Monday, January 31, 2011

Israel worried by the consequences of the revolt in Egypt:

For 33 years, the peace with Egypt a guarantee for the security of Israel. The unrest in neighboring Jerusalem prepare therefore greatest worry: What if the regime falls, and take the anti-Israel Muslim brothers at the Nile to power? The fear speaks from the headlines: "Concerned about the peace", says the Israeli tabloid, "Maariv said on Sunday.

The competition, "Yedioth Ahronoth" FUNCTION does that "peace is in danger". "We are on our own," a commentator stresses in the same leaf, the doomsday scenario, Israel has taken: During the demonstrators in Egypt around the globe a wave of sympathy strikes, the revolt was triggered by the Nile in Israel's largest concern.

Egypt's opposition continues on the road.

Egypt's opposition continues on the road. You absolutely want to force the overthrow of President Mubarak. Their first success is that the regime withdrew the police and replace it with the military was. The acclaimed forces give the neutral, but for how long? There is a difference like night and day.

The soldiers are armed to the teeth, they curve around in tanks, pull up barricades of barbed wire in the center of the Egyptian capital. It looks menacing. And yet the men shine in the pale green uniforms from a great calm. They bother no one to yell at anybody, nobody come around. At several of their short set up checkpoints, they provide instead that the demonstrators set up on the way to the protests in the central Liberation Square "neatly in a row.

Anarchy in Cairo: "Mubarak wants to see Egypt burn"

Open prisons, looting, arson: The political protest of the Egyptians threatens to sink into chaos and anarchy. Responsible for this is the regime itself, say the protesters. The images of violence, then you should reproach, discredit the insurgency. The man is afraid for his life. His voice trembles as he speaks in the Egyptian private channel al-Mekhwa.

"I can call my name. You will tear me to pieces when they learn that I have spoken." He had been there, told the policeman, opened in the early hours of Saturday the Tura prison in southern Cairo and 3,500 prisoners were released. Also in the Wadi Natrun, between Cairo and Alexandria, he told colleagues, at least 4,000 prisoners had been freed.

The situation in Cairo does not seem to calm down

The anger of the Egyptians on the Mubarak regime is not extinct: About a thousand demonstrators gathered on Sunday morning in Cairo's Tahrir Square, the army is more substantial presence in the city - but stays back so far. The night is over, and it was a bad night, with looting, sometimes violent shootouts between gangs, vigilante groups spontaneously established.

Now, breaking the sixth day of protests, and the situation in Cairo does not seem to calm down. All night and on Sunday morning, waited about a thousand demonstrators from the central Tahrir Square, lit fires and chanted slogans against the incumbent President Hosni Mubarak. Especially around the Interior Ministry, a few hundred meters from the place of liberation, there were repeated clashes with security forces.

The opponents of President Alexander Lukashenko left the prison on Saturday

Two other Belarusian opposition figures are at large and are now under house arrest, including former presidential candidate Vladimir Nekljajew. They were arrested in December in protest against the reelection of President Lukashenko.  The authoritarian leadership in Belarus was released after weeks of pressure from  EU countries, the former presidential candidate Vladimir Nekljajew from prison.

Vice Suleiman of Egypt: The quiet strong man

Intelligence chief Omar Suleiman is the new vice-president of Egypt - and a close confidant of Hosni Mubarak, his decision to let fly an armored limousine, saved the lives once the head of state. Israel and the U.S. appreciate the General as a mediator in the Middle East conflict. It is a historic decision.

For the first time since taking office in 1981 Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak has appointed a vice president. While protesting on the streets of Cairo, tens of thousands of demonstrators against the old regime, the choice fell on, Omar Suleiman - the head of the Mukhabarat secret service.

Channel Al-Jazeera banned in Egypt

After announcing this Sunday morning closing the office of Al Jazeera in Cairo, and revocation of accreditation of all journalists in the country, the Egyptian authorities have blocked the direct distribution chain throughout the country, found numerous witnesses on the spot. Al-Jazeera, which has a major office in Cairo and correspondents throughout the country, covers the last three days live events, despite numerous technical difficulties related to the cutoff of communications networks, and political, while the government was reluctant so far on the attitude to adopt.

Egyptian police on the streets again starting tomorrow

.- The Egyptian police in the coming hours will receive further orders that involve a rethinking of its mission, to take over from tomorrow to defend public safety, officials said. The sources added, however, Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the protests of recent days, will remain under custody of the military, which on Friday was ordered to support the Police to maintain security in the country.

The international community exerts pressure on Mubarak shy

After the unprecedented demonstrations in Egypt, the international community calls on President Mubarak to take into account the anger of the street, but not openly like the departure of rais. Asked on CNN whether she thought that Mubarak would survive the current events, Clinton replied that "it will depend on the Egyptian people." She added: "We do not argue for a specific outcome.

We advocate for the government, representatives of civil society, opposition political activists and open a dialogue to set a course." On ABC, the Secretary of State has finally explained that the appointment Saturday by Mubarak's intelligence chief Omar Suleiman to the post of vice-president marked the "beginning" of political reform and that there remained much more accomplish.

At least 15 dead in new religious clashes in Nigeria

At least 15 people have been killed in renewed fighting between Christians and Muslims in the town of Jos in central Nigeria, local media reported Wednesday. In addition, several buildings and shops, including two gas stations and an educational center, were burnt when members of the Hausa youths, a Muslim group, clashed with students at the University of Jos.

"The problem began when young people attending a funeral in Hausa a cemetery just behind a dorm stabbed two tenants, "said University Vice Chancellor, Professor Sonni Tyoden." The stabbing caused a student protest, during which 14 students were shot, the treaties which are already being shot in the Bingham University Hospital, "said Tyoden.

The story of the day on Sunday in Egypt

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Gaza lives with concern the closure of its border with Egypt

.- The population of the Gaza Strip has turned to be locked and locked outside the closure of its border with Egypt by popular protests in the neighboring country, which kept on tenterhooks throughout the region. Following the growing tension that exists in the Egyptian street, Cairo has decided to close until further notice, the Rafah crossing in southern Gaza Palestinian and one window to the world that had the inhabitants of Gaza.

The southern Sudanese are in favor of independence

Almost all of southern Sudanese have voted in favor of secession in the referendum held from January 9 to 15. According to the Election Commission, nearly 99% of voters opted for independence. These results should be announced officially on Sunday at a ceremony in Juba, the capital of Southern Sudan, Salva Kiir in the presence of President of the semi-autonomous southern Sudan will become an independent state.

Thousands of prisoners escaping from various prisons in Egypt

.- Warplanes Air Force are flying over the center of the Egyptian capital, for the first time since protests broke out against the regime of Hosni Mubarak. Thousands of prisoners have escaped in the last hours in different prisons of Egypt and in some cases the arsenals of the prisons are at risk of being lost, reported several media today.

In the Wadi el Natrun prison, one of the largest in the country, located in the desert road between Cairo and Alexandria, many prisoners have escaped, said General Ahmed Helmi Egyptian state television. Helmi, speaking from prison, said it welcomes more than 11 000 prisoners prisoners and has thousands of weapons, but could not say how many prisoners have escaped from the prison.

From Tunis to Tokyo, solidarity with the Egyptian people

Algeria also wants regime change

Thousands of people demonstrated in Bejaia, east of Algiers, in Kabylia, for "regime change" in Algeria, following the convening of an opposition party, organizers said. The demonstrators answered the call of the Meeting for Culture and Democracy (RCD), and quietly marched through the streets of Bejaia.

