Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Everybody expects the fall of Tripoli"

How to organize a political alternative sustainable in a country in chaos, with no parties, no unions and no Constitution? That is the question that divides today the leaders of the opposition to Colonel Qaddafi, while the capital remains in the hands of the Guide of the Libyan revolution. Sunday, February 27, Benghazi, a stronghold of the challenge set in the east (see map of Libyan cities abandoned by the pro-Qaddafi), leaders of the insurgency have announced the formation of an independent national transition representing cities fell to the insurgents.

Fear of coup in Tunisia increases resignations

The cascade of resignations that have occurred in the last 24 hours in the Tunisian transitional government increases the fear of military intervention in political life, as expressed by one of the ministers resigned, Ahmed Najib Chebbi. Chebbi, who until now held the Regional Development Ministry, said at a news conference his concern about the possibility of the occurrence in Tunisia a power vacuum if the executive transition and the opposition forces can not reach a minimum agreement laying the foundations on which the erection of the new political process.

Mousavi Iranian dissidents arrested and Karoubi

The two opposition leaders reformist Iranian Mehdi Mir Hossein Moussavi and Karoubi and their wives, were arrested and transferred to a prison in Tehran, reported Monday, February 28 and their websites Kalemie Sahamnews without giving further details . "According to information from reliable sources, the arrest and transfer to the prison in Tehran Heshmatieh are some, but when it happened is still uncertain," said Kalemie.

Deadly clashes in Sudan

A dozen people were killed in Sudan in fighting between rival tribes in the region of Abyei, claimed by the North and South. This is the deadliest violence since the southern Sudanese have voted almost unanimously for independence in January. Abyei has been a zone of confrontation during the long civil war that pitted North against South Sudan until the peace agreement of 2005.

The agreement provided for two referendums. The first was the secession of the South, now scheduled for July 9, the second was to determine whether residents of Abyei rallied in North or South. The poll of Abyei has been held because of various feuds, one of which was between the Ngok Dinka of Abyei Misseriya nomads, committed to the North, on the composition of the electorate.

Protests in Arabia: Demonstrators block port in Oman

Oman swell in the demonstrations for political reform seems to be a violent protest. The death toll has risen to six, an ambulance of the state hospital said in the important industrial city of Sohar on Monday. The Health Minister said, however, of a dead man. About a thousand demonstrators blocked the streets on Monday morning to the port and the refinery in the city.

A supermarket was looted and then set on fire. While soldiers were patrolling in the city did not attack, but claims reported observers. On Sunday, according to protests in Sohar witnesses two people were killed. Police used batons and tear gas, therefore, fired rubber bullets into the crowd.

Libya: Qaddafi's poison gas reserves concerns U.S.

Unclear fronts, an irrational dictator - and tons of poison gas: Libya's revolutionary struggle for political freedom, but the more chaotic the situation develops, the greater the concerns about the considerable arsenal of staggering dictator Gaddafi. Large parts of Libya are no longer under control of the dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi, including two of the three largest cities in the country and probably some military bases, the crew has either fled or joined the opposition is.

Tunisia: "The pressure of the street should not diminish"

Two days of protests, the violence that killed at least five people: the pressure of the street has finally bend the Tunisian Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi, replaced by Beji Caid Essebsi, Sunday, Feb. 27. It's now former minister of Bourguiba who should lead the country until elections in July. In the wake of this announcement, protesters continue to camp on the Place de la Kasbah in Tunis.

Only two letters you miss ...

Riddle: what can we still want, to 35 years, when one is from one of the oldest and richest families in the country, which is has ten names of illustrious ancestors, his wife is a descendant Direct Bismarck, we had two young children, that one is beautiful, intelligent, already member, we are preparing to be a minister and that dream is chancellor? Response that is self-evident in Germany: a degree of doktor issued by a university.

Two new resignations within the Tunisian government

The Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Mohamed Nouri Jouini, which appeared in the last government of ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, presented his resignation Monday, February 28. The announcement of his departure follows a few hours of the Minister of Industry and Technology of the transitional government, Mohamed Afif Chelbi, also a member of the ousted leader's last cabinet last month.

