Monday, April 4, 2011

China and Nepal are tightening their grip on Tibet after the Tenzin Gyatso

China tightens its grip on the Tibetan people after the resignation of the Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso as their political leader. For those who live in the Tibet Autonomous Region, which is part of China, it promises a better future than today. No autonomy and no independence. No rights, their language has been removed from schools and their culture is increasingly being eradicated.

But the fate of Tibetan exiles in Nepal is not much better. Some 3,000 Tibetans flee China every year from the province. Of these, about 20,000 live permanently in scattered communities in the Himalayan country. They and their children born in Nepal live in a kind of legal limbo and do not have the status of refugees, although in effect they are.

Two Gaddafi's son proposed to lead the transition

Two of the son of Libyan leader would offer a transition to a constitutional democracy that would include the removal of the power of their father, reported, Sunday, April 3, the New York Times. Quoting a diplomat on condition of anonymity and a Libyan official informed the project, the U.S. daily said that the transition would be driven by Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.

The NYT does not say whether Colonel Gaddafi, aged 68, agrees with this proposal. But a person close to his two children said he seemed to agree, the paper said. Both son "want to move to change the country" without their father, notes the daily, quoting a speaker close to Saif and Saadi.

Fukushima, the nuclear debate does not end

The nuclear crisis in Japan's Fukushima plant after the earthquake and tsunami of 11 March in the Asian nation, and sowed fear throughout the world raised the old debate on whether nuclear energy. In Latin America, the controversy has been revived in a region where Brazil, Argentina and Mexico have nuclear plants, and the first two are under construction of new plants.

In the case of Argentina, experts are divided. Some raised concerns about the seismicity of the country and the age of the plants, but some people downplay the importance of these factors. In 1968 construction began on the country's first nuclear power plant, Atucha I, on the banks of the Parana River, began operation in 1974.

General Mangou, after leaving South African embassy, meeting with Gbagbo

.- The Chief of Staff of the Ivorian army, General Philippe Mangou, met with the outgoing president at his residence in Abidjan, after leaving the South African embassy where he sought refuge on Wednesday, said government spokesman Laurent Gbagbo. "General Mangou was presented to his military colleagues in the field.

We do not know if it is to take direction. I do not have enough information," said Ahoua Don Mello. "Today (Sunday) I saw him at the residence of President Gbagbo with colleagues. He will make statements, maybe tomorrow (Monday)," he added. Images of a meeting with General Mangou Gbagbo and other senior officers were released Sunday night on state television, RTI, but it was not possible to know when dating.

Trump to the White House. Or for his ego

If everything goes wrong, in 2012 Berlusconi may not be the only billionaire in charge of a nation in the G7. Respecting that American journalists now see it as a custom barbosa, tycoon Donald Trump John has recently returned to wave the opportunity to run for the White House for the next presidential election.

"I talk very seriously," said the magnate of luxury at the New York Times, "I am seriously considering run for some time. I love what I'm doing an incredible income and enjoyment in driving a great company. My company is great, but the leadership of the nation is not extraordinary, is doing very badly indeed.

Clogging of reactor No. 2 of Fukushima fails

Despite all efforts by the engineers of the Japanese nuclear power plant in Fukushima Dai-Ichi, contaminated water continued, Monday, April 4, to spread into the Pacific Ocean due to a leak of reactor No. 2 as demonstrated by leak tests performed on site using dyes. The announcement comes after several attempts, during the weekend to seal the crack discovered Saturday in a concrete pit of the reactor, using mixtures of sawdust, newspapers, polymers and cement.

Give the fighting in Ivory Coast

.- Fighters loyal to rival presidential Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo and Alassane Ouattara, remained in their positions on Sunday near the main city of Abidjan, in a day less than the previous three fights. After three days of pitched battles, correspondents and witnesses said the main city of world's largest producer of cocoa was calm, with sporadic gunfire and explosions that were heard in some neighborhoods.

Martelly singer wins the presidential elections in Haiti

Michel Martelly The artist has won the second round of presidential elections in Haiti, according to preliminary results announced Monday by the Provisional Electoral Council. The results of the elections, held on March 20, have not yet been confirmed, but have been developed by an agency source who asked to remain anonymous.

It is envisaged that within hours the results become official. The winner will lead the reconstruction of a country that was virtually destroyed by the earthquake of January 12, 2010 and for which foreign countries have pledged U.S. $ 11,000 million. Michel Martelly, 50, is a character, a music star.

