Saturday, April 23, 2011

Found butchered five women in three different points of Acapulco

A macabre incident shook the city this Saturday in Acapulco, a major tourist centers in Mexico, these days of Holy Week is in full season and receives thousands of visitors. Police officers located at three different points of the city the beheaded bodies of five women, one a minor, so far without knowing whether there is a relationship between the crimes.

The first discovery was in a hair salon in the heart of Acapulco, where they discovered the bodies of three victims, one 14 and the other 30. All had stab wounds in the neck and were tied hand and foot. Two of them have been identified. Soon after, in the central district Lazaro Cardenas, was found a fourth woman, aged 25, also beheaded and his hands and feet tied inside an abandoned car.

"In Britain, the monarchy remains a pivot to face the storm"

Then, in the presence of centrifugal forces at both regional and ethnic, the monarchy is a symbol of national unity. In times of war (Libya, Afghanistan ...), Queen, army chief, is the embodiment of expertise of the United Kingdom in the military. Last point: despite one side obsolete, conventional and proud of it, Elizabeth II is universally praised for the sacrifices made for the performance of his difficult task.

Ban calls for an independent inquiry into the violent repression in Syria

.- The Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called for an independent investigation into the violent crackdown by the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad of activists and demonstrators who were killed over a hundred people, United Nations reported today . Ban calls for "an independent, transparent and effective of these murders." The brutal repression of the Syrian authorities against activists and demonstrators killed 112 people on Friday in the day of protests in the city of Dera and is considered the bloodiest since the protests began against the Assad regime.

Diary from Palestine 4 - Deep South

At Tuwani is a village in the far south of the West Bank, a half hour from Hebron, in the grip of a settlement outpost of illegal Israeli settlers also from Tel Aviv. Despite this, the army and police patrolling the colony, but not enough to prevent attacks by settlers to the villagers, including children on the way to school (110 documented cases in recent years).

At the village received us Azef Heren, head of the local non-violent resistance, and the Italian volunteers of Operation Dove. Two hundred and fifty people (the settlers are at least 400) arranged in very humble homes, if not in tents, often swept away by the occupying army, which administers this area (absent here the Palestinian National Authority).

Abdelwahab Meddeb, Tariq Ramadan: Islam and Revolution

Yemen shops closed in protest against President Saleh

.- The Yemeni closed shops and businesses on Saturday to protest against the regime of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Up to 90 percent of the shops, markets and schools were closed in the southern port city of Aden, said a Reuters witness said. The streets were almost deserted. Many businesses also closed during the day in Taiz, Yemen's third largest city and epicenter of the opposition to Saleh, and in Hodeidah on the Red Sea.

Soon the new pirates of the Mediterranean

While fans (few) to the vicissitudes of the sea look all'ennessimo act of piracy off the Horn of Africa, where the Cargo Rosalia D'Amato of Perseverance Navigation was kidnapped the day before yesterday with 22 crewmen on board a few (much less who is the government) in the Mediterranean sense that they are laying the foundations for a new era of piracy.

Indeed, it already happened for weeks, the first true act of piracy today. Without anyone to call him so. The occupation, the hijacking and the kidnapping last 22 Asso, tug flying the Italian flag and owned by the shipping company Augusta Offshore Naples, released yesterday, was all the effects of a pirate.

Syria's crackdown on protests caused dozens of deaths

The first actions of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, who has lifted the state of emergency Thursday eased the security apparatus in the country, did not convince the opponents, who launched Facebook calls to new events, Friday, April 22. They are tens of thousands have marched across the country, finding inadequate the measures announced: the lifting of emergency rule, which limited freedoms drastically since 1963, was one of the main claims of opponents beginning of the dispute.

Reported fatal shootings at funeral in Syria

At least five people died on Saturday at the funeral of the protests in the city of Deraa, in southern, said one activist told the television channel Al Jazeera. Aba Abdullah Zayed, who lives in Deraa, said that police fired on participants in the funeral, chanting slogans calling for the downfall of the regime of Bashar al-Asad.

