Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fighting rages in eastern Libya

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Estimate more than 191 000 violent exiles in Libya

More than 191 000 people fled the violence so far in the revolt against the regime of Moammar Gadhafi in Libya and about 10 thousand refugees still inside the country is currently directed towards the Egyptian border, the UN said Saturday. A "191 000 748 people, mainly migrant workers, left Libya so far," said the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in a report, citing figures from the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Libyan crisis, Frattini choose the hard line "Gaddafi is now over"

Libya continues in the civil war. The report of the victims is updated hourly. The satin, barricaded himself in the bunker of Tripoli, ordered violent attacks on rebels. Before the misisli the crowd, now Colonel unleashes your tank. Tension remains high. Even today, there have been many international reactions.

With Foreign Minister Franco Frattini that "Gaddafi is now over" because "a regime that continues to fire on the crowd and killing her countrymen can no longer be party to the international community." And so "before the system ends the better." The head of the Foreign Ministry explains that the idea of a "no fly zones" could be useful even if he recalls, "we need of course a resolution of the UN Security Council." The minister then recalled the start of the humanitarian mission to the border with Tunisia, which comes "from the facts but also the explicit request of the Tunisian and Egyptian governments." Speaking instead of the return of the Italians from Libya, Frattini recalled that there were, before the outbreak of the crisis in Libya, about 1,500 Italians in the country.

Assange Manning calls the soldier "hero unparalleled"

The soldier suspected of having passed to Wikileaks thousands of secret documents U.S. is a "hero to none," he said, Thursday, March 3, co-founder of the website Wikileaks, Julian Assange, on British TV ITV News. Supporters of Bradley Manning, 23, denounced the fact that he is in solitary confinement at the military prison in Quantico, Virginia.

"The fact is that for ten months in solitary confinement in prison is an unfair treatment," said Julian Assange. The spokesman for the Pentagon Thursday refuted the criticism of prison conditions too severe. "There are thirty people in a U-shaped corridor, it is not in a hole, it is not isolated from others, he the right to talk with others in this corridor, "explained Geoff Morrell, spokesman for the Department of Defense, on MSNBC, reminding himself to have visited the military prison at Quantico to assess conditions detention of the young man.

Decrease oil exports to Libya

.- The Libyan oil shipments would fall in the coming days as the increase in violence, the decline in oil production, the impact of sanctions and the increasingly high transportation costs affect the third oil producer in Africa. As violence continues in the country, the oil industry attempts to assess the loss in production.

Most estimates suggest that about half the country's oil capacity from 1.6 million barrels per day (bpd) is not functioning. But the International Energy Agency said Friday that because of the evacuation of workers from foreign oil companies stopped producing one million bpd. "There has been a massive outflow of skilled workers," said Samuel Ciszuk, senior analyst at IHS Energy.

Against military intervention in Libya

We have already made two expeditions were pretending that humanitarian military (Afghanistan and Iraq). A (voted by all parties against art. 11 of the Constitution) we're still fighting and we're losing. I echo the warmongering warmongering our own overseas. The objective would be to bring "order" our order.

And, of course, to get their hands on oil, as well as to establish control over the country. NATO is getting ready, but waiting for a reckless attack, Libya has already traveled far and wide by intelligence agents of the West. Comprised of the heads of the tribes are available. And in the meantime, as revealed by the same European and American newspapers, aircraft of various nationalities (British, French, and other unidentified countries) landing in the desert landing teams of commandos, emissaries, weapons, communication systems.

Former FBI agent Robert Levinson was alive

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, said Thursday, March 3, the former FBI agent Robert Levinson disappeared in Iran four years ago, is alive. "We have received recent indications that Bob is held somewhere in Southwest Asia," Clinton wrote in a statement. The concept of South-West generally covers Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

"We respectfully ask the Iranian government to undertake humanitarian efforts to bring Bob healthy and allow him to find his family," says the chief U.S. diplomat. Robert Levinson disappeared on the Iranian island of Kish in March 2007. The Revolutionary Guards (Pasdaran), the elite ideological army in Iran in early February denied the information circulating on websites that they have detained.

