Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gunfire in Abidjan after protests from women

Unasur .- The permanent seat of UNASUR will be named Nestor Kirchner

QUITO, 9 Mar. The permanent headquarters of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), to be built in Ecuador, will be named after its first secretary general, former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner, who died of a heart attack last October. Unasur foreign ministers meet next Friday, March 11, in the municipality of Equator, north of Quito, celebrating the birth of the regional body corporate and lay the foundation stone of the building will be completed in 2012, according to informed the Foreign Ministry of Ecuador in a statement.

USA: Republicans are questioning the student vote

In the State of New Hampshire, Republicans want to limit opportunities for students to vote in the city where they reside. Democrats denounced the measure opportunist while the 2012 presidential elections are approaching.

"Clearly he's not going well"

U.S. confidential diplomatic reports, released by Wikileaks and reviewed by Le Monde, show that in spring 2009, the U.S. embassy in Tripoli has sought information on the health of Colonel Gaddafi, then aged 67: " The exact nature of its ills is not confirmed, but it is clearly not going well. " Everyone had noticed he was climbing stairs difficult, and that his face was less mobile.

It also said it was long naps, and that his schedule had been reduced. Through their network of informants, including doctors and Libyan businessmen in Europe, the Americans come to the conclusion that the persistent rumors of a prostate cancer or throat are unfounded. However, it seems clear that the colonel was hypertensive and "quasi-diabetic." It is especially hypochondriac: he filmed all his medical exams and then invite other physicians to view images to give their opinions on their colleagues.

A reputation to maintain

La Dolce Vita, the largest exhibition of Italian products in the UK, will take 11 to 13 March, the Italian gastronomic traditions at the Business Design Centre in Islington (north-central district of London), trying to revive the image of ' Italy and to forget the scandals involving the prime minister.

In London the party's red-light Arcore are still among the hottest topics in pubs, bars or out of the office during lunch, but at the same time, a taboo for those who work with Italian companies. Gemma Bell and Charlie Gardiner, press officer and responsible for sponsorship of Single Market, the company organizing events that takes care of the fair along with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in London, after agreeing to an interview on the event, have literally gone to the time to answer the question whether the political scandals have had an impact sull'appeal of Italian brands in Britain.

The "vigilance rotating" new mode of action of the Chinese Internet

Beijing correspondent - The phrase spread like wildfire on the Chinese Internet "weiguan" which translates as "rotating vigilance" is the new slogan-Chinese Internet activists. This is not only to report a violation of laws by the authorities - the transmitting and distributing it immediately or Weibo on Twitter, the micro-blogging service in China.

But also and above all, act: by going to court where a trial takes place, rushing to the scene of an arrest or a forced demolition, Chinese Internet users are organized in the real world. This cooperative mode of protest, now known to the authorities, is effective despite the censorship, which is struggling to lock in real time the new tools of information transmission.

Obama appointing a minister and ambassador Chinese Peking

The commerce secretary, Gary Locke, whose grandfather came from China a century ago to work as a domestic servant in the State of Washington, will now return to their country of origin as new U.S. ambassador. As explained by President Barack Obama to announce his appointment today, Locke will be one of the missions of greater responsibility than it currently play in the U.S.

administration, to develop diplomatic relations "of decisive influence in the XXI century." If his appointment is ratified by the Senate, Locke will replace Jon Huntsman, who recently resigned that post in order to pursue his campaign as Republican candidate for U.S. presidency. Locke is the first American of Chinese descent who is elected to the embassy in Beijing, which represents a double challenge as it will have to defend the interests of his country of birth from the knowledge and staff can feel loyalty to their community origin.

The oil of Saudi Arabia will be enough?

The largest of the elephants, the one who made history, and is called Ghawar is dying in Saudi Arabia. The "elephants", in oil parlance, are the deposits of over one billion barrels of proven reserves and recoverable: Ghawar, the king, it has about 80 billion. A monster that continuously provides energy to the world since 1951.

Ghawar is in its final years. It reached the maximum daily production in 2005 and is now subject to a decline of 8% per annum. Like all true greats of the Earth, its agony is long and will not be painless. Ghawar has seen the country change so much around him, in the 60 years of his life, a country that is inextricably linked and that has been transformed thanks to oil.

The ouster of Muhammad Yunus of Grameen Bank confirmed

The Supreme Court of Bangladesh has confirmed, Tuesday, March 8, the validity of the decree issued by the central bank to force Muhammad Yunus to leave the direction of the micro-credit bank he founded. Winner of the Nobel Peace in 2006 for his activities as head of the Grameen Bank, Muhammad Yunus has been removed from the management of his bank because he had exceeded the age of retirement at age 60.

