Friday, February 18, 2011

Tunisian minister calls a "ridiculous" the EU aid

The Tunisian Minister of Industry, Afif Chelbi, said it was "ridiculous", Thursday, February 17, the amount of aid - 17 million - given by the European Union to his country after the revolution of 14 January. "When the head of European diplomacy, Catherine Ashton, said to our minister, it was thought he had misheard and asked: 'Millions or billions?", Said the Chelbi press after a roundtable in Rome with Italian Foreign Minister.

Bahrain: Thousands funeral turned into mass protest

In Bahrain large crowds to funerals for four killed demonstrators streamed. This "martyr funerals" They used to protest against the new political leadership. President Wulff has canceled a planned trip to the Gulf state already. He was only 22 years old. Mahmoud Abu Maki Taki was killed during the protests in Bahrain when the police brutally into the night on Thursday took action against protesters.

Protests in Libya: Gaddafi sent his son in troubled region

In Libya, the demonstrations will continue despite the brutal reaction of the regime. Now head of state, Gaddafi sends one of his sons to appease the opponents of the regime: in the troubled region of Benghazi, he is to bring the infrastructure back on track. The protests in Libya are endless: in Benghazi on Friday once again thousands of demonstrators against head of state Muammar al-Gaddafi demonstration.

Unrest in the Middle East: America is worried about Bahrain

The situation remains tense in Bahrain: The military moves against the rebellious people, there are deaths and injuries. In particular, the United States to observe with concern the escalation of violence, they fear for an important ally. In other countries in the Middle East to keep the protests. Bahrain does not come to rest: have at a funeral for victims of the violent repression of protests in the Gulf state on Friday several hundred people demanded the overthrow of the king.

Obama continues his official visit to the 'dueos' Network

After a dinner in San Francisco with 12 of the entrepreneurs who control the market of Internet technologies, the U.S. president, Barack Obama, continues today with a visit to the mecca of U.S. computer. Travel to Oregon to visit a plant of chipmaker Intel. There is planning to offer Paul Otellini, CEO of the company, a seat on its Council on Employment and Competitiveness, which advises on labor policies.

The domino effect is amplified in the Middle East

One month after the departure of the dictator of Tunisia Ben Ali and a few days after the fall of the regime of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, several protests earn authoritarian regimes in the Middle East. The night of Wednesday to Thursday was particularly lethal for the opponents came to demonstrate to demand democratic reforms.

Iraq has joined the countries in anger, an event which caused one death and dozens injured in Kurdistan. In Benghazi, the second largest city and heart of the dispute, six protesters were killed in clashes between police and anti-Gaddafi demonstrators. The question of whether the revolt would spread to the capital remains.

Télézapping - After 249 days, Belgium has still not found

Two dead and 47 injured in a protest in Iraqi Kurdistan

According to medical sources, two people were killed and 47 injured by gunfire Thursday, February 17 at Sulaymaniyah when protesters tried to storm the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) of Massoud Barzani. At the invitation of the Organization for Defending Rights and Freedom, nearly three thousand people, mostly youths between 16 and 30, marched towards the headquarters of the KDP and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan ( PUK of Jalal Talabani), shouting "Government resign", "Work for the unemployed," "The corrupt to justice." Protesters then threw stones at the building and where some tried to storm the headquarters of the KDP, guards fired into the air and then members of the KDP's security service and police took up positions in Street.

Suspicion of corruption: former Egyptian Interior Minister arrested

The men who reject any blame should be detained for 15 days. The prosecution had previously been the property of men eingefrn and imposed an exit ban. Corruption in politics was one of the reasons for the mass demonstrations in Egyptian cities, resigned under the pressure of Mubarak. The actions of the transitional government against the minister is regarded by observers as an attempt to calm the situation.

Reports about stroke: Tunisian ex-President Ben Ali in hospital

Former rulers of Tunisia Ben Ali is obviously in a critical condition: The 74-year-old was taken to a hospital and might have suffered a stroke. In mid-January he had fled with his family to Saudi Arabia. Tunis - Former Tunisian President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali is, according to a confidant of the family for two days in a hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

According to the news agency is Ben Ali suffered a stroke and are in a coma. Previously had been circulating rumors about the poor health condition of Ben Ali. Upon request, had the Tunisian interim government on Thursday or said they wanted to reports of an instruction of the ex-leaders to the hospital "neither deny nor confirm".

Paris and London authorities call for restraint in the Middle East

France has deplored Thursday, February 17 "the excessive use of force" and said it was "particularly concerned" by recent developments include Bahrain, Libya and Yemen. Through the voice of the deputy spokeswoman of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the foreign minister Michele Alliot-Marie has reaffirmed "the commitment of France to freedom of expression and the right to peaceful protest around the world ".

