Sunday, February 20, 2011

China aborts with several attempts at protests decisin

There may not be much interest among China's population by copying the riots that live the Arab world, but the Beijing government does not want any risk of infection. Authorities decisively aborted attempts at two separate protests in Beijing and Shanghai, apparently inspired by the live demonstrations that the Middle East for weeks.

The call to follow the "Jasmine Revolution", in reference to the riots in Tunisia, was conducted through a website abroad. Police arrested at least three people in Beijing, the Wangfujing Street, one of the most commercial of the capital, while dozens of people watched curious wondering what happened.

China aborts with several attempts at protests decisin

There may not be much interest among China's population by copying the riots that live the Arab world, but the Beijing government does not want any risk of infection. Authorities decisively aborted attempts at two separate protests in Beijing and Shanghai, apparently inspired by the live demonstrations that the Middle East for weeks.

The call to follow the "Jasmine Revolution", in reference to the riots in Tunisia, was conducted through a website abroad. Police arrested at least three people in Beijing, the Wangfujing Street, one of the most commercial of the capital, while dozens of people watched curious wondering what happened.

China aborts with several attempts at protests decisin

There may not be much interest among China's population by copying the riots that live the Arab world, but the Beijing government does not want any risk of infection. Authorities decisively aborted attempts at two separate protests in Beijing and Shanghai, apparently inspired by the live demonstrations that the Middle East for weeks.

The call to follow the "Jasmine Revolution", in reference to the riots in Tunisia, was conducted through a website abroad. Police arrested at least three people in Beijing, the Wangfujing Street, one of the most commercial of the capital, while dozens of people watched curious wondering what happened.

Shootings and arrests marked the ninth day of protests in Yemen

.- The leader of the secessionist Movement of South Yemen was arrested in Aden and the shootings occurred Sunday at a demonstration in Sanaa, on the ninth day of unrest in the country. Thousands of people also attended protests in the cities of Ibb and Taiz, demanding the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who renewed his offer of dialogue to the opposition parties.

Saleh, a U.S. ally against Al Qaeda in North Africa, has held power for 32 years in the State of the Arabian Peninsula facing rising unemployment, a declining oil production and reserves water, as well as chronic protests in the provinces of North and South. Baum Hasan was arrested in the southern port city of "armed military group in a hospital where he was receiving treatment and was taken to an unknown destination, told Reuters his son Fadi Hasan Baum.

Beijing protest in China between the web and jasmine evidence of revolt "Tunisia"

BEIJING - The riots in North Africa and Middle East inspire young people to prepare themselves against the Chinese regime in Beijing. Tunisian and protests, the Chinese rebels borrow the symbols, in this case, the jasmine. The tension came to Wangfujing, the shopping street in Beijing not far from Tiananmen Square, with a crowd of protesting with the launch of jasmine.

An act that follows a message appeared on Chinese websites, which called on to stage a symbolic protest with the flower symbol of the revolt of Tunisia. In Beijing, the flowers of Tunis. The protest began with the gathering of a small crowd initially composed mainly by curious journalists and police in civilian clothes.

Demonstrations in Libya left more than 200 dead

.- The situation in Libya has deteriorated substantially over the past 48 hours, during protests against the regime of Muammar al-Gaddafi, in which 140 people have died, according to HWR, while some witnesses estimated that more than 200 victims , mostly by gunfire. The human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) reported that there have been 104 deaths nationwide since the beginning of the protests, on Tuesday.

Socialdemcrata The opposition won the elections in Hamburg

Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Chancellor Angela Merkel has now suffered the worst defeat ever in regional elections in the city-state of Hamburg. The opposition Social Democrats (SPD) has now won the election with 49.5% of the vote, compared with 20.5% of the CDU, according to exit polls polls. With these results, the Christian Democrats lost three seats in the Senate.

The Greens have risen as the third force, with 11.5%, 7% Left and the Liberals by 6.5%, according to figures released by the first chain of ARD German television after the polls closed election. These results confirm what the polls predicted and represents an important advance SPD Olaf Scholz, who won the 2008 election 34% of the vote.