World powers call for dialogue on Iran nuclear program

World powers told Iran that "the door remains open" for dialogue over its disputed nuclear program and that Tehran must cooperate with the UN watchdog to dispel suspicions that could have military purposes. The six powers issued a rare joint statement at a meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA for its acronym in English), in an attempt to show unity and increase pressure on Iran after talks in December and January did not generate progress.

Germany appear at the trials of Argentina's dictatorship

A lawyer representing the Federal Republic of Germany will, in late March, his argument in one of the trials for human rights violations during the last dictatorship in Argentina (1976-1983). Germany asked for the conviction of those responsible for the kidnapping and death of one of its citizens, Elisabeth Käse-mann in 1977.

This is the first European state that has been presented as a plaintiff in lawsuits against officials of the Argentine military regime. In 2000, the Republic of Chile was the first foreign country to participate in a lawsuit by the assassination in Buenos Aires of Gen. Carlos Prats and his wife, Sofia Cuthbert, in 1974, at the hands of the intelligence forces Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990).

Texas becomes mandatory by law ultrasound before an abortion

The federal government of Texas passed a law which would require women considering an abortion in state hospitals and clinics required to undergo an ultrasound before the interruption of pregnancy, despite strong criticism from the opposition who make the law "intrusion government of the worst kind. " In spite of the Women's Day, celebrated yesterday in Italy and abroad with the International Women's Day to remember "the achievements of political, economic and social rights" of women in the world, the new Texas law it raises new questions about the real rights of women in Western democracies.

Around twenty people killed in a bombing in Faisalabad, Pakistan

A bomb set off a devastating series of explosions on Tuesday in a gas station, killing at least 20 dead in Faisalabad, the largest city in central Pakistan. At least 127 others were injured. Several hours later, rescuers were still trying to identify other victims from the rubble. The attack occurred in mid-morning near a tank of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).

The service station was located near buildings occupied by central government departments and "agency sensitive", a term usually referring to the powerful intelligence services. Pakistan is experiencing an unprecedented wave of attacks (over 450), mostly perpetrated by suicide bombers Taliban allied with al-Qaida that has claimed more than 4,000 dead in three and a half years.

Gadhafi plane lands in Egypt

A plane carrying an envoy of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi landed in Cairo with a message for the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, ruler in Egypt and the Arab League, official sources confirmed. The plane, a Falcon Airlines 900, from Tripoli, landed at Cairo airport with the head of the Supply and Logistics Authority of Libya, with Maj.

Gen. Abdel Rahman Ben Ali al-Sayyid al-Zawya board. Airport authorities reported that the military was met by a representative of the Libyan embassy in Egypt and that their mission is to deliver a message to Gadhafi the transitional government and the Egyptian head of the Arab League (AL) Amr Moussa, said the chain Al Jazeera.

"Chile wants to become the first developed country Latinoamrica"

It happens everywhere. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile, Alfredo Moreno, recognizes that it is very common for asking follow him wherever he goes by the chilling case of miners trapped 700 feet deep and rescued last October, to the astonishment of the world Whole glued to the television. Almost is an active foreign policy in Chile.

Moreno (Santiago de Chile, 53) accompanies the President Sebastian Pinera in a three-day trip to Spain where a slogan repeated over and over, who are convinced we can achieve figures of the OECD Development a decade. Question. Given the custom of the Spanish prime minister to postpone travel to Latin America in the last year, will be returning from this visit? Response.

The "strange" case of five Cuban

Over the years, the terrorist attacks against Cuba have produced more than two thousand dead, an unknown number of maimed for life and considerable material damage. Confess responsible for the attacks, people like Bosch and Posada Carriles, who operate from the territory of the United States, based in Miami, the historic capital of emigration anti-Castro.

Victims Cuban citizens, as the entire women's fencing team, perished in the attack on a Cubana de Aviacción in 1976, together with the crew and other passengers, but also foreigners, such as Italian Fabio Di Celmo, killed by a bomb exploded in the hotel bar where he was, in 1996. To prevent these terrorist operations, the Cuban government has infiltrated the organizations that put in place, obtaining important information that allowed, among other things, to prevent further massacres.