One billion dollars: Baghdad wants to sue U.S. for damages

An apology and a billion dollars (735 million euros) compensation - this is the demand of the Government of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad to U.S. forces. The background of the claims are not the consequences of the massive bombing during the war of 2003, but the subsequent mutilation of the cityscape and the destruction of infrastructure. "The U.S. has turned this beautiful city to ugly and destructive way to a camp that speaks of ignorance and indifference to the simplest forms of public taste," complained the city leaders on Thursday.

Suez Canal: The passage of two Iranian warships has been stopped temporarily

Come through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean or not? The passage of two Iranian warships has been stopped temporarily, apparently after massive protests from Israel. The Iranian state television reports, however, Egypt has approved the passage. The affair of two Iranian naval ships in the Red Sea is becoming a diplomatic muddle.

Egypt had banned according to a report of the news channel al-Arabiya on Thursday, a passage of the Suez Canal. In the afternoon, the Iranian state television reported, however, the authorities in Egypt had "no objections" against the passage of the compound of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.

Shipwreck is located in southern Norway

An Icelandic freighter ran aground south of sheds near Ytre Hvaler marine national park, today reported the Norwegian coastal authorities, who sent three ships to the area and put anti-pollution barriers. Discharges from two ports open on the two tanks located in the middle of the boat, with capacity for 250 tons of oil each, although it is possible that more leaks.

The "Godafoss", 165 meters, ran aground last night at 100 meters from shore for unknown reasons, after having deposited their burden in Frederistad, southern Norway, near the border with Sweden, which has been sent to the area anti-ship and a helicopter. According to the newspaper "Frederiksstad Blad" after releasing the load, "Godafoss" doubled its average speed in an area full of pitfalls.

South Korea warning of possible attacks from North

) .- The Prime Minister of South Korea, Kim Hwang-sik, said today about possible North Korean attack against the severe diplomatic isolation and economic crisis. "North Korea is still showing a responsible attitude," said Kim, who chaired the annual meeting of military commanders of the army, reported South Korean Yonhap news agency.

The Prime Minister said that Pyongyang would return to the path of "military provocation. Therefore, (the army) should be fully prepared," he added. Recent reports indicated that North Korea has completed construction of a facility for launching missiles on its west coast, near the border with China.

The chief justice accused the Iranian opposition leaders for "treason"

The head of the judiciary in Iran, Sadegh Larijani accused Thursday, February 17 leaders of the reformist opposition of "treason" after the power has called on Iranians to participate Friday in a mass demonstration to express their "hatred" to them. "This group of khavarej (a group that rebelled against the religious authorities) must know that (despite) the Islamic kindness, we will not accept that they undermine the regime," said Ayatollah Larijani.

Killing more than 30 suspected insurgents in ISAF bombing

.- Over thirty suspected insurgents were killed last night in an air strike of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in eastern Afghanistan, the organization reported today. The bombing took place in the troubled Afghan province of Kunar, a region bordering Pakistan's tribal areas and traditional point of transfer of insurgents crossing the border to fight against international troops.

Meu amigo Silvio

After putting the soul (and body) in enhancing the diplomatic relations between Italy and Egypt, our dear Prime Minister did not hesitate to push for a dramatic break friendship with Brazilian brothers. Nice people, beautiful music and stunning women, but for a president legalistic - that loves to see the triumph of law everywhere - it was absolutely unacceptable a cordial collaboration with those in its territory illegally a criminal convicted by the Italian courts.

VIPs who enjoyed the charms of Tunisia were VRP Ben Ali

There are many, these days, in France, waiting anxiously the results of the Tunisian Committee of Inquiry on Corruption, created recently in Tunis. Ben Ali as the years have allowed many French personalities - politicians, members of "friendship groups", journalists ... - To enjoy the charms of "country of Jasmine", without asking more questions than that on the real nature of this authoritarian regime.

Pirates hijacked a Yemeni fishing in the Gulf of Aden

.- A Yemeni-flagged fishing vessel has now been hijacked by pirates near the island of Socotra in the Gulf of Aden, as reported in EU-Navfor a statement, the EU anti-piracy mission. The fishing boat "Alfardous" was carrying eight crew members, whose nationality and current status is unknown at this time, according to the EU mission, said that he was following the situation.

The EU-Navfor controls the activity of fishing vessels off the coast of Somalia, which performs the operation "Atalanta", whose main mission is to protect vessels carrying humanitarian aid from World Food Program vessels and Mission African Union for Somalia (AMISOM).

