Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wikileaks .- Diplomats from Spain, USA and other countries discussed the corruption in Argentina, according to Wikileaks

BUENOS AIRES, Mar. 26 diplomats from Spain, U.S., Germany and Finland privately commented that corruption in Argentina forced their companies to pay bribes, according to the latest U.S. diplomatic cable published by Wikileaks. Officials from these countries crossed about the bribes they were told their companies and in some cases, we demanded that the Argentine government.

Specifically, the secretary general of the Presidency, Bernardino Leon, said in September 2008 that "Argentina is very worrying," the U.S. cable as "Spanish companies in the country were concerned about the American populist tone of the Government, political polarization and corruption levels.

Putin and B. together to save Gaddafi

In Washington, Brussels, Moscow international diplomacy continues to search for hours without success, a way out of the Libyan crisis. It arrives in the evening the agreement on command will move to NATO. Yesterday, however, the epicenter of the consultations was Brussels, where Heads of State and Government of the 27 EU countries have launched a summit dedicated, on paper, to economic governance, but in fact dominated by the war in Libya.

Amateur pictures of the Syrian revolt

A week after the start rallies in Deraa, several demonstrations were held Friday, March 25 in Damascus and southern Syria during the "Day of Dignity" launched by the protest movement. The announcement on the eve of promises of reform by Bashar Al-Assad has not calmed the protesters. And the popular revolt grows.

A Deraa, home to protest against the regime, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets Friday as the day rallies have turned into a bloodbath in this city: at least 44 people were killed over a hundred according activists of human rights. This video shows the crowd in the streets of Deraa.

Fukushima, the radioactivity in sea salt hospitalized two workers of the plant

TOKYO - While continuing aftershocks in Japan - the last of magnitude 6.1 was felt in the north - is more complicated situation around the nuclear power plant in Fukushima. The presence of iodine in sea water near the structure is increased up to 147 times the levels prescribed by law. And three employees of the facility were affected by radiation, necessitating hospitalization for two of them.

U.S. calls on Bashar al-Assad to follow example of Mubarak

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak and U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates today urged Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to follow in the footsteps of Egypt Hosni Mubarak and leave power peacefully. "It's hard to know what is happening in Syria. If I had to advise them would follow the example of the Egyptian government and not that of Libya, "Barak said at a press conference in Tel Aviv with Secretary of Defense.

No date for U.S. operations in Libya to

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said Wednesday in Cairo there is no "timetable" for the purpose of the international coalition operations in Libya. "The Security Council does not give a date for the no-fly zone. So I think that there is no timetable in relation to the end" of the operation, Gates told reporters during a visit to Egypt.

Meanwhile, a senior Royal Air Force (RAF) said Wednesday that Libyan aviation "no longer exists as a fighting force" behind the coalition bombing. "In fact, its air force no longer exists as a fighting force," he told several British media Maj. Gen. Greg Bagwell during a visit to the air base of Gioia del Colle in southern Italy, from where they operate part of the RAF aircraft involved in coalition operations in Libya.

The bravery of Ahmed

This testimony directly from the front of Benghazi is worth a thousand theories and discussions. Still not going to help against the ideological prejudices. The report is a committed young journalist and blogger for Peace and reporter for the Gruppo Abele Don Ciotti, Gabriele Del Grande, who also important books in defense of migrants' boats.

" I leave to him the word, hoping (but relying very little) that someone try to reflect. Tours of Benghazi, March 23, 2011 His wife had told him to talk to him. It also insisted that the brothers were locked up. But the truth is that Hasan had never been so proud of his son Ahmed as that day when he said that was joined to the front to leave the country.

Libyan television, communication weapon of power Gaddafi

The offensive of the international coalition is not limited to land and air offensives. She also plays in terms of communication. Gaddafi side, propaganda is a war machine. The Guide of the Libyan revolution promises to his supporters the victory over the coalition. The appearance of the leader on national television, Tuesday, March 22, the first since the offensive began, says the same thing: "We are not going to give", "eventually we will win." The coalition, it is compared to "a bunch of fascists." To persuade the enemy is overseas, state television Al-Jamahiriya is an essential tool.