Fire to a church in Egypt after a fight between Muslims

.- A church was burned today in Egypt by a mob that attacked the temple after the death of two Muslims in the same family who fought for the daughter of one of them had an affair with a Christian. The dead were a farmer and a family member who died last night in the village Sol, south of Cairo, after holding a fight that escalated into a shootout, which also injured another person in the same family, according to a source security services, quoted by the Mena news agency.

Gaddafi hits per second gives the front of Zauiya

The battle for control of Zauiya, 50 kilometers from the capital, Tripoli, and towards the Tunisian border, is experiencing a new assault. Troops loyal to Gaddafi attacked with tanks and artillery Zauiya neighborhoods, according to witness reports from the city quoted by Al Jazeera. This location is key because it is at the gates of the capital, even in the hands of the regime, and is home to a refinery.

Gaddafi launches the tank against the city of Zawiyah

17:28 - Zawiyah, hit with hundreds of civilians inside the mosque after they opened fire on houses, tanks loyalist forces that have invaded the streets of Zawiyah would take to "bomb a mosque with hundreds of civilians who had sought refuge inside "has denounced Abu Aqeel, a resident of a strategic town located just 40 miles west of Tripoli.

Reached by telephone, the man added: "We can not run to their rescue, because the bombing is too intense." In the meantime, local medical sources have stated that they would at least thirty people were killed during the fighting until the morning, which is then followed yet another offensive by the government, still in progress.

Orange would have coined his presence in Tunisia with the clan Ben Ali

According to information supplied by Thursday, March 3 Owni information website, phone operator Orange has "coined its presence" in Tunisia, including the allocation of the country's third 3G license, with the son of the former -Tunisian President Ben Ali, Marwan Mabrouk. Thursday morning, when asked about rumors of such practices group in Tunisia, the CEO of France Telecom, Stéphane Richard, denied any "corruption" in the microwave for France Inter.

Inter-religious clashes between Muslims and Christians Two died and a church on fire

CAIRO - It is at least two dead on the budget of inter-religious clashes between Muslims and Coptic Christians in the Egyptian village of Sol, south of Cairo, the sources said security forces, according to which Muslim extremists have set fire to a church. The two dead were a farmer and a merchant of fruit Muslims, who had an altercation with the exchange of gun shots, a Coptic Christian farmer's son because the latter had an affair with the daughter of Muslim farmer.

Forces loyal to Gadhafi Libyan rebels renewed attacks

Forces loyal .- Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi were forced to withdraw from the city center of Zawiyah, 30 kilometers west of the capital, Tripoli, after fierce fighting with the rebels. Versions found in media, spokespersons of militias opposed to Colonel Gadhafi expressed in international media recovered positions in the western city center in what was a tremendous setback for pro-government troops.

When you care about the institution that governs

It 's late, I just finished washing the dishes after a dinner of fish in my flat in London when I decide to watch my mail before going to bed. I open "mail", and my account of the London School of Economics and Political Science is a new message. A few lines: "It is with great regret that i announce That the LSE Council has accepted the Resignation of Sir Howard Davies as Director.

The Council has asked HIM to stay on until a successor for Arrangements Have Been resolved ": the school principal has resigned because of scandal for the funds received from Geddafi Saif, son of the famous Colonel, who scored a (questionable) his doctorate at the school in 2006. In 2009, the "Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation has donated to the LSE and a half billion pounds for its North Africa Programme.

High Oil Prices: The U.S. is concerned for the resumption

The U.S. is concerned more and more of a risk of strong and sustained rise in the price of black gold, or even a real oil shock, despite the reassurances made by the authorities. An officer of the Federal Reserve, the U.S. central bank, said, Thursday, March 3, such a risk was foreseeable, because of soaring oil prices caused by the popular uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa .

