Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gabrielle Giffords, Democratic moderation was done in the "black list" of Sarah Palin

TUCSON - He's just 40 years Gabrielle Giffords, a Democrat from Arizona. Among the battles of his political life, the struggle is to raise funds to stem cell research and renewable energy. E 'involved in politics for the Democratic Party since 2003, when he was elected to the Senate, Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona is known as a "rising star" by the website Politico.

with all dedicated to Washington politics. Mother of two children, is in his third term. It 's the third woman in the history of the State of Arizona to win a bench in the Congress. Giffords is considered a "centrist." He wants to increase the minimum wage, is engaged on issues of immigration, supporting integration programs for migrants and for the legalization of illegal immigrants, but also the strengthening of the country's borders.

Tucson man shoots and makes a killing deputy dies, killed another 6 people

TUCSON (ARIZONA) - It started to shoot wildly, killing six people and seriously injured, Gabrielle Giffords, 40, Member of the U.S. Congress. A stranger has made a killing in Tucson, Arizona, during a public initiative which was participating in the parliament, reached the head by a shot fired at close range.

There are also many wounded. According to some American media people affected, including victims and injured, would be fifteen. Even a child would be killed. PHOTOS: GABRIELLE Giffords One witness, a man who works in a shop near the site of the shooting, said he heard between 15 and 20 shots.

An American member killed in a shootout

A U.S. House and six others were killed Saturday, Jan. 8 in Arizona by a gunman who opened fire during a rally, according to the U.S. public radio. Gabrielle Giffords was killed by a bullet in the head while she was on a public outing, reports NPR. A gunman emerged and fired at it in all directions, hitting a dozen other people outside a grocery store in Tucson near the Mexican border, add Fox News and NPR.

Westerwelle Odyssey in Pakistan: "Yes, this is Guido again"

When Guido Westerwelle after about eight hours flight time from Berlin in his spacious VIP cabin of Air Force jets "Theodor Heuss" woke up, no good news waited for the German foreign minister. Place to land as scheduled in the Pakistani capital Islamabad, told him the captain Klaus Peter Wegener, Airbus had to dodge some 400 kilometers away Lah.

On the basis of spontaneous schedule change could also Guido Westerwelle and his staff change anything. Since the days of dense fog plagued Islamabad. In the morning the visibility was at the airport with only about ten meters. For a safe landing, no matter by whom, but need good air traffic controller 800 meters visibility - as well as helping the VIP status of a minister nothing.

Killed the two French hostages kidnapped on Friday by Al Qaeda cells

Niamey - were killed two French hostages kidnapped in Niger on Friday night and held hostage near the border with Mali. According to what the security forces of Niamey the two French nationals were kidnapped last night in the capital of Niger, by armed men with their faces covered with a turban at a restaurant in the city center.

The seizure took place in the restaurant Le Toulousain in the residential district of Plateau, in Niamey. An employee of the restaurant said that two armed men broke into the restaurant full of customers and forced the French to follow them, taking them away with a jeep with license plate of Benin, where there were other gunmen.

U.S., Congress Parliamentary Assembly of the head wound in gunshots

A Member of Congress was shot and wounded by fire in Arizona. This is the Democratic Gabrielle Giffords. The woman, known for his pro-abortion positions and against the arms trade, was hit in the head. The site reports the Huffington Post. The incident occurred in front of a business in Tucson. Other people were injured in the shooting.

The bomber was arrested.

Wikileaks and the U.S. war information

The U.S. Department of Justice has ordered Twitter to provide all data and information in its possession in relation to a number of accounts belonging to Julian Assange, Birgitta Jonsdottir (Icelandic parliamentary promoter of the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative), Bradley Manning ( The soldier accused of having communicated the information to Wikileaks stolen from the archives of the Pentagon) and other activists from Wikileaks.

