Thursday, May 19, 2011

The latest developments in the investigation

Meanwhile, investigators painstakingly trying to reconstruct the chain of events between the arrival of the alleged victim in the bedroom of the former director of the International Monetary Fund and the arrest of the French. Investigators believe that the maid was almost immediately reported the alleged assault to several colleagues.

The first call from the hotel to 911, the emergency number for police, was received at 13 h 32, according to documents cited by this source. The safety of Sofitel said she wanted to report a sexual assault. The first police teams arrived on site thirteen minutes later. For this source, there are two possible explanations for this delay of one hour.

Japan falls into recession

Japan fell into recession in the first quarter of 2011 due to the sharp drop in economic activity due to the deadly earthquake and tsunami of 11 March, drama amplified by the nuclear accident in Fukushima. The gross domestic product (GDP) in the third largest economy declined by 0.9% in Q1 2011 compared to the previous, a decrease of 3.7% annualized, the government said Thursday.

A recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of shrinking GDP. The Japanese economy had already fallen by 0.8% in real terms over the last three months of 2010 compared to previous quarter (- 3% annualized), according to official figures revised down sharply. The decline for the first quarter was worse than expected, even if the disaster occurred only at the end of the period.

"Migrants go by the way he used the guerrillas in Colombia"

Security in Central America today charged with the dramatic discovery of 513 immigrants crammed into trucks bound for the United States, stopped in Chiapas on Wednesday. The day before, the appropriate minister of Panama, Jose Raul Mulino (David, Chiriqui, 1959), was in Madrid to participate in a preparatory meeting of security strategies in the region, where trafficking in persons continues to grow and each After arriving from further afield.

The turning point for Obama on the Middle East: "Israel will return to 1967 borders"

Israel returns to 1967 borders. " It 's the most significant - largely unexpected - the speech that Barack Obama gave at the State Department. The request for a return to the borders that existed before the Six Day War - when Israel occupied East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza - is an important change of direction compared to the most recent American politics.

There can be no real peace if there is "a permanent occupation," said Obama, who will receive a few hours at Washington, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Israel has repeatedly stated that the return to 1967 borders would preclude future negotiations. The new statement of U.S. President is therefore likely to displease the rulers of Israel and further cool relations between Washington and Jerusalem.

Obama wants a Marshall Plan to assist the development of democracy in the Arab world

President Barack Obama will unveil on Thursday a plan of economic aid from several billion dollars to encourage democratization in the Arab world, along the lines of Eastern Europe after the Cold War, U.S. officials said Wednesday . The plan initially to Egypt and Tunisia, will want to encourage other countries in the Middle East and North African theaters of popular revolts since the beginning of the year, to undertake democratic reforms, officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Netanyahu described as "indefensible" Obama's proposal on the 1967 borders

In the Middle East and have heard many speeches about "new beginnings" and on the good intentions of the United States. He who has spoken today Barack Obama will probably be the most remembered. Has been particularly warm to address the Israeli-Palestinian, but the mere mention of the pre-1967 borders as a basis for an agreement (a principle and supported by Clinton and Bush) was enough to infuriate the Israeli right and Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, who has described as "indefensible" that border.

Italian Revolution: the "European Spring"?

The wind of democracy blowing from Tahrir Square, Syria, Spain. And tomorrow in Italy, with appointments in the streets of many cities. Perhaps historians in the future, do not devote a single line of their tomes to Scilipoti. Rivers of ink will be paid instead on the Arab Spring, "the French Revolution" of the Arab world.

If you think about it, it's crazy: we are living the story in real time. For the first time in a protest calling for rights and democracy, is playing the "Third World" and extends to the first. There were those who said that Islamic culture was in itself incompatible with democracy. Far from it: the exploits of the Egyptians have already set an example for the countries of the West.

A 58th French soldier dies in Afghanistan

A French soldier was killed and four others were wounded Wednesday, May 18, in an explosion in Afghanistan, in the southern province of Kapisa, announced Thursday the Minister of Defence. This is the 58th French soldier killed in Afghanistan since the start of the allied operation in 2001. The soldier, who belonged to the 2nd Marine Infantry Regiment of Le Mans, was killed by the accidental explosion of a munition, which also injured four soldiers of the regiment who were preparing to board an armored vehicle says Gerard Longuet said in a statement.