At least five killed in another day of violence in Yemen

At least three demonstrators opposed to Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, were killed Friday by police gunfire in the port city of Aden in southern Yemen, according to the Qatari television network Al Jazeera, explaining that there have been dozens injured. Witnesses quoted by the agency have reported violent clashes between protesters and security forces.

Earlier, violence erupted in the city of Taiz, 270 km south of Sana'a, the capital. There, the throwing of a grenade into a crowd protesting against the government has caused two deaths and 27 injuries, according to the latest tally given by medical sources. Opposition sources and witnesses say a car went by where there were demonstrators and one of the passengers threw the explosive through the window.

Tehran and Warsaw?

Whenever you see crowds on the streets of an Islamic country in the West triggered the conditioned reflex acquired in 1979 when Khomeini took power in Iran. Western public opinion is in fibrillation, because the opposition, sometimes violent, to Middle Eastern despots and kleptocrats, has markedly religious connotations, which, after the hysteria about the clashes of civilizations, justifies some shiver down my spine.

The Thai government promises elections by June

Suthep Thaugsuban, the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, provides on Thursday that early elections will take place "before June". The consultation sought a hue and cry by the opposition for months, including the movement of red-shirted, must intervene between forty-five and sixty days after a dissolution of the lower house of Parliament.

Premier Abhisit, leader of the Democratic Party and in power since late 2008, was willing last week to hold elections in the first half under certain conditions, including lack of violence in the country and the adoption constitutional reform. He had previously also mentioned the need to adopt the budget mid-year, which is done since Wednesday.

Egypt celebrates the Victory Day''''

.- Hundreds of Egyptians are heading this morning for Cairo's central Tahrir Square to celebrate "Victory Day", a week after the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak. It is envisaged that the prayer of noon today, the most important of the week for Muslims, participate Sheikh Yusuf al Qardawi, close to the movement of the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt during the protests that forced the collapse of Mubarak, was always sided with the demonstrators.

"The challenge is to educate the governments"

The South African lawyer Rashida Manjoo is the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women. Question. Femicide is the tip of the iceberg, but the spectrum is too broad. How are you approaching this enormous task? Response. We see violence as a continuum. Violence is part of being human and in the case of women in many cases begins in childhood or even before birth.

For example, in China and its policy of birth. Violence has many forms of manifestation, has many branches. There are many cultural conditions, social and religious. My job is to visit different countries and search for causes. Talking to governments that do not expect me to say "Oh, we agree!".

Abduction of Abu Omar. Unlike government strategy itself

The title says it all: Omar Abu-Preemptive letters. Or: "Abu-Omar letters preventive." Starring: Massimo D'Alema. New Wikileaks documents on Italy are enriched by new, disturbing background investigations for the kidnapping Egyptian imam Abu Omar, kidnapped in 2003 in Milan by the CIA and the Earthquakes.

And the issue is delicate: how to put the spanner in the investigation that the prosecutor Armando Spataro was leading on that episode. It is 6 April 2007 when the U.S. embassy in Rome for part of a cable to the State Department, then governed by the Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Former Madagascar President Marc Ravalomanana announced his return to Madagascar

Former Madagascar President Marc Ravalomanana, in exile in South Africa, announces his return, scheduled for Saturday on the Big Island. "I return to begin a real dialogue with [the country] is in desperate need," Mr Ravalomanana said at a news conference Thursday in Johannesburg. "Only a real national consensus forged by the Malagasy people through direct discussions in our own country, we can bring democracy and ensure that nobody can ever take power illegally in Madagascar," he added.

"Thesis in law copied" the German minister waiving PhD

BERLIN - The German Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg apologizes and temporarily surrender the title of Doctor of Philosophy in Law, until the allegations of plagiarism against him for having copied the thesis are not clarified. The case caused a sensation in Germany, and has embarrassed one of the ministers most popular and growing.

Yesterday the University of Bayreuth (Bavaria), which has entrusted the issue of the university ombudsman, asked the minister a formal explanation within two weeks. LOOK AT THE PICTURES In a statement released this morning in Berlin after meeting with Angela Merkel night at the Registry, which has expressed full confidence in his minister, Guttenberg has strongly rejected accusations that he copied passages in the dissertation for his doctorate in constitutional law.

Riots in Libya: Gaddafi police fired on opponents

The opponents of the regime in Libya intensify their protests against dictator Gaddafi. In several cities sparked demonstrations in the police force, according to opposition figures were at least 35 people killed. Even in Bahrain, the police beat down protests. Tripoli - The protests have intensified in Libya on Thursday.

