Friday, March 4, 2011

LSE-Libya, the scandal widens, "The government knew of the"

LONDON - When a little after nine last night, students and professors at the London School of Economics and Political Science, better known as the LSE, have seen delivered in an email inbox on the resignation of the director Howard Davies, many have longed "It was time." Overwhelmed by the controversy about funding received from Libya and the doctoral thesis copied the son of Colonel Gaddafi, the former head of the Financial Services Authority and Deputy Governor of the Bank of England rinosciuto that the "reputation" of the prestigious institute had " suffered "because of him.

United States sent military planes with humanitarian aid to Tunisia

.- The United States is sending two military planes loaded with humanitarian aid to Tunisia and then assist in the transfer of Egyptian refugees from Libya, said the Pentagon. Speaking to reporters, a Pentagon spokesman, Col. Corps U.S. Navy Dave Lapan, said two C-130 aircraft from Ramstein Air Base in Germany will leave at the Tunisian town of Djerba with humanitarian aid shipments .

The shipments include four thousand blankets, 40 rolls of plastic sheeting, and about nine thousand 600 bottles of 10 liters of water each, Lapan said. The two planes made an initial stop in Italy to collect humanitarian supplies from a warehouse of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Lapan said.

Bahrain opposition says its claims

The Bahraini opposition said Thursday, March 3 its claims, demanding in particular the election of a constituent assembly to draft a new constitution. Bahrain has been rocked by a February 14 protest movement at the beginning which seven people were killed by gunfire from security forces. A spokesman speaking on behalf of six opposition political groups, including the powerful Wefaq, claiming a "real" constitutional monarchy in Bahrain, Shiite-majority country ruled by a Sunni dynasty, the Al-Khalifa.

Brazil has reached 7.5% growth in 2010

The gross domestic product (GDP) of Brazil grew 7.5% in 2010, with strong industrial growth, said Thursday, March 3 the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). The IBGE said that from 2001 to 2010 the average annual growth in Brazil was 3.6% higher than the previous decade, from 2.6%.

This result is the best twenty-five years, such a national GDP growth had not bred since 1986. It also confirms the estimates made by the markets and the economic authorities of the Latin American giant in recent months. Brazilian economic authorities have already indicated they wanted to avoid such strong economic growth in 2011 to avoid higher inflation in particular, and they projected a GDP up 5.5% this year.

Austria, who was arrested Jovan Divjak the Serb general who defended Sarajevo

E 'was arrested in Austria one of the leading figures in the resistance of the siege of Sarajevo. The former General Jovan Divjak was hit by arrest warrant for war crimes by the government of Belgrade is part of a group of 19 Bosnian officials from Serbia accused of having attacked a column dell'Armja Yugoslavia in Sarajevo at the beginning War (1992-1995) that led to the dismantling of the Yugoslav Federation.

Multiple reported dead in new clashes in Libya

Dozens of people have died on Friday in different cities in Libya, due to clashes between security forces loyal to the Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi to try to regain control of towns in rebel hands. "I was in the hospital less than 15 minutes . Dozens were killed and more wounded. We have counted 30 dead civilians.

The hospital is full. not find space for victims, "said Mohamed Zawiyah resident told Reuters by telephone. Another resident, Ibrahim, said that between 40 and 50 people were killed in the fighting. The figure could not be immediately verified. While in Ras Lanuf (major oil port in the east), the violence caused "many casualties", as reported by the AFP news agency said citing a doctor in charge of a hospital in Brega.

"Congratulations, Colonel Gaddafi!"

Bunkerisation in Tripoli, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi can take comfort in thinking of the support he enjoys outside Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega, Fidel Castro in Cuba and at least two accomplices in the East: President Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and Boris Iakemenko, the head of the Orthodox branch of Nashi, the Putin youth movement.

At 45, Mr. Iakemenko is one of the ideologues of this movement, financed by the Kremlin to the tune of 12 million euros over three years, according to a survey by a journalist Vedomosti business daily. The Mission nach: counter the possibility of a dispute within the Russian youth. As head of the Christian Orthodox in the movement, it is a moral authority.

Napolitano to Gaddafi: "Without Arms" Tremonti "discusses new EU sanctions'

ROME - After the United States has broken through the inertia, the mouth of Obama threatening possible military intervention to free Libya from the heel of Gaddafi, Italy also tries to make its voice heard against the regime in Tripoli. An appeal to end the fighting arrived this morning by President Giorgio Napolitano.