With machine guns against the walls of the Revolution Ajdabiya entangled in a village

Benghazi - Ajdabiya threatens to become a cursed name. Now, in the Civil War brought to international crisis, that ordinary village, which has a soul if he has hidden away, is a strategically important location. The young fighters (shabab) Libya should free conquered. They should do it soon. If you do not make it are trouble for everyone.

Except for Qaddafi that controls it. For now the news is not good. Ajdabiya was a large town with no interest. No one even thought of spending a weekend hotel Amal, stationed north of the city, heading towards Tripoli. Only for the merchants from the Sahara was a popular destination. After exhausting camel could get his feet wet in the Mediterranean that is very close.

Yemen could agree on political settlement transition

- Minister of Foreign Affairs of Yemen, Abubakr al-Qirbi, suggested today that there is every chance of reaching a political agreement on a peaceful transition of power in the Arab country. Speaking to reporters in Sanaa, the Yemeni capital, Foreign Minister hinted that the departure of President Ali Abdullah Saleh would not be an obstacle to reaching an agreement could be announced this Saturday.

Earthquake measuring 6.8 strikes northern Thailand

An earthquake of magnitude 6.8 struck Myanmar near the border with northern Thailand, killing a woman, according to police and witnesses said. Witnesses said that tremors were felt in Bangkok, Myanmar and as far as the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, where people were evacuated from tall buildings. Police said a woman of 53 years Mae Sin, Chiang Rai province, died when one of the walls of his house collapsed.

Youth protest in the streets of Algeria

The Algerian riot police charged today with rubber bullets and tear gas against youths in a poor district of central Algiers that confronted the officers to protest the eviction of some homes deemed illegal. In the clashes have been dozens of injuries among officers and protesters, who threw stones and burned at least a police transport vehicle, after hundreds of riot police surrounded the neighborhood now maintained.

Libya torn us, but we must go on

Tripoli, good soil of love ... The destinies of Italy and those of this North African country are closely intertwined. And we are not destined to do well, whatever we say and do. Perhaps it would be better to remain silent. But silence is not always golden ... The international community is what it is.

International law, rapidly changing, definitely in danger of losing its characteristics of legal system and then only the weapons have the right to speak. The prevailing international legal paradigm, until recently, was that of the principle of nonintervention. If a country breaks out into a riot, insurrection, if the see each other and may the best win in the sense of those who strikes the most obviously by providing adequate funds to do so.

Environmentalists oppose sending Areva MOX in Japan

Areva is preparing a convoy of MOX fuel, a mixture of uranium and plutonium from Cherbourg to Japan. This was said Greenpeace France, Thursday, March 24, in a statement accuser. "Contrary to what was announced last week, the MOX transport between France and Japan confirmed the week of April 4. This is particularly dangerous type of fuel is still burning in the reactor 3 Fukushima, "denounces the NGO.

And fans of Saddam spit on his photo cracks of the system behind the rallies

TRIPOLI - Friday, February 25, the first day after arriving in Tripoli, a few hours from rude contact with the Italian journalists' Kataeb "outside the airport (for a slap and kick, short stop for all), the kind organizers of the Libyan government to guide the media caravan took us to Green Square. It was the first event on Friday after the protests and deaths in the mosques, the first Friday of militancy gheddafiana organized and presented.

Are released dozens of political prisoners in Syria

.- Dozens of political prisoners have been released in the last hours in Syria and is expected to be released soon another group of prisoners, said a human rights activist. Akram al-Bunni, Syria's former political prisoner, told journalists that about seventy political prisoners, most of them Kurds, were released in the early hours of today from Saidnaya prison on the outskirts of Damascus.

