Sunday, May 29, 2011

Borghezio: "Mladic is a patriot." Here is the analysis of Mimmo Lombezzi

During the program the mosquito on Radio24 Mario Borghezio said "For me, Mladic is a patriot: the patriots are patriots, and I saw no evidence against him." Here is the answer MEP League's envoy to war Mediaset Mimmo Lombezzi. Borghezio said he had not seen evidence against Mladic. But I've seen his tracks during and after the war in Bosnia, and I would suggest the following Borghezio 'sensory experiences': 1) Borghezio could (I volunteer as a guide) a sniff of the 4,000 graves now dot the map Bosnia.

Three French missing in Yemen

Three French humanitarian workers in Yemen have been missing since Saturday in the Hadramout (South East), told the person responsible for security services, saying they had probably been removed. A source contacted by Le Monde in Sanaa confirmed their disappearance. The official, who requested anonymity, added that the three men were reported missing in the afternoon when they were expected home at Seyoun in Hadramout, adding that "their cell phones were suddenly Off ".

Resigns Foundation seized the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo

The sudden resignation of the attorney of the Foundation Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, Sergio Schoklender, the two opposition MPs have called for a formal investigation for possible irregularities in handling public funds, has resulted in a sharp scandal in Argentina. The NGO, headed Hebe de Bonafini, issued a statement saying that there is no irregularity and Schoklender leaves the association to "pursue a personal project," version that keeps the subject.

When Mladic drank with the enemy before you kill him

"Rat", the war, Mladic has always had not only in name (Ratko), but also in the blood. A "vocation" that sinks its roots in the ravines of Balkan history. His father died in 1945, attacking the village of Ante Pavelic, the "leader" who led the Croatian Ustasha genocide of Serbs during the Second World War.

E "Ratko" was the most bloodthirsty member of a caste of general-avengers who led the ethnic cleansing of Croats and Muslims as a massive "retaliation" for what the Serbs had suffered half a century earlier. Compared to general-speakers of UN peacekeepers, who in the ritual of the "Briefing" starched camouflage transmitted in the computer security of electronic warfare, the generals knew Serbian barracks and "rakja" drunk on the front lines with their troops.

Egypt: Mubarak and the two ministers sentenced to a fine of $ 90 million

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his two former ministers were convicted Saturday by a Cairo court fined 90 million dollars (65 million). The three men were convicted of "harming the economy" by cutting national Internet and telephone during a popular revolt on 25 January which led to the downfall of President Mubarak on 11 February.

This amount is the estimated cost of the outage of the Internet for five days decided by the Egyptian government. According to a first estimate published on February 3 by the OECD, "the blocked services (telecommunications and the Internet) are about 3% to 4% of gross domestic product, or a loss of $ 18 million [13 million euros] per day.

The general denies his involvement in the slaughter of Srebrenica

The Bosnian Serb war crimes suspect Ratko Mladic, who was captured in northern Serbia, says he has nothing to do with the slaughter of Srebrenica, which accuse him, in the words of her son Darko. Speaking to reporters in Belgrade, Mladic's son insisted that his father ordered the enclave bosniomusulmán disposed of in July 1995 the wounded, women and children, and then also the combatants.

"The only thing he says about Srebrenica is that (he) does not have to do with what was done there," said Darko Mladic after visiting her father in the cell of the special department for war crimes by the Court of Belgrade. The Serbian police arrested Ratko Mladic, 68, last Thursday in a village north of Belgrade, where it seems that lived in the house of a cousin for several years.

France, resigns Deputy accused of sexual harassment

Another sex scandal sweeping France. After Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the president of the International Monetary Fund accused of harassment of a waitress, is the time of Georges Tron, Secretary of State for Public Administration, two women accused of harassment and sexual assault. Immediate consequences on the executive: Tron fact, as revealed by the website of the French weekly L'Express, has already submitted his resignation to Prime Minister Francois Fillon.

In the jails of Bashar Al-Assad

But a friend had warned: "You have enough contacts in Damascus to write your articles, you must lock your network." But lock your network, it is ordered to turn round with the same witnesses and the same actors in this revolt began three weeks ago. His warning came back as an echo when agents of the Syrian intelligence services came into the cafe for me to challenge Domino.

Half an hour earlier, a young woman called me on my cell phone. She offered to give me information. Appointment is given at 17 30 pm, Saturday, April 9, in a café in Bab Touma. A few minutes later, I'm kidnapped by seven men of strong build. Handcuffed, I am led to my house where they conducted a search.

Minister resigns francs accused of sexual agresin

Secretary of State of the French public, Georges Tron, accused of sexual assault by two former employees of the City of Draveil, where he is mayor, announced this morning his resignation of the government of Nicolas Sarkozy. The politician, with rank of minister, has expressed its willingness to prove his innocence, after several days of controversy.

