Monday, August 29, 2011

Iraq, bombing of the mosque there are at least 28 victims

At least 28 people were killed in an attack against the Sunni mosque of Umm al-Qura, in Baghdad. The explosion, which caused injuries to 35 people, including children, took place in a western district of the Iraqi capital. Among the victims was also a member of the Sunni province of Al Anbar, Khaled al Fahdawi.

According to sources, a suicide bomber broke into Umm al-Qura mosque in al-Ghazaliyah neighborhood and blew himself up. The attack, which comes just days before the end of Ramadan, hit a mosque run by a high religion known for his fiery sermons against the extremists, Ahmed Abdel Ghafour.

No armed group in Iraq has so far claimed responsibility for the attack, but suicide bombers are usually used by the motion close to Al Qaeda, as the Islamic State of Iraq.

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