Ms shadow face Brazil

Rio de Janeiro has fully entered the trial to host the 2014 World Cup and Olympic Games 2016. Safer streets, expansion and modernization of its transport network, plotting new ways to decongest and redistribute the heavy traffic, construction and renovation of sports facilities, more and better hotels ...

all this is strictly necessary in a city whose infrastructure and services have excelled in recent decades for its deficiency. But improvements are coming to most tourist capital of Brazil accompanied by controversies, including alleged human rights violations, according to the UN and Amnesty International.

Francia/Brasil.- Air France claims that it is "too early" to determine his responsibility in the accident

PARIS, 19 May. (Reuters) - Air France has argued that it is still "too early" to determine responsibility in the crash of Flight AF447 from French airliner that fell into the Atlantic in June 2009, as declared by the director general of the Company gala, Pierre-Henri Gourgeon. Having announced today the results of the fiscal year of Air France-KLM, Gourgeon has refused to comment on "rumors" originated in the media about the cause of the crash Rio-Paris and said it was too early to know the causes caused the disaster.

Mubarak's wife released on bail after the return of certain property

Suzanne, wife of President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, overthrown by a popular uprising on February 11, 2011, was released on bail without having served 15 days of detention in which he was convicted. He had, however, authorize the Advisor to the Minister of Justice Assem al-Gohari, head of the Office for the ill-gotten gains, to withdraw his money from two banks to sell a luxury villa that has to Heliopolis, a suburb of Cairo, and give back these assets to the state.

Twenty-two dead in plane crash in Argentina

An airliner crashed Wednesday in Patagonia in southern Argentina, killing all 19 passengers and three crew members. The aircraft used for travel between the cities of Neuquen and Comodoro Rivadavia, 1 800 km southwest of Buenos Aires. The Saab 340 aircraft of the Regional Soil issued a distress signal at 20 h 50 local and has been heard after the company said in a statement.

"Nobody has been found alive," said the director of a hospital in the province of Rio Negro, on local television. According to a spokesperson for the company, Horacio Darre, "the chances of finding survivors are minimal." The plane crashed in the province of Rio Negro, near the town of Prahuaniyeu.

UN calls humanitarian pause in Libya to assist civil

The humanitarian coordinator of the United Nations Organization (UNO) in Libya, Panos Moumtzis, sued all parties involved in armed conflict in that country paused to take urgent humanitarian assistance to the wounded and the vulnerable. "The called humanitarian pause is to set a time frame in which the parties undertake not to use arms to allow the entry of humanitarian assistance and the departure of persons who wish to leave Libya.

Begin investigations into the crash in Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, 19 May. The Accident Investigation Board Civil Aviation is investigating the cause of the crash of airliner Sun in which 22 people died in the crash of his unit in the Black River on Wednesday night (early Thursday CET Spanish). Vice President Juan Nifeneger, assured Thursday that still "not handled any assumptions" about it.

"Last night, after learning of the emergency, launched a search and rescue operation in the area, which by then had very bad weather conditions, has held a spokesman for the Civil Aviation Administration, as reported by the state agency Argentina Telam. "Once you have located the plane crash" has proceeded to the intervention by "Justice" and "the National Board of Accident Investigation Civil Aviation, whose experts are already conducting the relevant expertise and are leading the investigation "to determine the causes of the incident, he added.

The best and the worst Obama

In his speech at the State Department, we have never seen the best and the worst Obama. The best: great speaker, excellent analyst, Democratic indisputable. Has been impeccable reading of the causes and objectives of the democratic Arab riots and the role therein of a youth hungry for freedom and dignity and skilful in the use of modern technologies.

His support for democratization in the Arab world has been as clear as mountain water. And Bin Laden has said rightly that it was politically defeated by the Arab democratic revolution before being gunned down in Pakistan by U.S. elite troops. The worst: the evidence that his action is limited by the interests and traditional American commitments.

In a posthumous message, Osama Bin Laden hails Arab revolutions

Al-Qaida released on jihadist websites posthumous an audio message from Osama Bin Laden hails Arab revolutions, reported on Thursday, the central monitoring Islamist websites, SITE. The message, posted on jihadist forums on Wednesday by the As-Sahab website, close to Al-Qaeda, takes 12 minutes and 37 seconds, and speaks to Muslims in the Arab revolutions in recent months.

