Saturday, January 15, 2011

Brazil .- Increase to 601 the number killed by rains in Rio de Janeiro

SAO PAULO, Jan. 15 (EUROPA Persse) - The Brazilian government reported that 601 people are already killed by the torrential rains that affect the mountainous region surrounding the city of Rio de Janeiro. Meanwhile, continue the search-rescue teams. Most victims have died in the city of New Fribourg (267) and Teresópolis (261), but there are also killed in Petrópolis (53), Sumidouro (18) and S * o José do Vale do Rio Preto (2), as reported by the Ministry of Health and Civil Defense of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Tunisia, dozens of deaths in prisons in revolt. Elections in two months

Burn the train station in Tunis, in Tunisia's prisons burned. In Monastir, on the east coast of the country, at least 57 prisoners died in the fire broke out last night in the city jail. In Mahdia, 140 km south of Tunis, residents speak of tens of prisoners who were killed while trying to escape from prison.

Similar reports also came from Bizerte and Mahdia. The escape of President Ben Ali in Saudi Arabia has stopped short of violence in the country. "It 's just the first step - people say - the second, what we still need to obtain, is freedom." The capital, yesterday the scene of clashes between police and protesters, today woke up in a mess still.

Letter from Tunis: "I live day nightmare democratic states will support this government"

We have not had time to celebrate the democratic victory of the Tunisian people on the totalitarianism that the situation here is turning into a nightmare. Organized militias are trying to deal with an army that can not be on all fronts. These militias unleashed that you do not understand the source, if the police or of the old regime are the fundamentalists or the two combined.

The information, especially the one given by Al Jazeera, is igniting the situation further by bringing forward or make critical decisions on emergency rightly taken by the transitional government before we can have free elections. The Tunisians following choral so not having this information at others.

Pakistan rebels burned 14 trucks from NATO

Gunmen burned .- Saturday, 14 trucks with fuel for U.S. forces and NATO in Afghanistan to attack a parking lot on a road in southwestern Pakistan, officials said. The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, which also wounded a truck driver. Islamist insurgents and common criminals in Pakistan often attack the caravans of supplies for foreign forces.

These are materials from the southern port of Karachi to Afghanistan. The attack happened outside a restaurant road in the area of Dera Murad Jamali in Baluchistan province, said local official Muhammad Fatteh. The truck apparently went to the Chaman border crossing, the smaller of the two steps to Afghanistan.

Sarkozy calls for elections in Tnez "ms within shortest possible time"

French President Nicolas Sarkozy today called for free elections in Tunisia "at the earliest, after the departure of the president, Zine el Abidine Ben Ali. "France calls for calm and an end to violence. Requests the organization of free elections in the shortest possible time," said Sarkozy in a statement after meeting with several members of his Government to study the situation in Tunisia.

"Civil Society" prohibited media

Among the many "enemies" that Wikileaks is facing the fiercest is the Chinese dragon. He said the same Julian Assange in an interview published yesterday in the British journal New Statesman: "In terms of censorship - in the words of Assange - China is the worst villain, the enemy number one technology: systems has aggressive and sophisticated interception intruding between any Chinese readers and sources of information outside the country.

French diplomacy has defended through the Tunisian regime

French diplomacy has given the impression of support through the regime of Tunisian President Ben Ali, appearing overwhelmed and not showing at any time the slightest sign of support for democratization demands expressed by the demonstrations, which led, Friday, January 14, the flight to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia leader in power for twenty-three years.

It is a terse statement that the Elysee said Friday about 20 hours, the dramatic political change in Tunisia. "France takes note of the constitutional transition announced by Prime Minister Ghannouchi. Only dialogue can bring a lasting and democratic solution to the crisis. France stands alongside the Tunisian people in this critical period." The text is available when Nicolas Sarkozy and François Fillon met with Elysé to address the crisis.

Acting President of Tunisia promises inclusive political process

The new interim president of Tunisia, Mebaza Feud, said that Tunisia will be excluded from any political process that must be opened after the former head of state, Zine el Abidine Ben Ali, to leave the country forced by popular revolts. In a brief speech during the oath of office broadcast on state television announced Mebaza Ghanuchi Mohamed confirmation as prime minister and said that this mission is to "form a government of national unity as accurate to the best interests of the country ".

