Friday, July 8, 2011

Freedom Flotilla, French vessel intercepted by the Greek coast guard

The Greek coast guard intercepted the French 'Dignity at Kaname' who was heading for the Gaza Strip. The boat was discovered while she was refueling at a small harbor on the island of Crete and was then towed to the largest port of Sitia, on the same island. The activist Manolis Pleonis sai.

Under pressure from Israel, the Greek authorities prevented the departure from the past few days in its ports of ten ships of the Freedom Flotilla II, who wanted to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza. Dignity, carrying a dozen Palestinian activists wire, set sail from Corsica at the end of June.

A 7.6 magnitude earthquake off New Zealand

An earthquake of magnitude 7.6 occurred off the Kermadec Islands, north-eastern New Zealand, reports Wednesday, July 6 before the U.S. Geological Centre. A tsunami warning issued in New Zealand, Kermadec Islands and Tonga, was finally canceled. The New Zealand Herald, the authorities have nevertheless asked residents to stay away from beaches.

First estimated at 7.9, the quake occurred on Thursday at 7 pm local 3 hours (21 hours in Paris 3), and its epicenter was located 211 km east of Raoul Island, which belongs to the Kermadec archipelago, and 48 km deep. "An earthquake of this magnitude has the potential to generate a destructive tsunami that can strike within hours to the coast near the epicenter," stated the Tsunami Warning Centre, which explained that a tsunami tidal wave could hit the Kermadec archipelago, uninhabited, Wednesday 21 am to 29 (Paris time), Tonga 17 to 22 h and eastern New Zealand at around 22 h 52, the Centre had said.

Michigan. Man kills seven people including his daughter

Seven dead, including a girl of 10 years, the dramatic results of a double murder in Michigan, according to police caused by "domestic reasons". The man suspected of murder, Rodrick Shonto Dantzler, was killed while he was entrenched in a house with a hostage and the police were negotiating with him by phone.

Among the victims, his daughter is the reconstruction of events: first a series of murders, the killing of two women and 10 years old girl, occurred in a house in Grand Rapids. Then the man, fled on board a Lincoln Towne old, would open fire on the occupants of another vehicle, killing four people, three women and one man.

Canada ends its mission in Afghanistan

Canada formally ended its combat mission in Afghanistan after years of being in the frontline against the Taliban in the south of the country. The withdrawal of two thousand 850 Canadian soldiers at a time when the Taliban continues to show its strength, peace talks are in their infancy and the Government and development are faltering.

Cameron proposes new regulation for the press

British Prime Minister, David Cameron has proposed a new model of regulation of the press for the scandal of eavesdropping and wiretaps that the drafters of the News of the World did for information. "I think we need a new system entirely," said the British premier.