Thursday, August 18, 2011

Syria: Hundreds of people detained in a stadium in Lattakia

Repression continues in Syria. Wednesday, August 17, ten civilians and killed in the country, according to activists. In the port city of Latakia, hundreds of people were arrested and taken to a point on the fifth day of the crackdown by the Syrian army in the Sunni areas of the coastal city that rose up against Bashar Al-Assad.

The military, backed by tanks, had intervened in the district of Al-Al-Raml Filistini during the weekend. They have intensified their operations in major urban centers since the beginning of Ramadan, on August 1. Latakia, with a large minority Alawite - belongs to Mr. Assad - is a theater strategy for the president, whose family and friends have long dominated the business and port.

In the evening, security forces fired live bullets to disperse some two thousand protesters gathered outside the Al-Hussein, according to a militant on the spot. In this coastal city, "700 security officers conducted raids in the district of Al-Al-Raml junub where they arrested several militants on the basis of lists," said Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

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