"A national conference to give the country a new constitution"

Jendoubi Kamel, 58, is a longtime opponent of the regime of Zine El-Ali AbidineBen. Exiled in France since 1994, he founded the Committee for the Respect of Freedoms and Human Rights in Tunisia. I want to breathe the air of freedom blowing through the new Tunisia. I also want to go to mourn the death of my father, who died in 2005 at the funeral which I could not attend, being deprived of his passport by the Tunisian authorities.

An official report of 2008 and warned of the risk they entail heavy rains in Brazil

Grow the tragedy caused by the negligence of water and politics in Brazil, where the dead are nearly 600. Rescuers believe the figure may double because they can not get whole villages that are under the rubble in areas hit by the rains in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro. Tourism in this state has lost this month $ 30 million (22,410,000 million euros) to suffer 95% cancellations of reservations at hotels, many of the most luxurious in the country, and more than 6,000 people remain at weathering, many isolated, thirsty, hungry and scared.

Political uncertainty after the flight of Ben Ali

The authority is to take Tunis. Will be there by those who, civilian or military employees were more or less zealous former President Ben Ali? By "Democrats", opponents still the plan? Or by Islamist Nahda party? In the aftermath of the stampede, under pressure from the street, the former head of state and part of his family to Saudi Arabia, everything is in Tunis to preserve a semblance of legality.

A dictator hated by his people and cared for by Western leaders

For the first time since 1987, Tunisians can brag that they say whispered for years: Zine El-AbidineBen Ali, the man who has run for nearly a quarter century, was a dictator. They ended up hating the point of wanting her dead. Leaders of the three Maghreb countries, Ben Ali was probably the most hated by his people.

Even those who took advantage of the "system" the honnissaient. But all were silent, overwhelmed by fear. Afraid of losing privileges and a certain comfort for some. Fear of being beaten, thrown in jail, tortured, for others. Only a handful of defenders of human rights has escrimée during these twenty-three years, trying to let the world know the true face of Tunisia Ben Ali seized liberties, corruption, inequality and justice manipulated.

Three U.S. soldiers die in Iraq

.- Three U.S. soldiers were killed and another wounded as they carried out operations in Iraq, according to a U.S. Forces in this country. The note, which provides few details of what happened, indicates that the victims were in two separate incidents that occurred in northern and central Iraq. Shortly before the announcement of U.S.

forces, the Iraqi Interior Ministry had reported that three U.S. soldiers were injured when hit by Iraqi soldiers during training near the city of Mosul in northern Iraq. Ministry sources said that the incident took place at Camp Al Gizlani, 30 kilometers south of Mosul, where soldiers participated in training with weapons.

At least 20 killed in a fire at a prison in the province of Monastir

.- At least 20 people have been killed and more than twenty other seriously injured in the fire today from a prison in Monastir province in central eastern Tunisia, hospital sources told EFE. According to governmental sources, the prisoners set fire to the beds in their cells, causing a large fire in the prison.

Some of the prisoners managed to escape, while dozens were trapped in the prison and killed or seriously injured. Several of the victims were caused by the intervention of security forces to try to contain the riot and about 60 people suffered burns of varying degrees. Also in the prisons of Gafsa and Kaserín regions in the Midwest, and at registered Mornaguia Bizerta and riots and attempts to fire by the inmates during the last night and this morning, governmental sources said.

Dozens dead in a prison fire in southeast Tnez Monastir

Dozens of prisoners have died and many have fled in a fire at a prison in the Tunisian town of Monastir, 165 kilometers south of the capital. The fire has not been controlled in jail, which houses 1,200 inmates, according to Agence France Presse and the dead would be at least 42. Prisoners set fire to mattresses and flames have spread through the building.

Some deaths could have been shot dead by police trying to prevent his escape, according to eyewitnesses quoted by. Also in the prisons of the region of Gafsa and Kaserín (downtown west) and those of Bizerta and Mornaguia (north) there have been riots and fires during last night and this morning, according to governmental sources.

While a bomb victims in a Christian monastery in Egypt

Egyptian Christians have woken up today with a new shock after knowing that a limpet bomb attached to a religious car would have exploded this morning without causing any casualties in the monastery of Deir El Suryani (the Syrians), Wadi Natron, about 180 kilometers west of Cairo. Police have denied that the case of a pump and only recognizes that damage has occurred in a car parked in the garage of the religious center, and in the door.