"If we are to realistically assess the chances that the economy (U.S.) has continued to grow, we must take into account the risk (...) a sustained oil shock," he said. Dennis Lockhart, speaking in Florida, said he still thought to be "pleasantly surprised" by the future performance of the world's largest economy.

Voices from the Battle of Zawiya "terrible day, will be total war"

TRIPOLI - The armed forces of Colonel Qaddafi launched a fresh onslaught against the rebel city of Zawiya, 45 km from Tripoli to the border with Tunisia. Zawiya is a port and an important oil center in Tripoli from 15 days has rebelled against the regime of Colonel. The rebels, backed by many who have left the military regime, had settled in the center of the city last Sunday a group of international journalists, taking advantage of a mistake of the government press office, failed to meet them in a moment of respite, right in the center of the city.

Tunisian Premier promises new cabinet

The new prime minister of Tunisia, Beji Caid-Essebsi, announced it will present a new cabinet in the coming days to overcome the violence that forced his predecessor to resign. The announcement is the latest attempt by the interim rulers of Tunisia to stabilize the country after President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fled amid protests in January.

Caid-Essebsi, 84, said his priorities will be to restore security, rebuild the economy and restore normalcy to the nation that has been a magnet for European tourists.

Rebels and forces loyal to Gaddafi Zauiya fighting for control of

The battle for control of key cities to the east and west of Libya has intensified. To the west, troops loyal to Gaddafi attacked with tanks and artillery Zauiya neighborhoods, according to witness reports from the city quoted by Al Jazeera. This location is key because it is at the gates of the capital, Tripoli, still in the hands of the regime, and is home to a refinery.

Other sources cited by The New York Times talk about a "slaughter" after the shock of government forces and rebels. "The attack has begun. I see more than 20 tanks," a resident said by telephone. Witnesses said the BBC's offensive forces hanvenido Gaddafi preceded by the arrival of tanks from the west and east of the city and taking positions with since the tops of buildings at the entrance.

Mr. M. and Mr. B., The Persuaders

The English have a problem, or better, now they have one more. His name is Rupert Murdoch and his family since the 80 year old mogul is properly preparing the succession to his daughter Elizabeth and son James, former chief executive of News Corporation in Europe. Here's what the problem is more. In late spring 2010 the group Murdoch has announced a desire to own entirely Sky (BSkyB, to be exact), which formally controlled only 39%.

Closure of banks in Gaza after the seizures of money by Hamas

The banks have lowered their curtain Thursday, March 3 in the Gaza Strip to protest against tough cash seizures occurred this week with the endorsement of Hamas, which controls this part of Palestinian territory, following a quarrel with the Palestinian Authority based in Ramallah (West Bank). The incident occurred Tuesday and Wednesday at the headquarters of the Palestinian Investment Bank (GDP) in Gaza City.

Charges of war crimes: Austrians arrest Bosnian General

He was stopped at Vienna International Airport: A former general in the Bosnian army has been arrested by Austrian authorities. The Serbian government accuses him of war crimes - he should be responsible for an attack in which, in Sarajevo in 1992 killed 18 soldiers. The arrest took place on Thursday evening at the airport in Vienna told the Austrian authorities, a former Bosnian army general was arrested.

Divjak, I love the Serb Sarajevo

For Sarajevo and the Bosnians and for everyone who attended the tragedy, Jovan Divjak is a legendary figure. It can be said of him as a war hero, if that term does not deprive the very warmth and affection of his people. Its people are not defined by nationality, but for humanity, that at a happy time in Sarajevo was the warm nest.

And he defines this way: Bosnian, and human. Neither the Serbian or Croatian or Muslim, in that melting pot upside down in Bosnia has been degraded by the chauvinistic fury. Divjak is of Serbian origin and nationality, and when Yugoslavia broke up was a senior army officer. He decided to stay in Sarajevo, was considered a deserter by serbisti, and the worst of traitors, when he decided to distribute weapons to the Bosnian resistance.

