Monday, February 14, 2011

Unrest in Yemen

"We want jobs, we want peace." In a revolt inspired by the overthrow of the Egyptian dictator Mubarak, thousands of Yemenis in a rage. On the third day of protests led to violent clashes with police. For three days show the people of Yemen continuously - and the protests are becoming more violent: On Sunday, it arrived in the capital Sanaa in massive clashes between demonstrators and police.

Where's Hosni Mubarak?

Since Friday, there is no sign of life from the deposed Egyptian dictator. The official line is that he is in his villa in the resort of Sharm al-Sheikh. But many Egyptians believe: he has settled with his billions of wealth - in order to avoid even a punishment. Two questions concern the Egyptians: Where are Hosni Mubarak and his family fled? And where the deposed president was hiding his billion dollar fortune? In Cairo, a rumor circulated that he had settled abroad.

The Egyptian army leadership has suspended the constitution and dissolved parliament.

The arrangements will apply for a transitional period of six months. Then there should be new elections. Cairo - After the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian army leadership has dissolved Parliament and suspended the validity of the constitution.

The transitional period until new elections should take six months, the army command said in a statement read out on state television. The Supreme Military Council had taken over on Friday after the resignation of Mubarak's power temporarily and promised a "peaceful transition" to a newly elected Government.

Colombia missed around the release of two soldiers held hostage by FARC

Bogota (Colombia), correspondence - Four Colombian hostages were released last week, Colombia. But Sunday, February 13, at night, the Brazilian helicopter marked the emblem of the International Red Cross, in charge of repatriating them, returned empty-handed from a recent trip into the jungle. Two hostages whose release had been promised by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), were not you set an appointment.

Rush to Italy: Thousands of Africans escape plan over Tunisia

Four thousand refugees have arrived in recent days on the Italian island of Lampedusa. Thousands more are waiting in Tunisian ports on the crossing. The government in Rome now calls the "humanitarian emergency" from - it has the rush to Europe just begun. Hundreds of exhausted refugees spend the cold nights on the pier of the old port of Porto Vecchio.

If you're lucky, will by the authorities housed in makeshift shelters or from the island's parish priest, Don Stefano Nastasi in his "House of Brotherhood" supplies. The Italian government divided the people, the land with fragile boats from Tunisia, by an air bridge and a few ferries on the way in Sicily and the Italian mainland.

Unrest in Arabia: thousand of refuges in Italy

Lampedusa - There are already at least 3,000 people. In small boats they have ventured in recent days, the trip across the Mediterranean to Italy - most of them come from Tunisia. 150 km range from the State in North Africa and the island of Lampedusa.

Numerous other boats had been sighted on the horizon. The government in Rome on Saturday said the humanitarian emergency. Ships and aircraft of the Italian Coast Guard monitored the sea in search of other boats of people smugglers. The Italian government fears at all that the situation gets out of control - and invites the European Union for support.

Suicide attacks: Many dead in Iraq and Afghanistan

On Saturday at least 50 people died in suicide attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan: In Baghdad, a suicide bomber attacked a bus with Shiite pilgrims. In southern Afghanistan Taliban took the headquarters of the police in Kandahar for hours under fire. On Saturday it was in Iraq and Afghanistan for several suicide attacks, with at least 50 deaths.

In the Iraqi capital Baghdad, a suicide bomber blew up aboard a bus occupied with Shiite pilgrims in the air. He added, police said at least 28 people lost with the death. 24 people were injured in the attack on Saturday near the town of Samarra, including women and children were among the victims.

Unrest in North Africa: Israel is satisfied with Egypt's military government

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu praised Egypt's military government - the peaceful course is a "cornerstone of stability in the Middle East." Tense is the situation in Algeria. There by violent protests, hundreds of protesters were arrested. Jerusalem / Cairo / Algiers - The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the promise of the ruling Egyptian military, to respect the 1979 peace agreement between the two countries.

Tensions between Italy and Tunisia around refugee

Tunis has strongly rejected a proposal by the Italian government to send police to Tunisia to stem the flow of illegal migrants trying to reach Italy. "Tunisia (...) expresses his surprise at that position and stated his categorical rejection of any interference in its internal affairs or to (any) infringe upon its sovereignty," said a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tunisia.

