Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt, the stages of the protest

From the 'day of anger' at the end of the Mubarak. The history of Egypt has been convulsed in 18 violent protest led by the movements in Tunisia, Ben Ali and the fall of the popular revolts that, as a cyclone, are spreading throughout the region. Here are the major events that changed the face of the country: January 25: Start of mass protests, the first since 1977.

The day of anger on the streets in Cairo sees about 15 thousand people who criticize President Hosni Mubarak, in power for thirty years, and demanding his resignation. Four died in the demonstrations on January 26: The protesters violating the curfew and protests continue. The pro-democracy movement gather in Tahrir Square and attacked with stones and petrol bombs the headquarters of the Party of Mubarak.

The cow that laughs more

The stones have stopped flying on Tahrir Square. Now, these are the words and images that burst out on the monumental esplanade where focus movement against the regime of President Mubarak, in the heart of Cairo. The first demonstrators gathered here Jan. 25, at the call of Facebook or Twitter. Two weeks later, the movement is too fast to follow as electronics, as in China during the Cultural Revolution, the triumph that dazibao, sometimes enriched with Photoshop.

105 people killed by violence in South Sudan

.- Two days of clashes between the army and rebel region have caused some 105 deaths, mostly civilians, said Friday a military spokesman in southern Sudan. The Associated Press incorrectly quoted the death toll at 140. Colonel Philip Aguer said a former senior official in the southern army who rebelled against the government after elections last year violated a cease-fire by attacking the people of Fangak and Dor.

Mubarak clings to power, Tahrir Square cries of treason

The two hundred thousand demonstrators in Tahrir Square in Cairo were furious after the speech by President Hosni Mubarak, announcing the transfer of power to his vice president but without any resignation. Rumors had yet propagated throughout the day on a possible resignation of the Egyptian president.

The disappointment was so great among the demonstrators, who had prepared from the rais. "Cold Anger" Tahrir Square "Anger began to rise during the speech [Egyptian President]. Everybody has not heard any or all inclusive," he told the special envoy of the World in Cairo, John Philippe Remy, referring to the "cold anger" of the protesters: angry because the crowd expected from Hosni Mubarak and felt betrayed, cold because there is no movement expected before Friday.

Mubarak leaves office; Egyptian explode in joy

Vice President of Egypt Omar Suleiman announced that President Hosni Mubarak's resignation from the presidency "by the difficult circumstances facing the country," according to information issued by the Arabic TV station Al Jazeera. "President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak has decided to renounce his president of the Republic and has instructed the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to administer the affairs of the country, "reads the brief message from Suleiman.

Mubarak leaves the power

The Egyptian revolution has achieved its first objective. The president, Hosni Mubarak, has left the position he held since 1981. The vice-president, Omar Suleiman, has announced that Arafat leaves the power in the military. The announcement has sparked the euphoria of the Liberation Square in Cairo, where hundreds of thousands of people gathered for 18 days to request the fall of the regime.

Who's Hosni Mubarak, the longest-serving leader in the eighteenth century

Hosni Mubarak, 82, was the Egyptian political leader of the longest-serving ruler since Muhammad Ali (XVIII century). His iron fist has allowed him to maintain 'stable' for 30 years a country of 80 million people. Now, after 17 days of anti-government protests, for him it's 'day of destiny'. Tip the scales in the exacerbation of economic inequalities, to have left millions of people live below the poverty line, allowing the abuse and torture by the security organs and have not worried about the growing dissent.

Wikileaks: interest revelations about Bank of America questioned

The revelations likely to "drop a bank or two" promised by the co-founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange would not be so explosive it claims. The Australian computer ignores the value of internal data of Bank of America which promises the imminent release, according to conversations he had in private with three relatives.

Julian Assange, say they, told them it was mail from the hard drive of a framework for the establishment, the most recent is 2006. He did not know whether their content is or is not explicitly recognized and not to draw anything by itself, clarify its relatives. Great effort on the part of financial experts would, he said, needed to assess interest.