Revolution of Benghazi: First dynamite, now words

Benghazi is the first city in Libya, where the inhabitants have taken power. During the fighting in Tripoli still, people here have put the period after the revolution - and organize what none of them really knows: democracy. Japer Salem is a small man with a too large horn-rimmed glasses, but when he speaks, the men running the snot out of his nose, crying women and children are beginning to hold up their cell phones to record his every word.

Gadhafi threatened to bomb from the air, protesters

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi threatened to bomb from the air as protesters in the city of Zauiya, 50 kilometers west of the capital, said the television station Al Jazeera. The threat was conveyed to the leaders of the revolt in Zauiya Mektuf Mohamed, who plays the role of mediator between the regime and the rebels in that city, told Al Jazeera by telephone Khaled Ammar, a resident.

Mektuf, at the direction of Gadhafi called three days ago the inhabitants of that city took to the streets to stage demonstrations in their support for the visit of a small group of foreign journalists, but they rejected. The threat of bombings represent Gadhafi's response to the rejection of the inhabitants of the city to demonstrate their support.

Germany, resigned the minister who had copied the thesis

In Germany, a scandal to copy a dissertation. And so, in the end, the defense minister, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg has resigned. After being accused of having obtained a PhD from the University of Bayreuth submitting a final paper that 70 percent had been done with a copy and paste. And without the sources were cited.

Guttenberg, one of the most respected members of the executive Merkel, the first downplayed, speaking of mistake made in good faith. Then, under pressure from the media and accusations of the opposition, had to give up a PhD. And in the end had to give up the chair of Minister. "I resign from my political posts," said Guttenberg, confirming what was mentioned yesterday in the Bild.

Portfolio - Chinese police suppressed a demonstration Phantom Shanghai

The unhappy with the Chinese political system was called, Sunday, February 27, by an anonymous message of dissidents to express their revolt by walking as mere onlookers, for the second consecutive week in 23 cities.

Prohibit out of Egypt to former President Hosni Mubarak

Egypt's public prosecutor issued an order travel ban on former President Hosni Mubarak and his family while investigating the allegations against him. The prosecutor also ordered the freezing of assets and money of the former ruling after receiving complaints that had acquired his wealth through illegal means.

A Cairo criminal court reviewed the case on March 5, reported state news agency MENA. Media reports suggested that the fortunes of the former president could reach billions of dollars and some opponents accused him of squandering the wealth of the country's most populous Arab world.

Libya, the EU does mea culpa wand and Italy for the 2009 agreement signed with Gaddafi

On the one hand the management of migration from North Africa, other costs and the EU Foreign Policy in the Maghreb and Mashreq. This is the essence of the special meeting held this morning between the European parliament deputies, Frontex director Ikka Latinen and EU Commissioner for Internal Affairs responsible for immigration.

Against the background of the mea culpa Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuel for European support to the dictators of North Africa, the confession most unique in the history of the European Union. "We look back with humility. Europe was not sufficiently vigorous in defending human rights and democratic forces in the region.

An accident killed 16 people in a carnival in Brazil

At least 16 people were killed in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais in south-east, where a high voltage cable was accidentally touched a carnival float, according to local media, citing rescue services . The accident occurred late Sunday in the small town of Bandeira do Sul, 5 000, when the cable broke and struck the car carrying an orchestra, according to the websites of newspapers O Globo and O Estado de Sao Paulo.

Libya released''tribes''in their own hands

Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi, instructed the responsible security service abroad, Buzid Durda, that dialogue with rebel leaders in eastern DRC in an attempt to open channels of contact with the top leaders of the tribes but they have refused to negotiate with him. Gadhafi's new movement that occurs after Abdelhafiz Hoga, Revolutionary Coalition February 17 Eastern Libya, formed by opposition rebels, claimed that from his point of view, can not be negotiated with Gadhafi after the bloodshed caused by the regime's security forces.