China became the second largest economy

Japan has yielded second-largest economy to China in 2010, a year that saw the archipelago has yet to restart its growth despite weakness in consumption and exports in the last quarter. The gross domestic product (GDP) of Japan, in nominal terms, amounted to 474.2 billion from 2010 to 5 dollars, against 5 878 600 000 000 dollars for that of China, according to statistics released Monday by the Japanese government.

Marches against the government in Bahrain leaves dozens injured

At least twenty people were injured during demonstrations between yesterday and today in Bahrain, which have involved thousands of people to ask for a new government to improve their living conditions. Muhammad al Maskati activist, president of the Bahraini Youth Association for Human Rights, told Efe by telephone that "the police have used tear gas and rubber bullets to break up protests in which at least 20 people have been wounds.

Portfolio - The Italian "indignant" shout their anger against Berlusconi

All power to the dome Egyptian military

The political transition in Egypt is in the hands of the military. Through the announcement of the Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman, last Friday Hosni Mubarak has delegated his authority to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. The Army leadership is committed in a statement to "transfer power peacefully, within the framework of a free democratic system, civil authority." The military has emerged as the highest authority in a country where, since the coup of Nasser in 1953, the armed forces have shaped the political direction.

Resignation of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tunisia

The Tunisian foreign minister, Ahmed Abderraouf Ounaïes, submitted his resignation to the transitional government, said Sunday, February 13 Tunisian news agency TAP, quoting a ministry statement. The minister, who joined on January 27 the government revised Mohamed Ghannouchi, was pinned to his remarks on the Tunisian revolution and its "declaration to MAM.

On a visit to Paris on February 4, Mr. Ounaïes had lavished praise on his host, Michele Alliot-Marie. "I like to listen to Ms Alliot-Marie in all circumstances and in every forum," said the ambassador had retired 75 years. Mr. Ounaïes had hailed it "above all a friend of Tunisia," while "MAM" was summoned to explain himself at the same time in France for having benefited from the generosity of a great boss Tunisian related business with the clan Ben Ali and for proposing the plan in wobbling Ben Ali "expertise" of the French police when repression was at its height.

Tehran in chaos, thousands in the street clashes between protesters and police

TEHRAN - Heavy clashes have occurred today in downtown Tehran. "Chaos reigns," says a BBC producer according to the website of the issuer British online. "Thousands of people - according to other witnesses - are marching in the city center. In the capital of Iran incidents between police and protesters erupted during a protest march organized by the opposition, to express support for the ongoing riots in the Arab countries have made it known to local witnesses, according to which agents have used paint and fired tear gas into crowds to disperse them and then be able to identify those who participated in the agitation.

The Egyptian army dissolves parliament

The new military government of Egypt announced the dissolution of Parliament, the suspension of the Constitution and said he will leave office in six months when elections are held in the country. Yesterday he held a cabinet meeting in which a spokesman said "the main task of this government is to restore security and order and start the economic process, and deal with day to day." After the conclave, Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq said the government affairs were being presented to the Superior Council of the Forces and its chairman, Defense Minister Hussein Tantaui.

Iran, heavy clashes in Tehran

Violent clashes in Enghelab square in Tehran. He reports the BBC. The center of the capital is "plunged into total chaos." During the fighting the Iranian security forces have fired several tear gas and several protesters were arrested. Despite the ban of the authorities, the Iranian opposition took to the streets in solidarity with the Egyptian people and to challenge the government in Tehran.

Italy faces an influx of immigrants Tunisian

Nearly 5,000 Tunisians took the flight to try to reach the coasts of Europe in recent days, fleeing Tunisia reconstruction where the transitional government is under strong social and political pressure. Faced with this influx of people arriving on Lampedusa, a small Italian island south of Sicily, Italian authorities have launched an appeal for international assistance.

In the one night from Saturday to Sunday, the Italian Coast Guard identified no fewer than 1,400 arrivals. "The situation is difficult, acknowledged the commander of the port, the landings are continuing at a relentless pace." The calm seas and good weather favor these departures even if the crossing is not without risk.

Saudi Arabia against Valentine

Saudi religious police has intensified its operations in the streets and in markets to find who is wearing red or show any sign of celebrating Valentine's Day, a party which is banned in this country. Who celebrates this holiday of love is at risk of being arrested and interrogated for several hours by the authorities of the conservative kingdom, according to rules that apply every year for this date.

Egyptian army dismantles the Mubarak government

When Egypt resumed its daily pace after the revolt that took out President Hosni Mubarak, the army dismantled the regime's institutions to assume the leadership of the country's affairs on an interim basis for six months, until elections are held and President of the Republic in September. The Supreme Council, composed of 20 generals, dissolved both houses of parliament, suspended the constitutional laws and announced a commission to amend and organize a referendum on such changes.