"The event brought together more than 10 000 people," said the president of the RCD, Said Sadi. The protesters shouted slogans inspired by recent events in Tunisia. Many shouted "a radical change of regime", according to a senator of the RCD, Mohamed Ikahervan. A march to demand "the departure of the system" is scheduled for February 12 in Algiers, convened by the newly formed National Coordination for Change and Democracy, which groups opposition movements and civil society organizations.

Brazil and the U.S. approach

The president's announcement that Barack Obama will visit Brazil, Chile and El Salvador in March, in what will be his first trip to South America, could result in a significant improvement of relations between Brazil and the United States after a significant deterioration in both recent years. In his State of the Union to Congress, Obama announced he will visit these three countries to strengthen ties with Latin America.

Economic recovery, new plan in Tunisia

Very questioned for a week by hundreds of protesters calling for his departure to spread the force last Friday, the Tunisian Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannuchi set the objectives of his new team: democratic transition and economic recovery. From Davos (Switzerland), Tunisian officials reiterated the message: investors and tourists are invited to return to Tunisia, as the economic situation is "under control".

Clinton calls on Haiti to exclude the candidate from the election official

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today called on Haiti to address the recommendations of the Organization of American States (OAS) and exclude the candidate oficialsta, Jude Celestin-in-law of current president, the second round of presidential elections to resolve the political crisis that plunged the country is poorest in the Americas since the first round held on 28 November.

The U.S. diplomat has arrived in Haiti to deal with President René Préval and the three leading candidates for the local Executive on the volatile situation prevailing in the nation after the election results, which are not official results, which is expected to be made known on Wednesday, and that led to the revolt of hundreds of Haitians.

Egypt: revolt continues, the power does not yield

Promises Hosni Mubarak and the appointment of a vice-president and a new prime minister did not persuade the Egyptians who are still took to the streets by the tens of thousands, Saturday, January 29 defying the curfew imposed by power. So it ended Sunday morning - at 8 am in Cairo, 7 hours in Paris - the Egyptians were preparing for another day of event, the sixth since the start of this popular movement in which more than one hundred people were killed .

Mubarak appoints two key military posts

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has appointed two generals to key positions in the state, a move that has not prevented Egypt in chaos continue between the political protests and looting. The head of Egyptian intelligence, General Omar Suleiman, was sworn in as vice president, a position that was vacant since Mubarak came to power in 1981, while General Shafiq Ahmed took over as prime minister.

Rousseff travels to Argentina in his first outing as president of Brazil

Brazil continued to Argentina as the indispensable partner to boost the South American regional integration and to strengthen the presence in the region on the international scene. The new Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, has made clear it wishes to maintain a relationship "extremely closely" with its counterpart in Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, and has continued the tradition, inaugurated by his predecessor, Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva, travel to Buenos Aires in its first official outing.

What to do for Egypt

The 'us and Egypt, Egypt and Italy, and the Egyptians who are in our midst. And many of us who were in Egypt. How exciting these days, as always when you realize that a big bend of history passes in front of you. And the masses have a role. What an angry look on Friday night live on TV in Italian, and find the best or most of our Tg, Tg 3, Bianca Berlinguer speaks of Minetti Aldo Busi and a journalist with Il Tempo.

Sound Portfolio - Tunisia: the heroism of ordinary women

Hundreds of prisoners escaping from an Egyptian prison

.- Hundreds of prisoners from the prison of Al Fayum Egyptian escaped today after killing the prison director, said the Qatari television channel Al Jazeera. The incident at the detention center, located 95 kilometers south of Cairo, is registered in the chaos that reigns in parts of Egypt for the withdrawal of police from Friday night.

The Egyptian media also reported the escape of prisoners in other prisons, but such cases are not as numerous as that of Al Fayoum. Some of the inmates who have escaped have been arrested again late on when engaging in acts of looting, according to footage broadcast on public television tonight.

Zelaya was able to Chavez and Castro signed a proposal without knowing it was U.S.

Days before the coup that overthrew him in June 2009, Honduran President Manuel Zelaya plays the role of 'double agent' in the USA to the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), headed by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. The State Department cable 210866, classified confidential and dated June 8, 2009, the U.S.

Embassy in Tegucigalpa referred to the draft approved at the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS), held on 2 June 3, 2009 in San Pedro Sula (Honduras), as our text. " This was submitted by Zelaya, who won the support of Fidel Castro, Chavez and other leaders of the ALBA without them knowing the source of the draft.

Frattini, the revolution can wait

But you look at it. Our prime minister asks to be judged by the Court of Ministers because the night of May 27, 2010 was dealing with high international diplomacy (not spring up the curriculum). The granddaughter of Mubarak, in obvious difficulty between beauty pageants and friends engaged in the ancient craft, needed institutional support and this is the perfect solution to the premier: call State Police in custody of a minor as an influential member of the Ruby ' Assembly Lombard, born Nicole Minetti, profession briffatrice night.

The day Cairo burned with anger

Special Envoy in Cairo - Cairo burn it? The Egyptian capital seemed like sunken, Friday, January 28, under thick clouds of black smoke. A crowd of Egyptians galvanized by anger stormed all the symbols of the regime and set it on fire. Backing onto the National Museum, the headquarters of the National Democratic Party (NDP) of President Hosni Mubarak is in flames, and police barracks.

Armoured security forces, seized by the demonstrators burn before, sometimes, to explode in a deafening noise. Behind the white streaks of tear gas, fire spread, inflame billboards, palm trees, garbage littering the sidewalks. Several hours after the start of the curfew, imposed in 18 hours across the country, the situation seems out of control.

Rabat to protest a "resbaln" informative TVE

The Moroccan government has raised two objections today to the Spanish-language broadcast by Canal 24 Horas a Spanish TV reports that have relocated to Rabat Sahara troops to the outskirts of Casablanca and Rabat in anticipation of possible unrest. The Foreign Minister, Taieb Fassi Fihri, summoned the ambassador of Spain, Alberto Navarro, to express the "indignation of Morocco to these irresponsible actions," according to official news agency MAP.

"Egypt is a test for the U.S."

Mubarak is not the kind of leader who will liberalize its political system because a foreign head of state tried to persuade him that it's a good idea in a private conversation. The challenge for American diplomacy is to succeed in influencing the psychology of a critical moment like this. For years, Mubarak is trying to scare us with the specter of the Muslim Brotherhood, and told us that if he leaves power, the only alternative it is them.

Hundreds of tourists spend the night at Cairo airport

.- Hundreds of tourists have to spend the night at Cairo International Airport, due to curfews and insecurity in the Egyptian capital for political protests and vandalism. In the terminal, where some flights were canceled and others are delayed, foreigners and Egyptians who have decided to sleep there for fear of the chaotic situation is calm and resigned.

Some of them were in Cairo since Friday, when protests against the regime of Hosni Mubarak reached a critical point, and have preferred to take refuge at the airport to wait for the release of their flights. Mikel is the case of Sarah, a Spanish couple who landed on 24 this month in Egypt for a cruise on the Nile and visit the capital.

Zapatero supports "a transi Pacific" to Tnez and Egypt

The Prime Minister today began his speech at the closing ceremony of the PSOE's regional convention which was held in Zaragoza to lay the foundation of his electoral program for the coming May 22 with a message to the countries they are living major social upheaval. After referring to countries "are living historic moments, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has opted for Tunisia and Egypt to carry out" a peaceful transition.