The president of Tunisia social tension falls

The Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, left office after 23 years of management by the back door. The once powerful military had no choice but to declare a state of emergency and take refuge in Saudi Arabia indefinitely, after violent demonstrations calling for his resignation. Ben Ali promised to call elections in six months and his place is taken by Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi, who will have the challenge of defusing social tensions.

The Tunisian revolution threatens the other Maghreb and Egypt regmenes

Citizens of the Arab world follow with great interest and enthusiasm of historical events in Tunisia and wonder about the future of the regimes in the region after the overthrow of President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali as a result of political and social injustice that has been practiced for more than two decades.

A revolution that is to highlight the crucial role of new technologies to move to towns, also raises important role in the West repugnate providing unconditional support for the continuation of a medieval dictatorships. The political revolution that lives Tunisia, shows that the same reasons that led to the overthrow of the dictator are the lack of freedoms, social injustice, intolerable levels of corruption and militarization of the country there are in other countries Arab world especially in the following countries: Algeria, a country rich in oil and gas has no infrastructure and the brothers of President Abdel Aziz Bouteflika are involved in corruption.

The Constitutional Court of fixed Tnez elections must be held in 60 days

With astonishing speed and with hardly any shock in the form of looting at night, Tunisia gives today the first steps toward a democratic transition after the popular revolt that has claimed 23 years of dictatorship. The previous president, Zine el Abidine Ben Ali, was "definitely" out of power this morning by the Constitutional Court has stressed that the North African country is in a situation of "power vacuum." According to official news agency TAP reported, the high court has decided that elections must be held within 60 days and that, meanwhile, as marking the country's constitution, the interim president will Feud Mebazaa, current president of parliament, and not Mohamed Ghannouchi.

"The powers of Parliament leading to the" presidential elections within 60 days

BEIRUT - The president of Parliament temporarily assumed presidential powers in Tunisia. This was announced by the chairman of the Tunisian Constitution stating that, as the president of the republic permanently vacant, Article 57 of the Constitution. He reports Al Jazeera. New presidential elections in Tunisia "will take place within the next 60 days," and not 2014 as previously expected.

Before fleeing the former leader of the Tunisian also promised new elections within six months, but only for the renewal of Parliament. Yesterday the post of interim president was entrusted to the Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi, on the grounds that there was a "temporary inability" of the president to carry out its mandate.

Australia is one of the glories of the court and the ravages of floods

MELBOURNE - In my routine scribe of the court, not fresh off the boat, I open the television that offers news sull'Australian Open, and follow the interview of the beautiful Maria Sharapova, intent to complain about a no less attractive, rosy, smooth right shoulder which stopped its success for more than a year, but now, after much suffering, should have convinced her to work with his owner to resume a successful career.

The international community calls for a transi Pacific in Tnez

The international community is closely following the revolt that Friday has forced the flight of Tunisian President Zine Abidine Ben Ali, called for dialogue and calm. Both the U.S. and the EU and international bodies like the UN, have issued statements calling for opening up a peaceful democratic process in the country.

"We express our support and appreciation to the Tunisian people and their democratic aspirations, to be achieved in a peaceful way", affirmed the EU's High Representative, Catherine Ashton, and European Commissioner for relations with neighboring countries, Stefan Füle in a statement. They have also asked all parties to show calm so that no more violence or injuries, and that "dialogue is key." France, country of Tunisia's independence in 1956, says, "notes the constitutional transition" announced by the Tunisian Prime Minister Mohamed Ghanuchi, who has assumed the interim presidency after the departure of Ben Ali and stresses that "only dialogue can make a lasting and democratic solution to the current crisis.

Cardinal Bertone: "The rule of law is central to society"

CITY 'OF THE VATICAN - "To live in a peaceful and orderly society requires a precise reference to the law." And 'one of the central passages of the homily delivered by Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal. Tarcisio Bertone during the Mass for the inauguration of the judicial year of the Court of the State of Vatican City.

The legality, Bertone said, "you get rediscovering the positive sense of the moral and liberating at the same time, its social impact." "The moral law - said the cardinal - does not arise against the people and their needs, but is at his service, as it helps not to be separated internally from the deeper truth that God has given in his heart, and the actual behavior that takes over a lifetime.