"Violence against the Libyan people can not be tolerated. Colonel Gaddafi must stop all military action against his own people," said the head of state speaking in Geneva at the Human Rights Council for the United Nations. The problem, then stated Napolitano, is that there is "an attitude of open defiance to the international community of Colonel Gaddafi, a provocation against the protagonists of international life that have had enough with the bombing, no more repression." The President of the Republic did not hide his concern: "I fear that Libya will need to deal with unforeseen developments at present." "The situation - he added - is very different from that of Egypt where the military is an institution with its own autonomy.

Tunisian Prime Minister, supporter of the death sentence for Ben Ali

.- The Tunisian Prime Minister, Beyi Essebsi Caid said today that former Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali deserves to be punished with death. In his first televised address, said Ben Ali "has made mistakes that are guilty of treason against the nation, and I think a head of state never abandoned his post and flee, so that the punishment before the court martial should be gallows.

" He added that the composition of the new transitional government will be announced on Sunday and said it would be a government "Tunisian hundred percent, without foreign presence," referring to criticism from the opposition to several former ministers "who came to work from their posts in France.

Gaddafi continues to focus on violence against his people

In the morning he was reportedly bombarding TV again the oil port of Brega. President Obama now includes the deployment of the U.S. armed forces no longer sufficient. Muammar al-Gaddafi  is not giving up. Also on Friday, he apparently sent to get rid his fighters to attack the city of Brega in the east of the country.

Ivory Coast: seven women murdered during demonstration

They demonstrated for the opposition leader Ouattara - and were murdered. Seven women were shot dead in Ivory Coast. Security forces opened fire from the cars. The demonstrators were unarmed, witnesses said. Ivory Coast has been hit again by violence. Security forces have killed at least seven participants in a demonstration of opposition leader Alassane Ouattara.

The women had gathered at a street intersection in the port city of Abidjan, when uniformed men from the vehicles opened fire on them, eyewitnesses reported. "The women sang and held hands in the air to show that they carried no weapons," said a man who watched the action. "The security forces fired without warning and shot even further when the women were lying on the floor or tried to flee." Residents, who had hidden in their apartments before the shooting, came to the streets to help the injured.

Israel would consider a deal "interim" with Palestinians

According to press Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, would consider defending an "interim agreement" with the Palestinians rather than trying to revive peace negotiations, an option already rejected by the Palestinians. Israel chose not to send a delegation to Brussels, where the Palestinian negotiators met Wednesday, March 2 representatives of the Quartet of Middle East (UN, U.S., EU and Russia) to revive the peace process, currently stalled.

King would grant women the vote to prevent street protests

ROME - The Saudi royal family is ready for new concessions to avert the spread of popular protests that are inflaming the Arab world and especially after the wake of popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, hundreds of Facebook users are organizing for the March 11 'Day of rage' in Saudi Arabia to seek an elected government and the release of political prisoners.

According to the newspaper Al Watan reported today, the authorities WOULD BE evaluating the possibility of granting voting rights to women, but did not provide for their eligibility. At the first election in 2005 women were excluded from voting. Last Sunday more than 100 Saudi intellectuals have launched an appeal on the Internet for political, economic and social, in particular requesting the creation of a "constitutional monarchy", "separation of powers" and the adoption of a constitution.

The UN says unable to think of humanitarian corridor in Libya

.- The UN estimates that at the moment is impossible to think of a humanitarian corridor in Libya because aid agencies have only sporadic access to the country, according to a spokesman for the Humanitarian Aid Department of the organization, Elizabeth Byrs. "The problem is access to the interior of Libya.

For now are sporadic access to humanitarian organizations and the UN, and are largely confined to Benghazi (city liberated from the control of Muammar Gadhafi regime), but we can not go to Tripoli "he said. In these circumstances, "we can not talk of humanitarian corridors," said the spokesman, who said that "all UN agencies are ready to go (to Libya), but the problem is (lack of) security." It also revealed that a UN assessment mission that could move quickly to the east of the country has confirmed that "the supply line is cut off from Tripoli and concerned by the lack of fuel, food and medicine." "Our primary concern is the west" of Libya, emphasized in reference to the area that remains under government control and that neither humanitarian personnel and journalists have been reached.

Libya: Gaddafi cons-attack, insurgents cry for help

While the Libyan people's uprising enters its third week, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has cons-appeal, Wednesday, March 2, threatening thousands of lives in case of Western intervention in Libya and send troops and fighter jets to the attack in the east, controlled by insurgents. In Tripoli, the Guide of the Revolution appeared before a crowd of supporters at a ceremony marking the 34th anniversary of the establishment of the "power of the masses" in the country.