Germany, carnage on the tracks in the night between freight and passenger crash: 10 dead

BERLIN - Slaughter on the tracks at night in Germany. Ten people were killed and forty injured in collision between two trains, a regional express with 50 passengers and a freight train. Place the terrible accident is the fraction of Hordorf, near the town of Oschersleben, in the east German Land of Saxony-Anhalt.

This is the worst train accident occurred in Germany for several years: namely from 2006, since when the monorail Transrapid magnetic levitation, a prototype high speed, derailed by the experimental circuit overhead. We then counted 23 dead. The time now is 10:43 wounded. The cause of the accident is not yet certain, but the governor of the state, Wolfgang Boehmer (CDU, which is the party of Chancellor Merkel Angrla), who rushed to the scene of the tragedy, spoke of possible human error: A stop sign was not respected one of the two trains.

Egypt, hunting and military helicopters on the U.S. Embassy, Cairo: Leave the Country

Do not calm down the violence in Egypt, now in the hands of the army. Some fighters and military helicopters flying at low altitude through the Cairo Tahrir Square, symbol of the revolution of January 25, "where the demonstrators gathered today to continue the protest against Hosni Mubarak. The area is manned by sixteen tanks.

Meanwhile, more victims of the provisional budget. Today 14 bodies were found in a mosque near the prison in Cairo. According to Al Jazeera at least the 15th would be the people who lost their lives during the fighting of recent days, but the number is expected to rise. Even as the protests continue to expand throughout the country, Alexandria today after the army arrived in Sharm el Sheikh in virtue of the Israeli produced two days ago when it was deployed to El Arish in northern Sinai.

The irresistible decline of rais

On March 27, 2010, President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt finally regained. Undergone surgery at the University Hospital of Heidelberg, Germany, has kept away from his country for three weeks. Hospitalization necessitated by an official response to the gallbladder and removal of a polyp. During this forced removal, the Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif, who was in charge of all its prerogatives, the Rais who had never resigned himself to appoint a vice-president, a position which had been guaranteed in the Egyptian Constitution, may be afraid to bring out a dolphin potential.

Remember to Mahatma Gandhi on his death anniversary

.- As part of its 63 anniversary of the death, the pacifist Mahatma Gandhi (1986-1948) was remembered today at the monument erected in his honor, beside the National Museum of Anthropology, where he launched the Programme for Non-Dialog -violence, initiated by the organization OraWorldMandala. At the ceremony, Ambassador of India in Mexico, Dinesh Kumar Jein, recalled that it was in January 20, 1948 the day Gandhi became a victim of violence when he was always' a man who gambled on the peace and gave his life to make the government of his people to stop violence in India, is considered the father of the nation.

New government begins work on Tunisia

.- Very questioned for a week by hundreds of protesters calling for his departure to dispersion force on Friday, the Tunisian Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannuchi set the objectives of his new team: democratic transition and economic recovery. "The two key challenges that Tunisia are facing the transition to democracy and renewed economic activity, "said Friday night in a televised interview Ghannuchi Mohammed, after surviving a week of demonstrations against his team.

Argentina denounced U.S. interference in defense

BUENOS AIRES, 30 The Argentine Foreign Minister, Hector Timerman, denounced the "intrusion" on defense issues in the region, an attitude he described as "grave" in an interview with radio station La Red taken up by the press in Argentina. Timerman was questioned by the exclusion of Argentina for the upcoming tour of the region by U.S.

President Barack Obama. The U.S. president will visit in March El Salvador, Brazil and Chile. After a long silence, Timerman hung on Saturday their first impressions in your account on the Twitter micro blog explaining that the relationship with the United States was "very dynamic" on issues such as "nuclear, G-20, terrorism and science." Timerman said in a radio interview that while Argentina has "similarities" with the U.S., "it should be noted that there are major differences," and denounced "intrusions on defense issues in the region" by Washington.

Natascha Kampusch. Life AFTER the dungeon

Before coming to the meeting with Natascha Kampusch, 22, his counsel asks us to call Frau Kampusch (Ms. Kampusch). Because she is tired of being trivialized his name to be abused that "Natascha" sound as familiar and as if she were still a toy that actually was in the hands of Wolfgang Priklopil (1962), the man who kidnapped 2 March 1998, when he was 10, and held her until August 23, 2006.

That day, already adult, she gathered enough strength to escape the influence of that which was called "master", who must obey and serve, a "delicate face paranoid" that he abused and protagonist a movie that only existed in the "sick world of his mind." That day, he opened the gate of the house was locked, walked the 30 meters there are (count them then one by one) to the corner, and ran for help.

Mummies in focus in the museum violated "Do not touch our history"

CAIRO - There is one soldier for every statue in the garden from high railings bordering the red two-story building that houses the Egyptian Museum, the memory of this country, they were destroying. The tanks that patrol the vast Tahrir Square, the symbol of the revolt, are also in front of the museum and on the corniche, the Lungonilo.

And even armored vehicles guarding the pyramids of Giza, are closed to tourists. Still smoking wreckage of police cars make it difficult to pass on the big bridge of Lions, which connects the downtown to the island of Zamalek. The echo of gunfire bounces off a moment filled with streets deserted for a moment, while the acrid smell of fire envelops everything.

The anger of the Egyptians in revolt: "A new government is not enough, by the dictator Mubarak"

CAIRO - "See this? It says the United States. The Americans talk, talk, and then sell the weapons to kill Mubarak. " In front of a camera, Jamal, a boy of 15 years to vent all his anger. In his hand was a cocoon of red shotgun with his gray head. It exploded, but the white writing is still well impressed: "Made in USA".

The fifth day of protests yesterday in Cairo, was begun in peacefully. During the night the police had left the streets, giving way to the Army. A request for this, just come by the protesters. Young people, who flocked from all major arteries to Piazza Thar, chanted slogans against Saddam: "Elshab yoread isqat el-Rais," the people want the dictator go away.

The Muslim Brotherhood are low profile

Cairo Special Envoy - During the rise of this unprecedented challenge in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood have a low profile, distilling comments with caution. Their participation in the first major event, Tuesday, Jan. 25, has been the subject of bitter debate between the leaders of the Brotherhood and the youngest of their activists.

Mohammed Badie, their supreme leader, had ended up publishing a statement announcing that he did not call to participate on behalf of the brotherhood, but that those who wished were free to go there personally. Fear nourished by the leaders, according to several sources within the Brotherhood, was a more active involvement would give the regime the opportunity to make a "scarecrow Islamist" to scare some of the Egyptians and the international community.

Government calls for dialogue in Yemen

Yemen's ruling party, General People's Congress, urged dialogue with the opposition in a bid to end protests against the Government promoted by popular unrest in the Arab world. Thousands of Yemenis took to the streets of the capital Sanaa in recent days demanding a change of government (pictured), inspired by the ouster two weeks ago the president of Tunisia, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali.

Sana'a streets were calm on Friday, after about 16 thousand Yemenis demonstrated Thursday in the city, the biggest rally seen since the protests began in the country last week.

False bomb threats put in check by Russian security forces

.- A wave of false bomb threats plaguing the Russian capital, is a challenge to the security forces within a week of the massacre perpetrated by a suicide bomber in Moscow's Domodedovo airport. For the second consecutive day today the police had to evacuate the mall Vegas, located at kilometer 24 of the Moscow ring road, after it was found a note warning that an explosion on the premises.