Policemen march in the Liberation Square after being cleared by the Army

Liberation Square in Cairo, the heart of the revolt that ended on Friday with 30 years of Hosni Mubarak regime has now been cleared of protesters, although only a few hours. Shortly after the military, now supreme power in the country after the resignation of Mubarak and the seizure of power by Marshal Tantaui as leader of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, evicted from the square to the latest anti-Mubarak protesters, some 2,000 people have returned to cut traffic in the central plaza.

Cuba frees two opponents against their will from the "Group of 75"

Two political prisoners were released Saturday, February 12 against their will in Cuba. Hector Maseda and Angel Moya are among the fifty-two political prisoners that President Raul Castro agreed to release as part of an agreement reached in July, following an intervention by the Cuban Catholic Church.

Hector Maseda, whose wife, Laura Pollan, leads the group Ladies in White, an organization that retroupe women imprisoned dissidents, was told Friday he could leave prison after nearly eight years behind bars. He said then he would not leave his cell until the government insist that it is a freedom "conditional".

In good spirits, Nelson Mandela is recovering at home with her grandchildren

Has 92 years, but the collective image people have of him is still the strong leader. Nelson Mandela's resume is almost as large as the number of fans: former president, an anti-apartheid icon, Nobel Peace Prize, among others. However, Zenani Mandela Dlamini, the daughter of South African symbol, reveals that his father, above all, would like to be remembered as a family man.

"My father, I think, would love to be remembered as a family man, as a person who did manage to change the mind of a person. " Zenani adds: "My father did not stop to think about who you are, just a normal human being" In January, Mandela was hospitalized in Johannesburg, South Africa's capital, due to a respiratory infection.

The Palestinian government resigns to prepare a large remodeling

The Government of the Palestinian Authority today announced his resignation in the middle of the president, Mahmoud Abbas. The idea is to change the faces of a discredited Palestinian government and to keep the prime minister, Salam Fayyad, who enjoys strong support from the international community. This is a government reform which has been talked about for months, but now appears to have gained urgency in the heat of popular uprisings in the Arab world.

Yemen: President postponed his trip to the United States, opposition ready to negotiate

Thousands of young Yemenis have shown, Saturday, February 12, Sana'a, demanding the ouster of President Ali Abdallah Saleh. The demonstration was dispersed by supporters of the ruling General People's Congress (PMC), armed with sticks and clubs but also weapons. "After Mubarak is the turn of Ali," chanted some 4,000 protesters, the majority of students, demanding the departure of the president in power for 32 years.

Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian mystery

The people want them, the government forbids them branded as extremists and radicals. West fears them. But today, amid the crisis in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, the oldest Islamic organization in Egypt, are a big unknown. The Muslim Brotherhood (MB), also known as the Ikhwan (brothers in Arabic), seeking the application of Islamic law, or sharia, and currently have branches in several countries.

Berlusconi defined as "a shame" the Mobilisation of women

Silvio Berlusconi has given an interview this morning on the agenda The Telefonata of Canale 5, and stated that the 280 women held demonstrations yesterday against him and against sexism in Italy and in many foreign cities are "a disgrace" and "a factional mobilization organized by the left for holding the judicial theorem "in the Ruby case, which is charged with child prostitution and bribery.

Egypt: Tahrir Square, protesters are demanding further guarantees of the army

For this first work day of the post-Mubarak, shops have reopened Sunday, February 13 and many Egyptians are back at work after eighteen days that changed the course of modern history of Egypt. Thousands of people have however returned on Tahrir Square in Cairo, the epicenter of the revolt against Hosni Mubarak, demanding the army to keep its promises.

While military police tried to free the roundabout to allow traffic to resume, many demonstrators resisted, refusing to leave. Few brief scuffles were reported. "Revolution, revolution until victory," chanted the hundreds of people spent the night in the square, joined by a larger crowd in the morning.

Facing police and demonstrators in Yemen

Yemen Police clashed with demonstrators who marched yesterday for the third straight day to demand political reform and the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, inspired by the events in Egypt. Several thousands of opponents, including many college students, tried to reach a central plaza in the capital Sanaa, but police armed with batons were forced to retreat.

The protesters chanted "people want to overthrow the regime." Saleh has spent three decades in power and has tried to reduce tension by promising he will not stand for another term when the existing finish in 2013. Witnesses said several protesters were injured and 23 were arrested by police.