Mubarak was banned from leaving Egypt

Former President Hosni Mubarak and his family are forbidden to travel through Egypt during the examination of complaints filed against them, announced Monday, February 28 A spokesman of the floor. A freeze of assets of the Mubarak family has also been ordered, added the spokesman, Adel El-Said, who did not specify the nature of complaints.

Besides the President, who resigned Feb. 11, the request for his wife Suzanne and his two son, Alaa and Gamal, and their wives and Heidi Rasekh Khadija Al-Gammal, a judicial source said. February 21, an Egyptian court announced it had requested the freezing of foreign assets of the former president and his immediate family.

Security Council considers alleged violation of embargo on Ivory Coast

.- The sanctions committee of the Council of the UN Security met today to discuss allegations that Belarus has sent three helicopters to the Ivory Coast in violation of arms embargo to Sudan. The sanctions committee members talked behind closed doors and satellite, with representatives of the United Nations mission in Côte d'Ivoire (UNOCI) in Abidjan on the charges, which the Belarusian government has categorically denied.

London, the struggle continues

It will not please everyone, but in the streets of London we are talking about an Italy that is not only synonymous with ridicule: "That smoke that enveloped the Pantheon! Besieged the Parliament on December 14! That was amazing! ", It enhances the feminist writer Nina Power, as soon as I say where I come from.

History at the Courtauld Institute of Autonomy, the '77 and Tute Bianche is a subject of study. And there are also those who imitates: "The idea of 'block book' - reflects Calogero, expatriate art student - have always taken from us." "Ben Ali! Mubarak! ... Cameron, you're next! "(You're next!) Reads a billboard, one of the most eloquent of the student march on 28 January, in the heart of the British capital: the fifth major event held in three months against the cuts in public spending, the government imposed austerity bicolor Cameron-Clegg, and especially against the terrible tripling of tuition fees.

Beijing and Ankara have finished evacuating their nationals from Libya, Manila begins

Beijing has dispatched the Xuzhou, a missile frigate in the area. According to Chinese media, the use of a warship to protect an evacuation operation overseas is a first in the history of the People's Republic of China. The approximately 33,000 Chinese in Libya are mainly used in the construction of railways, oil and telecommunications.

Migrante International, a Filipino migrant worker assistance, estimates that the number of Filipinos stranded in Libya is in fact 30,000. Its chairman, Gary Martinez, said that Manila must do more, especially to get Filipino workers stranded on the sites of oil lost in the Libyan desert.

PhD thesis copied Guttenberg has resigned

BERLIN - Storm on the government of Angela Merkel. Cornered by the scandal of plagiarized his doctoral thesis, the defense minister, Baron Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg has resigned. With him, the center (the Chancellor of the coalition formed by the CDU, the Bavarian CSU party-brother belongs to Guttenberg, and liberals of the Vice-Chancellor Guido Westerwelle) loses a key-man, the child prodigy who up until the explosion of ' affair was defined by all the polls the most popular politician in the country, even more of the same prime minister.

Libya pressure increases, there is fighting at key points

U.S. and other foreign governments on Monday discussed options for addressing the situation in Libya, Moammar Gadhafi, while derided the threat posed to his government the progress of a popular uprising. With the Libyan government forces trying to retake control of coastal cities in the hands of the rebels, the U.S.

said he was bringing his U.S. naval and air forces to Libya. The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, said Washington was in talks with its partners in NATO and other allies about military options. Prime Minister David Cameron said Britain would work with allies to impose an air exclusion zone in Libya in order to protect his people from military attacks by the Government of Gadhafi.

More banks unless the banks!

We should probably do it too in our poor Italy, only that other banks! Here we should blame unworthy companies, villas heads of state and the Vatican basilica. The British network Uk Uncut (a play on words that down "cut" that cuts in public spending and welfare) has launched a day of action against banks that have pocketed the money from the anti-crisis measures and against the fabulous salaries of manager.

Paris sends humanitarian aid to the opponents of Gaddafi

Two French planes carrying doctors and medical supplies will leave for Benghazi, Libya's second city, in the hands of opponents of Muammar Gaddafi, said on RTL radio Monday Francois Fillon. "In a few hours, two planes will leave for Benghazi at the request of the French government with doctors, nurses, medical equipment, medicines, and this is the beginning of a massive humanitarian support to people in the liberated territories," said the Premier.