Similar threats, none of which was confirmed, were found Saturday in two of the three major Moscow MEGA malls, which house more than 250 establishments. The evacuation of the public and staff of the shops causing huge traffic jams, according to the digital version of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda", came to see scenes of panic.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Revolt in Egypt: The demonstrators did not give up

The demonstrators in Egypt did not give up, form up again for new protests. Hardly anyone takes the reform offers the President seriously. The Army in Cairo to look and not intervene. The tracks of the night battle of the "Liberation Square in central Cairo, the next morning obvious. Burned-out police vehicles obstruct traffic on the Nilbrücken, "Down with Mubarak!", Numerous call graffiti on the walls of buildings and walls, a protester with a captured police helmet shaped the exuberant victory sign.

Attack from Moscow: Russian investigators identify airport Attentter

A 20-year-old suicide bomber from the North Caucasus has perpetrated the attack on the Moscow Domodedovo airport - to this result are Russian investigators arrived. The man reportedly wanted her to kill, especially foreigners. The attack in Moscow's Domodedovo airport is largely informed by Russian intelligence investigators: The suicide bomber is thus a 20-year-old from the North Caucasus.

Response to unrest in Egypt, America's difficult to say goodbye to Mubarak

Egypt is one of the closest U.S. allies, America has supported the government in Cairo billion - the discontent of the masses, but Obama can no longer ignore. So far he has had no overt pressure on Hosni Mubarak. When this strategy tips? It is one of those days that could have been used to be called "CNN-day" when the news station almost single-handedly claimed the global agenda.

Every minute the rigid members of the White House to the TV screens and watch the riots in the streets of Cairo. The briefings of the President address only one subject: the pictures from Egypt. Late in the evening to throw Barack Obama nor his agenda and appears on the "State Dining Room of the White House before the press.

Revolt in Egypt: Mubarak battles against his downfall

But the Egyptians are not taken to the streets: Shortly after midnight, the longtime ruler Hosni Mubarak promised in a television address reforms and a new government. He wants to remain head of state - the demonstrators responded immediately: "We do not want him anymore!" Cairo - No, he did not understand, so went this Friday tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of malcontents on the road and hours of street battles with police.

Revolt in Egypt: Mubarak clings to power

Hundreds of thousands of protesters fighting for his fall, but Egypt's president does not want soft: in a night television address, he defended the brutality of its security forces, which claimed several lives. He announced to remain in office to replace his government - and reforms. For days he had been silent - now has Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak expressed the first time.

The state television aired a speech from the president. Mubarak promises reforms: he urged the Cabinet to resign and wants to appoint a new government on Saturday. He also assured the Egyptians more democracy and greater efforts to combat high youth unemployment. "We keep what we have achieved and we build it," he added.

Mass protests: "The people want to overthrow the system"

With armored vehicles, the army has moved into the center of Cairo, the police have verln at key points of the city to control at times. The protesters cheered the soldiers - they hope that the military could become their allies. The army has been driven in the streets of Cairo. Buildings burn, armored vehicles rolling through the city, they stand before the Parliament, and the building of state television.

Wikileaks: Mubarak seen by Americans

On May 19, 2009, the United States Embassy in Cairo draws a portrait of President Hosni Mubarak on the eve of a trip the Rats in Washington in a diplomatic telegram revealed by Wikileaks and accessed by Le Monde. Scheduled for late May, the visit will take place, finally, in August, due to the death of a grand-son of Mubarak.

Rais hoped the delicate turn a page on US-Egyptian in favor of the election of Barack Obama to the White House. These expectations will be crowned when the U.S. president will decide in Cairo, June 4, 2009, speech to the attention of Arab and Muslim world. "This is a realistic and true experienced an innate conservative and cautious has little time for idealistic goals.

Demonstrations in Egypt resulting in looting

Cairenes filed several homes and provided organized neighborhood guards with guns, clubs and knives on Saturday when widespread looting in the capital, despite the deployment of army troops to restore order. Residents reported that gangs of youths, some of them on mopeds, roamed the streets looting supermarkets, malls and shops.

Some of the bands came to the residential areas in the suburbs where they broke into some houses and luxury apartments. In the center of the city and some suburbs could hear gunfire. The situation went out so the evening of Saturday the army deployed reinforcements to the city to restore order and prevent looting, state television said.

The protests in Cairo

Ask former President Zedillo to intervene in Egypt

.- Former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo today called on the international community not to intervene in the crisis in Egypt, and expressed his hope that there will be a peaceful transition in that country.''This problem will have to solve the Egyptians. It is up to them to build a new democracy, hopefully peacefully,''Zedillo said in a speech in the framework of the World Economic Forum 41.

Egypt: the government resigned, protests resume

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62 people die in two days of violence in Egypt

At least 62 people have died in all of Egypt in the massive protests against the regime of the past two days, authorities said on Saturday security. In addition, about two thousand people were injured in demonstrations in which citizens' groups fought violently with police on several occasions. The figures include both civilian casualties as security forces, officials who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the press.

The deputy chief of Mubarak a mediator between Israel and Palestinians

CAIRO - General Omar Suleiman, a number of the powerful Egyptian intelligence since the early nineties, is the man who could take the reins of power in Egypt. In the midst of crisis and protests against Hosni Mubarak, the news of his appointment to the vice-presidency means that, if necessary, he will replace Saddam.

If Suez protesters defying a curfew celebrated in the square shortly after the protest broke out in Cairo against the Egyptian head of external services. Unlike previous leaders of the intelligence services, Suleiman is known on the international political scene for his commitment, since 2000, after the outbreak of the Second Intifada, in the difficult mediation between Palestinian factions and between Palestinian groups and Israel.

Egypt: Mubarak dismiss the government, protesters converge in Cairo

Hundreds of protesters gathered early Saturday 29 January, the streets of central Cairo to demand the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, chanting "emerges, emerges. Tahir on the spot, these "hundreds" of Egyptians are supervised by the army that is deployed en masse. Furthermore, mobile services were partially restored in the country.

Friday as protests and violence continued throughout the day, killing at least 20 dead and over 1,000 wounded in the country), Mubarak spoke on national television during the night. Ago announced he had asked the Egyptian government "to resign" on Saturday before the formation of a new cabinet, and promised democratic reforms.

Egyptian Government's future rests with Shafiq Ahmed

Gen. Ahmed Shafiq, until now Civil Aviation Minister, met today with the task of forming a new government in Egypt, public television reported. Replaced in office Shafiq Ahmed Nazif, who resigned at the request of President Hosni Mubarak. General Shafiq became the second military in the last hours of the State assumes great responsibilities.

The other figure is General Omar Suleiman, who was appointed Vice President. The appointments come amid a sharp deterioration in public security in Cairo and other cities in the heat of the demonstrations have been dragging on Tuesday and intensified yesterday, Friday. Mubarak, in his first address to the nation since the protests erupted shortly after midnight last announced that he had decided to replace the government and appoint another now assume new functions.

Iran hanged for drug Dutch The Hague freezes ties with Tehran

TEHRAN - "A drug dealer named Sahra Bahrami (...), convicted of having sold and possessed drugs was hanged Saturday morning." So the regime in Tehran announced on the website of the national TV execution, by hanging, Zahra Bahrami, 46, a woman with dual Iranian and Dutch citizenship. He had been arrested in anti-government demonstrations of 2009 and then sentenced to death for drug trafficking.