According to this activist, about 300 thousand people participated in the funeral left the mosque of Ibn al-Walid in Deraa. The information could not be independently confirmed. Several Syrian human rights organizations amounted to 76 dead in the protests took place yesterday, while other opposition groups, like the Revolution against Syria Bashar al-Assad assured that the death toll is 112.

Trump impersonator of B. that restless America

Silvio Berlusconi for President in 2012 America? Not really him, because the Constitution forbids him not being born inAmerica - feel the sigh of relief for 330 million U.S. citizens? - But a sort of her "alter ego" the billionaire Donald Trump's television Immobiliare a vocation, which would have presidential ambitions, or as Republican presidential candidate, or as an unlikely standard-bearer of an independent Third Way Use.

What is the role of Islam in the future of the Arab revolution?

Unsuspected Arab revolts. An angry man himself on fire and a region ablaze. Since the suicide of Mohamed Bouazizi, 17 December 2010, the Arab world is carried by a unquenchable breath of emancipation. From Tunisia to Egypt, Syria, Yemen, people proclaim their need for freedom of expression. As if on the other side of the Mediterranean, and without warning, a world switch from news to history.

Yemeni army ambush left 11 soldiers dead

.- A total of eleven soldiers were killed in Yemen and another twenty were wounded in three separate attacks, two of them launched by suspected members of the terrorist network Al Qaeda, officials said. The police chief in the central province of Marib, Mohamed Mansour, said the alleged terrorists ambushed a convoy of an infantry brigade in charge of guarding oil fields in the region.

The source added that the raiding party, "in a criminal cowardly act", riddled with bullets to the seven members of the military convoy, who died in the ambush. Moreover, four armed men are also suspected of belonging to Al Qaeda attacked soldiers guarding a post office in the province of Abyan and killed one and wounded another, police said.

NATO's strategy in Libya is designed in a bunker

.- From a bunker located some 50 meters underground and heavily guarded, NATO develops near the Turkish city of Izmir, on the shores of the Aegean Sea, air strategy of the operation 'Unified Protector' in Libya. The bunker, built in 1969 during the Cold War, is accessed through a gorge between mountains guarded by barbed wire and sandbag barricades.

In the kilometer tunnel into the mountain is an echo of the steps-top, top, top-interrupted only by the metallic voice of public address announcements. They call it "the tunnel of whispers," because for very low to speak, an official at the other end could hear the whole conversation. Turn right and the tunnel is narrow.

The police opened fire on Syrian attending the funerals for the victims of repression

Tens of thousands of people have participated in the crowded funeral of nearly one hundred dead yesterday led to the fierce repression of the regime of Bashar Assad to quench the thirst for democracy and freedom of protesters in mass protests demanding the overthrow of the dictatorship and an end to corruption.

As in the day Friday, the bloodiest since the revolt erupted a month ago, opponents have called for an end to the dictatorship that runs the designs of Syria for more than four decades. Security forces opened fire on several committees that ran next to the coffins in the streets of major cities and have killed at least 12 civilians, according to information from dissidents and human rights activists.

Report to be measured: "Parties do not see here, we fight and die"

Measured - The fighting continues. Tameen the building, the tallest building in the city, where for weeks the snipers fired indiscriminately colonel, is conquered. On the roof, lying in wait, now there are snipers, insurgents with their sniper rifles in 1970. We climb the 11 flights of stairs, escorted by boys armed with Kalashnikovs that stop at every window to control the situation.

Then, when his hand reaches the nod, you run the next flight of stairs and so on to the roof. Waving high the banner of revolution, while the mortar shells shake the air. "There are at least 50 militants inside the fruit market Gaddafi - said Ibrahim, a 22-year-old forward and back in his car to supply ammunition to the comrades on the building - they have retired.

Japan quake: government releases a special budget for reconstruction

The Japanese government approved Friday, April 22, a supplementary budget to clear the rubble, restore buildings and construct temporary housing for tens of thousands of disaster victims or evacuees who live odds and ends from the earthquake. The Diet must approve a request for additional appropriations of about 4000 billion yen (33 billion euros) to finance the start of reconstruction in the north-east of the country, devastated by an earthquake and tsunami.