Iran: Rafsanjani stepped down as chairman of the Assembly of Experts

Former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani lost on Tuesday, a key post within the government, ceding the presidency of the Assembly of Experts Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Mahdavi Kani, a religious conservative. This Assembly, which has 86 members, is responsible for appointing, monitoring and eventually dismiss the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Moderate conservative and former president of the Islamic Republic (1989-1997), Rafsanjani had announced before the election to appoint a new president of this institution for two years he would not run if nominated Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Mahdavi Kani. Mahdavi Kani, religious conservative who was prime minister for a year shortly after the Islamic revolution in 1979, aged 80.

Clashes between Christians and Muslims at least ten dead in Cairo

CAIRO - At least ten people were killed and 110 were injured in clashes between Coptic Christians and Muslims occurred in Salafi Moqqatam night in the district of Cairo. The death toll was announced by the Ministry of Health. Formerly a priest had spoken of six deaths among the Copts. THE VIDEO The incidents erupted after three days in protest of the Copts to the burning of their church took place last Friday at Atfih, south of Cairo.

Gaddafi forces round up rebels in Zauiya

The Libyan Army punishment on the strategic town of Zauiya, 50 km west of Tripoli, has continued on Wednesday with new bombings against rebels holed up inside. The fighting has forced the closing this morning one of the largest refineries in the country, according to sources cited by the oil complex.

"Heavy weapons have been fired in the vicinity and can not continue working under the current circumstances," said an official. Zauiya refinery is the main supplier of gasoline for cars in Libya, and can produce up to 120,000 barrels a day. The plant has been operating the last two weeks at 70% capacity.

Egypt, clashes between Christians and Muslims 10 ten dead and 110 injured

And 'the budget rose to 10 dead in clashes that took place yesterday evening in Cairo between Coptic Christians and Muslims Salafis. This was announced by a government source quoted by the Egyptian satellite television al-Arabiya. The Ministry of Health in Cairo has also know that last night in clashes in the district of Cairo Moqattem also injured 110 people.

The injured, said Sheriff Zamel, head of the emergency department of the Ministry of Health, were admitted to ten hospitals in Cairo, including the Italian and the Anglo-American hospital. Zamel said that shows the injured from gunshot injuries, fractures to the body and bruises on his head.

Obama revived the trial of Guantanamo detainees

The Obama administration has lifted Monday the suspension of new trials of detainees before military tribunals at Guantanamo and put in place a process for continued detention of those who have not been prosecutions. President Barack Obama has ordered the Defense Department to cancel a decree which suspended the introduction of new charges in military courts of the camp.

The president had to suspend new trials in the military prison in early 2009, shortly after taking office. Obama also signed on Monday a decree authorizing the continued detention of some Guantanamo prisoners who have been neither charged nor convicted, or designated for transfer, but are considered a threat to national security USA.

Kamikaze massacres at a funeral at least 34 dead and 45 injured

ISLAMABAD - At least 34 people were killed and 45 wounded when a suicide bomber blew himself up during a funeral in Adezai, about twenty miles from Peshawar in northwest Pakistan. Several survivors have said that the suicide bomber wearing a shawl and was mixed in the crowd. "People had just started to pray when a guy came along and blew himself up," said one of the survivors.

The village scene of the attack is controlled by a pro-government militia (Laskar Aman Committee or the peace) which cooperates with the army's military campaign against the Taliban. About 150 people, mostly members of other anti-Taliban militias in the region, were attending the funeral of the wife of a local commander of the ethnic Pashtuns.

Thirteen dead in clashes between Christians and Muslims in Cairo

At least thirteen young Copts were killed yesterday during a clash between Christians and Muslims recorded in a suburb of Cairo. Health ministry sources quoted by the Egyptian official MENA news agency confirmed the figure, which at first was confused. The fighting, involving more than 1,300 people, began when a group of Coptic Christians blocked a highway south of the city that runs along the neighborhood.

Libya: The Italian Government intends to do what?

The revolution in slippers and a Kalashnikov against Gaddafi is ill in Ras Lanuf, 700 kilometers away from Tripoli and the huge military compound of Colonel. Seen from near the rebels are a bunch of young idealists, military deserters, religious fanatics, criminals in search of booty. There's pretty much everything on the eastern front of this civil war.

The universities, unlike in Cairo or Tunis, crushed by decades of propaganda and maxid of green books, are not points of debate and fail to organize an idea of revolution and was an alternative to the existing one. No ruling class, a few intellectuals, no military coordination: to overthrow the dictator of millions of anger against a Libyan-style dictatorship of Burma - but with the open sewers in the cities, in spite of petrodollars - might not be enough.