Support outside of Egypt

Support rallies were held outside the borders of Egypt. In Tunisia, where the "jasmine revolution" and the fall of the regime of Ben Ali has shown the way to the Egyptian protest, a rally was held outside the Egyptian embassy in solidarity. "We are in solidarity with the Egyptian people (...). We were lucky and daring to overthrow the regime, they want the same thing," proclaimed the demonstrators.

Five hundred people demonstrated in the policing of Tunisia

.- Five hundred people demonstrated today in the center of Tunis to denounce the eviction yesterday riot forces of the Plaza of the Government of Tunisia, where several thousand people calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Mohamed Ganuchi. "This is a reaction to yesterday's police crackdown. The new Government has shown its face repressor," Efe said one of the marchers Abed Ali al-Din, a university student.

Attack in Kandahar killed the deputy governor

KABUL - The deputy governor of Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan, and 'was killed in a suicide bombing. The deputy governor Abdul Latif Ashna''- said Tooryalai Wesa, governor of Kandahar - had just left home and headed for the office when a suicide bomber on a motorcycle blew himself up near his vehicle.'' One of his bodyguards and his driver were wounded as well as two passers-by.

A fifth person was taken to hospital. This''- said the governor - and 'the work of enemies of Afghanistan, the Taliban, killing those who are working for the future of Afghanistan, to rebuild the country.'' A Taliban spokesman, Yousuf Ahmadi, claimed responsibility 'of the attack.

Violent clashes between demonstrators and security forces

The UA will form a commission to resolve the crisis in Ivory Coast

.- The African Union (AU) will form a commission to resolve the political crisis in Ivory Coast, where both Alassane Ouattara and Laurent Gbagbo, both presidential candidates in the elections on Nov. 28, has been sworn in as chief State. According to pan-African body, the commission will start work in 48 hours, will consist of five regional representatives and must be approved by the leaders attending the next 30 to 31 January at the Sixteenth Summit of the African Union.

Davos, tension in the streets clashes between police and demonstrators

DAVOS (Switzerland) - Violent clashes between police and demonstrators in Davos to demonstrate against the summit of the 'elite' political and economic world, the World Economic Forum, held each year in the Swiss town. About a hundred people began throwing bottles at the security since the beginning of the Forum is massively distributed throughout the town of Grisons.

The police responded by using three water cannons against the protesters managed to contain the demonstrators march to the Congress Center. The group of protesters, a group of anarchists in Switzerland, had gathered at the station in Davos with flags and banners that read "Down with capitalism", "Stop the erosion of wages," to march to the Palace of Congresses where it carry out the work of the Forum.

Washington ready to review its aid to Egypt

After several days of awkward silence, the White House has said, Friday, January 28, "very concerned" about the situation in Egypt, taking the measure of the increase happened among his closest ally in the Arab world. "Very concerned about Egypt. The government must respect the rights of Egyptians and restart social networks and the Internet," he wrote on his Twitter Robert Gibbs, spokesman for Barack Obama.

Dutch citizen executed after a conviction for drug

TEHRAN - Sahra Bahrami, an Iranian with a Dutch passport, was executed this morning following a conviction for possession and selling drugs. The sentence was executed by hanging, said in a press office of the Prosecutor of Tehran. The Dutch government has summoned the Iranian ambassador to ask him for clarification on the implementation of women.

On 5 January, the Netherlands had requested "clarification" on Iran, expressing "concern" over the affair. The woman, 46, was sentenced to death on Jan. 2, after being arrested in December 2009 for taking part in a procession of the opposition. According to the International human rights organization Human Rights Campaign for the charges against him were a political frame.

Jordanians demonstrate peacefully against the cost of living

Parallel events in Tunisia and Egypt, the Jordanians appear regularly for several weeks in protest against the high cost of living and the government's economic policy. Friday in Amman, the capital, they have once again demanded a change of government and reform.

Ministers are appointed independent Tunisian Government

Riot forces forcibly evicted protesters who, despite the departure of the ministers of the old regime of the transitional government, also require that leave the Tunisian Prime Minister Mohamed Ghanuchi, and the final break with the past. About three thousand demonstrators arrived in the most deprived areas of central and southern Mexico were in the Plaza of the Government demanding more reforms, while the rest of the city gradually returned to normal.

Wikileaks: "The U.S. is in contact with the rebels" and check the "manual of the protest"

ROME - A secret diplomatic documents published by Wikileaks reveal that the United States, while supporting the Mubarak government in Egypt, at least three years secretly supporting some of the dissidents who were behind the revolt of the square in recent days. According to the dispatch, the decision was part of a plan to promote a "regime change" in favor of democracy in Cairo in 2011.

Since 2008, the U.S. would work in secret and then the deposition of the Egyptian president. The U.S. is behind the uprising. The document is the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, dating back to December 30, 2008, and was taken by the British newspaper The Telegraph. In it, the ambassador, Margaret Scobey, said that a "young dissident Egyptian movement" April 6, whose name is omitted, was helped by the same embassy to attend a meeting of dissidents in Washington, the summit " Alliance of Youth Movements.

At least 20 killed in protests in Egypt

For the fourth consecutive day, Egyptians took to the streets to demand the departure of President Hosni Mubarak, 82 years in office for three decades. Tens of thousands of people marched in most major cities after Friday prayers, responding to the call of the Movement of 6-April, a group of young pro-democracy.

These demonstrations were harshly repressed in As of the day, but did not prevent the gatherings continue late into the evening in Cairo and other cities. Hosni Mubarak, silent for four days, spoke on the night of Friday to Saturday, promising a new government and reforms. At least 20 dead and more than 1000 injured Friday evening, medical sources struck a balance of 13 dead and 75 injured during clashes between demonstrators and security forces for the single city of Suez, east of Cairo .

Mandela continue medical treatment at home

Former South African president Nelson Mandela was discharged and left the hospital after being treated for an acute respiratory infection. Mandela, 92, was admitted to hospital on Wednesday. The admission sparked fears about the health of the icon of the struggle against apartheid, which was the first black president of South Africa and is revered inside and outside the country as a symbol of reconciliation and hope.

The Government of Dilma Rousseff investigate torture in jails

The president Dilma Rousseff, tortured during the military dictatorship, has given the green light to the Government for investigation of torture against ordinary prisoners in all prisons. Through Human Rights Minister, Maria do Rosario, the government will send to Congress a project for the creation of a special commission in this regard.

It will consist of 11 members, among which include physicians, psychologists, sociologists and social workers with full power to enter prisons without permission from the prison authorities in response to complaints from the prisoners or anonymous. The fact is unprecedented in a country still discussing the revision of the amnesty law for crimes of the dictatorship and the possibility to punish those who tortured political combatants.

"Enough with the celibacy of priests" The appeal of the young Ratzinger

BERLIN - Forty years ago, Joseph Ratzinger put into question the obligation of celibacy for Catholic priests. He did so in a confidential letter, written along with eight other distinguished young theologians and then sent to the German Bishops' Conference. The man who now appears to be a conservative pope, a staunch defender of tradition, orthodoxy and dogma, then asked to consider the possibilities of allowing priests a normal sex life and the construction of a family.

Egypt avalanche effect of the Maghreb

The sands of popular anger Egyptian Sphinxes are flooding the scheme. The individual grains that form the Egyptian people no longer hold the weight of Mubarak and his power. It's unbearable now monuments of the property and the government seem to slip more and more likely to be swallowed by the sands of history.

