Monday, July 4, 2011

London provides food for 1.3 million Ethiopians affected by drought

The United Kingdom will provide food to 1.3 million Ethiopians affected by increased drought in the country , the British Government announced today. International Cooperation Minister, Andrew Mitchell, said the contribution will be made through the World Food Programme (WFP). He stressed that the worst drought that has ravaged Ethiopia in the last ten years has left hundreds of thousands of hungry people face now, the three driest months of the year.

The winner of the elections in Thailand announces a government coalicion

The candidate for Prime Minister of Thailand, Yingluck Shinawatra, has announced a coalition of his party with four other smaller formations, after winning legislative elections held yesterday. The Puea Thai Party (Thais) won 265 seats of the 500 that make up the Parliament in voting that ended yesterday with a turnout of 75 percent.

The winning coalition is formed by the formation led by Yingluck, sister of deposed leader Thaksin Shinawatra, and four other parties: the Chart Thai Pattana, the Chat Pattana Phue Pandin, Palang Chong and Mahachon. The alliance will have 299 seats in parliament and the pact involves the transfer of several ministerial portfolios to the smaller groups have indicated Puea Thai sources.

Mladic in The Hague in the courtroom by surprise, but it works and is dismissed by the judge

Mladic presented in the courtroom by surprise, then he was dismissed because he refused to answer questions from the judge. So the charges against him were read in his absence.

Mladic appeared before in front of the judges with his old soldier's cap on his head. Yesterday the lawyer instead Saljic Milos said that the former general did not attend the hearing. At the opening of the courtroom, the judge has repeatedly urged Mladic not to turn to the audience.

Fox News on Twitter: "Obama is dead" 'the attack of a hacker

For a few minutes, from his tweets, Fox News has rocked the planet. "President Barack Obama is dead. It was shot twice. Unknown bomber." This was the message in the day in which the United States celebrate their most important national festival, the Independence Day.

The message, released at 2 am local time has immediately reached 33 thousand followers of the network by Rupert Murdoch. Fox was the victim of a hacker attack. "Struck by two bullets." At the first message was followed by others with more details: "About 45 minutes ago was hit by two bullets in the pelvis and neck," and soon pointed out yet another message: "Barack Obama struck twice in the restaurant in Iowa Ross ".

Gaza flotilla: the Athens proposal

The Greek government has proposed to activists of the Freedom flotilla and Palestinian Authority to deliver itself the aids to the Palestinian population. Greece "proposes to undertake the transportation of humanitarian aid, with Greek ships or other appropriate manners, through existing channels," as requested by the UN, said in a statement the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Chavez returned in Caracas: "I will get great victory"

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is back at home after surgery for the removal of a tumor to which Cuba is subjected to images of the arrival of Chavez in a video shown on state television. Just the long absence of Chavez on TV because the hospital had led many observers to fear the worst, fueling a kind of yellow internationally.