Monday, August 29, 2011

Syria: Arab League condemned the "unnecessary force against legitimate claims"

The Arab League moves against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Before the condemnation of the violence, which occurred at the beginning of an extraordinary ministerial meeting of the organization, then the announcement of the Secretary's trip to Damascus to present the Arab initiative to close the Arab crisis.

"The use of force is useless," said Al Arabi in the opening of the meeting, in front of the "revolutions" and "uprising" which "demand radical changes" claims with "legitimate". "We have to react positively - still the head of the Arab League's 22 countries - to the demands of Arab youth," he said in Cairo.

"The rapid implementation of reform projects," added al-Arabi, is an effective means to prevent "foreign intervention". After the meeting, Al Arabi has said - via a press release - which will travel to Syria to get an end to the repression of the protests will be an "urgent mission" in which Al Arab will be the bearer of "an Arab initiative to resolve the crisis "in Syria.

The Arab League countries are appealing to finish "bloodshed" in Syria, is "followed the path of reason before it's too late" and is respected the right of the Syrian people to "political and social reforms." Expressing "grave concern at these developments occurred on the Syrian scene that caused thousands of deaths and injuries," the organization states that it considered crucial for the stability of Syria, the Arab world and the region.

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