Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Obama refuses to publish photos of the remains of Bin Laden

The U.S. president, Barack Obama, said Wednesday, May 4 at the CBS television that he opposed finally posting pictures of the corpse of Osama Bin Laden because they constitute a "security risk National "and could be used for propaganda purposes. "We discussed it internally, and remember that we are absolutely certain it was him.

There have been sampling and DNA analysis. So there is no doubt that we've killed Osama Bin Laden, "Obama said, according to the website of the chain. "It is very important not to allow photographic evidence in nature as a tool of incitement (to violence) (...). It is not our kind. We do not brandish such things as trophies, "Obama said, according to the channel, which broadcast the full interview in the Sunday program" 60 Minutes ".

Washington Post: "After the death of Osama, can deal with the Taliban"

The Taliban leader, Mullah Omar The killing of Osama Bin Laden opens new perspectives for the United States to end the war in Afghanistan. As in the past few days (Read the article by Luigi Franco), the public, especially the media wonder about the appropriate strategy to close as quickly as possible the scenario in Afghanistan.

The Obama administration, writes the Washington Post, citing U.S. officials involved in issues of Afghanistan, is working on ways to take advantage of the elimination of Al Qaeda leaders to accelerate a negotiated settlement with the Taliban and exit from the conflict. First, American officials now believe it will be easier for Mullah Omar, Taliban leader, historian at the head of an influential faction of the Koranic students, break the alliance with al Qaeda, one of the main requirements of U.S.

In Libya, residents fear a new offensive Misrata

Residents were concerned, Wednesday, May 4, in Misrata, besieged for over two months by the forces of Muammar Gaddafi, after the expiry of an ultimatum set by the Libyan regime for the rebels to surrender and blocking the port, only supply route for this city. The day Tuesday was relatively quiet after an offensive forces Gaddafi Monday against the third largest city, 200 km east of Tripoli.

Osama: torturers on the Range

Toh, who will review: Paul Wolfowitz ... Interviewed by the press correspondents, Maurizio Molinari, that, during the reign George W. Bush, was number two in the Pentagon "neocons" and the first prominent ideologue of the "endless war", says his killing of Osama Bin Laden. It says - it is not clear based on what logic, even more than on the basis of such sources - that the relevant information to reach the big boss of Al Qaeda came from interviews conducted in the prison at Guantanamo Bay.

In Abidjan, Gbagbo last soldiers hunted

The Republican Forces of Côte d'Ivoire (FRCI) Alassane Ouattara's Ivorian president continued, Tuesday, May 3, operations incurred earlier this week in the west of Abidjan against militia supported the former head of state Laurent Gbagbo. Operations are directed against militiamen "entrenched" at the naval base on the edge of the lagoon in south-east of the vast district of Yopougon.

One commander said FRCI gbagbistes militiamen who continued to resist Yopougon were mostly Liberian mercenaries. "The different positions of the militia and mercenaries" in the district of Yopougon "came under control FRCI, the naval base is being processed," said the spokesman of the government.

Argentina .- Secretary of State law says that Spain helped Argentina to "revalue the meaning of democracy"

MADRID, 4 May. The Secretary of State for Law of Argentina, Eduardo Luis Duhalde, Argentina said Wednesday that he learned of the Spanish transition to "reassess the meaning of democracy." In a lecture at the Ateneo de Madrid, Argentina dictatorship recalled Duhalde (1976-1983) to which they labeled a "terrorist." The leader said "the dictatorship amounted to brutality and terror, hypocrisy and denial of their own actions." During the ceremony, the coordinator of Argentina in the Archives of the Institute of Political Studies for Latin America and Africa (IEPALA), Mario Amorós, presented his book in the Archive IEPALA Argentina (1976-1983) 'the same day in which marks the 35 anniversary of the coup of the military junta led by Jorge Videla.