The Yemeni army is said to have opened fire on protesters

Protests against the president, witnesses said four people were killed. The fatal shots were killed in the north, several people were injured. Eye witnesses tell of dramatic scenes in the north of Yemen: Many people demonstrated against President Ali Abdullah Salih and corruption in the country.

Soldiers tried to disperse the angry crowd - and the shot at them, witnesses said. Shiite insurgents said that protesters had been bombed by the military. Two people were reportedly killed. The news channel al-Arabiya reported another nine injured. In the capital Sanaa also gathered in the morning, hundreds of opponents of the president.

Insurgents loyal and fought bloody battles in Libya

An attack on a military arms depot, killing at least 37 dead in Al-Rahman, located 30 miles from Benghazi, the Libyan city that control the opposition leader Moammar Gadhafi. Hospitals in the second city of Libya worked at top speed. The doctor Habib al-Obeidi's Al-Jala hospital reported that 17 people came.

Meanwhile, the Hospital Medical Mil 200, Abdelasam Abdeljamid, reported receiving eight bodies. Medical sources said another medical center had joined 13 other corpses. Uryani Ali, who witnessed the attack, said that around 19:10 hours the missile fell into a magazine located in Al-Rajma, caused an explosion.

The right to insurrection

Article. 5 of the Declaration on the Rights of Man and Citizen of 1793 states: "When the government violates the rights of the people, insurrection is, for the people and for each portion of it, the most sacred of rights and the most essential duties. " Also art. 7, paragraph 3, of the Portuguese Constitution of 1976 recognizes the right of peoples to self-determination and independence and development, and the insurrection against all forms of oppression.

Libya: Gaddafi attacks the east, the refugees flocking

The Libyan city of Brega was again shelled by forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi, reports on Friday morning March 4, the television channel Al Arabiya. The city, the oil terminal located on the Gulf of Sirte, 800 km east of Tripoli, had been the target of bombing raids Wednesday and Thursday. It controls the strategic coastal road that leads to Benghazi, the epicenter of protest in the east.

According to residents of this coastal city, at least five people were taken by the pro-Qadhafi during the offensive backed by aircraft and heavy artillery, which resulted in the deaths of at least twelve people. Opponents, who say they still control the city, have announced at least one hundred prisoners among the fighters loyal to the Libyan leader.

The militia of the border Gaddafi armored Refugees: "We were taken hostage"

RAS Ajdir - (border between Libya and Tunisia) is now afraid to get to the blue gate of the Tunisian border. The flood wave has passed, the refugees have become a trickle, constant but slight, and the evacuation goes forward between Djerba and Zarzis without excessive anxiety. But the suspicion that circulated at the border post yesterday has turned into anxiety was expressed when the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees: "We fear that troops loyal to Gaddafi in Libya are holding back the fugitives and prevent them from reaching the Tunisian border, "said spokeswoman Melissa Fleming in Geneva.

There are 37 dead after clash with rebel forces Gaddafi

.- The regime of Moammar Gadhafi struck to their opponents today, launching an intense offensive in the city near Tripoli in rebel hands, and with an operation in the capital, with tear gas and gunfire to quell fresh protests . At least 37 people died in clashes and an explosion in an ammunition depot in eastern Libya, controlled by insurgents.

The bloodshed represented an intensification of efforts by both sides to break the tense deadlock that exists in Libya for 18 days. This crisis has lasted over the revolt in Egypt, which led to the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak and was part of a wave of protests in the region. So far, Gadhafi has had little success to regain territory.

The trial against former Minister of the Interior Egyptian corrupcin

Egyptian former Minister of Interior Habib el Adli, the main figure of the repressive regime of Hosni Mubarak and is in custody, pleaded innocent today to start a trial against him for alleged money laundering and illicit enrichment of. El Adli appeared in this first session, which lasted only half an hour, before a Cairo criminal court.

