to speak with someone casually down the street, with three days in advance on a given match by chance. That in China you must present who will cross it, for the curiosity of the moment and submit an application to the Government on trust? And if you were caught dall'improcrastinabile desire to greet a stranger? The official foreign office in Beijing is caught by a thirst annoying while trying to explain the new measures for my safety.

Pakistan: Taliban tablets Christian Minister

Shahbaz Bhatti feared for his life - was now the only Christian in the Pakistan government of radicals shot on the streets. The minister for religious minorities had campaigned against the blasphemy law - Taliban boast of the murder. He looked down in recent weeks and days. Last Friday, Shahbaz Bhatti said in a briefing session with World Daily Buzz, he was worried for his life.

"We are fighting against the oppression of religious minorities in Pakistan, but we must be careful. The threats are increasing." Between the lines he made it sound that he is losing the support of his own government. "It is not easy," he judged his work. Shahbaz Bhatti, 42, minister of religious minorities in Pakistan, can lead the fight for the protection of minorities against oppression, not more: He, the only Christian in the ministerial status in Pakistan, was shot dead on Wednesday morning in the capital Islamabad.

The rebel forces advancing westward Brega

Rebel forces have advanced their front line to the west of Brega, where they managed to repel the attacks yesterday by forces loyal to Qaddafi, and have captured a number of mercenaries working for the Libyan leader. Then, the dissident forces have shown correspondent three young Africans, who appeared to be about 20 years old, arrested in the town of Al Uqayl and had small suitcases.

The two arrested by the opposition seemed intimidated and frightened by the rebels. "They admitted that they were mercenaries. The Arabic speaker admitted," said the volunteer Zwei Salah rebels, after the two alleged mercenaries were introduced into a vehicle for transfer to Ajdabiya. Therefore, the Libyan army has failed in his attempt to reconquer Brega during this morning.

All because of Bernard Madoff ...

The club's New York Mets baseball is on the verge of bankruptcy! It is not to understand America and the symbolic significance that this sport vehicle not to be moved from the danger which threatens the country in New York. Patrons of the Mets, the other big club in the city after the Yankees, Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz saw their star tarnished over the days.

And all because of Bernard Madoff. Him again? Yes. That the scammer has plucked his own friends, hobbies, he plunges various charities dealing with children who are blind or disabled was already much less honorable, but Madoff can keep the Mets in the straw, that which is inconceivable, as in this case, it would have attempted to "values" U.S.

"The dictator bombards us but we will fall"

AJDABYA - Hold on to the trailer of a pickup or trial pack of six or seven in their cars, the warriors of the new Libya rushing to lead the enemy, singing patriotic songs. Some are armed with old Kalashnikovs, while others only the courage of the brave. They go towards Brega, a town on the border between Tripolitania and Cyrenaica released, that yesterday morning the militia Gaddafi tried to recapture with armored and aviation.

After-Gaddafi: "I do not think the risk of a military coup"

Libya is a country unique in the field of human rights. There are no guarantees on human rights. There is no constitution, no separation of powers, nor legal. Only Mr Gaddafi has all the power. In Libya, there is no political party formed, there are no NGOs. Being a member of an NGO in Libya leads you to death.

In the past, there were political parties formed, Nasserism, left, Baathists, a major trade union movement. These unions have gradually disappeared until 1972 with a law saying that any participant in a political organization or association would be punished by death. These movements are intact (Arab nationalist, extreme left, center right, etc..).

The latest threat to the world of Saddam "Bloodbath if NATO attacks"

TRIPOLI - Gaddafi confirms that Gaddafi. A fighter to the end-acrobat. Do not run away as suddenly as Ben Ali, will not be pushed aside by the army as Mubarak because he is the army, he is the "institutions", he is Libya. Indeed dried This concept to explain clearly to those who know the country, he used his Italian Prime Minister, addressing him who had abandoned him, "Berlusconi said that Libya does not control?".

NATO to intervene will be a bloodbath, says Gadhafi

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi struck by ground and air positions held by the rebellion in the east of the country and warned that there will be "thousands of deaths" if NATO forces attacked when two U.S. warships entered the Mediterranean. Attacked in eastern Libya, an area controlled by several days, the opposition in Benghazi, the vanguard of the revolt against the regime of Gadhafi, had to resign himself to ask the West to carry out air strikes to continue to exist.

The prosecutor of the ICC action against Gaddafi and its environment against humanity crmenes

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Luis Moreno-Ocampo, announced this afternoon in The Hague that his office will take action against the Libyan dictator Muammar Qadhafi and his inner circle for crimes against humanity allegedly committed since 15 February, when riots broke out and the subsequent repression of the regime in Morocco.