Ruby, B. wants to go to the Court of Strasbourg

A few days after the Foreign Minister Franco Frattini on the possibility that Berlusconi will ask the Court of Human Rights to see their privacy protected, in its view threatened the Ruby case and investigations of the Milan prosecutor, the files of the Strasbourg Court has not yet nothing. Or rather, there is an open file, but Knight is the "defendant".

That case, filed in March 2010 from the Foundation Open Society Institution for the monopoly that Berlusconi has in Italian television. The foundation of the liberal billionaire George Soros was in fact to the High Court "as a result of the control that he (Silvio Berlusconi, ed) carry out the law on Italian television system, contrary to European democratic standards, a situation that is unacceptable for a democracy" .

Follow live demonstrations of February 20 in Iran

Electoral defeat for the CDU in Hamburg, the SPD wins hands down

BERLIN - Very Severe defeat of the CDU Chancellor Angela Merkel in elections today in the city-state of Hamburg according to early exit polls, the majority party on the local government not only loses but collects a blow beyond all expectations, down from 42.6% the previous regional (held in 2008) to a meager 20.5%.

The CDU and then goes out more than half of this consultation. Olaf Scholz with the reformist leader of the Social Democrats (SPD) fly from 34.1% to 49.5% around a result. In all likelihood, then the SPD will reach the absolute majority, can govern itself and the federal state which is also the second largest city in the German population, and the richest of all.

Thousands march calling for more democracy in Morocco

The winds of change blowing over the Arab world for two months, arrived in Morocco. Its strength can be measured not so much by the number of participants, limited in some cities, for the boldness of the banners and the slogans chanted by the crowd. "Majidi dégage! (Majidi go away!) Shouted, for example, the crowd in French adapted to the Moroccan reality the slogan chanted by the Tunisians against Ben Ali to flee just before his country.

In Morocco, "a revolution not an evolution!"

Estonia, orphanage on fire at least ten dead babies

Talinn - At least 10 children have died in the fire of an orphanage for the disabled. The flames broke out in the infirmary of the institution in the town of Haapsalu, on the west coast of Estonia. Still unknown the cause of the fire. At the time of the accident, the orphanage there were 31 children and 9 adults, one wounded.

The majority of children with disabilities are housed in the facility. The Estonian authorities have decreed a day of national mourning for tomorrow. The alarm of fire and firemen arrived at around 14.30. throughout the building, built in the 50's, was overwhelmed by the flames and partially collapsed.

Dupret: "Spring is an opportunity for Arab leaders Moroccan"

Sunday, February 20, several events will take place in Morocco for broad political reforms. This movement started by young people claiming among other things changing the constitution and true social reform. Interview with Baudouin Dupret, research director at CNRS. These are various groups working through the Facebook network, which have called for demonstrations in different parts of Morocco, February 20.

Arrested and released in Rafsanjani's daughter, the police charged the demonstrators in Tehran

TEHRAN - Faezeh Hashemi, daughter of former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, was arrested today in downtown Tehran while "chanting provocative slogans" during an opposition rally and released after several hours. According to opposition websites, police fired tear gas at protesters took to the streets in at least four distinct points of the capital, guarded by a massive deployment of security forces and Basij militia.

The rge iran violently repressed demonstrations in cities across the country

Dozens of Iranian opposition groups have gone out to the streets of different cities to protest against the regime and demand reforms. In order to avoid the tight security, protesters have fled the most common sites of protest and dispersed by other less frequented spots in both the North and the Midwest.

The response of the security forces, as opposition website, was that of a violent crackdown. Among the little information that has come from today's protests, has been known that the daughter of Iranian president, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, has been arrested, according to the official news agency Irna.

U.S. and UK to China survive?

I find it strange that nobody talks about war. It 's like you had in place a collective removal, as if nobody wants to face reality. We understand that this removal is right, if only for historical reasons and bad conscience past. Incomprehensible to the left. Including field ecology, including field alternative globalization.