According to state media, the judge decided to delay the hearing until next April 2 in response to a defense request for information and provide documentation. Wearing the white uniform of the prisoners of preventive, El Adli calmly denied the accusations against him. "No, that did not happen," he replied to hear the charges.

Libya, the priorities are for the UN refugee He leaves the hypothesis 'no fly zone'

NEW YORK - "There must be an atrocity, a massacre documented that the international community arrive to authorize the use of force in Libya." The New York sky is clear and cold, as the powerful words of a diplomat to the United Nations, from his office in Midtown Manhattan, dissects the Libyan crisis with the tenacity of a surgeon.

In his view it is unlikely that the UN can give the green light to a military option is, however, opposed by the military of various countries. At the moment the UN headquarters focused on emergency humanitarian efforts is mounting on the border between Libya and Tunisia, with armed men ready to repel the Gaddafi refugees trying to escape.

Portfolio - "In Benghazi, how to how to plan?"

The prophecies wrong on Islamism

I remember a breakfast at the Club of Harvard professor Samuel Huntington with a few years after the publication of his famous article, then of his book on the clash of civilizations. I wanted to see it because, in preparing his argument, he also used among other things my book The Revenge of God In those pages I explained how, in the seventies, they had developed the religious political movements within Christianity, the ' Judaism and Islam.

The UN estimates that more than 170 thousand left the country

More than 172 000 people crossed the border from Libya to Egypt and Tunisia this week, Valerie Amos, deputy secretary general for humanitarian affairs of the United Nations Organization (UNO). Following reports that the system prevents people from leaving the country, Amos leader Moammar Gadhafi urged to leave the borders open.

He added that the agency was studying satellite images to see if more people were gathering at the border. "Until Thursday, over 172 thousand people had left Libya, mostly immigrant workers who return to their homes." Amos said the biggest concern is that the number of people who left Libya fell sharply yesterday.

Through March, the Jordanian political reforms require

Nearly three thousand Jordanians took part in a demonstration in Amman to demand political reforms, including the dissolution of the House. The protest, organized by activists of the Islamic Action Front, was developed out of noon prayers near a mosque in the center of the capital and was surrounded by heavy security.

Both the front, the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, as the Popular Unity Party were the ones who boycotted the legislative elections last November.

Continued repatriation of immigrants who fled Libya

.- An international effort to shelter and repatriate tens of thousands of workers who had migrated to and had to flee violence, advanced Friday when traumatized refugees were able to finally rest in a camp with toilets and showers, before being transferred to their countries of origin on ships or planes full.

The camp, near the border with Libya, can accommodate 20 000 people, and white tents, where blankets and cots, filled quickly on Friday. More help came, even from the United States and Europe, and dozens of flights have taken off from an airport in the area over the past two days to bring the refugees to their countries.

About 200 protesters attacked the headquarters of security forces Alejandra

About 200 protesters have been taken by assault the headquarters of the Egyptian security forces in the city of Alexandria, reports Nuria Teson, getting control of the lower floors and forcing the police to hide in the upper floors of the building. Eyewitnesses have said that at least four players finished with facial injuries.

Early in the afternoon, protesters threw Molotov cocktails at police officers, who responded with live ammunition in the chest and reached a 26 year old protester was in critical condition. The official Egyptian news agency, MENA, has quoted a source from the security forces who claimed not to have used live ammunition to contain the protests and no one is hurt.

Brazil only support military action in Libya if it has the backing of the UN

BRASILIA, Brazil 4 Mar. support the idea of military intervention in Libya to end the crisis, provided that this action had the support of the Security Council United Nations, said Friday Brazilian Foreign Minister, Antonio Patriota . "Any military initiative, including the-fly, can only occur with due regard to the rigor of the United Nations," Patriota said in a speech in Beijing, where he is on official visit, as reported by the Foreign Ministry said in a statement .