Decisive day for Florence Break

Break Florence, the French sentenced to 60 years in prison for kidnapping in Mexico, should be attached to his fate on Thursday, the date of hearing of his appeal on points of law by a tribunal of three judges, after already more than five years of imprisonment. In December 2005, the arrest of Florence Cass had been a show organized for television.

The French, now aged 36, has always protested his innocence, but she was sentenced to 96 years in prison in the first instance, a sentence reduced on appeal to 60 years in prison in March 2009. His Mexican lawyer, Agustin Acosta, said that the decision of the seventh criminal court in Mexico could be decisive in case of agreement of three judges may judge of the appellate court is broken and in this case Cassez could be released within 24 hours, the cassation appeal is dismissed and the French would have no recourse to justice in Mexico.

India and Pakistan will resume peace talks

India and Pakistan will resume formal talks on the peace process which had been suspended after the attacks in Bombay in late 2008. The announcement was made Thursday, February 10, the NDTV news channel, citing sources within the Indian government. According to the channel, the decision was taken at a meeting Sunday between the Indian Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Nirupama Rao and his Pakistani counterpart, Salman Bashir on the sidelines of a regional summit in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan.

The UN and the Government of Zambia on alert for a possible cholera outbreak

.- The United Nations humanitarian agencies and the government of Zambia are in a state of alert for the possibility of an outbreak of cholera in Southern African country due to heavy rains in recent days. This was stated today the spokesperson of the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Elisabeth Byrs, who said that all humanitarian agencies "are prepared for the eventuality of an outbreak of cholera." The rains in recent days have caused extensive damage in Zambia, but the rivers are about to overflow and no risk of flooding in various parts of the country.

An American elected resigns after sending a picture of him naked on the Internet

Elected a Republican U.S. House of Representatives resigned Wednesday, February 9 at night after a satirical website was revealed he had sent a photo of him naked to a young woman who had posted an ad online libertine site Craigslist classifieds. The website Gawker posted the photo on Wednesday Rep. Chris Lee posing in front of a mirror topless camera in hand.

Right next to that image, the site has posted an official photo of the chosen backdrop of the American flag. "It was a great honor to serve the people of the west of [State] New York. I regret the hurt that my actions have caused to my family, my colleagues and my constituents," he wrote Wednesday evening the address announcing his resignation in a statement in which he apologized "deeply and sincerely." Mr.

Merkel believes that the offers are insufficient Mubarak

.- German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes that the offers made by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in his speech last night to the Egyptian people are insufficient, while the authorities demanded that Cairo not to act violently protesters. "The disappointment of the demonstrators and the democratic movement are understandable", said Merkel on behalf of his official spokesman, Steffen Seibert, who stressed that "is not enough what he (Mubarak) has put into perspective." Seibert welcomed the final state of emergency announced by the Egyptian president, but expressed the desire of the Chancellor of the demonstrations continue peaceful development and is allowed to take place.

The Taliban are waging a deadly attack against the army in Pakistan

Twenty-seven soldiers were killed Thursday by a teenager who detonated his bomb in the middle of a magazine at a military camp in northwest Pakistan. The Taliban allied with al-Qaeda have claimed responsibility for the attack immediately. "The bomber was a teenager, he wore a school uniform," said a police officer in Mardan, a city garrison near the tribal areas of north-west frontier with Afghanistan, a stronghold of Pakistani Taliban, the main Al-Qaeda sanctuary in the world and important rear base for Afghan Taliban.

Reported that Mubarak and his family fleeing Cairo

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, faced a popular revolt, left Cairo with his family, said Friday the AFP news agency a source close to the government, which refused to say whether the president had left the country. "Mubarak left Cairo with his family," said the source, not wanting to clarify press reports that the president had gone to his residence in Sharm el-Sheikh on the Red Sea.