The view from the American League and friction with Berlusconi

LONDON - The League of the United States in the spotlight. Carroccio's about the next chapter of secret documents released by WikiLeaks. Pages and pages that tell of Umberto Bossi and his party, as they see the representatives of American diplomacy in Italy. The new revelations are an integral part of our country cabled reserved.

And documenting the deep concern of the Alliance for the growing weight of the League. Documents that publicly expressed exclusively in the number tomorrow and anticipates that the Republic. Database L'Espresso: all cabled U.S. diplomatic Lunch with the console in April 2009, Roberto Calderoni and Giancarlo Giorgetti meet Daniel Weygandt, U.S.

Gadhafi must leave office and leave Libya: Obama

President Barack Obama said that Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has lost its legitimacy to rule and insisted that "to leave power and go" in his clearest statement of support for the rebels trying to overthrow a regime of 41 years. Obama did not rule establishing an exclusion zone in the Libyan airspace, a move that would mean an act of war against the North African nation, explained the Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, because it would require bombing its air defenses.

The IAEA is authorized to inspect a uranium plant in Syria

According to diplomatic sources in Vienna, Syria allowed Wednesday, March 2 the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to inspect a factory in the center of the country that produces a derivative of uranium. Both sides agreed this week of the date and program of the visit to the fertilizer plant in Homs, which produces "yellowcake," says the same source.

This product, which IAEA inspectors had found hundreds of pounds in 2004 during a visit to Homs, a uranium concentrate is capable, once refined, to be used as nuclear fuel. This new tour will in any case insufficient to allay Western suspicions about a secret military nuclear program that would lead Syria, said the IAEA.

Turn the fray Chinese companions, eating is glorious "

BEIJING - Comrades consume is glorious. Thirty years after the order to become rich, given by Deng Xiaoping after the death of Mao Zedong, China's post-communist market prepares to fulfill a new obligation: to spend. Comrades no longer exist and the name has just been abolished in public life. The money, however, remain, and in the East are always more: the revolution of Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao, that a year will go down from the throne of the Forbidden City, aims to move from state coffers to those of families, by the individual party .

EU denounces the 'moral bankruptcy' of the outgoing president of Ivory Coast

United States denounced the "moral bankruptcy" of the outgoing president of the Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo, after loyalists opened fire on a group of women protesters in Abidjan, killing at least six of them. "The moral bankruptcy of Laurent Gbagbo is evident in the time when its security forces kill women that manifest themselves and their country is running out of resources," said State Department spokesman, Philip Crowley, a message Twitter.

Putin: "The friend Berlusconi is not only interested in girls"

"Our friend Silvio Berlusconi is interested not only girls but also deals with concrete things", said Prime Minister Vladimir Putin during a meeting in Bryansk region of his party, United Russia, presenting Italy as a country to ' avant-garde in Europe, with attention to ecological problems.

In some neighborhoods of Abidjan, "the dams every five to ten yards"

Part of the challenge to Obama, the candidate is "Made in Fox

NEW YORK - Who will be the Republican challenger in the 2012 presidential election Barack Obama does not know yet. But one thing is very likely, has been an employee of Rupert Murdoch. The primaries of the Republican Party announced as a game inside the Fox News. There are already two to be out of the closet, both of the "winning team Murdoch." One is the veteran Newt Gingrich, who led troops in the Republican legislative victory in 1994, putting Bill Clinton in the minority in Congress.

Anticipated delivery to Sweden: Assange appealed

His lawyers had announced it: Assange has now appealed against his extradition to Sweden. The spokesman confirmed the High Court in London. A date for a hearing had not yet been determined. The court now has 40 days to decide on the appeal. Should the appeal be unsuccessful, could Assange immediately turn to the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.

A week ago, the Belmarsh Magistrates Court in First Instance had declared the extradition on the basis of an EU-wide arrest warrant to be legal. In Sweden, Assange be questioned about allegations of sexual assault against two women. Judge Howard Riddle had rejected the arguments of the defense Assange will get a fair trial in Sweden.

Two killed in Yemen Army repression

.- Yemeni soldiers killed two demonstrators and injured at least nine others after attacking a demonstration against the regime in the northern province of Amran. Yemen Shia rebels claimed that the army attacked with artillery fire a demonstration in the town of Harf Sufian in Amran province. In a statement the rebel movement "hutias", a group that took up arms in 2004 against the regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh, but maintains a fragile truce, says the attack was directed against a peaceful activity falling demand the regime.