Libyan leader and "one of their children" are among the prime suspects in the crimes committed in Libya in the past two weeks, said the prosecutor. They would be responsible for the crimes under investigation because they exercise "the authority of 'de facto' or formal" on the troops. Among the other defendants listed the Libyan foreign minister, the head of security and intelligence services, Musa Kusa, the head of the dictator's personal security, Yusef Abdulqader Dibri, and is responsible for external security, Abu Zaid Dorda .

Afghanistan, the Afghan war told by videoreporter

Herat is today a quiet place. Quiet as it may be a city of Afghanistan. In effect, that is, war is elsewhere, in the villages and the mountains on the borders of the country: places such as the territory north of Shindand where the last day of February has fallen in the alpine attack Massimo Ranzani.

Of course, in Herat at any time there may be a bomb that explodes at the passing of a column of military vehicles, or a suicide bomber who blows himself up among a crowd of a market. But for the half million inhabitants of the city and province, ordinary life goes on insecurity and poverty, as well as intellectual material, a country at war for ten years.

In Japan, donors argue masked

Tokyo Correspondence - An outpouring of generosity on a scale unprecedented in Japan reveals the difficulties of taking care of child victims of family tragedies. Since December 25, 2010, anonymous donors multiply the gifts to 563 centers serving nearly 30,000 Japanese children orphaned, abandoned or victims of family abuse.

In late January, more than 1000 donations had been registered. The first arrived on Christmas morning in aid center in the prefecture of Gunma: Ten randoseru ("binders"), along with a note signed "Naoto Date". This is not the name of the generous donor, but the hero of a popular manga of the late 1960: Tiger Mask.

Doubts on U.S. no-fly zones "do not have enough forces"

NEW YORK - China does not want it, "The solution to the crisis Libyan be achieved only by peaceful means." Russia is not: "It would risk a new Afghanistan." For Turkey "is an absurdity." France takes time: "Priorities for humanitarian aid." The hypothesis of the no-fly zone imposed on Libya, the prohibition of the airspace to bomb Gaddafi to prevent the rebels, is colliding with enormous resistance.

Iran is involved in Arab riots: Clinton

.- The Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday that Iran is in direct or indirect contact with opposition groups in Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen, with the intent to influence the outcome of the riots in Arab countries. "They are doing everything possible to influence the outcome in these places," said Clinton before the Senate Appropriations Committee.

According to Clinton, Iran is using (the Islamic movement) Hezbollah to communicate with their counterparts (of the Palestinian movement) Hamas, which in turn communicates with his counterparts from Egypt. " "We know they are reaching out to the opposition in Bahrain, we know that the Iranians are deeply involved in opposition movements in Yemen," said the diplomat.

U.S. cautious about military action in Libya

German prosecutor investigates the Islamic court in the bombing of Frankfurt

Frankfurt police suspect that Islamist terrorism was a determining role in the fatal shooting of two U.S. soldiers that took place yesterday at the airport in Frankfurt. The suspect, who has been identified as a 21 year old ethnic Albanian from Kosovo, will be brought before a judge today. Federal prosecutors special department against terrorism have taken on the investigation into the case.

Rio de Janeiro expects to receive 750,000 tourists for Mardi Gras

MADRID, 3 Mar. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) expects to receive 750,000 tourists with its traditional carnival, of which 500,000 will be foreign visitors, meaning that seven out of ten people visiting the city these days come from other countries according to the forecast made by the Brazilian Association of Hotels.

The agency has confirmed that the accommodation in the city has already secured an occupancy rate of 97% of their hotel. Thus, Rio de Janeiro has become these days in one of the major events of the tourist calendar, where it is increasingly common to find foreigners accompanying 'Bloco de Carnaval' - clubs or associations that parade altogether -.

Mr. B., a playboy (flaccid) in Finland

Gaffes and embarrassments. Every time that Mr. Berlusconi is in Finland there is a risk the diplomatic crisis. Tomorrow, the Prime Minister will fly back to Helsinki for the meeting of the European People's Party, where he will meet Barroso, Merkel and Fillon, and we can then start to ask what will be able to combine this time.

Among the several exits had been unhappy that of the famous Latin lover. "I had to brush up all my playboy skills", said to comment on how he managed to wrest the consent of the Finnish Italian Presidency of the EU Food Agency. In short, if he had won on the culatello smoked reindeer, the credit would be the "loving forces" which he used against the Prime Minister of Finland, Ms.

Oman: The Sultan can still turn the tide in his favor "

Marc Valeri, who teaches political economy of the Middle East at the University of Exeter (Great Britain), is the author of The Sultanate of Oman: a revolution in trompe-l'oeil, published in 2007 Paperback editions. It discusses the causes of the tensions besetting the countries of the Arabian peninsula, at a time when protesters blocked the port of the industrial city of Sohar.