Also, the local television station Al Arabiya said the president was traveling with his family to the tourist resort of Sharm el Sheik in the Sinai Peninsula. While these versions are unofficial reporters at Cairo estimate that more than one million people are still demonstrating in the streets as a sign of rejection that do not totally satisfy the demands of their opponents.

Colombia: FARC hostage release Marcos Baquero

The FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) have released the councilman Marcos Baquero, kidnapped in 2009, the first of five releases planned by Sunday, said the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the party process. "The International Committee of the Red Cross confirms release Councillor Marcos Baquero, who has been given to the humanitarian mission," said a spokesman for the agency.

Exploited popular anger against Mubarak

While not refusing to resign and leave the country, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak announced that deliver power to the vice president ordered Omar Suleiman and constitutional amendments, which caused an explosion of anger among the hundreds of thousands of people for more than two weeks demanding his departure.

The move means that will keep his title of president until elections in September and assures the control scheme on the reform process, which violates the protesters' demands. Government opponents gathered in Tahrir Square (Liberation), who hoped that Mubarak announced his resignation immediately, puzzled and quietly watched the speech.

Egyptians ignore the Army and redouble their cry against Mubarak

The crowd gathered in central Cairo has challenged the Army's call to desist from the protest and has intensified the outcry against the dictator Hosni Mubarak to leave power and clear the path to democracy. Liberation Square, the epicenter of the revolt, is this noon a pressure cooker full of popular frustration.

The television network Al Jazeera is estimated that around two million people crammed the room to express their weariness and demand the end of an era. In parallel, the Agence France Presse, citing sources close to the Egyptian government and the Al Arabiya report that the Egyptian president and his family have abandoned in the last hours in Cairo.

Brazil announces budget cuts of over 20 billion euros

The Brazilian government announced Wednesday, February 9, budget cuts of $ 30 billion (about EUR 22 billion) in 2011 to curb accelerating inflation, but they receive no social programs or investments in infrastructure. The government Dilma Rousseff, who took office on 1 January, has pledged to reduce public spending in particular to contain accelerating inflation.

"We are removing all tax incentives that have been made to support the Brazilian economy in 2009 and 2010 when, due to the global crisis, the government carried out exemptions (tax), provided grants and increased spending, "said Finance Minister Guido Mantega. These cuts represent 1.2% of GDP, the Minister has assessed this year at 2 500 billion.

Negotiations in Egypt: U.S. accuse regime o filibustering

In downtown Cairo, awaiting further from thousands of protesters - but the negotiations between the Mubarak government and the opposition will never progress. The U.S. government expressed its displeasure bluntly: The regime is trying to ride out the protests, criticizing the White House. The U.S. is concerned about the situation in Egypt - and talk to the Mubarak regime virtually any goodwill in the talks with the opposition.

Pakistan: suicide bomber in school uniform, many soldiers killed and injured

His target was soldiers who did their morning exercises: A young suicide bomber has blown to Pakistan in an attack on a military training camp at least 27 people to their deaths, dozens were injured. The Pakistani soldiers suspected no evil, on Thursday morning as a teenager in school uniform in the training center of the army came in Mardan.

They were busy with their morning exercises, when the youth approached them. Then he lit an explosive device he carried with him. The attack had at least 27 soldiers were killed, said Muhammad Adil, head of the Government of Mardan. There had been dozens injured. Many of them were flown by helicopter to the provincial capital Peshawar.

Mubarak rejects Obama ad

.- The U.S. president, Barack Obama, raised the pitch on Thursday and warned that the partial transfer of power of the ruler of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, is not credible or concrete change, stressing that Egypt must show a clear path toward democracy. " the Egyptian people were told that there was a transitional authority, but is not yet clear whether this transition is immediate, significant, or enough, "Obama said in a written statement." Too many Egyptians remain unconvinced that the government is serious respect to a genuine transition to democracy and the government's responsibility to speak out to the Egyptian people and the world, "he added." The Egyptian government must show a credible way, specific and unambiguous to a genuine democracy, "he said.