Greenpeace fails to sabotage oil rig

A group of Greenpeace activists climbed on Friday to a huge oil rig off the coast of Istanbul to prevent the sending of the structure to Greenland, but abandoned the protest due to bad weather. The environmental group said seven activists, some equipped with climbing gear, fast boats used to intercept the shipment in the morning and go to the top of the platform Leiv Eiriksson.

The structure had left the port of Istanbul towards Baffin Bay in Greenland, where deepwater drilling in the Arctic. The activists climbed the rig platform and unfurled a banner reading "Stop the destruction of the Arctic" and "Go beyond oil, opt for clean energy." The platform, one of the largest in the world, did not stop his movement and maintained its course towards Baffin Bay.

Hundreds march in Hong Kong by Ai Weiwei release activist

.- More than a thousand protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong on Saturday to demand the release of the artist and human rights activist Ai Weiwei, and clashed briefly with police. The march - the largest of a series of protests in the city in recent weeks - has highlighted the growing role of Hong Kong as a hotbed of support for Ai.

Democracy activists and artists are piling pressure on Beijing for its harsh crackdown against dissidents, human rights lawyers and protesters defying censorship controls and the Communist Party. Protesters held banners saying: "Who is afraid of Weiwei? and beat drums as they headed into the Cultural Center, which demanded the release of Ai.

Rebels Announce the 'liberation' of Misrata two months after siege

The rebels have announced the "liberation" of Misrata, the third largest city in Libya, under siege for the past two months, having tended to favor the relative strengths with those of Colonel Gadhafi, according to the television channel Al Jazeera. Sources say that the revolutionaries have found that forces loyal to Gadhafi have been defeated and that control each piece of the city.

Al Jazeera has broadcast in this way, images showing dozens of heavily armed rebels moving through the streets of the city. Also have seen the damage they have caused great shelling and fighting in recent weeks, military and civilian vehicles on roads and burned many buildings partly destroyed by shells that have fallen.

Gaddafi's troops withdraw from Misrata after nearly two months of offensive

Troops loyal to Muammar Gaddafi has been removed from Misrata in the last hours of submitting the rebellious city, halfway between Tripoli and Sirte, a fierce offensive that has lasted for nearly two months that have killed hundreds under fire from artillery and snipers regime. A spokesman for the rebels has connfirmado this afternoon the withdrawal of troops, which represents a major shift in war strategy of the Libyan dictator.

In America the wind blows anti-abortion

Abortion again the protagonist in American politics. The new Republican senators and deputies, arrived in Congress with the laws of 2010, and often sponsored by Tea Parties, led Washington to radically anti-abortion slogans and ideas. "It 'a phenomenon which I have never witnessed in 12 years of professional activity," says Elizabeth Nash, a researcher at the Guttmacher Institute, a group that deals with women's rights.

In Yemen, the Friday of the "last chance"

Several thousand people demonstrated in Sanaa Friday, April 22 to demand the immediate departure of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, whose supporters staged another march in the Yemeni capital. Protesters converged on the center of the city as every Friday, the day of the weekly prayer gatherings became political rivals.

Anti-Saleh came in number for this "Friday the last chance", while supporters of the president showed, their number for a "Friday the reconciliation." Forces of the army and police have been deployed en masse to prevent clashes between tens of thousands of people gathered on both sides of seats separated by a few kilometers.

Balance of 88 dead after Syrian regime's repression

.- Syrian security forces fired on demonstrators and killed at least 88 dead across the country, said a group that helped coordinate the marches, in the bloodiest day in a month of protests against the government of President Bashar Al Assad. Local Coordination Committees published a list with the names of 88 persons classified by region according to the group, were killed in areas ranging from the port city of Latakia to Homs, Hama, Damascus and the southern town of Izra'a.

U.S. drones kill 25 in Pakistan

U.S. drone fired missiles on Friday in a Pakistani region near the Afghan border and killed 25 people, Pakistani intelligence officials reported. The raid came a day after Pakistan's army commander denounced the attacks, and could further deteriorate relations between Washington and Islamabad. Ten missiles hit a house in the village of Spinwam in North Waziristan, a region where Taliban find refuge, as well as terrorists from Al Qaeda, said three sources of intelligence.