Computer graphics - French arms exports in the Maghreb and the Middle East

The main importers of French arms in the region are Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Far behind, we find the Sultanate of Oman, Egypt and Algeria. Between 2003 and 2009, France delivered a total of EUR 72 million of arms to Libya and 67 million euros in Tunisia.

Iran kicked out "shark" Rafsanjani Ahmadinejad is now without opponents

The former president Rafsanjani, the last his most dangerous opponent, leave the scene and Ahmadinejad is increasingly confident since he was brought to the presidency by a brazen electoral fraud in 2009. The government yesterday launched a new attack on the opposition front with a massive deployment of forces in the capital and attacks with tear gas at groups of unarmed demonstrators.

And with the perfidy which distinguishes the sites has forced the opposition to deny that the movement's leaders, and Karrubi Moussavi, of which there is no news since 14 February, had been taken from their home and moved to a secret location. Probably have now been brought home, but continue to be unreachable.

Aircraft left Libya Gadhafi

Three private planes owned by the family of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi took off from a military airport bound for European cities Tripoli and Cairo, without knowing who travel in these aircraft. The aircraft, with capacity for between six and eight passengers took off from Tripoli to Vienna, Athens and Cairo, were detected by the air control of Malta, said the Qatari news network Al Jazeera.

2010 was the year with the largest number of Afghan civilian deaths

The year 2010 has been the most deadly for Afghan civilians in nine years of war between the Taliban and international and national forces in Afghanistan, with more than 2,777 dead, three quarters of which came under fire from insurgents, according to UN announced today. The figure represents an increase of 15% over the previous year, as announced today by the international body, which urges greater protection for this group.

Those weapons of Gaddafi to Padania ...

When you say the coincidences ... Last night, happy and cold, after passing through the streets of the city full of angry women, but full of longing for freedom, I came home, I started to work for some time I will: find out what happened in our country and if someone really on the eve of the massacres of 1992-93 would balkanize Italy, ie unpack our country into small states, making us go back to the time of the Bourbons and the Grand Dukes.

New deadly clashes between Mexican gangs

Eighteen people died on Monday during a shootout between rival armed groups in a locality in the state of Tamaulipas, which borders the United States and shaken by a wave of violence due to drug trafficking, says the regional government on its website. On Monday morning, "a confrontation took place between criminal groups in the Municipality of Abasolo, who has eighteen dead," regional government said in a statement.

Gaddafi, the Arab enemy of all Arabs against him, from the Gulf to Egypt

BEIRUT - not a shred of formal solidarity. Not a word of support from other dictator, presidents, kings and sultans with eyes that look indifferent, if not complacent, the inexorable fall of the Colonel. Indeed, in fact, already there are opinions in favor of a no-fly zone on Libya which would be a military target.

And they are opinions that weigh, like that of the President of the Conference of Islamic countries, the turkish Ekemelledin Ihsanoglu, or that of the versatile secretary of the Arab League, Egypt's Amr Mussa. So a question arises: why is it Muammar Gaddafi on his stomach to his own "brother" Arabs and Muslims? "That true Arab hatred Gaddafi is an old story," he recalled Saad Kiwanis, journalist and director of the Foundation "Samir Kassir, in Beirut.

Suicide attack in Pakistan leaves 36 dead

A suicide bomber triggered his explosive charge in a funeral attended by anti-Taliban militants in northwestern Pakistan, killing at least 36 mourners and wounded more than a hundred, said police and hospital officials. The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. The explosion took place in the city of Peshawar, not far from the tribal regions along the border with Afghanistan, considered a stronghold of Taliban militants and al Qaida.

A suicide bomber caused dozens of deaths at a funeral in Pakistan

A suicide bomber has killed more than thirty people dead and dozens injured in the Pakistani city of Peshawar (north) to detonate his charge to a passing funeral procession in the latest in a series of Islamist attacks trying to destabilize the government. The attack was aimed at members of a peace committee, a militia formed outside the security forces to fight Taliban insurgents, who attended the funeral of the wife of a pro-government tribal leader.

Gaddafi: "If it passes no-fly zone to take up arms." Rais aircraft to Vienna and Athens

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in Rais The flight into Egypt. And 'This is the latest news circulated and denied the Libyan crisis. Satellite television stations have reported that Gaddafi's plane would fly over Greece and Egypt this morning, but further confirmation from the plane was only an emissary to bring the Colonel to Cairo.