Southern Sudan: the equation for multiple unknown

Haunted by two civil wars (1955-1972, 1983-2005), the semi-autonomous South Sudan's decision on his future, Sunday, Jan. 9, in favor of a referendum on self-history. Cornerstone of the comprehensive peace agreement signed in Kenya in January 2005, the referendum would lead to a split of the country between the North, the Arab-Muslim, and South, mostly Christian and animist.

That prospect does raise some questions. Overview of potential points of contention with Marc Lavergne, director of the geo-political and CEDEJ (Center for Economic Studies and documentation, legal and social, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and French CNRS). A random citizen border with blurred boundaries of the fate of another thorny issue arises: that the status accorded to some 2.5 million southern Sudanese currently living in the North.

The U.S. ordered to MySpace "Give us information about Assange"

WASHINGTON - Twitter to reach Assange. And 'this is the path chosen by the U.S. Department of Justice has obtained an injunction from the Federal Court of Virginia for the Colossus of San Francisco to provide personal information, e-mail and private messages of some utilities related to the profile of Wikileaks, including that of its founder in Australia.

The court's decision to provide U.S. forces with Twitter to the Justice Department in Washington over the "names, user names, email addresses, home addresses of users, even data on the military Bradley Manning, in jail on suspicion of have provided confidential information to the site. In the order sent to Twitter on 14 December and published by the Agency France Presse, the Court stated as applicant, "the United States of America:" The Court considers that the applicant has offered specific, detailed facts showing that there are reasonable grounds to believe that the data requested is relevant to ongoing criminal investigation, "the report said.

Al Qaeda kidnaps two French in Tangier

Never the North African branch of Al Qaeda (AQIM) had been in possession of so many Western restructuring nor had dared to perpetrate a kidnapping in the center of an African capital as it did on Friday night in Niamey (Niger) . Shortly after ten in the evening, two men of "white skin", with turbans and speaking Arabic among them barged into the restaurant Le Toulousain, according to the correspondent of the French public broadcaster Radio France Internationale.

Tunisia: A second man himself on fire at Sidi Bouzid

A new hawker set himself on fire Saturday, January 8, Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia. Aged 50, Moncef Ben K., a married father, was doused with petrol while the market was held in the city. He was taken by ambulance and his condition is considered serious. At the same location in Sidi Bouzid, agricultural capital in the heart of Tunisia, a seller of fruits and vegetables, Mohamed Bouazizi, 26, was slain by fire on December 17 before dying on January 4.

15 beheaded corpses in Acapulco another slaughter of drug traffickers

CITY 'OF MEXICO - Fifteen beheaded bodies were found near a shopping mall in Acapulco, famous tourist destination in the Mexican state of Guerrero. The local officials of the security apparatus have made it known that they are "men between 25 and 30 years." The gruesome discovery was made after a telephone call warned of a car on fire.

When they got there on the sidewalk along the shopping center Plaza Senderos, the police discovered 15 corpses, on which the messages were left, and five cars abbandondate. "All heads are in the same place, except that it was a semidetached from the body and in turn had an injury to a gunshot," security sources reported.

A normal day at the front

Holmes calls himself and Defence Forum has set up one of those smilies that are used to design a state of mind: the smiley face that chose whistles and looks away. Maybe this would be enough to understand how the Italian soldiers tell "their" war in Afghanistan: "In the case of the poor dead Alpine - Holmes makes clear - it was an action such as this ...

a normal day on the Afghan front." The smile whistles, below a video showing a group of soldiers in the trenches, machine-gunned to the horizon while downloading enemy. Here, the peacekeeping mission, telling us this is from the buildings here. Wikileaks had told of the "disastrous" campaign by the Americans, the possible "evidence of war crimes," the task force secret, the hypothesis of "double game" conducted by Pakistan.

Fifteen beheaded bodies found in Acapulco

The decapitated bodies of fifteen men were found Saturday, Jan. 8 near a shopping center in the Mexican resort of Acapulco, officials said police in the State of Guerrero (south). This is the worst massacre of its kind in Mexico since August 2008 decapitation of 12 people in the state of Yucatan (east).