Continue protests against the Government in Algeria

Algerian opposition groups said they would continue with the protest that made this weekend, so called for a demonstration in the capital every Saturday until the government is going. Several hundred demonstrators, inspired by uprisings that ousted leaders of Egypt and Tunisia, defied a police ban and protested in Algiers on Saturday.

But thousands of riot police blocked a planned march through the city. The coalition of civil society groups, trade unionists and an opposition party that organized the rally decided to repeat the show every week on Saturdays and between both recruit more supporters of their cause. "We will continue marching until the regime to step down.

"The struggle continues. Cuba be free"

The usual parade Sunday the Ladies in White on Fifth Avenue in Havana yesterday was the symbolic presence of Hector Maseda and Angel Moya, two of the prisoners of the Group of 75 who refuse to exile in Spain, which were released by the government of Raul Castro on Saturday. Maseda, engineer and freelance journalist, and Moya, construction worker, was sentenced to 20 years' imprisonment on summary trials in the spring of 2003.

Resignation of Saeb Erekat, chief Palestinian negotiator

Saeb Erekat, chief Palestinian negotiator in peace talks with Israel, has submitted his resignation Saturday, February 12. Erekat said his resignation "negotiations committee" Palestinian "responsibility he assumed for the stolen documents in his office," documents which he said were "adulterated" intentionally.

He was referring to documents released in January by the Al-Jazeera, covering the peace talks since 1999, interrupted for several months. Hundreds of these "confidential documents" according the chain, as it showed that the Palestinian negotiators were ready in 2008 to major concessions on East Jerusalem and the fate of refugees.

Three thousand people to the streets of Sanaa clashes between protesters for and against government

SANAA (Yemen) - Nearly three thousand people, mostly students and lawyers took to the streets today in Sanaa, Yemen's capital, to demand the resignation of President Ali Abdallah Saleh. "After Mubarak Ali," the protesters shouted, referring to the Yemeni president, who like Hosni Mubarak, in power for 32 years.

The protest was organized by students and representatives of civil society and the opposition was not associated. The protesters gathered in front of the University of Sanaa and have then tried to reach Tahrir Square, in front of the seat of government. The police is sandwiched between them and a group of supporters of the president who had reached the place of protest.

Experts see America on the ropes

Experts say that after the departure of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, the Government of the United States walks a tightrope in the Middle East, where he is forced to support the calls for democracy without leaving their prized allies in the troubled region. "Tunisia was a shock wave and a tsunami Cairo, and all the autocrats in the Arab world and Iran should worry about their future," said Bruce Riedel, a former senior official of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA, in English) which advised three U.S.

The military has taken power in Egypt

The military has taken power in Egypt - and has yet to be on the VRST of Husni Mubarak used the transitional government. In addition, the Army will comply with all international obligations. That should calm down, especially Israel and the United States. Egypt's new military ruler set VRST continue on the existing government.

This may lead the business, until a new cabinet would be formed, a high-ranking military officials said one days after the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak on Egyptian television. The army command also promised a "peaceful transition" to a newly "elected civilian" leadership. A schedule called the military's not.

In Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood political amnesty and demand an end to emergency law

.- The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt today called on the military junta ruling the country to implement emergency measures that were ordered during the popular uprising, including an amnesty and the end of the Emergency Law. The request is contained in a statement released by the main opposition group in Egypt in response to a message posted today by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which was to last Friday, after the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, that was in power since 1981.

The coordinates given errneas FARC to free the last two restructuring

The last two Colombians who were to be released Sunday by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), as the guerrillas had promised were not delivered in the area finally agreed, so that the humanitarian mission had to return to Ibague, in southern Colombia, as reported by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

It is the largest Guillermo Solórzano Police and army corporal Sanmiguel Salim. It seems that the guerrillas would have provided the authorities wrong coordinates, so that the two hostages were not in the place where they had reportedly informed the interlocutor of the Government for these releases, Eduardo Pizarro.

Algeria: several expressions of support in France

While a demonstration called by the Algerian opposition took place in a tense atmosphere in Algiers, Saturday, February 12, numerous rallies were held at the same time in France, both to celebrate the downfall of President Hosni Mubarak as to support the protest in Algeria. In Paris, where two rallies were held, one for Egypt, another to Algeria, about a thousand people attended.