Libya does not need foreign mediation, said Gadhafi's son

No need of foreign intervention to end the crisis in Libya said on Thursday Saif al Islam, son of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi to, when asked about an offer of mediation made by Venezuela. Saif said in an interview with Sky News he had not heard of the proposal by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, but added: "We have to say thanks (...) but we can and we are capable enough to solve our issues with our own (...) people ourselves.

U.S. and Mexico pledge to cooperate against 'narco' no concrete measures

Without concrete measures to rely on them, Barack Obama and Felipe Calderón on Thursday took the commitment to end the savage butchery together that drug cartels are making in Mexico and threaten to extend the United States. "We have to convert the common border in a land of opportunity, not violence," the Mexican president, who leaves Washington without tangible results to believe in the viability of that dream.

Clashes in southern Sudan: At least 70 dead

Fighting broke out Tuesday and continued Wednesday, March 2 in Sudan between gunmen from the tribe of Arab northerner Misseriya and Dinka Ngok tribe southerner. At least 70 people were killed, villages razed and two in clashes in the disputed area of Abyei, on the outskirts of the northern and southern Sudan, according to Philip Aguer, spokesman of the People's Liberation Army Sudan (SPLA), composed of ex-rebels now head of the army of the semi-autonomous southern Sudan.

The west wind blows on the revolt, but the fall of Saddam strengthened Iran

It does not happen often, so it's rare that the interests of the United States and western countries in general, coincide with the principles they profess. Events Libyan create this perfect harmony, which spurs us to intervene in the country that starts a civil war. If it is natural to emphasize the duty imposed by the belief, at the base of liberal societies, then it becomes more difficult to show how we can move to concrete action.

Morocco and the Polisario will resume their talks on Monday in Malta

Morocco and the Polisario Front in Malta on Monday resumed informal talks sponsored by the United Nations to find a negotiated solution to the conflict in Western Sahara, the world body reported today. The UN spokesman, Martin Nesirky said that the delegations of both sides will meet for three days on the Mediterranean island next to the UN special envoy for Western Sahara, Christopher Ross.

Fuad Mebaza constituent calls elections in Tunisia

The interim president of Tunisia, Fouad Mebaza, announced in a televised speech the call for elections to a Constituent Assembly on 24 July. The constituents draw up a new constitution and renew the two assemblies with the goal of "enshrine the aspirations of the Tunisian people and their revolution," said interim president in his speech.

The Tunisian president said that "announce a new interim government will work until it is operating the constitutional council, which will be" elected by the citizens in a free and fair elections for the first time in American history. " Mebaza added that "it will draft a new electoral law before the end of the month" and said that "the electoral process is being organized at the same time," but gave no details about it.

Hundreds of Bangladeshi border crossing

A row of five to seven kilometers in which the faces are repeated. Hundreds of Bangladeshis walk from the Libyan border to the camp that the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has set up to provide medical care and shelter. Loaded with backpacks, luggage and clear signs of dehydration, these Bangladeshis are beginning to falter.

Ambulances, dropper, assist them in their flight path. Refugees are the same yesterday waiting for the right of the border, behind a wall bordering the road. Belong to the constant flow of refugees has caused conflict in Libya. A vast expanse in the Libyan side of the border is home to hundreds of people in crowded conditions, they expect to leave the country, according to testimony this morning some Bangladeshis have crossed the border.

The Knight and the Colonel: that empathy

I really like cars. Some time ago I found a fantastic and I decided to buy it. The seller was a man of vulgar, arrogant and stupid. And so, after a while ', I decided that I had no desire to give him my money, I'd find another. Of course, it had been necessary and a car had a very affordable price, I would have swallowed any discomfort.

This story came to my mind now that nobody can deny that Gaddafi was what many were saying, a tyrant and bloody stupid, arrogant, vulgar, arrogant and rude. The problem is that he had to buy oil (had? Do not know, maybe yes), and, it seems, could do with him other profitable business. So, I thought, it is understandable that B.

Foreign intervention in Libya is feasible?

Hurry to leave power by the insurgents and the international community Libya, Muammar Gaddafi clings. Forces loyal to guide the revolution launched, Wednesday, March 2, a cons-offensive in the east, carrying out air raids in the region of Ajdabiya, south of Benghazi, and committing ground troops in Berga , scene of heavy fighting.

Against possible excesses, Western powers are reluctant to react militarily. Guide him, warned: "thousands of Libyans will die in case of intervention of American or NATO." Disagreements persist within the Atlantic Alliance The possibility of military intervention was discussed Wednesday during a meeting of ambassadors of the 28 member countries held in Brussels, but as noted by the Secretary U.S.