Just two weeks after the arrest in the U.S. for sexual assault of the International Monetary Fund director Dominique Strauss-Khan, who was emerging as the Socialist candidate for president and was leading the polls, if Tron had become untenable for the Executive . In a letter to conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy, Tron, 53, indicated his intention to "defend his innocence, fighting against vindictive allegations of two former partners," which had been dismissed for various reasons.

Strauss-Kahn, exile luxury and gilded prison for "the new man of the French middle class"

Was to represent the French middle class because you no longer at the end of the month. Those who drag in hypermarkets in the suburbs in search of 'fair price'. Struggling with cuts in public school (in Paris there are parents who are tired of turning to alternate classes for their children, looking for "qualified teachers" themselves with ads in the newspapers).

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, economist estimated the brilliant politician, he had to convince the silent majority do not vote more for Nicolas Sarkozy, but for him, one on the left, the presidential election next year. Yes, he should. There 's been like way. Strauss-Kahn would have raped the attendant at the Sofitel New York where he was staying, the officer at his luxurious room.

Egypt opens its border with Gaza

Killed 18 civilians and 20 police officers at a NATO bombing

.- At least 18 civilians and 20 policemen were killed in a bombing by NATO forces in Afghanistan reported on Thursday during an operation in the east that killed more than 85 Taliban, Efe said an official source. "18 civilians were killed because the Taliban used villagers as human shields and fired on Afghan and international forces from their homes," he told Efe Jalaludin Badr, governor of Nuristan province, where the bombing occurred.

Britain prepares bunker-buster bombs Libya

"Great Britain is preparing to add bunker-buster bombs to their arsenal are using warplanes on Libya, a weapon would send a strong message to Muammar Qaddafi to decide to relinquish power, officials said Sunday. Britain and other NATO powers are stepping up their military intervention in Libya, to end the stalemate allowed to remain a leader Gadhafi despite weeks of air strikes since a rebel uprising.

Malta says s divorce with the support of 52% of citizens

Malta has said yes to a divorce after more than 52% of citizens will be shown in its favor in a referendum held yesterday on the Mediterranean island, reports the Times of Malta. The landlocked country, with 98% of Catholics among its nearly 500,000 inhabitants, is the only country in the European Union (EU) still does not provide this figure in its legislation.

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi conservative, has said that "the results are not what they had wanted, but the will of the people must be respected and the Parliament will act to introduce a divorce law." In Malta it is already contained in the marital separation and divorce obtained abroad by the couples formed by two Maltese or a Maltese and a foreigner already legally recognized by the state.

Malta says "yes" to divorce

Malta says "yes" to the divorce. The referendum for the legalization is passed by a clear majority of 54% of the vote. The island had been the last European country that has not yet recognized this institution. The Maltese voted in net despite an intensive campaign by the Church, who last night before the polls closed, he issued a note of apology to the voters for a few messages that were deemed "not to insult or clear" by of some members of the clergy.

A second Egyptian revolution?

The Yemeni army is faced with suspected militants of Al Qaeda in Zinyibar

.- The Yemeni army launched an attack today against hundreds of suspected militants of Al Qaeda and other radical Islamic groups that took control of the coastal city of Zinyibar, in southern Yemen, security sources said. The sources told Efe that the Army has begun a "cleansing operation" in the city and in the streets there are numerous corpses.

As a result of the fighting, thousands of people in this town have moved to the port of Aden, about 60 miles southwest of Zinyibar, capital of the province of Abyan. The clashes took place after police officers yesterday to leave the city after an attack by Islamic radicals. On Friday, nineteen people were killed in fighting between security forces and armed groups.

Suicide bombing kills Afghan police commander

.- Gen. Mohammad Daud, a police commander for northern Afghanistan, was killed Saturday in a suicide bombing at the headquarters of the provincial governor of Takhar in northern Afghanistan, officials said. Daud, who was attending a meeting with other officials, is one of the six people killed in the attack claimed by the Taliban.

In the explosion 10 people were also wounded, including the provincial governor Abdul Jabar Taqwa, as reported by the BBC. An intelligence official who survived the attack told the BBC Taloqan that General Daud had left a meeting and went to the second floor when there was a big explosion.

Libyan opposition Saluda G-8 stance on Gadhafi

Afganistn report the deaths of 12 children and two women in a NATO bombing

A NATO bombing in southern Afghanistan has killed 12 children and two women, as reported by local authorities. Six others, three of them children, were injured. The Alliance and the Afghan army are investigating the incident, which occurred yesterday after a U.S. base suffered an insurgent attack in Helmand province.

"The dead are five girls, seven boys and two girls, and among the six wounded three kids and a woman," said the provincial governor's office said in a statement, picked up by Efe. The air strike directed against suspected insurgents, instead hit two homes full of civilians, an event which happens quite often and contributes to the unpopularity of the international mission in Afghanistan.