He said that the authorities in Damascus were exploring the possibility of releasing another group of political prisoners "very soon." Al Buni not provide details on the identity of political activists released. The prisoner release comes amid a series of political protests taking place in Syria in recent days and have caused dozens of deaths, especially in two southern cities, and Sanamein Deraa.

Two large earthquakes shake Myanmar

Two strong earthquakes of magnitude 70 hit northeastern Myanmar, near the borders of Thailand and Laos, reported Thursday the United States Geological Survey. He said the earthquake struck with seconds apart at 8.25 local time Friday (1355 GMT Thursday) and had its epicenter 111 kilometers north of Chiang Rai in neighboring Thailand.

The first was very shallow at a depth of 10 kilometers, while the second was 230 kilometers deep. It is a sparsely populated, rugged area known as Golden Triangle, which is traditionally a source of illicit opium.

Intact Libyan offensive against insurgents

While the United States, France and Britain try to reach a control agreement to lead the offensive in Libya, the rebels in several cities report being the subject of constant attacks by the central government. Misrata City, the third of the country, came under heavy shelling from tanks and artillery of Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi said the Mehmeraty Sadono, a spokesman rebels in the town.

According to The Mehmeraty, the attack forces with tanks and howitzers scheme is ongoing and said the victims included four children trying to flee their homes. Abdelhafid Ghoga, vice president and spokesman for the National Transitional Council (CNT), the governing body of the rebels in the east of the country, said that in Misrata the situation is "critical" and that the city had no electricity, running water or gasoline.

Gunmen fired indiscriminately from the roof of the Syrian city of Latakia

The protests against the regime of Bashar Assad in Syria do not stop, despite the violent repression that yesterday killed more than 20 dead. Today, hundreds of people have burned the local headquarters of the ruling Baath ruling party and a police station in the village of Tafas, about 18 miles Deraa, where violent clashes yesterday.

The riots occurred during the funeral of Kamal Baradan, one protester dead yesterday. According to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the UN, the death toll since the start of the demonstrations is 37, an amount less than that obtained by Amnesty International, which on Friday reported 55 fatalities during the last week.

Libya suspended between revolt democraticae civil war between clans

A democratic revolution, the example of those of Tunisia and Egypt? Or a civil war between opposing factions, clans, tribes, historically in the struggle between them? E 'revolt on the alternative suspended from his Libyan outbreak, more than a month ago. It 's the question that deals with the analysis of governments, diplomats, public opinion, and from which they may depend on the future of the revolution and the fate of Allied intervention.

Bertrand Badie, "French diplomacy will be stronger if it knows how to act together"

In fact, at that time, France had lost three points of support underpinning its major foreign policy since de Gaulle and led to the success of this: The first of these was undoubtedly the media European : the founder of the Fifth Republic was chosen because it get involved knew at the time that France was only able to shape and guide the diplomacy of the new Europe.

Despite some difficulties, France was able to conduct diplomacy and talk to the European enlargement on behalf of virtually all of its members. Enlargement has curbed that ability. The division that the Iraq issue had aroused in the EU has helped to paralyze the European diplomacy and thus indirectly weakened the capacity of France.

New attack on Gaddafi's bunker Insurgents: "A Measured 16 dead, 5 children"

ROME - In the evening, the Al Arabiya satellite television reported a new attack fighters of the international coalition to the barracks-bunker Muammar Gaddafi in Tripoli, already hit by a missile on Sunday. The refuge is located in the Libyan Rais "compound" of Baba el Aziziya, where Gaddafi yesterday evening had turned to his supporters.

In the late afternoon, before the new attack fighter, the state television, he told supporters in a march to the Colonel's Bab al-Aziziya, perhaps to serve as human shields. While the coalition fighters continue to whiz on Libya, Gaddafi shows no signs of slowing and his forces continue to use artillery against the city in the hands of insurgents, who cite a new offensive in the evening to Rais of Misurata, where would killed 16 people, including five children.

