Wednesday, August 3, 2011

U.S., the agreement also cuts jobs

Why Barack Obama, speaking yesterday from the White House Rose Garden after the vote on the debt of the United States focused on employment? Because the creation of jobs must be the priority of parliamentary stars and stripes, ready to go on holiday after negotiations that have dragged on for weeks? Simple: to try to pick up the pieces of a vase now broken.

The deal, who smiles more to Republicans than to Democrats, provides a series of cuts that, according to the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, will reduce the jobs of thousands of people, public servants or not. Estimates of the old liberal studies are chilling: 1.82 million people will be unemployed due to the new austerity.

There will be two waves of cuts. First, those "discretionary" (one time) that will affect schools, parks, anti-pollution and other items. Follow the work of the future Commission of the Twelve (six Democrats, six Republicans) who will decide on further reductions. If there is no agreement among experts, however, will snap a series of cuts "structural", which will drop the ax on health care programs and even on defense.

The changes to the budget of the Pentagon - which could be reduced by 10% but must await the decision of the Twelve - could be considered the only real victory of the President, in the battle of the debt. Be a coincidence that another Obama appointment yesterday was with Leon Panetta, who was appointed by the CIA in charge of the Pentagon to tighten their belts for men in uniform? For the moment, however, the 850 billion possible cuts are only a political threat that will be used in the coming months of debate in Washington.

Real, however, it's the money that American students have to pay: the right of universities is so high that force them to go into debt for decades, often with government help. Henceforth, however, have to pay interest during their studies, whereas before you could wait up to six months after graduation.

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