What diplomacy and international politics has never been able (and has not really ever want to) do, is going through the drives from the bottom, from individuals whose anger has condensed on the move under the pressure of necessity: the growth prices and, consequently, of hunger, leading to the individual revolt (the many unemployed young people, or almost, that you are on fire from Algeria to Yemen, through Egypt as a witness to the fact the writer has al-Aswani) and then to the general rule.

Recovery: the U.S. economy erases losses

Driven by rising consumption, growth has strengthened the United States in 2010, allowing the gross domestic product (GDP) to return to its pre-crisis, according to official figures released Friday by the growth Washington. Over the whole year, GDP in the world's largest economy grew 2.9% over 2009, reaching 14 660 200 000 000 dollars.

The gross domestic product has met its losses of the recession in December 2007-June 2009 because he had stagnated in 2008 before declining by 2.6% in 2009. Economic growth accelerated sharply in the fourth quarter due to household consumption and exports, primarily, but also business investment.

Egyptians flooded his country with cries of democracy

At least 29 people have died in the cities of Cairo and Suez by political protests demanding an end to the regime of President Hosni Mubarak who called for the resignation of his ministers and pledged the total renovation of the office no later than today. The demonstrations that erupted Tuesday and intensified yesterday, were called by opposition groups, first to demand political reforms and in recent days to ask directly to renounce the Egyptian president, in power since 1981.

Afghanistan: Many dead in suicide attack in Kabul

The suicide bomber fired first round, then he blew himself up in the air: The attack in the Afghan capital Kabul killed at least nine people - including a child and three women. Kabul - The bomber struck in the middle to secure the hard diplomatic quarter of the Afghan capital of Kabul. He opened a supermarket in the first fire, then he blew himself up in the air.

At least nine people were killed. Police spokesman Haschmat Staniksai, said that among the victims were three foreign women. Their nationality was unclear. According to initial findings of the Foreign Office no Germans were involved. The chief investigator of the Kabul criminal investigation, Mohammad Zahir, said that a six year old child had been killed.

Russia claims to have identified the bomber at the airport Domoddovo

The Research Committee of the Russian Federation (number) ensures the identity of the perpetrator of the attack that killed 35 people on 24 January at the Domodedovo International Airport, the largest in the country. The bomber was a 20-year-old from the northern Caucasus, as CIFR spokesman said Vladimir Markin.

He declined, however, to name the suspected terrorist to be moving the operation to arrest the organizers and accomplices of the act. The attack, he said, "did not happen by chance" in the international arrivals area, as it was directed mainly against foreigners. At Domodedovo, more than 180 people were injured and of those, more than 120, had to be hospitalized.

Cairo, 50 thousand in the square: "Mubarak away" more than 100 deaths so far, is to challenge curfew

CAIRO - Egypt is on fire. Not only figuratively. According to reports from Al Jazeera TV, the headquarters of the National Democratic Party of President Hosni Mubrak, located in Cairo, near the Egyptian National Museum, was set on fire. I am also running battles between protesters and security forces to the Interior Ministry.

Despite the curfew imposed by the armed forces, tens of thousands of people were in the streets demanding President Mubarak to leave power. There were moments of tension, with attacks on ministries to repel bullets by police, but overall the incidents between police and protesters appear to have been limited.

Egypt, Wikileaks: "From a secret U.S. support leaders facing"

The United States, while supporting the allied government of Hosni Mubarak, at least three years secretly supporting dissidents who were behind the revolt of the square in recent days as part of a plan to promote a "regime change" in favor of democracy in Cairo in 2011: what is revealed today the site of the British newspaper The Telegraph, quoting a secret diplomatic documents published by Wikileaks site.

Paraguay recognizes Palestinian state

Paraguay has recognized, Friday, January 28, Palestine as a "free and independent state" within the borders of 1967, announced the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country, following the lead of eight other South American countries including Brazil and Argentina. One hundred States already recognized Palestine in the world, mostly from the years that followed the declaration of "independence" was proclaimed in 1988.

Already more than 100 dead during protests in Egypt

At least 102 people have died (33 of them this Saturday) in five days of protests against the government, said security and medical sources. Ten deaths were noted around the town of Beni Sueif, 140 km south of Cairo, where he added 22 dead since the protesters tried to burn a police station, witnesses said.

The previous balance was 92 killed in protests that began on Tuesday. Three other people died on Saturday in Cairo, three in Rafah on the border with Gaza, and five in Ismailia, on the western bank of the Suez Canal. Other 62 people were killed Friday, 35 of them in Cairo, the daily protests for regime change in the most populous Arab country in the world.

Black Friday in Indonesia

A ferry carrying hundreds of passengers caught fire as it traveled about three miles from the port of Merak, West Java. The address of Maritime Services said at least 11 people were killed and another 427 survived. Two trains collided in the town of Banjar, killing five people. "We do not know why they were in the same way," said Bambang Ervan, a spokesman for the Ministry of Transport.

"We're still investigating." Ash from a volcano on the island of Java increased its activity, as dozens of flights were canceled. The authorities established a security perimeter of two kilometers when the volcano increased its activity, but rule out a large-scale eruption.

Miles challenge Hosni Mubarak, who clings to power in Egypt

In the midst of a day of unprecedented demonstrations, which at press time had left 29 dead, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, said he considered democratizing measures, including the resignation of his ministers and the formation today of a new cabinet. However, the leader of the nation's largest Arab population rejected his resignation as an option to overcome the worst crisis by passing his government since taking office in 1981.

Lay the opposition is gaining ground in Egypt

Egyptian popular revolt has confirmed that, contrary to the official version, in the land of the Nile is no other opposition to the Mubarak regime is not the Muslim Brotherhood. The challenge now is to channel this discontent into a political project with enough support to make an alternative government.

As also seen in Tunisia, autocrats do not let the grass grow at his feet making it difficult to change. Without effective opposition parties and without real democratic practice, the Egyptians have however the option of using a consensus figure to lead his transition. Mohamed el Baradei has offered to do so.

The Arab revolt that changes history

REVOLUTION, transition, coup? Whatever the outcome of the chaos that was rampant last night in the streets of Cairo, it suddenly becomes clear: Egypt will never be the same. Since the nineteenth century Egypt is the laboratory of Arab history, Arab history that is going through a crucial transition, under the anxious gaze of a West unable to dramatically influence the direction of events.

In a tiny fraction of the time, four days, the uprising gave the rubbish bins Egyptian plans for a "republican monarchy" for which the despots of the area counted to hand the throne to a son, a brother. That solution seemed a destiny today is not even a possibility. So what? Yesterday, the future seemed shrouded in smoke given off by the fire that burned the palace of the party-state, the NPD.

Egypt, Cairo tanks in the streets the police fired on protesters

While the sons of Mubarak and his wife flee to London, the country is in the hands of demonstrators. After a day of tremendous riots, with police firing on the crowd, the atmosphere begins to lighten with the resignation of the government. But the protests did not subside. Although in some parts of the city and soldiers stop protesters clash and combine, many citizens who peacefully climb on tanks deployed by the army to patrol Tahrir Square in the morning, became a symbol of the "revolution of January 25." Symbol of the day will remain up the flight of the Mubarak family.