Frozen $ 30 billion is the treasure hunt Saddam

Almost like an exorcism, yet forty-eight hours ago, Seif Al-Islam Muammar Gaddafi's son and spokesman, dismissed the spectrum of the freezing of assets of the clan on a global scale with hyperbole worthy of his father. "We laugh when we say that we have money in Europe and Switzerland. But, let's go! It is a lie.

Everyone knows that we are a very humble family." In reality, there is very little to laugh about. And not only for the size of the stakes - a treasure abroad estimated at $ 120 billion, including bank deposits and shares - but for the acceleration that now, after the decisions of the UN and the EU, took the hunt Libyan assets.

Gbabo forces fire on UN officials in Ivory Coast

.- The forces loyal to Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo fired on United Nations experts Yamoussoukro airport, without causing casualties, said Monday a UN official. The experts of the mission of UN peacekeepers had gone to the airport in Yamoussoukro (capital politics) after receiving information that three attack helicopters from Belarus had been sent to Gbagbo's forces, violating an embargo UN 2004, said the UN official.

Gaddafi's desperate strategy, counterattack and negotiation between

The revolt against Gaddafi forward day after day, in Arabic this spring seems unstoppable, but from his fortress of Tripoli, surrounded by his sons, Colonel is determined to challenge the siege of the rebels. Regime opponents and analysts say that although their margin for maneuver is narrowing day by day, we still have some political and military options.

One of the possible targets for the rats to freeze the situation on the ground, becoming strong in Tripoli, with a strategy that bet to keep this strategic pivot, while the rebels have conquered the East and West. Meanwhile, the international community is putting pressure on Tripoli to prevent Gaddafi regain strength and confidence to prop up their resistance until the end.

A power plant a day keeps the doctor away

With great relief the Corriere della Sera on February 28 under heading home ideas & views of Professor Umberto Veronesi, an operation that converts the aspiration of the Arab peoples to democracy in a warning for the next round of referendum on nuclear power. In short, the professor believes that we should finally give the green light to nuclear power stations to do away with reliance on unreliable partner, which can close the valves of oil and gas when the wind of change blowing through the curtains of the corrupt local dictator.

New attacks against the UN in Côte d'Ivoire

The attacks against the United Nations continues in Côte d'Ivoire. Monday, February 28, experts from the Committee of UN sanctions and an officer of the forces of peace have come under fire from forces of the incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo at the airport in Yamoussoukro. Nobody was injured, said a UN official under cover of anonymity.

Two employees of the UN force in Cote d'Ivoire, ONUCI, were also kidnapped Monday in Abidjan by supporters of Laurent Gbagbo youths before being released several hours later. UNOCI had already announced Sunday that three peacekeepers had been wounded in an ambush Saturday in the town of Abobo.

Rockets at the rebels at the checkpoint so the regime attacked the city of oil

AJDABYA - Before the metallic clang of an anti-aircraft battery, which in seconds download dozens of shots into the sky to the west. Then, in the distance, a more dull thud, and a few minutes later another blast muffled, with a jet fighter that disappeared in the clouds, immediately followed by a second burst of flak, violent, deafening.

Rise from the ground two plumes of gray smoke, now frayed by the wind. It happens at 16:45 at the checkpoint before the entrance to the town of Ajdabya, 170 kilometers south-west of Benghazi. It 's the first bombing of Muammar Gaddafi aviation forces against the insurgents that ten days ago they released the Cyrenaica from his fierce regime.

Gadhafi feels betrayed by the UN and abandoned by the West

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, said he feels "betrayed" by the UN and "surprised" because the West has "abandoned" in their fight against "terrorists", but his supporters, by contrast, are willing to die for him. "My people love me and die to protect me," he said in an interview with Christiane Amanpour, the U.S.

network ABC. Amanpour revealed on his Twitter account that during the interview, which also included reporters from the BBC and The Times of London newspaper, Gadhafi "refused to acknowledge that there have been demonstrations in the streets of Tripoli." In addition, Gadhafi blamed the uprising in Libya to Al-Qaeda.