Then I ask two questions. At all. Right, left. And also, I want to ruin, of the center. Those of you that this is safe or the next U.S. president will tell the truth to his 300 million fellow citizens, namely, that they'll reduce their standard of living during the next generation? (The same goes for Merkel, Sarkozy, who will come after Berlusconi, etc, but has not, because all these are not armed like America and have not been Empire in the last 60 years).

You are in Morocco, you will participate in the march of 20 February?

Moroccan or you live in Morocco. Do you intend to participate in the events of 20 February? What impact the popular movements that erupted in Tunisia and Egypt have had on your life in Morocco? A selection of stories will be published on cnn. fr.

That's "Friends" The gray-haired senior citizens home sharing

It seems the subject of a TV series, four elderly people who barely know each other decide to live under one roof to pay rent and bills. The hoary version of "Friends" is the latest in American society. Over 60 divorced, no pension in their seventies, parents who can not rely on children: what they do, in an America overwhelmed by the crisis, these people? Join forces and share costs.

Creating a completely new type of living, cheaper and less functional hospice. The phenomenon is particularly common in states that have suffered most of the crisis, New Jersey in the head. Here there are even agencies that help those over 60 to find roommates trustworthy and pleasant. A little 'as it happened to Kane, divorced 64 years age classes, which ten years ago he decided to open the door to anonymous strangers in exchange for a contribution to the costs and a little' company.

Protests in Libya: weapons againstpeople

The brutal actions of the Libyan regime against demonstrators appalled human rights activists, doctors speak of 200 dead. But there is little independent information. Now, to provide a preliminary soldiers against leader Muammar al-Gaddafi has made. The system is crumbling? Tripoli - It is a test of strength for Muammar al-Gaddafi, a power play of vital importance.

After more than four decades in office, the despot sees the first time confronted with an opposition motion calling insurgents openly to overthrow the dictator. With great brutality, Gaddafi has taken in recent days, his security forces against protesters in position. He sent an elite unit of the military, led by his son, Khamis, to Benghazi.

Protests in Libya: the situation is getting worse

The situation in Libya is getting worse. Dozens of people were killed in protests against Muammar al-Gaddafi. The despot was deliberately shooting at demonstrators, uses mercenaries against his countrymen. But keep fighting the insurgents want. ". I saw with my own eyes, like a tank is fed to a car in which sat two men, he has both crushed easily, yet they have no one did anything," described the clergy Abellah al-Warfali his impressions Benghazi, Libya's second largest city.

"Gaddafi is a machine to survive politically"

After the "day of rage", the situation in Libya is more tense than ever. Antoine Vitkine, journalist, has produced the documentary "Gaddafi, our greatest enemy", aired on France 5 in March. This 90-minute film recounts 40 years of diplomatic relations between the West and the Libyan leader's past status as public enemy number one as an individual person creep.

In the case of Libya, it will probably happen very differently. Westerners have little effect of leverage on the regime. This is due to several reasons. First, Libya has substantial oil resources, as its reserves are estimated between 30 and 40 billion barrels, which are 85% sold in Europe.

The Africa back to the center

The World Social Forum which ended on February 11 here in Dakar was particularly appropriate for the times and places. In fact, the general purpose of these kinds of meetings, beginning with one held ten years ago in Porto Alegre, is to give space and voice to global civil society, in a context marked by the uncontrolled growth of the power of multinational corporations and financial resources.

Algeria, in lack of opposition

After the revolutions of Tunisia and Egypt, the possible "springtime of the Arab peoples" is now all eyes turn to Algeria, which also seems to know a protest movement: a march of the opposition, Saturday, February 12, collected between 2000 and 3000 people, according to the counting of journalists and organizers.

Mobilizing the opposition calls to continue with another march Saturday, February 19. But according to experts, this opposition is an illusion: his weakness and lack of credibility could make it difficult for a real change in Algeria. Selma Belaala, researcher expert on Islamist movements at the University of Warwick (United Kingdom), all opposition parties have been discredited: "Algeria is sorely lacking in opposition (...).