Egypt: the international community comes out of silence

While the dispute continues to grow in Egypt, where tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered on Friday 28 January, around the country calling for the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak, the international community comes out very slowly from his silence. The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, spoke on Friday morning, four days after the protests began, which has already killed seven people.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Egyptian police are rigorously against demonstrators to prevent mass protests against President Mubarak.

The Egyptian police are rigorously against demonstrators to prevent mass protests against President Mubarak. Dozens of people were arrested in Cairo, water cannons are used. The opponents of the dictator throw stones. The security forces have permission to shoot. Cairo - will by all means prevent the Egyptian leadership's announced opposition mass protests against President Hosni Mubarak.

They are cracking down the protesters, mainly from the center of Cairo are violent clashes reported. The police near a mosque, water cannon against hundreds of demonstrators who chanted "Down with Mubarak". She went in front with rubber bullets against opposition supporters, who at a rally with the Nobel Peace Mohamed ElBaradeiteilnahmen.

White House: Ex-"Time" reporter becomes new Obama spokesman

Carney was previously director of the Washington office of "Time" and reported for the prestigious magazine in the office of Obama's predecessor, George W. Bush on the White House. He was Moscow correspondent. Gibbs, one of the closest confidants Obama had said three weeks ago to try to advise the President in the future from outside the White House.

He is expected to work in the campaign team for re-election Obama's 2012th

With mass protests, Egypt's opposition wants to shake the Mubarak regime.

The dictator has, therefore, the Internet connection in Cairo and other parts can break. Twitter and Facebook, but also SMS and mail services are blocked. Several Muslim brothers were arrested.  Hosni Mubarak tried drastic measures to stop the resistance in the population against him, Egypt's president has had prior to the announced mass protests after Friday prayers in many parts of the country cut the internet connections.

Hacker attacks: FBI takes action against WikiLeaks-supporters

Police have searched in the U.S. more than 40 homes. The investigations are directed against the hacker group "Anonymous". She had paralyzed in solidarity with WikiLeaks sites of large companies. The British police arrested five cyber activists. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has searched in investigation of cyber-attacks more than 40 homes.

The authority announced on Thursday evening, the attacks were directed against large organizations and companies such as Amazon. They had been attacked by hackers, after the unveiling platform WikiLeaks secret U.S. documents was published. The attacks are alleged to have been committed by a group called "Anonymous", had supported the WikiLeaks.

Ukraine: Kiev Mayor disappeared for months

In Ukraine, there is confusion regarding the whereabouts of the eccentric mayor of Kiev, Leonid Tschernowetski. For more than two months he has not appeared in public. It is speculated that since he is on vacation.  No Christmas speech, no New Year's wishes to the people: for more than two months, Leonid Tschernowetski, Mayor of Kiev, not seen in public.

Meanwhile sprout wild rumors that could have happened to the mayor well. On Thursday, finally, turned the head of government of Ukraine personally. "Is he on vacation or what?" Asked Prime Minister Mikola Azarov the Head of Government, Alexander Popov, at a meeting in Kiev. "Find necessarily the mayor, telling him that people miss him in Kiev, want to see him.

Unrest in Egypt: ElBaradei sits at the top of the protests

ElBaradei, the Egyptian Nobel Peace Prize has landed in Cairo - and wants to lead the opposition movement, if people want that. At the next he wants to attend demonstrations. He provoked the regime of President Mubarak. Cairo - Mohamed ElBaradei made his announcement true. On Thursday evening he arrived in the Egyptian capital Cairo.

The former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency wants to place himself at the side of the demonstrators. He offered himself as leader of a possible transitional government. On his arrival back ElBaradei had critical questions about why he returned only after days of protests, with several deaths in Egypt: "It is a process." Egypt stand at a crossroads.

Response to unrest: does Israel support the dictator of Egypt?

While media in Europe celebrate the protests in Egypt, Israel is pursuing the official development with concern. In Jerusalem it is clear to the dictator Mubarak, a key ally in the Arab world - for fear of the alternatives. Israel is usually a country where politicians have an opinion on any topic, and they reveal too much.

But for several days, Israel's leadership team wrapped in an unusual question in silence. No one is willing to make comments on the unrest in Egypt, an official comment. Not because the riots in the southern neighboring country here, no one interested, quite the contrary, the news programs who give usually a day of six clock in the morning until just after midnight an intensive navel-gazing report continuously on the events in the Arab world, from Tunisia to Fascinated with Lebanon, even enthusiastic comments radio, television and newspapers have the courage of the demonstrators in the streets of Cairo and give the impression as if they rejoiced not only at the historic spectacle, but as it was them actually located on democracy in the country on the Nile.

Rousseff breaks the bonds of Brazil with Irn rge

In a speech received a standing ovation in Rio Grande do Sul, to Holocaust survivors, the Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff struck late on Thursday for his vigorous defense of human rights by their country in the world: "My Government will a tireless advocate for equality and human rights anywhere in the world, "he said.

"We are not a people hater, nor a people that respects the hatred, why Brazil has a historical position to be proud of." President's speech to the influential Jewish Confederation of Brazil (CONIBO), was interpreted as a clear change of Brazilian foreign policy towards Iran after the strong ties forged by former President Lula, especially during his second term, the president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Riots and deaths in Egypt The President on TV: "E 'conspiracy'

CAIRO - Not even the night stop the battle of Cairo. In fact, complicit in the dark, even the wicked. Skirmishes between police and demonstrators in the morning to the evening turned into guerrilla warfare in the streets and now he shoots fire occurs. In the center, near the big hotels, as in the outskirts of this vast city.

From truncheons to rifles, from stones to Molotov, the step was short. Only the dead in the capital would be at least a fortnight, the injured over one thousand, five hundred of those arrested. These numbers are obviously not official confirmation. Internet is out, as well as mobile phones and fixed close to collapse.

Tunisia - Tunisia: an academic and business leaders into the government

He will join the new interim government charged with managing the affairs of the new Tunisia, waiting to be organized, within six months of presidential and legislative elections. Appointed Minister of Health, it is also the wife of one of the largest players in the post Ben Ali, Mahmoud Ben Romdhane economist, member of the party of former opposition Ettajdid (post-communist) also represented in the provisional government of Tunisia.

Dmitry Medvedev ratified START

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has signed the law Friday, Jan. 28 to ratify the nuclear disarmament treaty between Russia and U.S. Start, approved this week by the Russian parliament, according to images broadcast by Russian television. Earlier in the week, both houses of Russian parliament had ratified the treaty on reducing strategic weapons, completing the approval process of the text signed by Medvedev and U.S.

Thousands of Jordanians express

The protests continued in the Middle East. More than 3,000 people, according to police, took to the streets after prayers, Friday, January 28 in Amman, the Jordanian capital, to protest against high prices and government economic policy, with Egypt and Tunisia in the background. "O Egypt, spread your men and rid us of Hosni Mubarak", "Hosni Mubarak, the plane waiting for you", "Greetings to the Egyptian people, the whole nation is inspired by you", "Ben Ali, attention Hosni Mubarak will join you "," Warm greetings to the powerful Tunisia, "the protesters chanted, waving Jordanian flags and those of their parties.

Egypt - How the Internet has cut Egypt

There are still a few days, it was almost unthinkable: cutting total or near total access to the Internet had never been practiced by any government, with the exception of Burma, whose network is poorly developed and where both service providers (ISPs) are controlled by the state. But within hours, the Egyptian authorities have managed to cut off access to the entire network by ordering ISPs to stop both access protocols DNS (Domain Name Server, which directs the computer to the addresses sites) and BGP (Border Gate Protocol, which indicates which IP addresses are used by ISPs).