The Egyptians defy the Army and redouble their cry against Mubarak

The crowd gathered in central Cairo has challenged the Army's call to desist from the protest and has intensified the outcry against the dictator Hosni Mubarak to leave power and clear the path to democracy. Liberation Square, the epicenter of the revolt, is this noon a pressure cooker full of popular frustration.

The television network Al Jazeera is estimated that around two million people crammed the room to express their weariness and demand the end of an era. After the disappointing message from the military, still without abandoning its neutrality calculated after two weeks of crisis, the imam of the mosque in Tahrir has used the prayer sermon on Friday to claim the protesters to remain "firm" and persevering in their demands and encouraged participants to "celebrate the triumph of dignity." The square has burst into shouts of "out, out." The Army has remained faithful to the ambiguity in his message to the Egyptian people waited impatiently to the disappointment that has led Hosni Mubarak's decision to cling to power.

Egypt: the scope of diplomatic pressure from the United States

The White House reiterated its call for immediate reforms in Egypt Wednesday, Feb. 9, saying that the reforms had not been sufficient so far. The demonstrations that do not weaken after more than two weeks of revolt mean that progress in the political transition promised by the authorities does not meet the "minimum" of expectations of the Egyptians, "said the spokesman of President Barack Obama, Robert Gibbs.

Political crisis in Ivory Coast has caused about 300 deaths

.- At least 296 people have died in the post-election violence in Ivory Coast from mid-December, said Thursday the United Nations mission in that country. President Laurent Gbagbo and his rival Alassane Ouattara has been locked in a violent power struggle since the presidential elections of November 28, which both claim to have won.

The results of the election commission gave the UN certified by Ouattara winner by a margin of eight points, something that has a wide international recognition, but Gbagbo has refused to resign and retains control of the military. Dozens of people have died in clashes between supporters of Ouattara and the security forces, mostly in raids of the allied troops in neighborhoods Gbagbo supporters of Ouattara.

Evo Morales harsh protests by the food crisis in Bolivia

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, had to leave yesterday the department of Oruro (the west), where he participated in a parade commemorating the 230 years of independence in the face of protests by hundreds of people against price rise staple foods such as sugar, and public transport fares. The president, who was accompanied by Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera, had to return to La Paz for security reasons before the massive protest that sparked its presence in the parade, whose starting point was the February 10 square city Erbol portal reported.

No Country for Women

Francesca Romana Ammann * I am 25, I do a doctorate in sociology in London and I work on rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, exactly the kind of theme like to discuss in our "beautiful" country meatloaf invoking biblical a Manichean view of sexuality and punishment, and a sacred sense of the ridiculous.

I'd like to talk to say how humiliating it has become to be a citizen of a country openly homophobic, sexist, mediocre and bad government, but rather are other considerations that lead me to write. The other day I was in the gym, weights room television set tuned to the BBC channel for children.

In Egypt, repression continues

Omar Suleiman was not idle. While the protest movement intensified, the vice-president, a real strong man of the country, multiplies the promises of political reform. On Tuesday, he mentioned a plan and timetable for a rapid and peaceful transfer of power. The former intelligence chief also assured that those who express "deserve the esteem of the nation" and that the head of state had "given instructions that are not harassed or denied their right to speak freely.

Egyptian Nobel Peace asked the army to intervene

The Egyptian opposition and Nobel Peace Prize, Mohamed ElBaradei, urged on Thursday the army to "save", which is about to explode, after announcing his tenure in office. "Egypt is going to explode. The military has to save the country now, "ElBaradei wrote on Twitter shortly after Mubarak delegated powers to Vice President Omar Suleiman, but without leaving the office.

Interviewed by U.S. television CNN, ElBaradei reported "a large-scale deception" by the Egyptian president. "People are shocked here. People are very angry. And my biggest fear is that this will degenerate into violence," he said from Cairo. Mubarak accused of endangering the country's future "for the sole reason that he wants to stay in power." "It is humiliating for a powerless president, but nevertheless wants to remain president.