Worsens health of former President Hosni Mubarak

.- The health of the deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak would have deteriorated, after prosecutors in the African country extended for another 15 days the detention of the former president. Mubarak, who remains hospitalized in the resort of Sharm El-Sheikh from April 12, is in critical condition, according to sources consulted by the medical center in the Arabic language daily Asharq Al-Awsar.

Obama accuses him of using Irn Asad in the repression of demonstrations

The U.S. president, Barack Obama has condemned the use of violence by the Syrian government against manifesantes, and has accused President Bashar al-Assad to seek Iran's help to quell protests in her country. "The appalling use of violence to suppress protests must cease immediately," the White House said in a statement on the tougher tone he has employed with Syria since the start of the protests.

Syria, arrested the leader of dissidentiCecchini the funeral, at least ten dead

Despite the opening last Thursday's President Bashar al-Assad, the tension remains high in Syria. Daniel Saud, head of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights in Syria and leader of the dissidents, was taken overnight from his home in Banias and transferred to a secret location. To denounce the arrest and his lawyer, Khalil Maatouk, who blames the Mukabarat, the Syrian secret service.

And the activists were still engaged in on behalf of victims. Some snipers would open fire during the funeral Izraa Douma and demonstrators killed yesterday in clashes in Syria. At least ten of the victims, according to eyewitness accounts. "The funeral will be transformed into moments of protest, like its predecessors," he announced Syrian human rights activist.

A source close to Mubarak running for the head of the Arab League

EU condemns violence of the Syrian regime

.- The President of the United States, Barack Obama on Friday condemned "the use of violence" and accused the Syrian regime of President Bashar Assad to "seek Iranian help" in the repression of protests by demonstrators, activists say has left at least 75 dead. "The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms the use of force in the Syrian government towards the protesters.

This disproportionate use of violence to silence the protests should end now," Obama said in a statement. "Instead of listening to your own people, President Assad accused abroad, intending to get Iranian help to suppress the Syrians with the same brutal tactics used by Iranian allies, "he added.

Heavy weapons fire on the border between Thailand and Cambodia

Thai and Cambodian troops fired heavy weapons at the border Saturday, a day after the crash that left six soldiers dead, officials said on both sides. "The renewed fighting began at six in the morning with rifle fire and artillery shells mortar in the same area as Friday, about a group of disputed temple, said a Thai army spokesman in the region, Colonel Prawit Hookaew.

"We are negotiating to stop the fighting," he added. Phnom Penh confirmed new incidents. "The fighting started at 06:15 (23:15 GMT Friday)," said the spokesman of the Cambodian Ministry of Defence, Chhum Socheat, and stated that he was using heavy artillery. The soldiers of the two neighboring countries clashed over six hours on Friday, killing three soldiers killed in each field.

Gadhafi Army Misrata leave

.- Forces loyal to Colonel Moammar Gadhafi will abandon the rebel city of Misrata (west) and entrusted to the tribes of the region's mission of ending the conflict in this area by way of negotiation or force, said on Friday a senior diplomat. "The situation in Misrata be resolved. will be treated by the tribes of the region and the inhabitants of Misrata, not by the Libyan army (...) The Libyan army is outside," said Deputy Foreign Kaim Khaled told reporters.

Argentina appoint a mediator to try to end the strike in the oil sector of Santa Cruz

BUENOS AIRES, Oct 23. Argentina's government has appointed an official as "normalizing delegate" to try to end the strike in the oil sector in the province of Santa Cruz (south), which began 22 days and maintaining a standstill the production of this product the region, following the intervention of the Union of Santa Cruz Private Oil by Order of the provincial government, as reported by the Argentinean newspaper "Clarin." The intervention was approved by the State prosecutor Carlos Ramos, as the authorities consider that "a situation of anarchy within the union, breach of a mandatory settlement issued by the Ministry of Labor's Office and added to the serious economic repercussions that this conflict leads to the province.

Drowned in Brazil six children of the same family

This Friday's passion lived a double ordeal inside the Brazilian state of Maranhão, one of the poorest in the country, to be drowned in a reservoir six children under 2 years and older than 12, all of the same family. In his small boat for two people, Josie Martins da Silva had taken his sons and nephews to visit other relatives in the neighboring municipality of Bacabal.