Obama will run again, behind the low profile the most expensive campaign ever

A mail and a video. So Barack Obama, twenty months exactly from the presidential 2012, opened the campaign for reelection to the White House. The Web opens confident, the same tool that made its fortune four years ago. In the email, the president writes of "not wanting to go with expensive TV ads or lavish excesses, but you - the people who are organized in the neighborhoods, talking with neighbors, colleagues and friends." The video, titled "It Begins With Us" does just that.

Libya: fighting Brega, an emissary from Gaddafi in Athens

Heavy fighting raged, Sunday, April 3, near the site of Brega oil between rebels and forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi while a Libyan government envoy arrived in Athens in the afternoon. Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of Libya was to meet Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou to give him a message of Muammar Qaddafi, which we do not yet know the content.

If the army keeps out rebels in the field, the Libyan authorities had a political and diplomatic setback on Sunday with the resignation of an adviser to Colonel Gaddafi, Ali Tikrit, former senior diplomats and "Mr. Africa" of Libyan leader. This senior diplomat, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and African Affairs, Ambassador of Libya to the UN, has not said if he joined the rebel camp, said the Arab League in Cairo.

Iranian president criticizes Western interference

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad criticized the West's interference in the riots that shook the Arab world and said that the sole purpose of its intervention in the area is "to save Israel and capitalism." In a press conference at the presidential palace, Ahmadinejad said that Washington is a "puppet" in the hands of Israeli lobbyists, who in his opinion can dictate their policies.

He denied that his country is stirring protests in Bahrain and stressed that the statement issued in this regard on Sunday by six Arab countries comprising the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Persian "has no legal value" and obeys pressure from the White House. The GCC states "should not be trapped by the North American networks.

Increase to 12 thousand 157 dead in quake in Japan

.- The death toll from the earthquake and tsunami of March 11 in northeastern Japan rose today to 12 thousand 157, while other 15 000 496 people still missing, police at last count. Further, some two thousand 100 shelters remain evacuated nearly 160 thousand people from the northeastern provinces of Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima, the most devastated by the disaster.

In Miyagi, the deceased amounted to seven thousand 431 and there is still more than six thousand 300 people unaccounted for, while in Iwate three thousand 540 dead and 500 missing about four thousand dead and Fukushima is 126 thousand and four thousand missing 570. Sunday concluded a three-day major operation involving 25 000 Japan and the U.S.

Berlusconi and Sarkozy held a bilateral summit on immigration

.- The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and French President Nicolas Sarkozy agreed in a telephone conversation today to hold a bilateral summit on the issue of immigration from North Africa. At the meeting, for which has yet scheduled a date, involving French and Italian owners of Foreign Affairs and Economy.

The statement by the head of the Italian Government added that both leaders have agreed to remain "in close contact." In recent days, dozens of immigrants have tried to reach the border between Italy and France through the town of Ventimiglia (Liguria) and several members of the Italian government have denounced the French authorities' refusal to allow them to pass.

Gandhi bisexual and racist?

A great debate is bouncing between India, Britain and the United States and not only scholars and intellectuals, but ordinary people, from the poorest to the richest, from guru to the merchant, the pundits illiteracy, and all religions. It seems that Gandhi had a lover, the architect and builder body jew German Hermann Kallenbach (1871-1945), who was his friend since he was the Mahatma in South Africa.

Concern for the French community in Abidjan

Nicolas Sarkozy has decided on Sunday evening April 3 to "reunification without delay of all French citizens in Abidjan to ensure their protection," the Elysee Palace announced in a statement. The president took this decision during a two-hour meeting Sunday afternoon with Defense Minister Gerard Longuet, the Chief of Defence Staff Edouard Guillaud, the Cooperation Minister Henry Raincourt and heads of the Prime Minister and the chief diplomat, in a context of strong criticism of the camp Gbagbo against the French force in Ivory Coast.

Japan says it will take months to complete radiation leaking

.- Japan warned on Sunday that would take months to stop the leakage of radiation from a nuclear plant hit by a powerful earthquake and tsunami three weeks ago, while its citizens believe that a coalition would better handle the crisis and reconstruction work. An adviser to Prime Minister Naoto Kan said the government's priority was to stop radiation leaks that are terrorizing the public and hampering work to cool the overheated nuclear fuel rods.

Ouattara denies allegation of slaughter in Ivory Coast

He said militia fighters who support Gbagbo killed over 10 people. "The government (of Ouattara) notes with shame that the allegations of the deputy director of UNOCI human rights are not supported by any evidence in its preliminary investigation," he said in a statement the administration of Ouattara.

