Saturday, May 14, 2011

Six policemen killed in an attack attributed to Al Qaeda in southern Yemen

.- At least six Yemeni policemen were killed and another wounded in an attack blamed on the terrorist network Al Qaeda carried out southeast of Sanaa, sources told Efe security services. According to sources, about twenty armed men traveling in two vehicles attacked at dawn a police checkpoint in the area of Rade, in the province of Al Baida, about 200 km from Sana'a.

The attackers, who used automatic rifles and grenades, managed to escape and security forces launched a huge operation to catch them. Moreover, the sources stressed that this is the first time that Al Qaeda operates in Al Baida, since most of the attacks on military and security objectives have been perpetrated in the neighboring provinces of Candid and Shebua, which has its strongholds .

President Ouattara dismisses several senior pro-Gbagbo

.- The president of Ivory Coast, Alassane Ouattara, has dismissed several senior officials of state institutions in favor of Laurent Gbagbo, local media reported Monday on its website. The destitute were clearly shown and acted in favor of Gbagbo during the five months of institutional crisis and conflict that followed the Ivorian presidential elections on 28 November.

After the elections, Gbagbo, who was ten years in the presidency, refused to recognize the victory of Ouattara and tried, with the support of the military and police, to stay in power despite international recognition of Ouattara as president . Among those dismissed are Laurent Dona Fologo, president of the Economic and Social Council, and Tia Kone, president of the Constitutional Court, to be replaced by Marcel Zadi Kassy and Mamadou Kone, respectively, according to the decree, set out today by the online newspaper Abidjan.

Brain drain? No, of hearts!

Not only do the brains flee from Italy, the hearts sometimes do. Orestes comes from Sardinia and lives in Dublin. When we visit, the first thing he says is a homosexual. It seems almost a liberation, a topic that in Italy, years before, had never touched. Not that the thing itself move an inch the conversation, but we realize what will feel freer to talk about it now, hundreds of miles away from home.

Rises to 89 the death toll in the twin bombings in Pakistan

.- The death toll from twin suicide bombings against a central paramilitary police in northwest Pakistan rose to 89 on Saturday, police said. The Pakistani Taliban said on Friday that the attack in the town of Shabqadar, which also wounded 140 people, 40 of them seriously, was to avenge the death of Osama bin Laden in an operation by U.S.

special forces . It was the bloodiest attack so far this year in the country. "The death toll has risen to 89," he told AFP chief of district police, Nisar Khan Marwat. "Among the dead were five civilians and four other bodies were left in pieces, "he added.

Syria: U.S. and French diplomats raise their voices

In an interview with pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat, published Saturday, May 14, Alain Juppe launches a warning to President Bashar Al-Assad: "A regime that pulls gun against its population loses its legitimacy. We want a stable Syria but we think stability is not true in law enforcement. It is in reform. " For the head of French diplomacy, the Syrian regime "is in the wall" if it "does not change its political line, if he perseveres in his analysis that the movements (...) that it faces are movements seditious, more or less encouraged from outside ".

Libya, the NATO countries condemn religious "in a thousand will die for every imam killed"

"A thousand people will die for each of the 11 imams killed by NATO." Religious Libyan launch a 'fatwa' against citizens of countries participating in the Alliance's military operations in Libya. Italy, France, Denmark, Great Britain, Qatar and UAE are all considered "legitimate targets". I would announce the Imam al-Noureddin Mijrah, during a press conference on the regime of Colonel raid yesterday in the city of Brega.

Chile protests against a hydroelectric dam project

A project to build five hydroelectric dams in the wilderness of Patagonia, which recently received an endorsement administrative arouses strong opposition from environmental groups and some of the Chilean public opinion.

The Pakistani parliament condemned the raid against bin Laden

The Pakistani parliament condemned Saturday, May 14 the U.S. operation in which Osama bin Laden was killed and requested a review of relations with the United States. "Parliament condemns unilateral action (...) Abbottabad which constitutes a violation of Pakistani sovereignty," said elected officials in a statement released after the hearing leaders of the security services.

On the occasion of this hearing, Riaz Fatyana, head of Pakistani intelligence (Inter-Services Intelligence, ISI), has also expressed its readiness to resign as a parliamentarian. The operation conducted by the Navy SEALs in the night of 1 May 2 near the complex where Osama bin Laden lived in Abbottabad, a garrison town situated about fifty kilometers from the capital, has put considerable strain on relations between Washington and Islamabad.

Pakistan, "Raid U.S. actions unacceptable," The parliament calls for its suspension

Pakistan will not accept more U.S. air strikes. The latest chapter in the controversy between the two countries, after the U.S. raid on 2 May that led to the killing of Osama Bin Laden, begins with a twelve-point resolution adopted unanimously - but after ten hours of debate - the parliament Pakistani.

The request to the U.S. is to suspend attacks lates with CIA drones in Pakistan against Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Raid as "unacceptable" and that "do not contribute to advancing the cause of the elimination of global terrorism." "The people of Pakistan will no longer tolerate such actions - decided the parliament - and their recurrence can have dire consequences for peace and security in the region and the world." As with the blitz in the hideout of Al Qaeda leaders in Abbottabad, it is "unilateral actions" by the United States, to Pakistan, they also constitute "a violation of the principles of the UN Charter, international law and humanitarian standards.

