Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A typhoon and a tropical storm caused 70 deaths in the Philippines

The combined action of first tropical storm and then a typhoon in the Philippines has caused 70 deaths, 24 missing and about a million people displaced, officials said. The National Center for Disaster Prevention rose this morning to 66 the number of people killed when tropical storm Nock-Ten toured the north of the archipelago last week, out on Thursday.

Then he went and killed four others typhoon "Muifa" which affected the country on Thursday with sustained winds of 175 mph and gusts to 210 mph, according to data from the agency. The latest victims are nine fishermen found in the province of Masbate, the Philippines, after wrecking his boat and had been missing since last Wednesday.

A total of 969,612 people have fled their homes by floods and landslides caused by rains, and around 350,000 people are refugees in one of the evacuation centers set forth by the authorities. Most of the fatalities drowned, buried by landslides, electrocuted and beaten with poles or trees felled by the storm.

Much of the missing were fishermen who came to fish despite warnings from the authorities. Officials estimate the damage exceeds 1,750 million pesos (41.7 million or 29 million euros), including damage to agriculture and infrastructure. Every year during the rainy season begins in May and ends November 15 to 20 typhoons affect the Philippines.

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