Bin Laden recommends the establishment of a council to advise revolutionary and decide the best time to spread revolt in the Muslim world. "Any delay could cause the loss of this opportunity and the trigger before the exact time would increase the number of victims," said bin Laden yet, according to the SITE.

Syria strengthens military positions

The Army and Syrian security forces reinforced their positions in several cities, while continuing campaign of arrests on the eve of a new protests Friday as opposition groups. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on its website that the security forces continue to arrest the Nahua city, located in Deraa province, south of Damascus.

Meanwhile in Doma, northeast of the capital, reinforcements have also reached the security services to arrest and prevent young people taking part in the demonstrations called for tomorrow, the network said in opposition Facebook Flash. In this locality remain cut off and mobile phones.

Tunisia calls on Libya to stop shelling across border

.- Tunisia threatened on Wednesday to report to the Security Council of the UN if he returns to shoot over their territory, after the Libyan conflict to expand beyond its borders. Rebels Libyan and Tunisian security sources said the president of the National Oil Corporation of Libya deserted and fled to a decision which, if confirmed, would be a blow to the efforts of Moammar Gadhafi to crush a rebellion by three months.

Argentina .- killed the 22 occupants of the wrecked plane SOL in Black River

BUENOS AIRES, 19 May. The 22 people aboard the airliner that crashed SOL in the province of Argentina, Black River (center) have died, as reported by the hospital director's Menucos, Ismael Ali. Of the total casualties, 19 were passengers - including a child - and three crew members. "It is difficult to identify the bodies because they are all charred," said the doctor told the CN5 chain, obtained by the official news agency, Telam.

The Colombian Supreme Court rules that the computer information Ral Reyes has no legal validity

The Supreme Court of Colombia has decided today that the information from the computers of Raul Reyes, FARC leader killed in a military operation in March 2008, has no validity in court proceedings in the country, because the files were obtained illegally. The high court considers that the material has been used in several trials of Colombian politicians, including Sen.

Piedad dismissed Córdoba, was collected by soldiers who had no judicial police functions. This decision stems from the case against the former deputy of the opposition Democratic Pole party, Wilson Borja, who is accused of having contacts with the guerrillas, Colombian media reported. However, it is believed that this decision affect other cases also supported the content of these computers, including the Liberal party's former senator, Piedad Cordoba, and Ecuador's President Rafael Correa, who according to information from those files allegedly received funds to finance his campaign in 2006.

Bin Laden audio message posthumously: "Tear down the tyrants in the Middle East"

A final message from Osama bin Laden, to celebrate the revolutions in the Arab world, was found yesterday by the Site, the U.S. body monitoring jihadist websites. The recording, part of a row of 12 minutes, is introduced by a prayer and the presentation of bin Laden as a "martyr of Islam." In audio, the former number one of al-Qaeda calls for solidarity among Muslims and evokes the revolutions in North Africa: "The sun of the revolution is built on the Maghreb, the light of the revolution came from Tunisia.

The Israeli military attache in Russia expelled for spying

Russia has expelled the military attaché at the Israeli embassy in Moscow of espionage, said, Wednesday, May 18 evening, the army and the Israeli Ministry of Defense, saying the accusation was "unfounded". "The military attaché and representative of the Israeli Ministry of Defense in Russia, a colonel in the Israeli armed forces, was arrested last week by the Russian authorities, who suspected him of spying, an official announcement.

Syrian President supports error to suppress protesters

President Bashar al-Assad acknowledged that security forces made mistakes to repress the opposition, but said the country is overcoming the crisis. Yesterday the rebels called for holding a general strike in the center of Damascus but few heeded the call. "Who would dare to go on strike and risk running out of business or becoming the target of the authorities?" Said a businessman who requested anonymity.

Blamed on Taliban violence in Afghanistan

A demonstration against the bombing on Tuesday that made Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Afghanistan ended in a clash that left 12 dead, a day in which 13 policemen were also killed due to a suicide bombing. At least two thousand protesters demonstrated in Taloqan, capital of Takhar province (in the Northeast), shouted slogans against U.S.

and Afghan President Hamid Karzai, when Afghan police opened fire, leaving a dozen dead and At least 80 injured. "Some Taliban managed to infiltrate the crowd opportunistically, and attacked security forces threw grenades justified the provincial governor, Abdul Taqwa Jawar. Afghans protested the NATO bombing made on Tuesday that left four people dead, including two women.