Despite massive intimidation of the security forces, opponents gathered in at least four cities, demanding among other things, the resignation of President Muammar al-Gaddafi. At the rallies of the opposition, according to reports, at least 35 protesters killed. Alone in the city of Al-Baidha 35 people were killed, told the opposition newspaper al-Yaum Libya on Thursday evening.

Killing dittatorinon need!

In Egypt and Tunisia have dropped two despots, others are reeling in the Arab world. It 's a good news. It is incredible that they were unarmed demonstrators to win against the troops of criminal dictators. Hard not to go back to the evaporator with the memory of the Russian Empire. There was great turmoil in East Germany and a big shot of the scheme, a bit 'careless, he began to extol the freedom of citizens on TV and said East ambiguous statement that could mean that one could cross the Berlin Wall .

Yemen army deployed in Aden, where violence has claimed five lives

Three people were killed and nineteen wounded in violent clashes between police and protesters on Thursday evening February 17 at Aden, bringing to five the number of deaths in this city in southern Yemen in forty-eight hours, according hospital sources Friday. According to a hospital official Al-Joumhouriya, the bodies of three people killed by live ammunition were found Friday at the mortuary.

Obama to dinner with Steve Jobs and company executives in Silicon Valley

WOODSIDE - While chasing rumors concerning the health of the founder and CEO of Apple, which according to the tabloid National Enquirer has only a few weeks of life, Steve Jobs last night he dined with President Barack Obama and several business executives in Silicon Valley, proving to be pretty good.

The meeting was closed to the press, but the White House has indicated to reporters that Jobs was present at the dinner at the home of venture capitalist John Doerr, a suburb of Woodside, near San Francisco, not far from the computer centers in Palo Alto Cupertino where they are located and Apple, Google and many other names in the industry.

Arab world to date

The secretary general of the Organization of the United Nations (UN), Ban Ki-moon urged Arab leaders to "listen carefully to their villages and to respond to their legitimate aspirations." The message, the stronger the holder of the UN has offered so far on the mass demonstrations in Arab countries, came a day after violent protests in Bahrain and Libya and Yemen.

At the headquarters of this international organization, Ban also called on the governments of the region to implement major reforms, rather than suppress peaceful demonstrators. Secretary of State of the American Union, Hillary Clinton announced that the country will allocate 150 million (MDD) dollars to support the transition in Egypt.

Morales UNASUR propose new controls to the U.S. air cargo

LA PAZ, 18 Feb. The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, propose to the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) creation of mechanisms for control of cargo arriving by air from United States. In this way responds to the controversy sparked by an American military plane landed in Argentina with weapons and narcotics, a "material declared to the Argentine authorities.

"We will ask how to how to have absolute control of all this class of aircraft from the U.S., bringing drugs or weapons. It is very unfortunate," said the president. In his opinion, "South America can not be the carpet of America." Morales also believes that Washington's response to his dispute with Buenos Aires has been superb and shows his lack of respect for international law, reports TeleSur.

A pandemic of gender violence rips Latinoamrica

Latin America shows a serious pattern of violence against women. The extent of the phenomenon has become such a real crime pandemic, as noted Amparo Alcocer, a professor of International Law at the University Carlos III (Madrid), during the Ibero-American conference against femicide: The end of impunity, organized by Casamerica this center and that, during the Tuesday and Wednesday met in Madrid to a very large group of experts in this social scourge.

Colombia approves the Constitutive Treaty of UNASUR

QUITO, 17 Feb. Colombia has approved the Treaty establishing the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), being the tenth country to ratify it, according to a statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador. This week, Ecuadorean Foreign Minister, Ricardo Patino, announced that the statutes of UNASUR will come into force on March 11, according to Article 26 of the international organization.

Democracy Network, but who decides?

There is no doubt. Facebook and Twitter have played a role in nurturing the revolt that led to the resignation of President Mubarak. Maybe or maybe not by accident, just days after these momentous events, the U.S. administration announced a new policy for the freedom of the Net. A policy that will work around any barriers and walls that autocratic governments can put in place to suppress dissidents.

In Libya, the opposition faces a strong regime of its oil revenues

In a country where freedom of expression is stifled, opponents have called to protest at a "day of rage", Thursday, Feb. 17, against the regime of Colonel Gaddafi. At least four protesters were killed the previous day during clashes with security forces in the city of Al-Baida, 1 200 km east of Tripoli.

According to the Libyan newspaper Quryna citing "security sources knowledgeable", the Ministry of Interior has fired Colonel Hassan Kardhaoui, security director of Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar, the chief town of the region of Al-Baida, following "the death of two young" Wednesday night (a previous review of the reported opposition of at least four deaths).

