Sunday, April 3, 2011

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At least three killed in Afghanistan in protest against the burning of the Koran

.- Three people were killed and dozens wounded in Afghanistan on the third day of protests against the burning of a Quran in a U.S. church, which cost more than a dozen lives since Friday. Between three and four thousand people took to the streets in the provinces of Nangarhar (east), Kapisa (center), Kandahar (south), Badakhshan (northeastern) and Parwan (north), Efe said spokesman Afghan Interior Ministry Zemarai Bashary.

Training reveal United States and Egypt Libyan rebels

Opponents .- Libyans are receiving training from U.S. special forces and Egypt in a secret location in eastern Libya, as well as weapons, today unveiled the news network Al Jazeera. Speaking to the Qatari news, carried out in Benghazi, a bastion of insurgency against the regime of Muammar Gadhafi, a rebel who requested anonymity said Egyptian and U.S.

forces train the fighters. The rebel narrated receiving military training in a "secret facility" in eastern Libya, which was sent to fire a Katyusha rocket. He also indicated that last Thursday night, a new shipment of this type of artillery came to the east of Libya from Egypt, but said he was unaware whether the origin of this shipment was that country or if it was only used as a transit route.

30 years ago in Le Monde: Reagan and Kennedy syndrome

On March 30, 1981, sixty-nine days after his inaugural address, President Ronald Reagan was the victim of a bombing outside the Hilton Hotel in Washington. The author of six shots that aim is a deranged John Hinckley, who committed this act to attract attention to himself with a young actress, Jodie Foster, moving prostitute in Taxi Driver, Martin Scorsese.

In a letter found at his hotel in Washington, he wrote: "I will prove my love by a historic act." A few days after the tragedy, the press revealed that John Hinckley had bought two 22-caliber revolver in a store in Dallas (Texas), close to where John Kennedy fell. This information recovery time debate on gun legislation, quickly smothered by the powerful lobby of their supporters, the National Rifle Association, which does not hesitate to wield the constitutional amendments, to speak of tradition, freedom of expression.

Fury from the burning of the Koran leaves the balance of 10 deaths

At least 10 people were killed and 83 wounded in the city of Kandahar, southern Afghanistan, on the second day of violent protests following the burning of a Quran at the hands of a fundamentalist Christian in America. A suicide bomber also struck a NATO military base in the capital Kabul, a day after protesters razed a UN-led mission in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif, killing seven foreign officials in the worst attack on UN in Afghanistan.

Caritas amounts to a thousand dead and missing in Ivory Coast

.- Caritas Internationalis has raised today about a thousand the number of dead or missing last Tuesday in a suburb of the city of Duekoue in western Ivory Coast, because of the violence wracking the country since the presidential election year past. In a statement on its website indicated that the data were developed by NGO staff in Ivory Coast who visited the city on 30 March.

The "slaughter" was held, added the note, in a neighborhood of the city controlled by forces loyal to Alassane Ouattara, the international community considered the winner of the 2010 presidential election. Caritas said they know who is responsible for the killings, but stressed that it is necessary to conduct an investigation to clarify what happened.

French troops take control of the airport Abiyn

Desplages French troops in Ivory Coast have taken control of the airport in Abidjan, the economic capital, this morning, as reported by the French Army General Staff. On Thursday, France added 300 troops to deploy in Abidjan MIIT has, in coordination with the United Nations mission, where they patrol their neighborhoods expatriates.

The military provided no details on when the takeover of the airport, or on the units of origin nor the place that started the new teachers that reinforce the current presence of 900 French soldiers in the country. A few hours later, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has ordered reunification "without delay" of all French citizens living in Abidjan "to ensure their protection." "Do not expose to French aconvertirse Enrea or indirect victims of the confrontation between the two forces," said Defence Minister, Gerard Longuet, in connection with the fighting between loyalists to the outgoing president, Laurent Gbagbo, and the winner of the last election, Alassane Ouattara.

What energy model for Japan tomorrow?

The accident nuclear power plant in Fukushima highlighted flaws in the system of electricity generation Japanese, with a supplier to the brink of financial strangulation, a rejection by the population of nuclear power and the difficulties of supply in the northern half of the country. But Japan could also benefit from its advanced research on energy conservation.

The specific model of electrical Ten major Japanese electric companies, each with a regional monopoly, 85% fall in the market for electricity supply in Japan. These private companies control both the production and distribution infrastructure for electricity. Of the ten utilities, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO, the operator of the plant in Fukushima) is by far the largest, with 27% of production capacity.

Leak remains vigilant in Fukushima

Japanese officials are struggling to end the nuclear crisis worst since Chernobyl in the world focused on a crack in a concrete pit of radiation leaks into the ocean from a damaged reactor. The operator Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) said it had found a crack in a concrete pit that was leaking water in reactor No.

2 of the Fukushima plant, measuring a thousand mSv of radiation per hour in the air within the well. "With the rise in radiation levels in the seawater near the plant, we tried to confirm the reason (...), is could be the source," said Hidehiko Nishiyama, vice chairman of the Nuclear Safety Agency Industrial (NISA).

Britain will provide tents for Libyans

.- The British Government announced today that it will provide tents to accommodate ten thousand people driven from their homes by armed conflict in Libya. The stores, about two thousand 100, will come to this North African country from Dubai and will be distributed by Crescent Libya. This humanitarian aid will be centered around Ajdabiya area in the northeast.

"As fighting continues in Libya, we have to ensure that vulnerable people receive the help they need," said the British minister for International Development, Andrew Mitchell, to make known that sending humanitarian aid. "This means giving shelter to those who are suddenly uprooted from their homes and without recourse to their friends or relatives in the country, but we also want to continue helping poor immigrant workers are forced to leave Libya," he said.