If Africa has a sore in Europe

We are constantly asked to pay via SMS, an offering for black Africa, especially for children who do not have schools that are not eligible for an education as they should, who die of diseases we treat, such as typhoid or disappeared for some time such as malaria. Some companies, to win potential customers, say that one or two Euros will be allocated to help Africa.

When the money reaches its destination, where you arrive, which are handled by NGOs, the best of intentions, using them for certain projects on site. These 'beautiful souls' I want to tell the story of Nana Konadu Yadom an Ashanti, ancient tribes of black Africa, the queen of a small village, Besora, surrounded by subtropical jungle of Ghana.

"If I can not find a job this year, I left Spain"

Murcia (Spain), Special Envoy - In the car that took him to the outskirts of Murcia, in south-eastern Spain, Manuel (the names have been changed), 28, storing a few boxes of clothes. "I started my move, he whispers. I returned to live with my parents." As one of two in the region, he is unemployed. And has more than enough to pay his rent.

The young man had yet put all the chances on his side, opting for a career in science and technology could interest a wide range of businesses. After four years of study in industrial engineering at the University of Carthage, his choice proved wise: he was immediately hired a local security and video surveillance.

Ratko Mladic: "Serbia has waited until the last moment"

Ratko Mladic was arrested Thursday, May 26 after sixteen years on the run. In 2006, journalist Jacques Massé analyzed in his book Our beloved war criminals, the ambiguous attitude of the Serbian authorities on the case of a military commander. For Le Monde. fr, it details the protections Mladic enjoyed since 1995.

Between 1996 and 1997, he has this tolerance. He lives in Han Pijesak, a military complex totally impregnable to forty miles Saravejo in Republika Srpska. Somehow, he is the guarantor of respect for the Dayton accords in Bosnia Serb Republic and the fact that the Serbian military units do not open fire when they see a convoy of NATO .

Italian delegation to visit Gaza Strip. Not without problems

The Province of Rome is the first Italian institutional body to enter the Gaza Strip after the operation Lead Time. Last week an official delegation headed by the Provincial Council of the Left and Freedom Gianluca Peciola visited Israel in Gaza and from there to observe the living conditions of the population of the Gaza Strip and encourage, through the implementation of certain projects, breaking down ' Israeli embargo imposed isolation.

Portfolio Sound - In Lima, the anti-Fujimori rally before the presidential

Barcelona, Plaza Catalunya is in the hands of "indignados"

"We thank the Mossos for giving us new strength to fight our battle," said Leire, young "indignada, speaking from the position of Radio Contrabanda wheel, built in a tent in the heart of Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona. Along with many other participants in employment promoted by the movement "Real Democracia Ya" is escaped to the positions of the agents in Catalonia, the Generalitat sent to clear the square.

Yemen: Saleh plays "map of violence as a headlong rush"

Since Monday 23 May, the Yemeni capital was the scene of violent clashes between forces loyal to President Saleh and opposition to the plan, embodied in particular by the powerful tribal leader Sadek al-Ahmar. According to an initial assessment, more than eighty people have already died in the fighting city.

Samy Dorlian, teacher at the IEP of Aix-en-Provence, President Saleh "opts for violence as a headlong rush to cause splits in the opposition movement." Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmar is the head of one of the biggest tribal confederations of Yemen. A confederation to which belongs also the President Saleh.

Berlusconi and Obama: lurking with self-timer

The fact that B. went to warn his personal photographer, one minute before diavvicinarsi to harass Obama does not care about his legal problems of the rest (the summit this year, the war in Libya, Greece in bankruptcy, the international economic crisis, the Arab riots , Japan on his knees, the arrest of Mladic, and Executioner even economic catastrophe and political institutions of Italy) is not an irrelevant detail.

Russia asked to intervene to secure the withdrawal of Qaddafi

According to a Russian official on the sidelines of the G8 in Deauville, Russia is ready to play an intermediary role for the departure of Muammar Gaddafi. "If the tone of respect observed by Russia in its dialogue with the Libyan authorities helped Mr. Gaddafi to make the right decision, it would in my opinion a serious and important contribution on our part to settle a serious and potentially even more dangerous for Libya and the region, "announced Friday, May 27 to press the Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

Tripoli, a strong explosion near the residence of Kadhafi

A loud explosion was heard this morning in the center of Tripoli in the district where the residence of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. The aim of the raid was a Libyan Army barracks not far from the bunker of the rais. The walls are partially collapsed, and the warehouses were destroyed housed within the complex.

Meanwhile, sources from Brussels to the reserves stated that the previous night raids had targeted a position of command and control, also located near the fortified building where he lives the Libyan leader, and some deposits of military vehicles.

The G8 has 40 billion dollars for the "Arab spring"

In their final declaration, the leaders of G8 countries, meeting in Deauville on the Normandy coast, called for the resignation of Libya's Colonel Muammar Gaddafi called on the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, fades, and condemned the violence Syrian government against its people. "The historic changes currently occurring in North Africa and the Middle East could pave the way for similar changes to those occurring in Central and Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall," they write.