Libya, at least 24 protesters dead in the funeral Thousands of people in Bahrain

TRIPOLI - Do not stop the protests in several countries of North Africa and the Middle East. Still fighting in the night in Libya, where the death toll rises to 24 in Bahrain and thousands of people attended the funerals of two people killed during an assault by security forces. And while in Egypt today a million people take to the road to "victory march", in Yemen the anti-government demonstrations have resulted in two victims.

Worse cardiovascular health problem Ben Ali

Former Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who fled his country on 14 January under pressure from a popular revolt, is "in a coma for two days in a Saudi hospital after suffering a stroke, said Thursday a family friend. "He went into coma for two days. It is located in Jeddah hospital, in western Saudi Arabia, said a source in his family environment.

"Suffered a CVA (stroke), is in serious condition," said this source reached by telephone by the agency AFP in a Gulf country. Ben Ali, 74, and his family fled to Saudi Arabia after almost a month of popular revolt, after 23 years in power. The release also was published by French daily Le Monde, which cited the blog of a journalist specializing in Tunisian problem.

The Argentine government has blamed the company Ferrobaires train crash

BUENOS AIRES, 17 Feb. The Argentine government has blamed the train accident that left four dead and over hundred injured, the company Ferrobaires, but will remain cautious as they develop research and do not discard any hypotheses. "We have seen, from the administrative standpoint, that there was a great responsibility by training who dispatched Ferrobaires brakes with emergency death and void", explained at a press conference the Planning Minister Julio De Vido .

"On Twitter a novelty lasts three days"

Half Brazilian and half Japanese, Alexandre Okada is proud to have helped bring Dilma Rousseff as President of Brazil. "It was something historic. Lula had been a president superimportant and gave way to a stranger." To meet the challenge, the Sanhedrin who designed the presidential campaign (five politicians and five communications professionals) opted for a revolutionary formula.

From Brasilia headquarters controlled all the information 24 hours a day. "It was like a Big Brother," he said. The aesthetic of the campaign took close to advertising methods. "We introduced visual codes, graphics, color, lights and television structured blocks dynamically. As if it were a variety show.

Green light in the Brazilian Congress to the proposal to increase minimum wage

BRASILIA, 17 Feb. (Reuters) - The Chamber of Deputies of Brazil has given the green light Wednesday to the proposal of President Dilma Rousseff to increase the minimum wage, which is his first major legislative victory since taking power on 1 January. The parliament approved a bill to increase the national minimum wage to 545 reais (240 euros), rejecting the amendments supported by labor leaders on an even larger increase.

Learn the art and put it aside

It is now known that our country is light years away from the rich cultural and artistic splendor which have marked the course of history, and London, as well as being a destination for many Italians (and not) in search of employment, is now also a kind of focal point for art and culture. Bringing the term "art" out of conventional places such as museums, galleries, concert halls and the like, you realize immediately how you feel here a fair amount of freedom of expression at the level of all amateur who has something to say is free to do so and usually there is someone who listens.

No Iranian warship borrows the Suez Canal

In the aftermath of an Israeli warning, the authorities of the Suez Canal were informed on Thursday the cancellation of the planned move by the strategic path of two Iranian warships were to win the Mediterranean. The two vessels, the frigate and the ship-Alvand tanker Kharg, currently located near the Saudi port of Jeddah on the Red Sea.

The Iranian news agency Fars (Fars News Agency, ANF) announced on 26 January that the cadets of the Iranian navy were leaving for a training campaign a year and they win the Red Sea via the Gulf Aden, then travel to the Mediterranean after taking the Suez Canal to join a Syrian port. During their mission, the cadets will be trained to defend the cargo and tanker against the continuing threat of attacks by Somali pirates continued FNA.

The Italian kidnapped in Algeria "are in the hands of al Qaeda"

ROME - "I'm in the hands of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, but I'm fine." And 'what you hear in the audio broadcast from satellite TV tonight' al-Arabiya '. "I'm Sandra Maria Mariani - the woman said in French in the audio message delivered to the TV in Dubai - and I was kidnapped on February 2, 2001 near Djanet, Algeria.

I'm still in the hands of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb in particular are in the hands of the battalion Tareq Ben Zayad, which is led by Abdul Hamid Abu Zayd. " LISTEN TO THE AUDIO The Italian woman had been kidnapped in southern Algeria for more than two weeks ago. The recording begins with the voice of a man speaking in Arabic and stated, "We, al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, declare that we have in our hands this woman from Wednesday, February 2 and demand that she might go to his head of state."