Israeli cautious about the crisis in Arab world

The social and political upheaval living these days Middle East and North African countries is an opportunity and, in turn, potential threat to all peoples, said Rodica Radian-Gordon, Israel's ambassador to Mexico, from August 2010. Radian-Gordon, born in Bucharest, Romania, considered that the radical changes in the region are windows of opportunity in several countries to change the autocratic regime and move towards models of democracy, but the downside is that several of these countries' society civil are not organized.

NATO takes the first step in Libya contain weapons flow

The Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) agreed to block the flow of arms to Libya from the sea and say they are ready to participate in the implementation of a no-fly zone, although not yet agreed whether to take command of the operation Odyssey at dawn, yesterday was four days. "allied forces in the Mediterranean monitor, report and, if necessary, stop ships suspected of carrying illegal weapons or mercenaries," said general secretary of the block, Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Japan detects high levels of radioactivity in sea water in southern Fukushima

The Japanese Nuclear Safety Agency has identified a rate of radioiodine 1,250 times higher than normal sea in an area 330 meters south of the central Fukushima 1, according to Kyodo news agency reported. The data is added to the statement from the operator of the plant, TEPCO, which has been reported that the radioactive leak detected in the water is higher than expected, which could delay the work reaunudación cooling, because the problem must cooling pool.

Double or nothing?

The Prize for Peace 2009 Obama will be the first man to win the Nobel Prize twice more context (the rest has also won Kissinger, and was not even president) or (as the president wants Indian Evo Morales of Bolivia) leave (but just made it clear he has no intention, and thus remains only the possibility that he be removed)? Libya (maybe) will judge.

You are in Syria, testify

Since March 15, the dispute has reached Syria, and demonstrations were severely repressed. You live in Syria, what is the situation there? The time has she to fear or to hope for a changeover of the regime of Bashar al-Assad? A selection of your stories will be published in Le Monde. fr.

NATO-led coalition in stalemate over again And it's Italy-France clash

ROME - While hunting the coalition continue to whiz on Libya, the situation is more complex on the diplomatic front. The transition of command of NATO operations, taken for granted after the French groomed Obama yesterday, 24 hours after a scenario is likely but by no means easy to achieve. At midday the solution, as articulated in the division seemed detected between leadership and coordination of military operations in the hands of the Alliance, and political leadership of the coalition for intervention in Libya, headed a committee which will make contact not only by the countries involved but also the Arab League and African Union.

Promises of reform in Syria would not calm protests

The announcement on the eve of democratizing measures such as the annulment of the state of emergency in force since 1963, anticorruption initiatives, release of opposition and the officials in wage increases, there seems to have calmed the popular protest against the authoritarian regime led by the country for 40.

Bashar al-Assad succeeded his father Hafez in 2000. The protests continued in Deraa (epicenter of the revolt which has killed tens of people since March 18), and extended to Sanamein, Daael (south), Damascus, Duma, Banias and Hama, where a revolt of the Muslim Brotherhood was bloodily suppressed in 1980, according to human rights activists.

Japan bans tap water for children, radiation

The radiation emanating from the damaged Japanese nuclear plant in Fukushima has caused the water leaving the keys in Tokyo radioactivity exceeding the limit considered safe for children, authorities said. As the country banned the consumption of tap water to babies. Residents emptied the shelves of bottled water after the governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara, said the levels of radioactive iodine in tap water doubled the limit considered safe for infants.

Gadhafi says Obama could expect military attack

.- The leader Moammar Gadhafi could try to wait out a military offensive and the authorization of a no-fly zone that have damaged its armed forces, said Tuesday the U.S. president, Barack Obama, in an interview with CNN. "Gadhafi could try to take shelter and hope even in the face of no-fly zone, even while his forces are beaten," said Obama.

The comments of U.S. President acknowledged that the Libyan leader stays in power and the limits of a no-fly zone on Libya by the UN adopted the United States and European countries are implementing with the support of some Arab countries. U.S. officials have made clear that the fall of Gadhafi would be welcome, but not the goal of air strikes.