Ban will attend Ouattara inauguration as president of Ivory Coast

.- The Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will attend next Saturday's inauguration as president Alassane Ouattara in Ivory Coast and later held a joint meeting, the international body said today. A spokesman for the institution said the UN chief, who on Friday began a tour that will take you to Ivory Coast and other African countries, as well as the meeting of Group of Eight (G-8) in France will meet in Yamoussoukro Ouattara.

Argentina .- A SOL Airlines plane crashes with 22 people on board in the province of Black River

BUENOS AIRES, 19 May. An airliner en route SOL Comodoro Rivadavia-Nequen has fallen into a void in the province of Argentina, Black River (center) with 22 people aboard - 18 passengers and four crew members - whose status unknown. The plane, a Saab 340, has fallen into place for Prahuaniyeu, about 250 kilometers from the city of General Roca.

Police and Fire Staff have already started rescue operations, which provide complicated by the lack of light and passable roads. The news portal 'Black River' has been advanced that there would be no survivors, although this point has not yet been confirmed by the authorities, as recorded by the official news agency, Telam.

Fight in parliament by Guantnamo kuwait

Sunni and Shiite deputies of the National Assembly (Parliament) of Kuwait yesterday were engaged in a fist fight clean when discussing the fate of four Kuwaiti detainees at Guantanamo Bay. One of the MPs had to be treated in the clinic of the Assembly for a cut eye, reported the online edition of the newspaper Al Rai.

The melee began when a pro-government Shiite deputy, Hussein al Qalaf said that the four Kuwaiti prisoners in the military criminal belonged to the terrorist organization Al Qaeda. Sunni deputies in the opposition, attacked Al Qalaf and, when several rows of this fellow came to defend, the fight broke out.

IMF Strauss-Kahn resigned: "I am innocent, but I must protect the institution"

Dominique Strauss-Kahn has resigned from the post of chief operating officer of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), six days after the dramatic arrest on charges of rape, molestation and kidnapping. The resignation came just hours before the hearing where lawyers for DSK will submit a new request for bail after the first Monday had been rejected by the courts.

Today's hearing will be before another judge than the one who ordered his imprisonment. This was confirmed by the official spokesman of the Office of Prosecutors in New York, Erin Duggan. CNN reported that the new hearing against Strauss-Kahn should be convened for 14:15 on Thursday (the 20:15 in Italy).

DSK affair: the relatives of the complainant defend its reputation

His only appearance since the arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Saturday, May 14, for "attempted rape", "sexual assault" and "sequestration", dates back to Sunday. Landed an unmarked police van, the maid of the Sofitel New York on the basis of the complaint against the IMF chief, entered the police station in Harlem, his face hidden by a blanket.

Placed under the protection of the NYPD, the complainant is from a secret location. While his identity was not released by U.S. authorities, the name of Ophelia is soon to appear in the international media. This is the name used by the complainant on her work. Thus, the deputy of Paris, Bernard Debre, interviewed by L'Express.

Obama presented a plan of economic aid to Arab world

.- President Barack Obama will present on Thursday a financial aid plan several billion dollars to encourage democratization in the Arab world, based on the model of Eastern Europe after the Cold War, U.S. officials said Wednesday. The plan, initially intended to Egypt and Tunisia, wants to encourage other countries in the Middle East and North Africa, scenes of popular revolts since early this year, to undertake democratic reforms, according to these officials who required anonymity.

Iran could play role in post Al-Qaeda bin Laden

.- The death of Osama bin Laden has focused attention on what role they might play in the future, and intelligence agencies around the world analyze reports according to which Saif al-Adel had assumed temporary command of the terrorist network. The last thing you knew about al-Adel was that he was under house arrest in the outskirts of Tehran.

The record of terrorist al-Adel, one of the founders, including helping plan bomb attacks in 1998 against U.S. embassies in Africa. But the Egyptian had severe disagreements with bin Laden and opposed to the attacks of September 11, 2001. Correctly predicted that anger cause harm U.S. international efforts to Al-Qaeda.

The Obama administration criticizes Republican budget plans

Timothy Geithner, U.S. Treasury Secretary, said the draft budget of the Republican opposition would lower the United States to the rank of developing countries. "The draft budget of the Republicans in the House of Representatives provides for cuts in expenditure but allocates a significant portion of the savings generated to maintain low tax rates for the richest, not only for the middle class" he said in a speech in New York.