The statement also denied that the dozos were part of his forces. After quickly taking control of vast regions of the country, for Quattro forces have encountered strong resistance in the past three days. Troops loyal to Gbagbo have maintained their positions around the presidential palace in Abidjan, the outgoing president's residence and offices of state television.

Italy - Libya. The Story of a turnabout

The other party in Italy? What questions is the advice of the insurgents. Today, Foreign Minister Franco Frattini, has no doubts, and between Colonel Gaddafi and the troops who are fighting to overthrow him for weeks now chooses the latter. Too bad that until yesterday, including treaties of friendship, kiss (Berlusconi), sorrow for the fate of Saddam (if Berlusconi) courtesy visits and informal meetings, the Rais was the best friend of Italy.

War in Gaza: Israel demands the cancellation of the Goldstone after the regrets of the author

Israel has demanded the cancellation Sunday, April 3 report from South African judge Richard Goldstone accusing the army of "war crimes" during its offensive against the Gaza Strip in the winter of 2008-2009, after the regrets expressed by the judges in an article published by The Washington Post. "We must lay the report in the dustbin of history," said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on lawyers and experts from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to study the issue.

Kazakhstan Narzabaiev plebiscite for the OSCE: "Elections undemocratic"

At the center of the Kazakh President Nazarbayev Nobody would have bet the opposite. As provided for in fact the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has claimed victory in presidential elections. Partial results released by the Electoral Commission have given strong man of Astana, in power since 1989, 95.5 percent of the vote.

"The results have established that the Kazakh people approve of the job I have done over the past 20 years," Nazarbayev said during a visit to the headquarters of his party. Arriva severe criticism of the OSCE observers, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe: "The elections took place in Kazakhstan, which saw a nearly unanimous victory of Nursultan Nazarbayev have been lacking in genuinely democratic standards" because " reforms needed to ensure real yet to materialize.

Massacres in the West: the pro-Ouattara challenged

Engaged in a decisive battle in Abidjan, the camp has to defend Alassane Ouattara serious allegations of massacres in western countries, including Duekoue. Implicated by the UN, the forces of President recognized by the international community provide, they, having killed that "the militia and not civilians." Monday, March 28, 2011, launch an offensive in the south that led within days to the bastions of outgoing President Laurent Gbagbo in Abidjan, the Republican Forces (FRCI, pro-Ouattara) attacked Duékoué strategic crossroads west.

Burning of the Koran sparked protests in Afghanistan rejection

The threat of a major fault fed Korans to mark the ninth anniversary of the 11-S did not materialize but it was world news. Pastor Terry Jones, head of the tiny Church of Gainesville (Florida), fan, lighted only backed down after receiving a call from Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, which ordered him not to do it now that was endangering the lives of innocent people and American soldiers.

Japan focuses work in pot cracked reactor

.- Japanese engineers struggled on Sunday to end the nuclear crisis worst since Chernobyl in the world trying to seal a crack that has been leaking radioactive material into the sea from a damaged reactor. The drama of the Fukushima Daiichi complex of six reactors and entered its fourth week, terrorizing the world nuclear industry and increasing the suffering of Japan after an earthquake and tsunami that left about 27 in 1500 people dead or missing.

Rise to a thousand the number of dead in Ivory Coast

Dies an actor and activist shot in Israel Yenn

Masked gunmen have fired at close range to kill the Israeli actor and director Juliano Mer-Khamis in the Palestinian city of Jenin. Mer-Kamis, 53, was a known political activist and advocate for Palestinian rights, who lived halfway between Haifa, Israel, and Jenin. At the time of his death was going to call the Liberty Theatre, which he founded in 2006, following the family trail in the Jenin refugee camp.

Kazakhstan, the election farce

The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev will be held today (Monday, editor's note) the presidential elections in Kazakhstan, which owns the nation's 3 percent of global oil reserves, the first global producer of uranium. The result is obvious: win Nursultan Nazarbayev, 70, in power since 1989.

In February, while the Tunisian people's revolution spread to Egypt, the Asian leader has announced plans to bring forward by one year the election. Has anyone tried to protest, because of the 22 candidates, the electoral commission has accepted only three, all considered pro-government.

Ten rebels were killed in Libya with a shot of the coalition

According to insurgent fighters who attended the scene, ten Libyan rebels were killed in an airstrike in the international coalition on Friday night near the site of Brega oil in the Gulf of Sirte. To believe cookies, elements of the regular forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi would have infiltrated the ranks of rebels and opened fire with antiaircraft weapons.

"Following this, NATO forces arrived and bombed," said one of the insurgents. The rebels claim to control the oil site. Interviewed by several residents of the city asserted that the forces anti-Gaddafi had regained much of the city and were trying Saturday to overcome snipers belonging to the forces of the "Guide" Libya.