Return to Tnez

Just arrived in Tunisia, I hear what is said here about the Libyans. The Tunisians are familiar with Qaddafi. If we go back in time, remember that, but for Bourguiba, have been absorbed by Libya. Today, they live under the threat from the dictator of Tripoli, which makes them very aware of things I had overlooked.

The Tunisians with whom I've interviewed knew a week ago that Gadhafi was holding his troops and bringing their tribes without suffering real setbacks. Gaddafi was sure that Europe would not intervene and to have support in the Arab world and especially Africa. Was sure to precipitate his victory or slow its progress to consider a partition (not really interested in Cyrenaica).

Italian brains in aid to Japan

"Tokyo is a city deserted, trying to get back to normal. The people you meet on the subway, are grieving but composed. " First impressions of the 6 Italian engineers landed in Tokyo to cooperate with the Japanese Foreign Ministry is that of a country bent, but does everything to get up. "We arrived on March 15," says Giuseppe Maresca, a nuclear engineer from the Higher Institute for the Protection and Environmental Research, "we were in the Japanese capital four days to monitor the situation and understand what were the authorities' requests.

In Beijing, artists extend the "gatherings of jasmine"

Beijing correspondent - The "Jasmine gatherings" held in late February 2011 have fizzled in China. The repression was so brutal that no one dares go out. A hundred lawyers, activists, and even ordinary surfers were arrested. But the spirit of the movement is not dead: Sunday, March 20, a special exhibition held in Songzhuang, a famous artists' village on the outskirts of Beijing.

We find traces on a site hosted in the United States, New Century Net. The exhibition was called "Mingan Didayi" ("hotspot") and brought together 70 artists to space Moca Beijing. One of them, Huang Xiang, had staged a very daring performance, entitled "They see enemies everywhere." Harnessed in a shroud of jasmine flowers stained red, the artist has done to bring the sound of funeral music by a group of masked characters up a kind of well.

The majority does not convince the Democratic Party The Senate approved two motions

ROME - The crisis in Libya and the Italian commitment to the mission of the Western coalition in the Senate come, and to respond to the government are Ministers Frattini and La Russa. Foreign Affairs and Defense, in speeches today, confirm the position of Italy as part of operations in Libya. Controversy because of the absence of Prime Minister Berlusconi.

The opposition voted against confirming and present their motions, but Frattini in a desperate attempt to mediate the integration of the proposed text of the PD in the resolution of the majority. The Democratic Party: "We are voting to approve the text short report Frattini." But the League, and Bonino Gasparri oppose and call for the vote on resolution as a whole.

Yemen president says wants to leave power in safe hands

.- President Ali Abdullah Saleh said on Friday it was ready to relinquish power in order to stop the bloodshed in Yemen but only to "safe hands" while tens of thousands of people demonstrated against his government protests as "day of departure." Quiet conversations were taking place in two ways to resolve the details of a peaceful transition of power in the country of the Arabian Peninsula, which houses a wing of al Qaeda, Yemeni political sources said.

Israel threatens Gaza with response''fierce''

After the bombing that left one dead and over 30 wounded in Jerusalem and the firing of rockets and mortars from Gaza, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said that his country will defend itself "with a strong will." They (the Palestinian armed groups) are trying to test our will and our resolve, and will find that this government, the army and the Israeli people have an iron will to defend their country, "said Netanyahu, just before leaving Moscow for a visit of 24 hours.

Gadhafi appeared in public at his residence in Tripoli

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi made the Tuesday night public appearance at his residence in Bab el Aziziya in Tripoli, struck Sunday by a missile fired by the coalition, said the Libyan national television. Be the first public appearance in a week Gadhafi. Appeared standing on a balcony before a crowd of supporters.