Thousands of people demanding the resignation of the Tunisian government

.- Thousands of people gathered today at the center of the Tunisian capital to demand the resignation of Prime Minister of Tunisia, Mohamed Ghanuchi, Efe found in the scene. The protesters gathered on Avenue Habib Bourguiba, the main thoroughfare of the capital, and then undertook the Casbah way, where are located the offices of prime minister.

Among the protesters were members of the opposition and civil society representatives, who demanded the resignation of "all symbols of the regime of Ben Ali." They have also claimed responsibility for the appointment of a new transitional executive, to direct the affairs of the country until general elections are convened.

Bahrain: "The army first obstacle to lifting"

Bahrain, a small archipelago in the Gulf Monday, February 14 has been experiencing a strong popular mobilization. Laurence Louër, a researcher at CERI (Centre for Studies and International Relations at Sciences Po), the overthrow of the regime seems "difficult" despite the existence of a strong opposition party.

It stresses "fairness" of the army, made up of "mercenaries" and "not compromise with the demonstrators." I do not know if we can speak of the uprising, to the extent that social movements are recurrent in Bahrain. Since the 1930s, the country is experiencing continuous mobilizations. The patterns and themes varied but there is a very constant: the importance of social issues and jobs.

51 civilians killed by NATO bombing

.- An Afghan provincial governor denounced the deaths of 51 civilians in bombing three days recorded in eastern Afghanistan in the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), said to be investigating. "A total of 64 -51 people-civilians and 13 insurgents were killed in operations by Afghan forces and NATO in the district of Ghaziabad, in eastern Kunar," he told Efe the Afghan governor of that province, Fazlullah Wahidi .

NGO complaint more than 100 deaths in Libya, opposition becomes the center of Bahrain

.- More than a hundred people were killed in Libya at the beginning of an insurrectionary movement dyes, while Bahrain's opposition turned to the center of Manama, and the demonstrations came to Morocco, where wildfire stretching across northern Africa and Middle East. In Libya, ruled by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi for 42 years, the violent repression has caused at least 104 since the start of the protests on Tuesday, according to the nongovernmental organization Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Tunisia: a murdered priest, the Islamists attacked a place of prostitution

Insecurity and risk pushing fundamentalist in Tunisia have been illustrated, Friday, February 18, for the murder of a Polish priest found murdered "by extremists," according to the authorities, and an attack on a busy street by prostitutes by Islamists who wanted to burn down a brothel. The priest, aged 34, was found dead slain in a private school in the region Manouba.

It is "a fascist terrorist group with extremist orientations who is behind this crime, given the way he was murdered," said the interior ministry said in a statement without specifying whether this was the Islamists. Marek Rybinski was found murdered in the garage of a private religious school where he was responsible for accounting.

Two attacks by Islamic rebels in Thailand's south leave 17 injured

.- At least 17 people were wounded in two attacks by suspected insurgents in southern Thailand, where more than four thousand 300 people have died since the Islamic separatist guerrillas resumed fighting in January 2004, police said Saturday. The first attack occurred yesterday afternoon when a man shot two workers at a karaoke bar, while 15 others were injured by a car bomb exploded later in a local massage in Narathiwat.

Thousands of protesters calling for democratic reforms in Morocco

Thousands of Moroccans into the streets of the capital, Rabat, and the largest city, Casablanca, to demand democratic reforms include a change in the Constitution and the dissolution of the Government and Parliament. About four thousand people gathered in the square Alhad Rabat Bab, and about two thousand protesters gathered in downtown Casablanca, a day marked by heavy rains and bad weather.

The Palestinians will present a resolution on the settlement at the UN

The Palestinian leadership has decided to present, Friday, February 18 before the Security Council of UN resolution on Israeli settlements, said a senior official of the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton felt yet on Thursday that "the Security Council and resolutions" submitted to him were "not the right support to progress towards the goal" to revive the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, suggesting that the U.S.

"Libya, the dead are more than two hundred" Strict against demonstrations

TRIPOLI - The budget was huge for the violence in Libya, where Human Rights Watch, the organization for the Defence of Human Rights based in New York, raises to 104 the number of deaths registered in Benghazi in four days of clashes between protesters and anti-regime security forces, the figures reported by news sources are even more alarming.