"On the sidewalk of the shopping center Plaza Senderos, we found the decapitated bodies of fifteen males, aged between 25 and 30 years," said a police statement. The gruesome discovery came shortly before one o'clock local time. The police were called to a fire, but they found on the scene five abandoned vehicles and fifteen bodies, as well as messages.

The police found the decapitated bodies Mexican 15 in Acapulco

The Mexican police have this morning found the decapitated bodies of 15 men in the city of Acapulco in southern Mexico, as reported by official sources. These are the bodies of men between 25 and 30, were found lying on the sidewalk in front of a shopping center, as reported in a statement the Public Security Secretariat of the State of Guerrero (Acapulco to which it belongs.) The officers had gone to the area because a car had been burned, as noted by the same source.

Romania and Hungary out of Schengen in Europe wins the Franco-German axis

Close the doors to the Schengen Romania and Bulgaria. After the rejection in France and Germany at the entrance of the two countries within the EU area of free movement, expressed in the last days of December, Bucharest and Sofia seems to be no more hope. Despite attempts at mediation in Hungary, the head of the Presidency of the EU, the Franco-German axis seems to have had the upper hand, because to accept a new country within Schengen you need unanimity of the member countries.

Baptists and the stereotypes of engineering in the Loggia

Ernesto Galli Della Loggia has more names than ideas, this time he's had as many as two. Corriere writes that the discrediting of that enjoys Italy, Brazil and France on the food inedible by Battisti case, has a hidden cause insidious. It depends (this is the first idea) by that devil of Franco Frattini, Foreign Minister that "for years without completely abandoned our cultural institutions." Guilt aggravated by a subsequent perfidy: "attention should be absolutely inadequate foreign correspondents in Italy is not providing them with meaningful opportunities for deep knowledge of the country." Task which should contribute not travel agents, but the same Italian intellectuals that "too provincial" is not enough to defend the image of Italy, at least for the love of the Fatherland.

Southernreferendum: "This is about life and death"

All Africa looks at this decision - the Southern Sudan will be a referendum on the state of their own, the Christian inhabitants of hope after decades of oppression at last to freedom. But they risk a lot: a border war, economic chaos and even deeper poverty. Sabri rich two small suitcases and a plastic bag with his previous life complete: The 26-year-old student has put on his best shirt, put the luggage on a Thursday in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, put on a plane.

Pakistan: Fog forces Westerwelle bus tour

Guido Westerwelle Pakistan has started its journey with a bus trip involuntary. Due to dense fog could be no government plane to land in Islamabad, but had to dodge Lah. The rest of the way he has in a hour-long bus ride to travel. Lah - It is a trip with obstacles. Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle arrived on Saturday for a two-day visit to Pakistan.

By thick fog, the government plane but could not land in the capital Islamabad, but had to dodge the 250 kilometers away Lah. After three hours of waiting for a possible flight to Islamabad, the vision was for a landing there but still not good enough. At noon, the fog had thinned so much that you could see 140 meters.

Die Another protester in the riots that shook Algeria

The riots that shook Algeria on Tuesday to have left two policemen dead and 320 wounded, confirmed today the Minister of Interior, Dahou Ould Kabli. On the death of Azzedine Lebza, shot yesterday when he tried to break-ins at the headquarters of the prefecture in Msila, has joined other young today seriously injured in Bousmail, 50 kilometers west of the capital.

Meanwhile, protests continue against the skyrocketing cost of food, reports "has died in hospital, the victim of his wounds", he explained the minister, who has yet to be added to clarify the causes of death. According to media, the victim is a man of 32 years. Although the official count is two dead, the newspaper El Watan talk of a third victim died in hospital in Algiers Mustafa after receiving a gunshot wound Monday afternoon in Ain El Hedjal in Msila.

Haiti still awaiting reconstruction

A year after the earthquake that devastated Haiti, reconstruction has barely begun. Of the disaster that killed nearly 250,000 people, the survivors hoped to see emerge a new country, "refounded" and decentralized, with the 10 billion pledged by the international community. Twelve months later, the population is exhausted and no prospects.