Ben Ali, President of Tunisia, flees to Saudi Arabia

Flight into exile in Tunisia dictator Ben Ali has fled after bloody protests in Saudi Arabia. But even after his resignation continue the violence. The central station was burning in residential areas is in turmoil. EU, U.S. call for restraint on the protesters. Tunis - After a bloody mass protests Tunisian president Zine el Abidine Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia.

Early Saturday morning the President met the press in the city of Jeddah on the Red Sea. They had Ben Ali and his family in the Kingdom welcomed the Saudi news agency SPA reported. An employee of the airport told the news agency, Ben Ali had been received there in a special section for VIPs.

Le Pen's daughter: Dad's populism

France's far-right National Front elect the successor to the infamous Jean-Marie Le Pen, the Office would remain in the family: daughter Marine has the best chance of the job. It provides a friendly and modern - and, in the eyes of their critics all the more dangerous. Almost the provocation would have gone unnoticed: In early December railed Marine Le Pen of the far-right National Front against the spread of Islam, street prayers of Muslims compared it with the occupation of the Nazis.

U.S. cancels the construction of the virtual fence with Mexico after spending 750 million

United States has canceled the controversial project to build a virtual fence on the border with Mexico, which sought to improve measures to prevent illegal immigration along the extensive border between the two countries, and will be replaced by other measures security. The Homeland Security secretary, Janet Napolitano, who has ensured that the system will be replaced by other methods such as unmanned aircraft, said in a statement that the project did not meet the standards of feasibility and budgetary efficiency, "according to The New York Times.

Wikileaks: Corruption in Tunisia, "what is yours is mine"

Le Monde published an exceptionally translation into French of a U.S. diplomatic telegram released by Wikileaks describing and corruption at the highest level of the regime of President Ben Ali. ************************************************** ************************************** Tunis Memo No. 08 679 DATE: June 23 2008ORIGINE: EMBASSY UNITED STATES TO TUNISCLASSIFICATION: SECRET SUBJECT: CORRUPTION IN TUNISIA: WHAT IS YOU IS ME [...] This is especially the wife of Ben Ali, Leila Ben Ali, and his extended family - the Trabelsi - which cause angry Tunisians.

From hero to tyrant of the middle class as Ben Ali has built a nightmare

Zine El Abidine Ben Ali had just started his fifth term as president. For 74 years he had been triumphantly re-elected in October 2009 and no one doubted, until a few weeks ago, would be revived in 2014 as head of state, because it was convinced that he is irreplaceable. for nearly a quarter of a century, the facts had been proved right.

Then, suddenly, it exploded the popular uprising. The peaceful, gentle Tunisia, land of tourism and with a long tradition of trade, unattended by the military as the neighboring Algeria, Morocco or aggressive as it was tired of that authoritarian president and businessman. And he cast to great acclaim.

Ben Ali took refuge in Saudi Arabia after fleeing Tnez

On January 14, 2011 will be a date that probably will name places in Tunisia. President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali, left the country it was impossible to stop the protests and landed a few hours later in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, as confirmed by the Saudi royal family in an official statement [here in Arabic].

The president fled to the inability to stop the protests demanding his resignation. The aircraft carrying him off at 18.15 from the international airport of Tunis-Carthage escorted by the Tunisian Air Force announced aimlessly. By midnight of Saturday, Spanish time, the Al Arabiya announced that the presidential plane landed at the Arabian peninsula.

The surprise rge each of Spain and the EU

The flight of President Ben Ali was taken by surprise to all foreign ministries, they did not expect a collapse so fast the Tunisian regime. Late in the afternoon, the Spanish government issued an "appeal for calm" and urged the new authorities to "promote national dialogue" and "convene a general election soon and with full guarantees." Only two hours earlier by a similar statement, the Spanish Foreign Ministry had welcomed the measures announced in extremis by Ben Ali, the dismissal of the government and early elections, in addition to a state of emergency - and had been convinced that marked "the appropriate line to restore normalcy." The sequence of statements revealed a lack of information about the real situation, so that the first diplomatic efforts were aimed at trying to clarify.

Crisis of Government in Chile after the resignation of four ministers

Just ten months ago that the president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, was elected president of his country and now has to face his first crisis of government. In just two days, four of his ministers, who held the portfolios of Defence, Labour, Transport and Energy, have resigned. The first resignation, Defense Minister Jaime Ravinet, occurred on Thursday.