According to Al-Jazeera's in-flight aircraft Rais would even three, respectively, direct to Vienna, Athens and Cairo. Other sources report instead of all three aircraft would be directed in the Egyptian capital, while the contacts were confirmed entertained during the week between Prime Minister Papandreou and greek Libyan colonel.

The story of the day Tuesday

The possibility of a no-fly zone over Libya is still debate, while French and British are working on a draft UN resolution on this subject. Information on possible negotiation offer from the camp to prepare Gaddafi his departure are difficult to verify. Tuesday morning, the Libyan authorities have denied having made such a proposal to the insurgents.

Oil prices continue to be affected by disturbances and east of the country is threatened by a shortage of fuel due to the shutdown of refineries in the region. OPEC meets to decide whether to increase production. The city of Ras Lanuf oil this morning is still in the hands of insurgents, after having resisted the loyalist forces Monday.

Egypt, Muslim-Christian clashes in the capital killed a woman Coptic

CAIRO - More blood in Cairo because of religious tensions. A Coptic woman was killed in the violent clashes between Christians and Muslims erupted in Cairo tonight after three days of protests by Coptic for the burning of the church on Friday to Atfih. Hospital sources say that the victim is a woman.

Tension is very high. The scuffles broke out tonight in the poor neighborhood, a predominantly Christian, Moqattam, where there was the dead man, after thousands of Coptic demonstrators gathered for the third consecutive day in the forecourt of the public broadcasting, while a group of Muslims staged a protest in the government offices, pulling the ball back in case of a young Christian, married to a Coptic religious, which would disappear after he converted to Islam.

Students in Yemen attacked by police

Earthquake shakes northern Japan

.- A strong with a preliminary magnitude of 7.2 struck the coast on Wednesday northeast, the Meteorological Agency of Japan, but so far no reports of damage from the quake. A tsunami warning was issued to 50 feet to the northeast of Japan after the earthquake occurred about 11.45 am local time Wednesday (0245 GMT), according to the JMA (acronym in English).

"First I felt a jolt coming from below, after a strong tremor from side to side, which lasted about 20 seconds, "said Yoshiyuki Sato, an official in Kurihara city in Miyagi prefecture, about 300 kilometers from Tokyo." The quake was relatively strong, but things fell off shelves in the building of city government.

The Libyan regime by rebels in two towns

The rebels against the regime of Moammar Gadhafi is on the brink of losing control of the strategic town of Zauiya, in western Libya. The dictator's troops backed by tanks and artillery fire, rushed to the assault of the world famous oil just 50 miles from Tripoli, under rebel control since the start of the riots and that takes a week under siege continued Army according to witnesses quoted by Reuters and the Qatari Al-Jazeera.

Argentina .- Argentina would meet in June with the Paris Club to negotiate debt

BUENOS AIRES, Mar. 9 (Reuters) - Argentina could meet in June with members of the Paris Club to negotiate a debt of close to 9,000 million dollars (6.484 million euros), announced on Tuesday Minister of Economy, Amado Boudou. Argentina, which carries the debt from default monumental announced in 2002, is seeking an agreement to have easier access to international credit markets, but negotiations have been protracted over the years.

Sarkozy's outbursts

In the West, and notably in developed Europe, and now reigns almost genetic conviction that in the former colonized world all instances of power play in lower leagues. The last case in which a First World country, France, the cradle of human rights, claiming preferential treatment to a less physically-the Mexico advance, and fully democratic, mixed with the hyperactive president, Nicolas Sarkozy , whose eagerness to be everywhere, marinated in this case probably electoral concern has been the cause of a diplomatic fiasco.

Dispute with EU: Hungary changed controversial media law

The Hungarian parliament has amended its heavily criticized media law - but only in part. Opponents of the corrections go far enough. Budapest - Reform of the Reform: After massive criticism from the European Union, the Hungarian Parliament approved on Monday evening changes to the controversial media law.

The law was amended in the disputed points of the EU, these mainly concern the foreign media provider, certain Internet services, and the order of the "balanced" reporting. Justice Minister Tibor Navracsics said that the law has not changed fundamentally. Hungary currently holds the EU presidency.

Attack in Pakistan: Car bomb riding 17 people to death

The offenders struck on a busy road: When a car bomb exploded in the Pakistani city of Faisalabad, at least 17 people were killed. Dozens were injured, many are still trapped under rubble. The Pakistani city of Faisalabad has been rocked by a serious attack. "It was a huge explosion which was heard in five to six kilometers away," said a spokesman for the district administration.