Bin Laden's daughter: "Before I got, then killed," Obama: "I do not post photos"

The second false picture of Osama died in circulation will not be published on the internet photos of Osama bin Laden. He said the U.S. president Barack Obama CBS: they are so gruesome that could "endanger national security" because it could encourage extremists even more vengeance. Two days (read the news yesterday) the killing of the former head of al Qaeda, Obama has thus taken a final decision, after Day had leaked news about the possible publication of at least one image.

The new leader of al-Qaeda will become the No. 1 enemy of Washington

Whoever will replace Osama bin Laden at the head of Al-Qaeda will become the new public enemy number 1 in America, warned the CIA director, Leon Panetta, Tuesday, May 3, in an interview broadcast on CBS. The terrorist network's No. 2, Egyptian Ayman al-Zawahiri, bin Laden probably should replace, but perhaps not as quickly, the latter being probably more concerned about his own safety after the operation of U.S.

All the mysteries "of the operation Osama"

Not only is the mystery of the photos and videos depicting the killing of Osama bin Laden and his funeral. The shadows that surround the operation of 'The Mother Lode of intelligence', which led to first identify and then to the death of the Prince of Terror, more and more. And with the passage of time, the plot continues to thicken.

The Taliban even question the whole blitz, "as it produced no acceptable evidence to support their ad, and in that the aides did not confirm or deny his death," as stated Zabibullah Mijahid, spokesman of the Koranic students Afghans. After several false that have been circulating on the net, there are still the official images depicting the body of Osama.

Syrian opponents warn step 'peaceful revolution'

The opponents of the regime of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad warned that they will continue their 'peaceful revolution' despite the arrest or disappearance of thousands of civilians and the deployment of tanks now in the central city of Homs. "We will continue our revolution and our peaceful demonstrations in Syria until we reach freedom ', said the coordination committee of the anti-government protests in a statement released by various means.

IOM rescued 800 people from Misurata

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) managed to rescue 800 people and unload humanitarian aid in Misurata, Libya, after waiting five days to enter the port of that city. In a statement the organization explained that among the 800 people travel sub-Saharan migrants, 50 seriously injured and more than 20 journalists who were waiting to be evacuated from the port.

Misurata is besieged by the forces of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi last two months, which has hampered the evacuation of the population and the arrival of humanitarian aid. Despite bombs and mines laid by the forces of Gadhafi, IOM managed to rescue 800 people in distress. However, the agency regretted that he could not rescue all who requested and had to raise the bridge and leave the port to hundreds of immigrants trapped in the violence.

The U.S. Attorney General Case Of justified against bin Laden as an act of "national self"

The command operation that ended the life of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan on Monday has been a military success with little cracks and politically has been an unprecedented achievement for the presidency of Barack Obama. But by the hour, we discover more details that highlight serious contradictions between the members of the U.S.

government when recounting what happened in those 40 minutes of operation. The White House itself has sown doubts in the final hours to decorate with new details the story of the events. Furthermore, the alleged use of torture to gather clues about the whereabouts of Bin Laden, a practice recognized last night by the CIA director, Leon Panetta, questions Obama's counterterrorism policy.

Latin America .- The "Dictionary of Latin American Cinema 'stands up to Wikipedia and IMDB

MADRID, 4 May. The SGAE (General Society of Authors and Publishers) has presented on Wednesday the "Dictionary of Latin American Cinema ', an encyclopedic work of ten volumes and about 16,000 entries born academic counterpoint sites like Wikipedia and IMDB. In a meeting with the press, the directors of the publication in Spain, Carlos F.

Eduardo Rodríguez Merchán heir and have highlighted the spirit of the book informative, forming a "multifaceted X" of the entire history of film in 22 countries, from Spain to Puerto Rico, via Brazil, Portugal, Argentina and Mexico. "With Wikipedia competes in authority. In Wikipedia, I can put I am that I made two films and almost won an Oscar.

The Real World

The cold-blooded murder of Osama Bin Laden has one undeniable advantage: all the reality shows. Because in recent weeks we were almost convinced that the war, bombs, great strategies, they were serious about things within our reach. So distracted by the ping pong of Barney Po, we had made the idea that people like and Reguzzoni Calderoli, La Russa and Gasparri, really had something to say about planetary macro-phenomena.

