Monday, August 8, 2011

Syrian President justifies repression of protesters

Syrian President Bashar Assad defended the bloody military offensive to silence dissenting voices, the same day that the troops entered the towns of Deir el-Zur and Haul causing about 50 deaths. Assad said he is a "state duty" to protect the safety of its citizens and act against "criminals who violate the law, cut roads, closed cities and terrorize the families." While the authorities again accused criminals and terrorists of the violence plaguing the country, opposition groups complained that the army stormed Deir el-Zur (Northeast) and Haul (province of Homs, in the center) and bombed several areas with tanks and heavy artillery.

Netanyahu meets the "outraged" Israeli

n Cairo, protesters shouted: "The people want the collapse of the system", while in Tel Aviv protesters claim: "The people want social justice." While the middle class angry camped for two weeks on the Rothschild Boulevard, grouse artery of the economic capital of Israel, do not ask - for now - the resignation of the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Iran arrested 17 boys "were playing with water guns"

Seventeen young people, girls and boys, were arrested for participating in a "battle" with water guns in the park at Bandar Abbas in southern Iran. He said the Chief Justice of the province, quoted by the ISNA news agency. Of the 17 boys arrested "five were released immediately, while the other 12 were released on bail today," he said, explaining that young people could weigh on charges of participation in an "haram" (forbidden by religion) and "insult security forces.

The crash of the U.S. helicopter in Afghanistan due to trap Taliban

The U.S. helicopter that crashed Saturday in Afghanistan was shot dead by the Taliban who have set a trap for U.S. Special Forces by giving them false information. Thirty-eight Afghan soldiers and American were killed in the operation. "It is confirmed that the helicopter was shot down and he fell into a trap set by a local leader of the Taliban, Qari Tahir," said a government source under the condition of anonymity.

In the middle of social unrest, Israel increases in electricity prices by 10%

At the risk of fueling social unrest that has pushed tens of thousands of people in the streets for several weeks, the Israeli government announced on Monday, August 8, an increase of 9.3% of the price of electricity.
According to Boaz Stembler, spokesman for the Ministry of Finance, the increase was "mainly due to interruptions to supply Egyptian gas to power plants." Egyptian gas pipeline to Israel in recent months has been the target of repeated attacks in the Sinai Peninsula, resulting in prolonged interruptions of gas supply.

The ECB requires to help Italy

While the European Central Bank (ECB) began the purchase of the debt of countries in the euro area, the Italian daily Il Corriere della Sera revealed the conditions posed by the financial institution to assist Italy. A letter "secret" to the head of the Government, Silvio Berlusconi, and revealed Monday, August 8, the daily, details required of the ECB: an economic liberalization and privatization of municipal corporations which, in Italy, manage often public transport, waste collection or distribution of electricity and gas.

London, second night of Flames warfare, looting and hundreds of arrests

Over 100 people arrested: it is the budget of the operation by Scotland Yard after the second night of rioting and looting in London. After the revolt of Tottenham on Saturday night, new violence has rocked it last night, other districts of the capital, where groups of youths clashed with police looting shops and damaging cars and buildings.

In particular in Brixton (formerly Theater years ago of serious racial violence), hundreds of people looted a department store, throwing rocks at the agents, another fifty vandals caused damage in Oxford Circus in the heart of the capital and tourist Other clashes took place at Enfield.

Saudi Arabia recalls its ambassador from Syria

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has recalled its ambassador to Syria for "consultations" and called on the Syrian regime to "stop the machine of death and bloodshed, and fairevaloir reason before it is too late. " "The Saudi kingdom can not possibly accept what is happening in Syria. The event does not lend itself to any justification," said the King, Sunday, Aug.7, saying that "the Syrian government can implement comprehensive reforms and rapid "to bring the country out of the wave of violence that shakes. "Syria has only two choices for the future: to opt voluntarily for wisdom or sinking into chaos and violence," he summarized in a statement to the unusually harsh tone against the Syrian leadership.

In Ukraine, the court refused the release of Yulia Tymoshenko

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, currently on trial for abuse of power, will remain in prison while she must appear before a judge Monday, August 8, for a first hearing. Tymoshenko has been remanded in custody Friday for its "systematic violation" of court rules, according to a court in Kiev.

She continued to have exceeded his authority as prime minister in 2009 by authorizing, without government approval, the signing of contracts on the import of Russian gas at a price deemed disadvantageous to Kiev. She faces a sentence of seven to ten years in prison. His lawyers and his supporters demand his release, as the United States and the European Union, which criticized his detention on remand.