Almost a million are still homeless huddled under tents and tarpaulins in inhumane conditions. Only 5% of the rubble has been cleared, and the capital, Port-au-Prince, is a huge slum. The rapes have increased in the makeshift camps. 2010 will be remembered as the year of Haitians of all evils: the ravages of the earthquake have added a cholera epidemic which has killed over 3600 people, then the violence of an electoral crisis that no one sees the solution.

Former British deputy ends up in jail for expense inflated

Inflated expense accounts while in Parliament, in England, it costs the prison. Thus the former Labour MP David Chaytor was sentenced yesterday to 18 months in prison, after being involved in the scandal in 2009 involved several British politicians to have required repayment is not due. Chaytor, 61, was elected to the seat of Bury North, Manchester.

First to be convicted of the inflated costs, the former MP had submitted false bills to the House to receive refunds of public money for more than 18 thousand pounds (more than 21 thousand euro). Among other things, Chaytor had obtained between 2005 and 2006, 12 000 pounds for the cost of renting an apartment in the heart of Westminster, in Regency Street, claiming to pay 1,175 pounds per month to a certain Elizabeth Sarah Rastrick.

Battles high prices, the second demonstrator died minister: "More important agents wounded"

ALGIERS - It 's very high and will increase the tension in Algeria to protest against rising prices of food staples, which began last Tuesday and it literally exploded yesterday in a country where the population, according to data from the International Monetary Fund, is to 75% less than 30 years and 20% of young people are unemployed.

After the first victim of events, an eighteen year old killed by a bullet exploded in Ain Lahdjel by an agent in the region of M'Sila, 300 kilometers southeast of Algiers, El Watan writes as online, a second young man deceased in the same locality as a result of gunshot wounds reported yesterday afternoon.

Controversy over the circumstances of the death of a Palestinian in Ramallah

Correspondent Jerusalem - In this dark and tragic history, there is only one certainty: Jawaher Abu Rahma, a Palestinian 36 years, died Saturday, January 1, to the hospital in Ramallah. The circumstances of his death give rise to a growing debate in Israel, combining the activists of the movement against the "security fence" (the "wall" of separation) which cuts the West Bank, an Israeli press often very partisan, and responsible for the Army ready to exploit a truth that suits them.

Back in Iraq, Moqtada Al-Sadr calls for "resistance by all means"

The radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr called on his followers to "resist by armed resistance and by all means" to U.S. forces during a speech Saturday, January 8, before nearly 20,000 supporters in the holy city of Najaf. It is his first public speaking since his return to Iraq of a self-imposed exile of four years.

At the same time, al-Sadr urged his followers not to attack the Iraqis and called for unity. "Our arms will not receive any Iraqi. We will target only the occupation by all means of resistance. We are one people and we do not agree with the groups responsible for murder," he added. "It takes forever to turn the page of conflict between brothers, and live in peace and security," he said, making the crowd back to the slogans "Yes, Yes to Iraq", "Yes, yes to peace "and" No, no to America "," No, no to Israel.

Mqtada the NDSS, chi symbol of resistance, he returned to Iraq and calling for an end to the occupation of the country

The radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr today called the new Iraqi government to "look for the exit of the occupier", in reference to the U.S., but not necessarily by force of arms. In his first public speech since his return this week after several years of self-imposed exile in Iran, Sadr has called on his followers to give an opportunity for the new government led by Shiite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

Iran, Salehi: "Ready to produce nuclear fuel"

TEHRAN - Iran is capable of producing only the fuel rods to power the reactor of its nuclear program. He said the minister for nuclear energy and the interim foreign minister of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi, contradicting the belief of the West that Iran does not possess the technology to produce fuel rods.

"At the plant (nuclear) of Isfahan have built a unit to manufacture the fuel rods," Salehi said in an interview with Fars news agency. "With this unit in Isfahan are among the few countries that have the capability to manufacture fuel rods."