Yemeni police killed a protester

.- The Yemeni police killed a protester Sunday, witnesses said, information denied by the regime, whose president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, called for an end to the protests of the opposition, demanding his resignation for trading. President Saleh, a U.S. ally in the war against terrorism, said he was willing to leave power, which holds 32 years, but in the context of an orderly constitutional process.

Two explosions in Sufi mosque in Pakistan kills dozens

Two suicide bomb attacks on Sunday hit a Sufi mosque in the Pakistani city of Dera Ghazi Khan, in the east, killing at least 41 deaths and numerous injuries. This is one of the bloodiest attacks this year against a religious minority in Pakistan. "These were suicide attacks and have arrested an attacker who completely failed to detonate the explosives on his body.

The wounded," he told Reuters by telephone Zawar Ali, a police officer. Police said about 65 people were injured. He also said the attackers took advantage of an annual ceremony of the Sufi saint who is dedicated to the mosque. "It was a few yards from where the explosion occurred," said the witness Faisal Iqbal.

Minimize rebel attack''wrong''to NATO

The Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is investigating an airstrike by coalition under his command in Libya, which was white on a Libyan opposition group near the town of Brega, which left 13 dead. On Friday a coalition aircraft commanded by NATO fired about 15 miles east of Brega on a convoy of five or six vehicles, including an ambulance, after a rebel shot into the air as a sign of joy, explained Isa Jamis, political head of the city of Ajdabiya in charge of relations with the rebels.

Argentina Venezuela Venezuela/Argentina.- send 12 million barrels of fuel

CARACAS, April 4. (Reuters) - Venezuela will send about 12 million barrels of fuel to Argentina from May, at a time when attempts to reduce domestic consumption to free export barrels, has reported a director of Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) . Hugo Chavez's government has maintained for several years a wide cooperation with Argentina, which involved the supply of Venezuelan oil for the electricity sector in that country, in exchange for goods and agricultural equipment.

A commission Guantnamo military judge the course of 11-S idellogo

After trying to transfer to a civil court's intention to dismantle the prison of Guantanamo, the Attorney General (Minister of Justice) American Eric Holder, announced today that it will judge Khaled Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged author's ideological attacks on New York and Washington, 2001, in which 3,000 people died in a military commission in jail on a military base situated on the island of Cuba, according to various government representatives.

Found Francia/Brasil.- bodies in the wreckage of the cockpit of flight Rio-Paris, 2009 found

PARIS, April 4. Researchers have found human remains among the parts of the fuselage of the A330-200 cockpit found yesterday in Brazilian waters during the fourth phase of search to locate the black boxes of Air France when it fell into the Atlantic on the route Rio de Janeiro "Paris on June 1, 2009.

In the crash of Flight AF447 killed 228 of 32 different nationalities, including 61 French and 58 Brazilians. As reported by French newspaper latribune 'gala Minister of Ecology and Transportation, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, said that "the plane did not explode" because they have found remains intact cabin unit, where "there are bodies inside" , some of them "recognizable." The Minister, as Secretary of State for Transport, Thierry Mariani, have refused to make public the number of bodies found in the wreckage of the fuselage because the data "saved for the families of the victims", as indicated Mariani , for whom the discovery of the remains has been "a surprise." For its part, Air France has described as "very good news," the finding of a section of the fuselage as it gives hope to gather information to clarify the causes of the crash.

Fukushima, the alarm continues nuclear, radioactivity beyond the limits of 30 km

Continues unabated nuclear emergency in Japan. After the earthquake and tsunami, are the drama of the displaced, to rebuild an economy and especially the emergence of the central Fukushima, who continues to release radioactive substances into the air and in seawater in front of the plant. Radioactivity detected not only in high water, but also in the nearest town and even those beyond the first ring of emergency, set at 30 km away from the plant.

Clashes have left at least 800 dead in Duékoué, according to ICRC

At least 800 people were killed Tuesday, March 29 at Duekoue, in western Côte d'Ivoire, said Friday the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said in a statement. According to information gathered on site and quoted by a spokesman for the organization in Geneva, "there are indications that this is sectarian violence." ICRC delegates visited Duékoué March 31 and April 1.

They "saw themselves a very large number of bodies," said the spokesman. For now, 28 bodies have been evacuated to the local morgue, but the operation should continue in the coming days. "This event is particularly shocking in its scale and brutality," has alarmed the head of the ICRC delegation in Côte d'Ivoire, Dominica Liengme.