The site of the British daily Independent reports the movement of "other information" that there are "200 dead and more than a thousand wounded" means a witness told the newspaper, Ahmed Swelim, whose cousin works in the hospital. And medical sources in al-Jala Hospital Benghazi reported the Arabic television Al Jazeera that the dead are 258 and over 700 injured.

Denounce the massacre of 200 protesters in Libya

The bodies of at least 200 demonstrators killed in recent days by government security forces of Muammar Gaddafi were seen at a hospital in the eastern city of Benghazi, said a doctor who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals. Several witnesses told The Associated Press that groups formed by special commands, foreign mercenaries and supporters of Gaddafi demonstrators on Saturday attacked with knives, assault rifles and heavy weapons.

Portfolio - Tahrir Square celebrated the victory, a week after the fall of Mubarak

Insecure, poor, uneducated goodbye to the "good match"

NEW YORK - "The man with whom you go out today does not look like your father was young, if anything, do you remember the children who do baby-sitter." The sour joke is comedy of a young American, Julie Klausner. Hundreds of thousands of women will recognize in his lament. Klausner's diary (titled "I do not care anything about your rock band") became a bestseller and a symbol of a new phenomenon: the disappearance of the "good party".

Libya aims to fend off Internet protests

Internet services in Libya were cut at a time when growing protests against the country's leader Moammar Gadhafi, according to a U.S. company that monitors network traffic. Arbor Networks, based in Massachusetts, said data collected from 30 ISPs around the world showed that online traffic to and from Libya abruptly disconnected yesterday.

The data also showed partial disruption of service in the early hours of Friday. With the cut to network traffic, the regime attempts to suppress one of the great tools of the Libyan opposition demonstrations were successful in Tunisia and Egypt, with calls for street protests, which led to the fall of leaders.

Crisis in Libya, Qaddafi uses mercenaries Italy and now fears a flood of migrants

Mercenaries paid up to 30 thousand dollars, snipers on rooftops and then gunfire, blood, dead. More than a hundred victims. This is how Colonel Gaddafi exercises its power. Result: the revolt of the people drowning in the blood. All in the silence of the Italian government. "I do not want to disturb him," said Silvio Berlusconi yesterday.

Speaker, however, is also the Minister of Interior, which warns of exodus. The concern of the Interior Ministry, gathered today in Corriere della Sera, is this fact: if the government in Tripoli is unable to contain the protest involving hundreds of thousands of new landings. Roberto Maroni from hours live in fear that Gaddafi would remove controls at ports and along coastlines.

Portfolio - "The World Magazine" In Algeria, the Internet space

Like Tunisia and Egypt, calls for demonstrations in Algiers are supported by Internet and social networks. For "The World Magazine", the photographer Lahcène Abib has turned his sights in cafes in Algiers and at a meeting of young Algerian militants. He saw the same desire for freedom deploy there.

Yellow on Iranian ships in the Suez Canal TV: "already passed" but denies Fars

CAIRO - Two Iranian warships are to transit the Suez Canal directly to Syria. The move, according to officials from the Channel, will take place in the coming hours, but it is yellow: according to Iranian state television Al Alam had already happened. News, however, also denied by the agency Fars, as well as the head of the Canal.

The agency says that the two warships in Tehran "will now" in the Channel and "will arrive tomorrow in the Mediterranean." Immediate reaction of Israel, which has already defined the transition, the first since the Khomeini revolution of 1979, as "a provocation". Concern was expressed by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

Killed in Libya, Bahrain protests, incidents in Algeria

.- The protesters returned to take the place of the Pearl of Bahrain despite the brutal repression, in an eruption of protests against the authoritarian regimes of the Arab countries that left nearly 80 dead in Libya and a dozen in Yemen and Saturday hit Algeria. Thousands of protesters set up tents in the central square in Manama, Bahrain's capital, where they had been expelled Thursday in a police raid that left four dead.

More than 100 dead in Libya, according to the human rights organization Human Rights Watch

The CEFR of deaths in protests in Libya rises above 170 people. It is the latest figure supplied by the human rights organization Human Rights Watch based in New York. The real figure could be higher, and that in accordance with information provided by the organization, this figure is conservative and has been collecting interviews with witnesses and hospital staff.