Letters from the front

To painful disputes between the Minister of Defense Ignazio La Russa and general Camporini, so sadly typical of today's Italy, I like humanity, sensitivity and depth of the letter that Matthew Miotto, the Alpine killed in combat in Afghanistan , wrote a couple of months ago after the death of four of his comrades.

A letter that seems to come from a distant world, ancient, a "race Piave" that even existed - and in the hearts and minds of Matthew yet exist - replaced by La Russa and everything that means La Russa. In the letter, devoid of all rhetoric, all of this young man's Venetian pride in their roots and the pride of belonging to the body of the mountain, but there is also awareness that the same pride, the same pride in their roots, their traditions, their way of being, living and dying, also belongs to the enemy of Afghanistan, the Taliban enemy.

The turning point for San Francisco mayor, a Chinese in Silicon Valley

SAN FRANCISCO - After the relocation of its factories, California relies on "Made in China" where you least expect it: in the government of his city. San Francisco and Oakland Chinese choose two as mayor. The news has reached us and while Lee was at the airport in Hong Kong, ready to board the flight for a short holiday in the spa of Yangmingshan.

It is the land of his ancestors that Lee was able to be part of history. China will be the first mayor of San Francisco. The first Asian to administer one of the largest cities in the United States. The story of Lee, 58, son of immigrants who landed on the West Coast to escape hunger, crown the rise of the Chinese of America: demographic, economic, political.

Malta, a group of victims wrote to Pope "Here the Church is protecting pedophile priests"

LONDON - The letter written in Italian have pidgin, contaminated from English, which still is spoken in Malta. But the message addressed to the Pope, is clear: "We find ourselves very disappointed because these priests today still roam the streets dressed as priests." The victims of abuse with which Benedict XVI prayed in April during his pastoral visit to the archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean relate to perpetrators of violence: in spite of the apologies and tears of Ratzinger, the men are still in place.

United States, the start of rough Republicans

Correspondent Washington - After starting with a bang, the Republicans have had some disappointments from their first days in the majority. The solemn reading of the Constitution, the flagship event of the week in the House of Representatives, has turned into a farce. The Republicans chose not the original version of 1787 but a text stripped of its most embarrassing passages.

None has been elected him to remember that the Founding Fathers gave the slaves a performance worth 3 / 5 th of one person only. The reading took 1 hour 23 minutes to span more and more empty. A tedious ceremony, each speaker is introduced by the emcee, Republican Robert Goodlatte: "I defer to the gentleman from California" ...

Washington: Cover is in post office up in flames

In a post office in the U.S. capital of Washington is an envelope on fire. It has been but apparently no injuries. On Thursday, Maryland had two similar incidents occurred. Washington - again breed dangerous mail in the U.S. for attention. In a post office in the U.S. capital of Washington on Friday an envelope is gone up in flames.

The incident was currently classified as "inflammatory, not as an explosion," a police spokesman said the news agency. Possibly even two envelopes had ignited. The post office was evacuated and police bomb experts were on site. There was no evidence of injuries. On Thursday, in two office buildings in the U.S.

Two sesma shake southern Irn

Two medium-intensity earthquakes have caused even today an indefinite number of fatalities and considerable property damage in the province of Fars in southern Iran, state television said, reporting that the two tremors have been felt around four in the morning (around one-thirty in the morning in mainland Spain), and marked 5.1 degrees and 5 degrees on the open Richter scale.

Emergency equipment and relief have been sent to the area to assist the population, said the television. These areas of southern and eastern Iran have been the scene during the last days of high seismic activity with earthquakes in the cities of Zahedan, Bam, Jash and Iranshahr. Last December, seven people were killed in an earthquake in the southern province of Khorasan also, this week while 16 others were injured and several villages destroyed in the province of Fars.