As reported by the Chilean newspaper La Tercera, was charged after two weeks of criticism for his decision not to provide information about buying a bridge to the Council of Transparency. The current senator center-right party National Renovation, Andres Allamand, will assume the portfolio.

Tunisian President arrives in Saudi Arabia after leaving their country

The Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, arrived yesterday in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) after being forced to leave the North African country by the escalation of street demonstrations against him, reported the Saudi royal family in a statement released by the state agency SPA news. In the note, the Saudi government said that due to exceptional circumstances experienced by the people of Tunisia, where the prime minister, Mohamed Ghanuchi, has assumed the interim presidency, "have been in their country to Ben Ali and his family." The Tunisian Head of State left the North African country yesterday in an unknown direction, and initially there was speculation his arrival in Malta and Italy, who denied that Ben Ali was in his territory.

Ben Ali took refuge in Saudi Arabia after fleeing Tnez

The Tunisian President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali, has landed in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, as confirmed by the Saudi royal family in an official statement [here in Arabic]. The president left Tunisia to the inability to stop the protests demanding his resignation. The plane that carried him off at 18.15 from the international airport of Tunis-Carthage escorted by the Tunisian Air Force announced aimlessly.

The return of the rains compounded the tragedy of Ro, considered as the largest in the history of the country

The tragedy caused by rain in the three historic towns of the Sierra de Rio, Petrópolis, Nova Friburgo Teresópolis and which has claimed 512 lives and their number is destined to grow, has worsened in the last hours of the arrival of rain in the region. Again, several points are missing light and mobile.

Even many of the phones are silent. Rescuers had to stop by the rains and are known as places where, as in Teresopolis, 20 people are buried. The UN has considered the human tragedy in Rio as one of the top five worldwide in recent times, while experts insist that it has sought a "tragedy foretold." Ruy Castro in an opinion article in Folha de São Paulo, said that in recent years has not been a single minister of the different governments that have not walked in those three cities, the goal of national and international tourism, which has the inns luxurious in the region, whose area has been chosen by the upper middle class to build their summer villas.

U.S. and EU show their support for the people of Tunisia

After the civil crisis that culminated in the dissolution of government in Tunisia, the European Union today supported the democratic aspirations of the Tunisian people and requested all parties to avoid further violence and casualties in that country after the ouster of the president yet, Zine el Abidine Ben Ali.

"We express our support and appreciation to the Tunisian people and their democratic aspirations, to be achieved in a peaceful manner," said the EU High Representative, Catherine Ashton, and European Commissioner for relations with neighboring countries, Stefan Füle in a statement. They also called for all parties displayed quiet for no more violence or injuries, and that "dialogue is key." On the other hand, the U.S.

U.S. softens restrictions on travel to Cuba

The U.S. president, Barack Obama, yesterday gave orders to his administration to relax restrictions on academic travel, cultural and religious to Cuba. The White House asked the departments of State, Treasury and Homeland Security take the steps necessary to "continue efforts to move closer to the Cuban people to support their desire to freely determine the future of their country." In addition to ordering the relaxation of controls on academic travel, cultural and religious, Obama ordered to allow Americans to send remittances of up to $ 500 per quarter, if not for members of the Government or the Communist Party in Cuba, and allow any airport in the U.S.

Tnez and Rome deny that Ben Ali est in Sardinia

A Tunisian private Falcon in theory carries the Tunisian President Ben Ali, fled the country this afternoon, has landed at 22.00 hours in the Cagliari Elmas airport, which is guarded at this time by members of the Italian air police. An Italian Air Force spokesman, Col. Cazzaniga, confirmed to El Pais that a plane has landed emergency Tunisian civil airport in Cagliari and have enabled the security services.

A stampede killed at least 45 dead in India

At least 45 people died and 90 were injured in south-western India in a stampede caused by a bus accident during a religious festival, announced Friday, January 14 NDTV television. The accident occurred in a remote mountainous region of Kerala State during a pilgrimage to the Hindu temple of Sabarimala, which attracts each year some 4 million people, organizers said.

Mohamed Ghannouchi, a devotee of Ben Ali

Mohamed Ghannouchi, 69, Friday, January 14 became acting president of Tunisia, after the departure of President Zine El-AbidineBen Ali, is an economist, measured and considered good negotiator, who has spent his entire political career in the shadows the former president. Prime Minister continuously since November 17, 1999, Ghannouchi, who will be 70 years this summer, will assume office until the holding of early elections.