After condemning the bombing of an international coalition forces, he warned, "In the short and long term will prevail." Gadhafi spoke from his compound in Bab Al-Aziziya, it hit by a cruise missile on Sunday night. With information from AP and AFP

Argentina .- El Festival 'Festisol 2011' provides Almendralejo fundraising for social care in Argentina

ALMENDRALEJO (Badajoz), 25 Mar. Bética Proclade NGO has organized the Festival Almendralejo Solidario 'Festisol 2011' to be held this Saturday in Almendralejo (Badajoz) and which plans to raise funds to be allocated to children's small rooms Humahuaca (Argentina .) These small rooms are a children's social care are located in the Andes, almost on the border with Bolivia, and in which "feeds and educates poor children with severe economic and food deficit," according to the organization event in a press release The festival will begin on Saturday at 19.30 am in the Coronado Theatre Almendralejo Carolina, and with the participation of Emilio 'El Mago', the pair of dancers formed by Luis Alberto Montero and Sara Garcia, champions Europe in various forms, and the bands 'The Train', 'Cosita Good', which premieres new original songs, and 'Soul Rocieras' that song again after more than ten years without taking the stage.

The last balance stands at more than 10,150 dead in Japan

The fears of the Japanese authorities have been confirmed and the number of deaths now exceeds 10,000. The new figure offered this morning (Spanish time) by the National Police Agency has risen to 10,151 dead and 17,053 the number of missing data so the total number of victims could exceed 28,000 people.

Most deaths are concentrated in the three prefectures most affected by the earthquake and tsunami: Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima, an area that is still subject to evolution in its nuclear power plant. According to official figures, there were 6,097 dead in Miyagi, in Iwate, and Fukushima 3092, 904.

Brazil .- The Brazilian musician Gilberto Gil looks back on his career on Sunday at the Kursaal in San Sebastián

SAN SEBASTIAN, 25 Mar. Brazilian musician Gilberto Gil will review his career Sunday, accompanied by his son, Bem Gil on guitar, and cellist Jaques Morelenbaum, the Kursaal Auditorium in San Sebastian. In a statement, the Kursaal Foundation pointed out that Gil is "one of the most important figures in Brazilian music" and was able to "seamlessly blend the rich artistic traditions of Brazil and promote renewal through the Tropicalia movement, which he founded together with Caetano Veloso.

Revolt in Syria, the police fired on protesters: 15 dead

Protests against the Syrian government At least 15 protesters were killed in Dara, in the south of Syria, during clashes with security forces recorded from last night. On Friday hundreds of people gathered around the Omari mosque calling for an end of the Baathist regime of President Bashar Assad. "The police started shooting tear gas and run after disconnecting the electricity," one activist told the press.

Tories reach out to Flemish independence

Brussels Correspondent - A very formal reception held in London on Flemish independence leader Bart De Wever by Conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron, is making waves. Especially since the head of the New Flemish Alliance (NVA) compares his visit on 18 March that a bit more famous in his time of Mahatma Gandhi at 10 Downing Street.

"Gandhi insisted on a photo to show the door to the illiterate Indians who had been officially recognized by his people. (...) The symbolic steps are not determined by this but by the future," he wrote in De Wever the daily De Standaard. The style is a bit abstruse, but the conclusion is clear: "I am curious to know if [the visit] is [a symbolic step] for the Flemish movement." The separatist leader, who does for the moment no other function than that of deputy chairman of the EVN, has in any case not hide his pride in being received in what he describes as " address the world famous ".

Estonian seven kidnapped in the Bekaa Valley

BEIRUT - Seven foreign nationals of Estonian nationality were kidnapped today in Lebanon's eastern Bekaa Valley, while they were aboard a bicycle near the town of Zahle. They sources said army officers, adding that some witnesses saw the tourists were abducted while on board two vans, while one of the masked kidnappers would come out of a black Mercedes.

Lebanese troops have moved immediately trigger your searches. The Crisis Unit of the Ministry is still checking whether there are also among the kidnapped Italians, but as the TV station Al Arabiya said it would only citizens of Estonia. Lebanese security sources have confirmed that the seven local television broadcaster after the abduction were transferred to the town Kfarzabad.