Gas, contracts and new investments when his friend Silvio Sdogati dictator

"Happy birthday to her and to his people that he loves her, as the election results that are before the eyes of all and we all appreciate." Words of Silvio Berlusconi, a little over a year ago, in November 2009, during an official visit to Belarus. Even then, had sparked controversy as politicians Pier Ferdinando Casini and Piero Fassino, and today they sound even more jarring.

It had been an opening of the West do not agree with the other leaders of Europe's last dictator, Aleksandr Lukashenko has defined as the U.S. State Department. A tyrant who denies human rights and freedom of the press and have been trying to juggle the best showing opening hours on issues dear to the West, now riavvicinadosi to Russia of Vladimir Putin.

Iraq, al-Sadr back: "Get the U.S."

The Iraqi Shiite radical leader Moqtada al-Sadr in a speech, the first after the exile, in the holy city of Najaf declared that "we say no to America" and incited the crowd by saying "we are still fighting." Sadr, who has returned to Iraq a few days ago after three years of self-imposed exile in Iran, in his first speech in public in Iraq urged his followers to "resist" the "American occupation" in a "peaceful" and all other occupants of the country.

South Sudn faces a historic challenge

Since we all are. Reporters, television, observers, peacekeepers, George Clooney, diplomats, experts in national referenda .... and of course, the people of Southern Sudan will vote tomorrow in a historic referendum if it wants to separate the north and become the country number 54 in Africa. In Juba, the capital of this region enjoyed autonomy since 2005 does not fit anyone else.

Find a hotel room has become more than difficult. The area authorities have been overwhelmed and do not always act quickly and effectively. One can feel lucky if half of the information it collects your visa (age, height, passport number, etc ...) is correct. At this point, we can say that the referendum itself is a miracle.

Moqtada al-Sadr is back, "the American Way" But open government "if it serves the people"

NAJAF - Moqtada al-Sadr took to the holy city of Najaf, 160 km south of Baghdad, his first speech after the exile. Speaking to thousands of people gathered outside his home, the radical Iraqi Shiite leader called to say "no to America" and urged the resistance: "We are still fighting." To his followers, the 37 year-old religious leader has asked to give a chance to the new Iraqi government to Nouri al-Maliki.

China will open a new diplomatically in Europe

The European tour that the Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang, began Tuesday in Spain, with stops in Germany and the UK, has shown interest in the largest economy by strengthening its already good relations with the continent. Beijing has come with the book open but also demands the bag. The trip comes at a sensitive time, with Europe hurt by the crisis, the euro markets punished and scrambled.

Two French kidnapped in Niger

Two French nationals have been abducted in the city of Niamey in Niger, Friday, January 7, by two individuals described as "armed and wearing turbans," witnesses said. The two French nationals were at Le Toulousain in the center of the capital, when kidnappers broke and forced to follow, said a staff member at the agency.

"When they entered, they fell on both French and they shouted: 'You and you, follow us." In the rush, one of the attackers lost his turban. When they came out with two French, I took my car, I have hunted for about a mile, but as they spun at high speed and all lights out, I could not catch them, "said one customer in the restaurant at this time of facts .

The ombudsman for Mexico reveals mass kidnapping of migrants

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) is planning to publish a report in the coming weeks which will reveal the deep rough of what could be one of the least documented humanitarian tragedies of the century: the abduction on Mexican soil than 20,000 migrants American per year. Raul Plascencia Villanueva, president of the National Human Rights Commission said Thursday that his office has documented from April to September after a collective total of 214 kidnappings.

So Paulo, Brazil's largest city under water

They are biblical images of flood, which is on tonight the televisions in the city of Sao Paulo, with 22 million inhabitants of the three largest cities in the world. Show a city literally under water, with water reaching the windows of cars and detained hundreds of motorists, some uploads to the top for help with your arms.

Have been totally flattered 33 areas of the city, according to the Traffic Engineering Company. It is the main result of the overflow of the river to the height Arincaduva avenues Itaquera Aricanduva and after heavy rainfall since this afternoon have plagued the city. The important Cogonhas airport, which makes the shuttle between Rio and Sao Paulo, has been closed to air traffic.