A bailout of 78 billion euros for Portugal

The outgoing Prime Minister Jose Socrates said the Portuguese, Tuesday, May 3 in the evening that his government had reached a "good agreement" with the delegations of the EU and IMF responsible for negotiating the financial aid program requested by the country for a $ 78 billion over three years. Mr Socrates said that the terms of the agreement will in Portugal for more time than promised by the government to meet its budget deficit targets, which were slightly relaxed.

Palestinians put an end to dispute

Palestinian leaders formally ended a four-year dispute between the secular Fatah movement and Islamist group Hamas during a ceremony in Egypt, a reconciliation that they consider crucial to their campaign to establish an independent state. Israel, which in 1967 captured the West Bank and Gaza Strip, where Palestinians want to build their country, condemned the pact as a blow to the prospects for peace.

Near O. .- The conductor Daniel Barenboim offers a concert in the Gaza Strip

GAZA CITY, 4 May. (Reuters) - Pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim, Argentine-Israeli defender of Palestinian rights, gave a concert Tuesday in the Gaza Strip, a territory under a blockade by Israel since 2007. The musicians of some of the major orchestras of Europe entered the coastal enclave from Egypt through the Rafah crossing to form the 'Orchestra for Gaza' and interpret 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik' and 'Symphony No.

The U.S. attorney said that the operation was legal

The U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder defended yesterday without doubt the legitimacy of the U.S. military operation in Pakistan which resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden. The actions were "legal, legitimate and appropriate in every way. The people responsible for the operation, the decision to carry out as run, performed well," he said Holder before the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives.

Brazil .- Some 16.2 million Brazilians live in extreme poverty

BRASILIA, May 4. Some 16.2 million Brazilians live in extreme poverty, which is equivalent to 8.5 percent of the population of the South American country, reveals the latest report from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). This indicator is included families with a monthly income equal to or less than 70 reais (about 30 euros), following the United Nations.

Of the total, an estimated 11.4 million people are in this range, while 4.8 million have no income. In addition, the IBGE has taken into account other variables such as the existence of bathrooms in homes, access to water and electricity supplies and the literacy level of members of the family.

Osama as 'u Curtu and' Binnu u

"A rally outside the White House in Washington and here in New York at Ground Zero or Times Square - said Claudio Gatti - were mostly young boys and teens, who on 11 September 2001 were still teenagers and this obviously gives a some 'sense of the impact of this news .... " We read, here and there, which celebrates the dead.

Who died? They write that they threw Bin Laden (is dead) at sea according to Islamic ritual, but then you can not do that would be an offense ... dozens of press to talk about this? But what? Who threw? When? They really knocked anybody anywhere? Then add that there is no body and that there is a picture.

Revolts in the Arab world: the day Tuesday, country by country

Every day, find bbc. en the synthesis of the day's events in the Arab world. Palestinian factions in Cairo seal their reconciliation Palestinian factions, including rival Fatah and Hamas were sealed on Tuesday, their reconciliation in Cairo, ending the division between the West Bank and Gaza. The agreement provides for the formation of a government of independents to prepare simultaneous presidential and legislative elections within a year.

The Prince of the City

If the title was already taken, it would be called "Majesty". Indeed, Lionel Barber reigned supreme over the kingdom in the heart of the business life of New York to Brussels via Shanghai and Johannesburg. By pink salmon, the Financial Times, British newspaper become global institution, differs from all other media.

"A global newspaper offering a global perspective" is how his editor defines the Mecca of economic information. Sober, concise and pugnacious, this graduate in modern languages from Oxford University led this beautiful engine since 2005. The paper edition of the FT, which has retained its traditional format, is one of the few to have increased its sales, which are around 400 000 copies daily across the globe.