The War of the boys in the trenches of Brega

AGHELA AL - "The attack tonight." The insurgents say the checkpoints and Ajdabya Brega, I think the volunteers behind the anti-aircraft machine guns, the general fear of the invisible army of new and rickety Libya freed. Already, the attack, as if the counter-offensive was launched the day before yesterday was only the taste of what Gaddafi prepares to launch in the coming hours.

Explain Lashrush Adel Faraj, a young patriot with his face smeared with camouflage make-up: "I'm afraid that with a couple of fighters, a dozen armored vehicles and fifty soldiers Gaddafi has only joking. It seems that so far has wanted to test our strength before filling the oil terminal of Brega, and thus strangle the people of Ajdabya, Benghazi and Tobruk.

Iraq curfew will face protests

Iraqi authorities imposed a curfew on vehicles or persons to govern from the next few hours in various cities and areas of the country, in anticipation of political protests called for Friday. The Baghdad Operations Command announced on television the ban on movement of vehicles, including bicycles, from the next midnight "until further notice." The same measure was imposed in the northwestern province of Nineveh, but also affect people around public buildings, starting at 06:00 local time (0300 GMT) on Friday.

UN fears new''civil war''in Ivory Coast

The Security Council of the UN expressed fears that Ivory Coast is heading towards a new "civil war" after the remarkable upsurge in political violence in recent days in the troubled African country. The fifteen members of the highest international safety urge all parties to "exercise utmost restraint" to prevent "the resumption of civil war and resolve their differences through dialogue, said the incumbent president, Chinese Ambassador Li Baodong.

"The abandoned to their fate"

On 17 February, when the revolution broke out in Libya, the Sahara also shook. Over 7,000 students are studying Saharawi university students, secondary school and scholarships from the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, who has signed a collaboration agreement with the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR).

All children have only secured his primary education in the camps, says Ali Mokhtar, the delegate in Madrid Polisario Front. Only the best will become part of the diaspora and continue after their training in countries like Spain and Cuba, if they are fluent in Spanish, or Tunisia, Algeria and Libya-should be more adept with the Arab.

Venezuela Lula da Silva wants to lead the mediation in Libya

CARACAS, 3 Mar. (Reuters) - Venezuela wants the former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva leads the team with which he intends to Caracas to mediate the political crisis in Libya, according to a source told Reuters the Venezuelan government. However, the source of that interest has clarified that Lula is the leader of the mediation committee is still in a stage "preliminary." Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has offered his country's mediation in the crisis in Libya, which has been immersed for weeks in a social conflict that has taken on shades of war, with clashes between rebels and anti-regime forces.

Gaddafi meets Obama and bombed the base Ajdabijah

"Victory or death." Despite the bombing of the Libyan Rais, the rebels announced that they will not stop fighting "until the country will not be released," said the leader Abdel Jalil. A late morning in Algeria Square in Tripoli of gunfire were heard leaving the Friday prayer from the mosque. After the shooting a thick black smoke rose from buildings around the mosque.

After the prayer, several hundred people gathered to protest against Gaddafi in the district "symbol" of Tajoura. The streets were the scene since the beginning of the revolt of many violent incidents that have caused many casualties in both factions. The security forces are dispersing the demonstrators with tear gas.

Ruby scandal at the opera ball in Vienna

Vienna (Austria) Correspondent - Happy Austria! The Arab world trembling on its foundations, the American naval fleet sailed to the Mediterranean but what really fascinates the public is the appearance in the opera ball in Vienna, Thursday, March 3, the outrageous Karima el -Mahroug, aka Ruby Rubacuori, the too young mistress of Silvio Berlusconi, who witnessed in shock the next trial against the Italian Prime Minister.

The rebels again bombing Brega: "Victory or death, now in Tripoli"

ROME - Forces loyal to the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's bombed again the oil terminal of Brega, the city east of the country controlled by insurgents. This was announced by the TV station Al Arabiya. Continue, then, the military counter-offensive of the troops of Colonel in Cyrenaica, where he is being the battle for oil wells.

Yesterday's opponents rejected an air raid at Brega and was also attacked Ajdabya. This while international diplomacy intensifies the pressure on Qadhafi and President of the United States Barack Obama has issued an ultimatum to Nasser: "You must go - he said - We are ready for military intervention." Demonstration in Tripoli.

Press in China: Beijing bans reporters supervisory bodies of free research

China restricts freedom of the press even more radical than previously. Foreign journalists must obtain an official permit in the future before they go into the country to research. The police threatened dozens of correspondents with detention and deportation. Beijing - Press freedom in China has suffered tremendously over the past few days, governance can be selectively shut out journalists who want to speak of the "Jasmine protests" on Arab models.