One can certainly speak of authoritarian rule. This is certainly the most centralized regime in the region: in other Gulf monarchies, the royal family concentrated powers, while in Oman, everything is in the hands of the sultan. Qaboos is both prime minister, army chief, central bank governor and minister of defense.

The Germans with Guttenberg "resign was honest"

BERLIN - Give us back Guttenberg, at least has been honest and consistent resigning, and still is a good politician and capable like few others. That's the message German public opinion, and especially young people, who polls hot social networks and re-launch the day after the shock resignation of the 'minister script', the most popular politician in Germany, which yesterday threw sponge has also waived parliamentary immunity and has also made available for criminal investigations of allegations of plagiarism in his doctoral thesis.

Ban Ki-moon condemns murder of Pakistani minister

The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon strongly condemned the assassination of Minister for Minorities in Pakistan, Shahbaz Bhatti, calling it a "prominent advocate for minority rights and promoting understanding among religions." "The secretary general urges the government of Pakistan to continue efforts to combat terrorism, protect the rights of minorities and promote tolerance," he said in a statement the UN spokesman, Martin Nesirky.

NATO apologized for the deaths of nine Afghan children

The commander of the Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Afghanistan has apologized for the accidental killing of nine Afghan children and ordered the crew of the attack helicopters again instructed to avoid civilian deaths. President Hamid Karzai condemned the killings saying that the victims were "innocent children looking for firewood for their families during this harsh winter."

Paris says that there were six thousand deaths from insurrection in Libya

At least six thousand, three thousand of them in Tripoli, Libya died in suppressing the insurrection against the Muammar Gadhafi regime, said Wednesday in Paris, a spokesman for the Libyan League for Human Rights, Ali Zeidan. "The death toll across the country is six thousand," said Ali Zeidan at a press conference in Paris, before explaining that this figure includes about three thousand dead in Tripoli, the capital, two thousand in Benghazi stronghold insurrection in the east and thousands in other cities like Zauiya or Zenten.

Merkel travels to De Maizire of Interior to Defense to cover the departure of Guttenberg

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, announced yesterday that the current Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, assume the defense portfolio today and will be replaced by the Social Hans-Peter Friedrich. Executive remodeling occurred following the resignation of former Minister of Defence Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg, who left office for being accused of plagiarizing his doctoral thesis in law.

In chess in German politics, the unexpected drop in Guttenberg, until two weeks ago one of the most promising bishops of the government of Angela Merkel on Tuesday left a void difficult to fill. The chancellor tried to show steady yesterday to resolve a situation that had emerged politically embarrassing.

Brazil Brasil/Chile.- gives 'green light' to the merger of TAM with LAN Chile

SAO PAULO, 2 Mar. The National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil (ANAC) has approved the merger of LAN Airlines and TAM, but did not specify the details of his decision, according to local newspaper publishes the 'O Globo'. According to the newspaper said the process needs to be revised in a second phase by the Brazilian system of protection of competition, culminating in the evaluation of the subject by the Council for Economic Defense (Cade).

Libya, bombs near the ski petroliferiL'Aya investigates crimes against humanity

The ICC has decided to open an investigation into crimes against humanity committed in Libya since January 15 last year. " This was announced during a press conference in The Hague, the Attorney General of the Court, Luis Moreno Ocampo. Among the names of suspects, there would be also those of Muammar Gaddafi, and three of her children, Seifulislam, Khamis and Mutasim.

Among the leaders, including Foreign Minister Musa Kusa. A new air raid on Marsa el Brega, the Libyan oil center yesterday in the middle of a battle between rebels and militias loyal to Muammar Gaddafi. A witness reported that the city of Cyrenaica at least one bomb was dropped: "I heard the noise of the plane, then the explosion and then I saw the crater," said Mohammed Shibli.

Tunisia: a Constituent Assembly could be created

The new Prime Minister of Tunisia, Beji Caid Essebsi would have accepted the idea of setting up a Constituent Assembly, advocated by a group of parties and NGOs. This decision has, so far, not been confirmed, and the government spokesman, Tayeb Baccouch was unreachable in the afternoon. The Constituent Assembly is a key idea of the Welfare Council of the Revolution, a collective of some 14 political parties, the powerful General Union of Tunisian Workers (UGTT) and civil society organizations.

Bus fire on U.S. military airport killed two people and two seriously injured

Attack against U.S. soldiers at Frankfurt airport, the main airport in Central Europe. A young man of 21, an Albanian Kosovar, opened fire inside a bus service of the U.S. military. Two of the soldiers who were on board died instantly, two others were injured seriously. Responded immediately, the German police managed to stop and arrest those responsible.

You know the grounds for his action, but the investigators investigating in every direction and do not exclude the trail of international terrorism. The fear of attacks on major airports and other sensitive targets and difficult to defend back then in Europe and throughout the Western world.