Bombing kills 16 in Iraq

.- A car bomb attack today caused the deaths of at least 16 people in southern Baghdad, capital of Iraq in the first attack of considerable magnitude since the U.S. announced the deaths of Osama Bin Laden. According to initial reports, the car loaded with explosives was blown up on Tuesday night next to a cafe where a group of young people watching a football game.

The blast occurred in Abudsheer, a Shiite enclave in the former stronghold of Al-Qaeda in Dora, south of Baghdad whose population strongly resisted the invasion of U.S. troops in 2004. 'A bomb inside a car caused death and injury of several civilians in the district of Abudsheer "said Qassim al-Moussawi, spokesman for Baghdad security to Arabic TV station Al-Jazeera.

U.S. reveals that bin Laden was not armed

Osama Bin Laden was not armed when U.S. special forces raided the residential complex of Abbottabad. Jay Carney has made clear, White House spokesman, during his appearance on Tuesday before the media. Why did they kill the leader of Al Qaeda, then, instead of stopping it? "He resisted. The U.S. personnel in the field are handled with the utmost professionalism and was killed in the operation by dogged resistance," said Carney.

Canada, a brand new bipartisanship

A historical change. If the percentage of voting at general elections in Canada have confirmed the predictions of the major polls, in terms of parliamentary seats in the data epoch. First, the country emerges from a stall in which he found himself mired in the past three elections, avendofinalmente got a majority government, which will be led by outgoing Prime Minister, Conservative Stephen Harper, bolstered by about 167 seats, and well above 12 the majority threshold (before he had 143, with an increase in percentage terms by 2% from 37% to 39%) and as many as 24 more seats in the previous elections ..

The 13 Palestinian factions signed a peace accord in Cairo

Palestinian factions, including rival Fatah and Hamas, sealed, Tuesday, May 3, reconciliation in Cairo, ending the division between the West Bank and Gaza and opening the way for elections within a year. Representatives of thirteen groups and independent personalities have signed the agreement after a year and a half of fruitless negotiations, following talks with Egyptian officials including intelligence chief Murad Mouafi.

Al Qaeda priority is survival, not succession

- Avoiding the capture will be the highest priority for the central leadership of Al Qaeda in the border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan after the United States potentially vital intelligence obtained during the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. The delicate task of choosing a replacement for the founder and inspirational figure in the group, much less to avenge his death, are challenges that may have to wait.

A dead Bin Laden if he makes another

Goodbye old, dear Bin Laden. You were the best for our children. You have faithfully served our cause, we always need chaos, wars and terrorism, or who sell weapons and you, who would sell the opium poppy? We are dictatorships of crazies or sheikhs debauched: give us the oil, our oil companies billions grind (serve, serve always), we'll fill of dollars (a few corrupt always cost less than a democracy) and you repurchased our luxury, bundling hashish and happy living.

The collaborator of the "World" has been jailed in Syria released

Khaled Sid Mohand-, Algerian journalist, arrested April 9 at his home in Damascus, was released Tuesday, May 3 in the morning. Collaborator of Le Monde and Radio France, he also taught journalism at St. Joseph University in Beirut. It was Tuesday morning at the Embassy of Algeria in Damascus. Since his arrest, his supporters and the media for which they worked have tried several mediations with the Syrian authorities.

The close of Osama stumbled in History

The neighbors, as well as relatives, if one does not choose them. But all he could imagine Sohaib Athar, a Pakistani computer programmer of 33 years, except that 250 meters from his house was hiding Osama Bin Laden, Prince of terror on his head hung a bounty of $ 27 million. "A helicopter has risen to Abbottabad to one: it is a rare event" the first message he entrusted to Twitter on the night of May 1.

Canada wants to "continue to firmly combat" terrorism

Canada, Correspondent - General Election Day in Canada: the day after the announcement of the death of Osama bin Laden, several party leaders welcomed the news, insisting the battle against international terrorism is not won. Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper welcomed the announcement with a "sober satisfaction," stressing that the death of the leader of al-Qaeda was a "form of justice for Canadian victims [note: the attack of September 11, 2001 ] and their families.