Thursday, August 18, 2011

Obama will present in September his plan to revive the economy

In a speech in September, Barack Obama will unveil an action plan to revive the U.S. economy and fairebaisser unemployment. Details of the plan were unveiled on the third day of a tour bus to Obama in the Midwest, he took the opportunity to criticize the Republicans in Congress, particularly the movement of the "tea party", to whom he accused of hindering the economic recovery efforts.

The plan will include a commitment to reduce the budget deficit higher than 1500 billion dollars in savings that has to find the super-bipartisan commission created August 2 and charged to respond to the U.S. debts. The debt of the world's largest economy is over 14 000 billion. A member of the Obama administration, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, the plan of Mr. Obama based on an effort "balanced" to reduce the deficit, which should reach 1 600 billion this year. For measures "balanced", Obama intends to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans to accompany spending cuts. The Republicans are against this approach, arguing that this may hurt growth.

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