Algerian writer Mohamed Kacimi, this site has drawn a clear parallel with Egypt. "What's happened in Egypt is extraordinary. Cairo has always been the locomotive of the Arab world, in all areas." "We're sick of this system, we want it to go away, testified For its part, Ali Akika, filmmaker, while being cautious about the chances of mounting a challenge in Algeria.

Yellow Mubarak on the fate of "E 'in a coma," "Fled to Germany"

CAIRO - Former President Hosni Mubarak is in a coma at his residence in Sharm El-Sheikh where he fled over the weekend after leaving power after the massive protests of the last two weeks. The former president, says the newspaper Al Masri Al Youm, is for now kept in the house and is considering whether to transfer to hospital.

According to numerous sources of the Egyptian press, Mubarak would have fainted twice during the recording of his last televised speech aired on Egyptian state television Thursday night. The items were reported from various organs of the Egyptian press, including Al Ahram. From the speech of Thursday chasing rumors about the fate of the Rais and in those hours on the internet are mounting various theories about alleged plots to escape it - even confused spreading news about his state of health.

Death toll from attack on Shiites in Iraq rises to 36

.- The death toll from a suicide attack yesterday against a bus carrying Shiite pilgrims arrived on Sunday at 36, Iraqi officials said Sunday, one of the most severe attacks against that group so far this year. The victims of Saturday's attack were pilgrims who came from a ceremony at the al-Askari mosque in the former insurgent stronghold of Samarra, north of Baghdad.

The attack showed that the insurgents have renewed their attempts to incite violence between Shiites and Sunnis, after a lull. Medical officials and police said there were 64 injured by suicide bombing, which occurred after the ceremonies in memory of the death of a revered religious figure of the ninth century, buried in the mosque.

Afghanistan will be the next to fall, according to Taliban

The Afghan Taliban felt that the Government of Afghanistan, supported by Washington, will be the next to be ousted by the people, after the fall on Friday by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, according to the monitoring center SITE Islamic sites. According to SITE, based on U.S., Afghan Taliban broadcast on 13 February a Pashto language message on its Web site.

In this message, state that the Egyptian president's departure shows that "many weapons, soldiers and foreign aid can not keep a regime in power and can not always slow caravan 'expectations and requirements' of a nation." The message says that the Afghan people will rise up and overthrow the government in Kabul and cauda of corruption and the "atrocities" committed by the United States in the country for a dozen years of military occupation.

Confirm the presence of Mubarak in Egypt

.- Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak remains in Egypt, Egyptian officials said today the U.S. television. Mubarak, who resigned last Friday as president and gave powers to the Supreme Military Council of Egypt, he moved that day to his vacation villa in the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in the Red Sea coast.

Asked about the program''This Week''on ABC, the Egyptian ambassador to the White House, Sameh Shourky, said he had no exact knowledge of the whereabouts of the former president,''but I think it is in Egypt.'' The presence of Mubarak in Sharm el-Sheikh was confirmed earlier by Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik.

Mohamed Bin Zayed calls to eliminate U.S. detainees Afganistn

Africa: if not now, when?

The most exciting moment in its own way of the World Social Forum in Dakar broke out around 16:00 local Thursday, February 10, while the assembly of the peoples of the Maghreb intervention of an Egyptian boy, who arrived in Senegal stunned after 14 days of continuous presence in square in Cairo. In the days before the focus had been alerted by small processions sometimes walked the streets calling for the end of the campus for nearly three decades of dictatorship backed by the West.

Post-Islamic Revolution

European opinion interprets the popular uprisings in North Africa and Egypt through a gate dating back more than thirty years: the Islamic revolution of Iran. She expects to see Islamist movements, namely the Muslim Brotherhood and their local counterparts, to be either the lead or in ambush, ready to take power.

But discretion and pragmatism of the Muslim Brotherhood astonish and disturb where are the Islamists? But if you look at those who launched the movement, it is clear that this is a generation of post-Islamist. The great revolutionary movements of the 1970s and 1980s, for them it's ancient history, those of their parents.

Anonymous claims attacks on government sites, and Mediaset Room

ROME - New episode of what is now called "Italian Campaign" by the same hackers Anonymous. The "electronic network for Internet freedom" became famous for attacks on pro-Wikileaks claims to have attacked "in 1400" the sites of government. it, the Senate. com, parliament. com and to Mediaset. The attack was carried out using the technique DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) or the "denial of service" while trying to overpower the bandwidth of the servers that host the sites.