Egypt face religious bigotry

A Palestinian boy killed during the commemoration of the "Nakba"

The incidents occurred on the sidelines of the commemoration of the "Nakba" - the "catastrophe" which refers to the creation of Israel in May 1948 and the forced exile of Palestinians - Friday, May 13, made a death: a Palestinian teenager, whose family has announced the death on Saturday. "He died after being wounded in the stomach, we'll bury him now," said Maher Ayache Ayache uncle Milad Saeed, 16.

Amounts to 88 the death toll in Pakistan attack

At least 80 people were killed in a double suicide bombing attack on a paramilitary police center in northwest Pakistan and claimed by the Taliban as their "first strike" to avenge the death of Osama bin Laden. These Islamist insurgents affiliated with al Qaeda and authors of a very bloody bombing campaign in Pakistan, had threatened to retaliate against Islamabad and its security forces, accusing them of complicity in an attack on a U.S.

Blog - Exit George Mitchell, the man of the settlement freeze

Worker dies central Fukushima

A worker at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station died after collapsing unconscious while carrying building materials in a plant, Japan's Kyodo news agency reported. The plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) said it found no traces of radioactive substances in the human body and it had no apparent injuries.

The operator collapsed one hour after starting their working day when he entered a medical ward of the facility in Fukushima. The Hamaoka nuclear power plant, 200 kilometers south of Tokyo, ceased operations in the two reactors remained operational at the request of the Government.

Gadhafi denies that has been wounded

Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi said the NATO bombing did not achieve in a short audio message, after Italy mentioned the possibility that he was wounded and fleeing. "I will tell you that their bombings did not reach me because millions of Libyans take me in your heart, "said the NATO official questioned.

NATO air strikes hit the vast residential complex Moammar Gadhafi in Tripoli, and caused three deaths, including two journalists and wounded 27, according to the "official results" government.

Pakistan parliament calls for review relations with the U.S. after the death of Bin Laden

The Pakistani parliament unanimously adopted a resolution condemning the military operation carried out by a special forces command of the U.S. Navy on 2 May in Abbottabad that culminated with the death of Osama Bin Laden. The same document calls for the government in Islamabad to review their relationships, yet privileged, with the U.S.

and the opening of an investigation by an independent commission to clarify the facts. The document of 12 points, has been endorsed by all members, after the director general of Pakistani intelligence agency (ISI), Lieutenant General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, in an appearance beg pardon for the mistakes committed by their agency within the U.S.

Porn videos »Bin Laden's house

The command that carried out the operation that killed bin Laden found pornography in the house of Abbottabad, where he hid the leader of Al Qaeda. U.S. officials anonymously explained that this is a considerable amount of recent digital video. Officials said they do not know for sure what part of the house was the pornographic material or who had been watching.

It is not known whether Osama bin Laden specifically bought or seen the videos. Nor is it clear how complex the inhabitants of Abbottabad pornographic images acquired since the house had no Internet or communications networks. The White House released last week a selection of videos found in the hideout of Bin Laden.

U.S. women with access to interrogate Bin Laden

Pakistan granted access to the widows of Osama Bin Laden to the United States to investigate details of the presence of al Qaeda in Pakistan, the White House said Friday. "America has gained access to the wives of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan "said White House spokesman, Jay Carney, without elaborating.

Earlier, CNN quoted U.S. and Pakistani sources said that U.S. intelligence services had questioned three of the widows of Bin Laden, was killed during an operation by U.S. special forces in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad on 2 May. The report said the woman was questioned along with a group, although the United States wanted them separately, and was "hostile" during the interrogation, said CNN, which quoted a Pakistani government official and two officials from Washington close to the case.

Libyan rebels do not get official recognition from the White House

A delegation of the Libyan rebels, led by its Foreign responsible Mahmoud Jibril, met Friday in Washington with senior officials from the White House to request that the National Transitional Council, its governing body, whether diplomatic recognition, and soliticar financial aid for their cause. U.S.

has welcomed them as "a legitimate and credible interlocutor," but never to express an official recognition as the legitimate representatives of the Libyan people as demanded by them, according to AFP. Other countries, like France, Italy, Qatar and Gambia, have done so. Tom Donilon, security adviser to the White House, applauded, in a statement issued after the meeting with Jibril, "the Council's commitment to an inclusive political transition and democratic future for Libya." The meeting was addressed "how the U.S.

Argentina Brazil criticized for imposing barriers to trade in vehicles

BUENOS AIRES, 13 May. (Reuters) - Argentina has criticized this Friday vigorously to Brazil for the lack of dialogue before imposing barriers to trade in vehicles, a fact that has been described as an obstacle to trade between the two neighboring nations. Brazil, which in 2010 was the fourth largest global car market, said on Thursday that would impose non-automatic licensing the import of vehicles, fueled by the strength of its currency, a move that affects shipments from Argentina, Mexico, Japan and United States, among others.