Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Michelle Obama paid tribute to victims of Apartheid

The U.S. first lady, Michelle Obama paid tribute to the victims of the apartheid regime and called Apartheid South African youth to defeat the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). In a speech to young women in the Catholic church of Regina Mundi (Queen of the World) in Soweto, a symbol of Apertheid, Mrs. Obama noted the success that now represents the struggle against the regime, which allowed to end the social differences.

Riots in Belfast: the battlefield of a divided society

A peace agreement among politicians does not mean that social conflicts are actually resolved. Shots rang through the night, more than 500 partially masked youths threw another petrol bombs and missiles, a press photographer was wounded at the leg: Protestant and Catholic young people have a confrontation in the night on this Wednesday in the east of the Northern Irish capital Belfast.

The Chinese government released the artist and dissident Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei, artist and activist, was freed. The architect, author of 'Bird's Nest', the national stadium in Beijing, was released today on bail after two months of detention. The police have released, as reported by the Chinese press agency, for good behavior in confessing the crime. Ai, who had been jailed for tax fraud.

Italy defends the Freedom Flotilla 2

The Italian Association of Democratic Lawyers is extremely concerned about the possibility of new violent and illegal actions by the Israeli armed forces against the Freedom Flotilla 2 of solidarity with Gaza, which, as little more than a year ago, innocent victims and determine vulnerable to serious new international law.

Syria: Arrest of a hundred students, Damascus more isolated

Syria is more isolated, Wednesday, June 22, the day after the arrest of over a hundred students in Damascus and Damascus calls while increasing its cooperation with concerned international community. Tuesday night, according to information reported by militants, security forces stormed the campus in Damascus, beating students and arresting over a hundred of them during a demonstration in the university.

France and Britain in the EU pose new sanctions against the Syrian Regime

The European Union has extended sanctions against Syria today and has included four people from that country, three Iranians and four companies linked to the Army. The list of sanctions by France and the UK has been approved from the other EU countries, according to diplomatic sources have indicated. This is the third round of sanctions imposed by the EU against Syria after the violent repression of the regime of Bashar al-Assad and is an "important message" to Damascus regime of repression is "unacceptable," added the sources.

Paris does not want a pause in operations in Libya

Paris is opposed to "any pause in operations" of the coalition in Libya, as claimed by Italy, saying it "could allow Muammar Gaddafi to save time and reorganize," said on Wednesday June 22, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "The coalition countries and the Contact Group meeting in Abu Dhabi two weeks ago, were unanimous on the strategy: we must increase the pressure on Gaddafi," said Bernard Valero, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For the first time since 1949, Chinese will go to Taiwan

Taiwan has lifted Wednesday, June 22, the ban on visas for Chinese tourists. Taiwan accomplished individual visas for five hundred Chinese tourists per day. The Chinese could go to Taiwan with a tourist visa, but only in groups.

Mexican police arrested the leader of one of the seven major Mexican cartels

Mexican police arrested Jose de Jesus "El Chango" Mendez, a memeber of drug cartel La Familia. "With this arrest, all that remained of the structure of command was destroyed," said a spokesman. Mexican police had already dealt a serious blow to La Familia in December, killing one of its two leaders, Nazario Moreno.

Israel approves construction of 200 thousand Palestinian homes in Gaza

Israel has authorized the construction of new houses for 200 thousand Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which was one of the largest housing projects in the territory for years, military authorities said Tuesday. The agency that coordinates activities in the Palestinian areas Israelis said that in addition to housing, authorized the construction of 18 schools in southern Gaza.

Israel, which controls the transport of cargo crossing into Gaza has long banned the entry of construction materials in the coastal strip since Hamas militants took control of the area in 2007. Israel fears such items as cement, metals and glass can be used for military purposes by the leaders of Hamas.