Minor attack against a police academy takes 31 lives

A child in school uniform blew himself up in an Army recruitment center, killing Pakistani to 31 cadets, in an attack that challenges the Government's said that weakened the militants. At least 20 people were injured. The Pakistani army has carried out a series of offensives against Taliban insurgents linked to Al Qaeda that claimed responsibility for the attack.

Operations in the lawless tribal areas along the Afghan border have failed to break the resolution of Taliban fighters determined to destabilize the US-backed government. The pump in the northwestern town of Mardan suggests that militants are regrouping after a period of relative calm. In a sign of nervousness of the government on security issues, the soldiers at the gate of the military recorded to allow drivers before they entered the coffins in the room.

Egyptian President refuses to leave power

.- Although not resign and refused to leave, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak announced in a televised address to the nation that delegated to the Vice President his powers and prerogatives under the Constitution. Mubarak stressed his decision to promote a peaceful transition of power and will not be submitted to the next election.

Hundreds of thousands of people in the emblematic Tahrir Square Cairo, who hoped the announcement of his resignation, broke into a roar of "Go, go!", After hearing the message. The indignation and even succeeded to silence the cries over the president's message, broadcast on a large screen placed in the square, the epicenter of the popular revolt that began on Jan.

A knock at the Assembly of Venezuela

Opposition and ruling party MPs have faced beatings in the National Assembly of Venezuela, when he was the second session to review the report and account for the year 2010. The government parliamentary ry Ventura tried to throw the opponent Alfonso Marquina podium when he made a request to the Chamber president, Fernando Soto Rojas.

The fact led to a brawl transmitted throughout the country through radio and television. Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro, was quick to condemn the altercation and called on the opposition to learn to "listen with patience." "We come to work in peace, as we always do, and we hope that what we will say we are not attacked as it was at this time, which pounced on the president of the Assembly," said Maduro.

Colombia extradited to the U.S. to seven members of criminal gangs

BOGOTA, 10 Feb. (Reuters) - Colombia extradited to the United States Thursday to seven members of organizations accused of drug trafficking and money laundering, the first time to extradite drug criminals bands formed by former right-wing paramilitaries . The seven extradited are four members of the gang's Rastrojos, two countries and one calling itself the Revolutionary Popular Army Anti (ERPAC), who must appear before courts in New York, Texas, Massachusetts, Florida and Washington, reported the Judicial Police Director Carlos Ramiro Mena.

Mubarak gives the power to Suleiman, the army 'guarantor' of reforms

The tension of the crowd waiting at the Presidential Palace in Cairo has been transformed into anger at the news that the so-called 'release No. 2', the Egyptian armed forces have decided to support President Hosni Mubarak, recognizing the transfer of power to vice Omar Suleiman - announced yesterday in a speech on state television - presenting itself as "guarantors" of the reform plan promised by the Rais.

Spain: Batasuna hopes to parlay it all to return to politics

Madrid Match - The promoters of the new party created by the left abertzale, called Sortu [name meaning born in the Basque language], filed Wednesday, February 9 in the morning, its statutes with the Spanish Interior Ministry, which is expected to back into the wake at the Prosecutor General of the State, as announced by the Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, in recent days.

Five members, all unknown to the media, then gave a press conference at the headquarters of the Association of Friends of UNESCO, Madrid, accompanied by Alex Maskey, a member of the Irish party Sinn Fein [which was the showcase policy IRA], and the president of Lawyers for Democracy and Human Rights, Bill Bowring.

The final insult, plastic Pharaoh

CAIRO - It was a tragi-comedy. The day of the scam? Or the eve of a civil war? The young people of Tahrir Square, expression of the generation of the web, thought they had finally ousted from power after seventeen days, the old general in power for thirty years. The echo of their joy bounced on the banks of the Nile, invaded by a delirious crowd, and reached the same hours in the Arab world, thrilled by the news proved false, he resigned.