Afghanistan, the massacre of children and an apology to Petraeus. In the silence of the media

They call them "casualities" civilian casualties of war. But these were only children. Tuesday, March 1st in Afghanistan air attack by the military of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) has killed nine children in the province of Kunar in the northeast of the country, in the Pech Valley.

They were gathering firewood to take home. News that did not have the proper media attention. Even in Italy, where newspapers have taken only part of a video of Al Jazeera shows the terrible images of children, all under fourteen years, made on an axis, the small bodies adorned with colorful fabrics, and protesting crowd, incited by the mullah of the village.

Libya bombed Brega, Brega but released!

Al-Banna, the voice of moderate Islam "in Egypt and Libya no risk jihad"

CAIRO - Today novantunenne, Gamal al-Banna is considered one of the leading Egyptian intellectuals living. But it is especially among the most knowledgeable of the doctrines of the brotherhood of the Muslim Brotherhood, founded in 1928 by his own brother, Hassan al-Banna, who was killed in 1949 by the assassination of Egyptian Prime Minister Mahmoud Pasha, attributed to the brotherhood.

Gamal is also cousin Sa'id Ramadan (Hassan's son), in turn, the founder of Hamas, the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Gamal has never joined the brotherhood, but has spent his life studying the doctrines of his brother and disseminate ideas, often with a critical eye, and today is considered an exponent of progressive Islam.

Killed four protesters at rallies in Yemen

.- The Yemeni army opened fire on demonstrators on Friday, killing four of them north of Sanaa, while the rest of the country hundreds of thousands of people were mobilized for and against President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Opposition leaders demanded the resignation of Saleh, who ruled the country for 32 years, felt that the incident shows that the president rejected an opposition proposal to relinquish power before the end of the year and thus overcome the current crisis.

Thousands of bareiníes ask the king's departure

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Manama, capital of Bahrain, to demand the resignation of the government of King Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifah. The march called by the opposition participated in at least 80 000 people. The protesters chanted slogans such as "the people want the fall of the regime" and "yes, yes to Baréin" along the march went from the old headquarters of the Council of Ministers to the emblematic Plaza Lulu (Pearl, in Arabic) epicenter of the protests.

Interpol issues alert against Muammar Gadhafi

Interpol, based in Paris, issued a global alert against Gadhafi and 15 members of his inner circle to help police worldwide to implement UN sanctions aimed at ending violence in the twelfth largest oil exporter world. The forces of Muammar Gadhafi Libyan rebels faced on several fronts in the midst of an escalation of the crisis and the capital was the scene of riots when gunmen opened fire to disperse protesters who shouted "Gadhafi is the enemy of God." Vowing to "victory or death", the rebels moved into the eastern of the country rose on Friday to a large oil terminal at Ras Lanuf, located in a key coastal road, and declared that they took the airport.

An Arizona grand jury accused the author of the massacre of 49 charges Tucson

A federal court in Arizona has indicted 49-Jared Lee Loughna charges for the killing of Tucson, on 8 January. Young, 22, shot at close range against Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, which seriously injured during a rally of this. Turning his gun into the crowd and killed six people and left 13 injured people among those who attended the event.

The charges could carry the death penalty if convicted, according to prosecutor Dennis K. Burke. Using a new legal argument, the indictment was amended to add another 46 charges against Loughna considering that the crime was committed on federal land protected because it was a meeting of the congressman with his constituents, as if it were an act within Congress.

WikiLeaks: Manning abusesd by U.S.

Bradley Manning sits for ten months without trial in a military prison in the U.S. state of Virginia. His lawyer is criticizing the conditions of detention there and accused the authorities of having abused his client. Manning was "no explanation" his clothes were removed, and he had to endure at night for seven hours naked in his cell, David Coombs said on Thursday (local time) in his blog.