At least eight killed in a suicide bombing in Kabul

A suicide bomber blew himself up, Friday, January 28, in a supermarket in central Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, frequented by foreigners. Eight dead, including three foreign and a child, were extracted from the rubble, police said in Kabul. The suicide bombing was claimed from the a spokesman for Taliban rebels, Zabihullah Mujahid, who was assured that employees of a private American security.

Egypt - cyberactivists Anonymous distraught face of the blocking

They had seized the protesters Tunisian and Egyptian, but the near-total blockage of the Internet in Egypt has dampened expectations of activists claiming the network Anonymous. Informal network, Anonymous is not a group in the strict sense: it brings together Internet users, usually young and technical knowledge variables, which occasionally combine for a cause.

Using tools very accessible, it is already taken Anonymous sites Mastercard or PayPal, in support of Julian Assange, official websites and Tunisian or Egyptian. But the Internet outage throughout Egypt deprives the network of its traditional mode of action: the attack called "denial of service", notes lead to a large number of connections to a fake site saturate and thus block its access.

Live: Obama reacts to the situation in Egypt

& amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; lt; a href = "http://www. CoveritLive. com / mobile. php / option = com_mobile / task = viewaltcast / altcast_code 7a888bab1d = "mce_href =" http://www. CoveritLive. com / mobile. php / option = com_mobile / task = viewaltcast / altcast_code 7a888bab1d = "& amp; amp ; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; gt; Follow live demonstrations in Egypt & amp; amp; amp; amp; amp ; amp; amp; lt; / a & amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; gt; While violent protests held, Friday, January 28 in Egypt to denounce President Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian authorities have cut off all web services like Twitter and Facebook, and much of the calls.

Battisti, Roussef Napolitano writes "Here are the reasons for the no extradition"

ROME - The "no" to the extradition of Cesare Battisti, Lula announced in December, is "a legal opinion based on interpretation of the state supreme Advocacy bilateral treaty on extradition" means the Brazilian president says Dilma Rousseff in a letter to the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, published - in facsimile - the Brazilian newspaper Folha de S.

Paulo. The letter is dated January 24, three days after, the same letter that was sent to the Brazilian President Napolitano asked to observe the extradition treaty with Rome, and to surrender, then, the Italian courts Cesare Battisti. The letter opens with a "thank you" for "the kindness of the statements by President Napolitano on the occasion" of my election and subsequent settlement.

An elected official of New York wants to ban the phone in the street

Tirana, in the square in memory of the victims Opposition wins his battle

TIRANA - The opposition Socialists won his battle in Albania and dominate the political scene by dragging the square in 100 000 people with a peaceful demonstration, compact and quiet. Even fears the day before pushing the police to evoke the specter of new incidents have been proven wrong. For a couple of hours the part of the country for a year and a half challenges the social and economic policies of Prime Minister Sali Berisha, leader of a center-breakfast, it was around a dozen close relatives of three victims killed by Republican Guard soldiers Friday, January 20 during the violent clashes between protesters and security forces.

Egypt cut off Internet

After two days of occasional blocks of telecommunications services and Web services like Twitter and Facebook, the authorities have moved to a more radical attempt to prevent demonstrations planned on Friday: they simply cut off access to the Internet throughout the country. Shortly after midnight, many witnesses have reported that Internet access was blocked.

According to data assembled by the computer security company Arbor Networks, all Internet access providers Egyptians cut their services on Friday morning. A single provider, Noor was still connected to the network on Friday morning. The only exception to the cut, the exchange services: The EGX 30, the index Egyptian still has access to the Internet backbone, the heart of the network.

Violence in Egypt kills at least five people and wounded about 870

.- About 870 protesters were injured and at least five people have died in protests against the Government of Egypt according to medical sources. The new figure of injured double a previous estimate. The sources said that 450 protesters were treated in the street and taken to hospital, while another 420 were hospitalized.

Earlier some were seriously injured, including some with gunshot wounds. There were some policemen injured, but no exact figure yet. The curfew, the first known in the recent history of the country, entered into force, until further notice, at 18:00 local time and end at 07:00 local time.

Attack in Kabul, at least nine dead in supermarket frequented by foreigners

KABUL - At least nine people, including three foreign nationals, were killed and several others wounded in a suicide bombing in a supermarket in Kabul frequented by people from abroad in the embassy quarter. The death toll was provided by the police chief, Mohammed Ayub Salang. Responsibility for the attack, the most serious accident in the Afghan capital by questions a year now, has been claimed by the Taliban who have made explicit its intention to target foreigners and, in particular, employees of U.S.

Egypt: the call for a new "day of anger", the power blocks communication channels

Internet was blocked, Friday 28 January morning in Cairo while young pro-democracy activists behind the movement, the group of "6-April", inspired by the revolt that ousted the Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, called for more demonstrations, starting 13 hours after Friday prayers. Objective: "More than one million people in the street." Several users have reported Egyptian Friday unable to connect to websites and send SMS to Cairo.

Curfew in Egypt is not enough to stop violence

A night curfew came into force today in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez, but the protesters violated it immediately to continue the protests against the regime of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Hour after curfew were many Egyptians who were on the streets of the capital, where some vehicles also circulated.

Also continued to operate the subway that ran full of people trying to return home, after it was impossible to cross any of the bridges linking the center of Cairo with other areas of the opposite bank of the Nile, as Dokki and Mohandisin. In the district of Zamalek, near the bridge to the central Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the demonstrations of recent days, hundreds of youths gathered ready to continue with the protests.

Mohamed ElBaradei, in Cairo, Mubarak's opponents gets involved

He is a Nobel Peace, Democrat, hope for many - now he is back in Egypt. Mohamed ElBaradei, has arrived in Cairo in the evening and wants to be at the forefront of the protest movement. The first trial, he is already planning for Friday. To clock 18.59 landed his Egypt-air machine from Vienna, soon after he emerged from the Cairo airport building: Mohamed ElBaradei, the man to take over the turmoil in the Egyptian leadership and will replace President Hosni Mubarak wants.

Mandela admitted and then discharged "Normal test, it will cure at home"

JOHANNESBURG - Days of concern for the father of the free South Africa. For 48 hours Nelson Mandela was admitted to Johannesburg and subjected to "routine tests for a man of his age," said sources in his entourage, and this morning he was discharged from the hospital and moved into his residence in Houghton, a suburb of Johannesburg.

Former South African president was rushed to Milpark with a military flight from Cape Town because of an acute respiratory infection. The military doctor Ramlaken Vejaynand following the hospitalization of the anti-apartheid leader confirmed the reason for hospitalization, the infection itself, adding that Mandela had suffered in the past and has responded very well to treatment, adding that the former president "has amazed us to its resilience.

7000 Hungarians protest against media law

Some 7,000 protesters claimed, Thursday, Jan. 27 in the evening in Budapest, the withdrawal of the controversial law on the media, the Conservative government of Viktor Orban promised to amend after a salvo of international criticism. Demonstrators protesting against a text, which came into force on 1 January, accused by his detractors to limit press freedom.

European Commissioner responsible for telecommunications, Neelie Kroes, has called for changes to Budapest in a letter Jan. 21. Mobilization, organized via the Internet, was lower than during a previous operation on 14 January which was attended by about 10,000 people. On Thursday, four other processions have been identified in provincial towns.