The situation in Egypt is a turning point, says vice president

Egyptian Vice President, Omar Suleiman, today described the situation in the Arab country "defining moment" and said "the door is open to more dialogue." Suleiman made the remarks in an address to the nation shortly after the country's president, Hosni Mubarak, it delegated most of its prerogatives, while retaining other rights.

The vice president also called for unity and called on citizens to "work together to make a bright future" in a televised speech. "I call upon all citizens to work together towards a bright future. We should not lead to chaos, "said Suleiman. It also undertook "to carry out a peaceful transition of power according to the Constitution" "I clung to all the procedures to be agreed in the national dialogue, which began last Sunday between Suleiman and groups and opposition figures, vice president said in a speech to the nation.

China calls for dialogue reentablar two Koreas

.- China on Thursday made an appeal to the two Koreas to put aside their differences and resume dialogue, brutally interrupted on Wednesday by North Korea, which was not considered necessary to continue talks with the South. "We hope the two parties may continue the dialogue and contacts, meet halfway and work together to play a constructive role in improving relations and safeguard peace and stability on the peninsula," Korea, said Thursday a spokesman for the ministry Chinese Foreign Zhaoxu Ma.

Obama supports a genuine and orderly transition in Egypt

The U.S. president, Barack Obama said that what was living in Egypt is "the story that unfolds before our eyes" and reiterated his call for a transition "genuine and orderly." Amid rumors that President Hosni Mubarak would announce his resignation in a speech at Marquette (Michigan), Obama said: "following closely" developments in Egypt and "we'll have more to say as they are developed ".

"History is unfolding before our eyes" in Egypt, said Obama, who said his government "will do everything in their power to support a genuine and orderly transition." The Arab country is experiencing "a moment of transformation," he said, a reference to events in the nation including the Nile at the last moment in his speech, economic.

Latin America .- The OAS chief travels to Colombia and Argentina

MADRID, 10 Feb. The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) Jose Miguel Insulza, will travel Thursday to Colombia and Argentina on Monday to hold high level meetings with officials of both countries. The first meeting was held in Bogota where the Secretary General will meet with Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, as well as Vice President of that country, Angelino Garzón, and Foreign Minister, Maria Angela Holguin, a statement of the OEA .

Unions take just 40 days to break with Dilma Rousseff

In an unusual gesture, the Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, has distanced itself from the major unions in the country, making it clear, this time in the economic field, that his government has its own personality and it does not move with the inertia of the previous government. The pulse remained in recent weeks between the new government and the trade union movement by increasing the minimum wage, which Rousseff does not seem to budge, is the final point of the relations that kept well greased and Brazilian workers Planalto Palace.

Agriculture Minister Lemi Milla died in his office in Juba

A few days after the proclamation of the independence vote, a government member has been killed in southern Sudan. Agriculture Minister Lemi Milla died in his office in Juba. Apparently he was shot by a driver of the Ministry. Juba - A southern Sudanese minister has been shot dead in his ministry building in the capital Juba.

An army spokesman told the British broadcaster BBC, was said to Jimmy Lemi Milla, Minister for Rural Development and Cooperation. A driver who worked for the Ministry, had resorted to arms and Lemi Milla killed. Also, a security guard was shot in front of the building accordingly. The driver then addressed itself The motive of the murder is still unclear.

Afghanistan: Petraeus warns of aTaliban offensive

With 711 soldiers killed in 2010 was the bloodiest year for the NATO-ISAF troops in Afghanistan. Although the Taliban had also suffered heavy losses, but ISAF commander David Petraeus expects a spring offensive by the insurgents and a new increase in violence in the Hindu Kush. The aim of the offensive it would be to recapture last year verlne strongholds, the U.S.general on Wednesday predicted in a post on the website of the NATO interview. The insurgents were in 2010 but suffered "significant losses", but are more "resilient". "We have our eyes wide open and see clearly the challenges that lie ahead," said Petraeus. NATO says the rising own losses with the stronger action by international forces against the insurgents.