MPs want to amend the Constitution for the reelection of Fernandez

BUENOS AIRES, Mar. 1 A group of Argentine deputies announced their intention to seek an amendment to the Constitution to veto the indefinite reelection of presidents, in order to ensure continuity in the power of the current president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. "We would like an eternal Cristina," said the lawmaker, Diana Conti, the time has confirmed the intention of his bed - self-described "ultra-K" in reference to marriage of Fernandez and her predecessor, Néstor Kirchner - to get introduced into the Constitution the concept of "term limits." "All the 'kirchnerismo' claims that Cristina is a candidate, its continuity.

The protests come to the capital of OMN

A thousand protesters yesterday blocked access to the port and the refinery in Sohar, Oman's third largest city, to demand political reforms, jobs and higher wages. The protest, which was repeated for a third day, also reached the capital, Muscat, where a hundred people gathered outside the headquarters of the Advisory Council calling for a cessation of violence against citizens in Sohar, which left the police intervention least two people dead on Sunday.

EEUU/Brasil.- TAM acquires two Boeing 777-300ERs, valued at 410 million

SEATTLE (USA), 28 Feb. TAM has signed an agreement with Boeing to purchase two additional 777-300ER aircraft, valued at approximately $ 568 million (410 million euros) at list prices, as announced by the U.S. manufacturer. With this new order, which includes purchase rights for two more aircraft of this type, TAM brings to 12 the total number of 777 orders.

The TAM Holdings CEO, Marco Antonio Bologna said the company will expand its long-haul services to these new aircraft and to satisfy the growing traffic demand in Brazil. "Brazilian aviation market is growing at a rapid pace. The 777-300ER performance and gives us versatility to develop our network in a competitive and leverage our strong international growth," added the CEO of TAM, Lebanon Barroso.

Evil 2.0, or bad time to Gaddafi

Few things are certain in life. The bad, until recently, was one of them. At one time, in fact, evil was a milestone, something that's available to men on one side or the other. Those who from time to time embodied evil were completely classified in the service of a cause, in two words, they were afraid.

Consider the idea that we had the most vicious serial killers in history, or dictators. Take the most famous of all, Hitler, and think for a moment the abominable and terrifying formalism of his figure. The black tuft on the forehead while you disrupt delivered his speech hoarse and possessed, in front of audiences whose ranks among martial blowing as a cold current, the breath of death.

Computer graphics - Events in Sohar in the Sultanate of Oman

"Never fired on my people" but then the bomb Saddam

TRIPOLI - Gaddafi fights, with Kalashnikov rifles, cannons and journalists. And now even Saif, his son diplomat and pacifist, yesterday jumped up on a Toyota, his gun in his hand to incite his men to fight. They'd said in the morning: "In Tripoli, Gaddafi will not give away, and knocked the nails out from Tripoli will only major international powers, not even that these rebels are rebels." At the breakfast table at the Hotel Rixos friend of the family had come to understand that pulls air from the Italian journalists, but then he explained what's in your head instead of the Colonel.

Yemen's president proposed a national unity government

.- The President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, today proposed the opposition to participate in a national unity government in a bid to end protests demanding his resignation, similar to those that take place in Libya, Bahrain and Oman . In the midst of the demonstrations that have shaken the country since February 11, Saleh proposed to participate in the new cabinet the opposition, but his party remains the key portfolios, said the president was quoted by the Yemeni news agency SABA.

Maintain pressure on the Omani Sultan

Protesters set fire to a supermarket and gathered at various sites in the coastal city of Oman, on the third day of unrest that have led to deadly clashes in the strategic Persian Gulf nation. Security forces blocked the main vehicular arteries Sohar, 200 km northwest of Muscat, the capital of Oman, in an attempt to isolate the demonstrators and prevent the protests from spreading.

Hundreds of demonstrators, mostly young, went to the roundabout of the city, demanding wage increases, jobs for unemployed youth and changes of government ministers.