Back home in the village of Piquizeiro, Green Lake, the boat capsized after colliding with a log. In the tiny boat with no safety equipment, traveling 12 people: 10 children and two adults. Six of the children died, and the rest, including a baby, managed to survive by holding on to some bushes that were in the middle of the reservoir.

Libya, the rebels' fit and free "Twenty-five victims of the clashes

"Measured is free," announced a spokesman for the rebels. As recounted by a Libyan soldier wounded and captured by insurgents, Muammar Gaddafi today's army would leave the city besieged and bombarded for months. "Yesterday we were told to withdraw," he told Reuters at the soldier, Khaled Dorman, lying on the back of a pick up after being taken to a local hospital.

In the clashes, 25 p eople have died and hundreds were injured. The news of the retreat of militia confirms what was said yesterday by Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim, that the government troops, under pressure from NATO air strikes, could withdraw from Measured and local tribes to leave the task to deal with insurgents and " end, by hook or by crook, "the conflict in the rebellious city.

How humiliating prisoners sheriff in Arizona

He is nicknamed "America's Toughest Sheriff." Understand "the toughest sheriff in the United States." Joe Arpaio, sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona, prides itself on the website of the county to be the chief of police "we're talking about most."

The Libyan rge threatens to attack Misrata in the hands of the tribes

The Libyan regime has announced in a threatening and condescending tone between studying Misrata withdraw from local tribes to lead the fight against the rebels. "If the Army can not solve the problem by NATO bombing, then the population will enter the region," he told reporters Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim.

"The situation in Misrata is controlled. The tribes will take care of it," insisted the politician, who wishes to grant freedom to the people to decide whether to settle the dispute "by using force or negotiation." His vision of the fighting and the siege that has been more than a month around the city, "the tactics of the army had so far been a surgical solution, but air strikes continue to prevent it." The strange statements Gaddafi diplomacy not go unnoticed by the international community, which seems to find in them evidence that their attacks are weakening the positions of the regime.

In western Côte d'Ivoire, "violence is far from over"

Despite the arrest of Laurent Gbagbo on 11 April, and the gradual return of calm in the country, the situation does not improve in western Côte d'Ivoire. Refugees continue to flow into the three sub-prefectures of the region, and the camp of Duekoue now offers more than 27 000 people. Since the crisis began, the region was the scene of violent clashes.

A Duekoue, the Red Cross has raised "at least 800 dead" for a single day on March 29. The NGO has denounced the "sectarian violence" between indigenous Guéré and Ivorians from the north. And several organizations are concerned that the national political crisis has escalated into ethnic conflict locally.

Nicolas Sarkozy is preparing a trip to Benghazi

The date is not fixed yet. But it seems certain that Nicolas Sarkozy will travel to Benghazi, the rebel city of Libya. The Elysee Palace, in association with the National Transitional Council (CNT), the expected timing for this trip, marking an improvement in the ideal situation. Paris, like London and Rome, just to reinforce the presence of his military advisers and seeks to best support the Libyan revolution.

The Chief of Staff U.S. skeptical about the outcome of the operation in Libya

The war in Libya is heading down a dead end even if the air strikes of the international coalition have reduced 30-40% of the bulk of ground forces of Muammar Gaddafi, said on Friday, April 22, the Chief of Staff U.S. Joint Admiral Mike Mullen. "We are certainly heading towards a stalemate," said Mullen in Baghdad during a visit to U.S.

troops in Iraq.

In Syria, the Assad clan power of the test street

Beirut Correspondent - Despite the lifting of emergency rule, confirmed by a decree of President Bashar Al-Assad, Thursday, April 21, new calls to point to a protest Friday at high voltage in Syria. The malcontents emphasize their "lack of confidence" and "skepticism." Orders are signed "but the security services do not apply the law," complained one cyberactivist.

Others believe that within the regime, the president does not have a free hand. "We wonder who makes the decisions in this country," said another activist. Upon coming to power of Bashar al-Assad in July 2000, many have expressed doubts about the competence of this new president, so young (he was then 34 years) and inexperienced to hold a regime in which its accession was not unanimous.