In contrast, the Libyan Government has not provided any number of wounded or dead, or has made any comments on violence in the country. The British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, said yesterday that it was known that only one hospital had 35 bodies. Quryna, the newspaper's son Seif el Islam Gaddafi's son, has acknowledged 24 dead in Benghazi and killed while trying to attack police stations and barracks.

Middle East crisis, the U.S. look to Bahrain. The strategy is an attack on Iran

It 's a difficult obstacle course that the administration of Barack Obama is following in those hours. The riots in the Middle East into question decades of American foreign policy and open scenarios currently not easily predictable. "The United States condemns the use of violence by governments against peaceful protesters," said Obama, while protests, accidents, deaths take to the streets of Libya, Yemen, Bahrain.

Day "of hate and anger" against the opposition in Iran

Thousands of supporters of the regime in Iran gathered at Tehran University for Friday prayers, shouting "Death to Mousavi, Karoubi death", before a big event "of hate and anger" against the two leaders reformist opposition: Mehdi Karoubi, former head of Parliament, and Mir Hossein Mousavi, former Prime Minister.

Ayatollah Ahmad Janati, who delivered the sermon before the prayer, said that justice was put under house arrest two opponents closer. "Their lives came to an end. Some say they should be hanged. But they are already hung [politically, in the eyes of the population, note], they have no more reputation.

London, the skyscraper in the Italian Renaissance is the tallest tower in Europe

LONDON - The visible from almost every corner of the city. But for now he is naked, incomplete and not yet fully grown. When it is finished, in 2012, will become the tallest building in London and across Europe: 310 meters, 87 floors, a cone of light, entirely covered with glass panels, which will shine on the biggest metropolis of the continent.

A project was an Italian architect, Renzo Piano, whose works adorn half the world, from the Pompidou museum in Paris to the new home of the New York Times in the Big Apple, winner of the Pritzker Prize, the Nobel of architecture, which now puts his also signed the top, so to speak, to the British capital.

One killed in Yemen clashes between protesters and government supporters

.- At least one person was killed and several wounded by gunfire from a group of Yemeni government supporters against opposition activists a manifestation of the regime in Sana'a University, as reported by several witnesses. A group of 300 pro-government demonstrators attacked with stones and then with firearms to a thousand people were concentrated at the gates of the University of Sana'a to demand political reform.

Morocco live tomorrow its first day of protests

Morocco waits expectantly .- morning holding the first call for protests in major cities after the outbreak of revolts in Arab countries, on a day that organizers have dubbed Day of Dignity. While political parties and the media almost unanimously sent the message that the Moroccan case is different from other Arab countries, the young organizers of the protest through Facebook, the Movement February 20, insist that their country needs now "a democratic constitution." Until now, the internet has been the main battleground between supporters of a profound constitutional reform and those advocating a monarchy executive, as the present, while alert to the risks of instability.

"Freedom, dignity and justice", the cry of the demonstrators in Morocco

Thousands of people have started to meet in Casablanca and Rabat with the intention to launch a peaceful demonstration for political reforms and a limitation on the powers of the king. In Casablanca, the demonstrators chanted "Freedom, Dignity and Justice" as well as "less power to the monarchy", "The king should reign and not rule" and "the people want a new constitution," reports AFP.

In Rabat, the capital, about four thousand people gather in the plaza Bad Alhad at the gates of the Medina. Shouted the slogans that are similar to those in Casablanca, in French and Arabic. The atmosphere is relaxed and concentration, in which symbols are not Islamists, social classes are mixed but mostly people are middle class families with children and young people.

Gaddafi cuts Facebook and Twitter

In several Arab countries again thousands against the ruling regime have demonstrated. In Libya's Gaddafi defends rulers particularly brutal: Security forces shoot allegedly targeted in a crowd. The dictator also makes it difficult to access the Internet. In Libya, it was in the coastal city of Benghazi on Saturday again to bloody clashes between opponents of the leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, and police and military organizations.