At least 50 killed in twin suicide bombings in Pakistan

A double suicide bombing at a mosque in Pakistan has killed at least 50 people and a hundred wounded. The explosions occurred at the entrance to the mosque Sufi Sakhi Sarwar, in the district of Dera Ghazi Khan (center), where thousands of devotees to hold an annual three-day festival in honor of the saint that names the temple .

"We have taken 30 bodies and 100 injured to hospitals," said Natiq Hayat, head of rescue services in Dera Ghazi Khan, near the town of Multan, in the eastern province of Punjab. Police have raised the death toll to 50. "I was a few meters from the mansard roof when the blast occurred," he told a witness.

Télézapping - Where Did Laurent Gbagbo?

Japan's nuclear efforts are focused on crack reactor pit

.- Japanese officials struggled Sunday to end the nuclear crisis worst since Chernobyl in the world focused on a crack in a concrete pit that filters radiation in the ocean from a damaged reactor. The operator Tokyo Electric Power Co, said it had found a crack in a concrete pit that was leaking water in reactor No.

2 of the Fukushima plant, measuring a thousand mSv of radiation per hour in the air into the well. "With the rise in radiation levels in the seawater near the plant, we tried to confirm the reason (...), is could be the source," said Hidehiko Nishiyama Saturday, Deputy Chief of Nuclear Safety Agency Industrial (NISA).

Power struggle intensifies violence in Ivory Coast

Troops loyal to Laurent Gbagbo in Ivory Coast in Abidjan repelled attacks by supporters of Alassane Ouattara elected president, while the International Red Cross was released a figure of 800 people killed in communal clashes. Heavy weapons detonations were heard constantly from near the residence and office of Gbagbo, both besieged and in two major military bases at a time when Gbagbo's whereabouts were unknown.

Two shot dead in Yemen of the police in a protest

The repression of a demonstration against the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has left this morning two new dead and dozens injured in Taiz, 250 miles south of Sanaa. Neither the incident nor the civil disobedience since Saturday has paralyzed the port city of Aden have taken a toll on Saleh. The president has asked the opposition to stop their protests to negotiate a "peaceful transfer of power." "We ask the opposition coalition to end the crisis by ending the sit-ins, road blockades and murder, in addition to the state of rebellion in some military units," Saleh said a group of supporters in Taiz.

Immigration, Sarkozy called Berlusconi a summit soon

"The prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, today received a phone call from French President, Nicolas Sarkozy. The long and cordial meeting focused on the discovery and migration has been decided to make the first summit between the French and Italian ministers (Foreign Affairs and Economy) with the participation of the President Sarkozy and Prime Minister Berlusconi.

" This was announced by a statement from the Palazzo Chigi. "Prime Minister Berlusconi and President Sarkozy agreed to continue to maintain close contact." Palazzo Chigi said that "Last Friday the Prime Minister had addressed the issue of illegal immigration in a telephone conversation with European Commission President, José Manuel Barroso, and yesterday in another phone call with Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Cameron , had analyzed the situation in Libya ".

Several employees killed in an attack on a UN building in Afghanistan

Mazar-e-Sharif, considered relatively safe, is one of the seven areas selected by President Hamid Karzai and the international coalition to launch a process called "transition". Foreign forces, traditionally very visible in the city, there must pass the responsibility for security from July 1 to Afghan forces.

The event began in the early afternoon, after the traditional Friday prayers to protest against the recent book burning a Koran in the United States. The demonstrators attacked the headquarters of the UNAMA (United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan) in mid-afternoon, before entering.

10 people die in second day of protests in Afghanistan

.- At least 10 people were killed and 83 wounded in the city of Kandahar, southern Afghanistan, officials said Saturday on the second day of violent protests following the burning of a Quran at the hands of a fundamentalist Christian in the together. A suicide bomber also struck a NATO military base in the capital Kabul, a day after protesters razed a UN-led mission in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif, killing seven foreign officials in the worst attack on UN in Afghanistan.

The regime in Libya is negotiating a possible exit from Gadhafi

Moammar Gadhafi's regime sent a messenger from his confidence in London to hold secret talks with British authorities, according to sources familiar with the meetings to the newspaper "The Guardian" at a time when the Libyan leader rejected a truce with the rebels. The British newspaper the exclusive details on who sent the scheme a few days ago for talks with British ambassador to Libya and several officers of the M16 is Mohamed Ismail, a senior adviser to one of the sons of Libyan leader, Saif al-Islam .

At least three killed in another protest in the profanacin Afganistn of Corn

The desecration of the Koran by religious extremists in the United States has returned to take to the streets of the Afghan city of Kandahar hundreds of protesters who have expressed a second day of their discomfort with the burning of the holy book and its satiation by the presence Western country, wracked by Taliban violence.

As in the protest yesterday, which killed 10 people and nearly a hundred others injured, the event has resulted in violence. At least one policeman and two otras40 civileshan people dead and wounded, according to government spokesman in the province, Zalmai Ayubi. The demonstrators blocked the main road in eastern Afghanistan have gone to the UN office in that city, in a gesture of criticism against the burning at the stake of the Quran by an American fundamentalist pastor.

Southern Mistral 2011

So now we know that the war against Libya was prepared through a military exercise in early November 2010, when even the so-called "popular uprising" had not yet even begun. Who can sincerely wants to go on this link. Staggering, but we tell it themselves. The country is, in code, Southerland, land of the south.

The dictator is not named, but the planners in Paris and London had already planned what is happening: that beneath their bombing "humanitarian" the family of the dictator was forced to negotiate the surrender. The predictions of general Sarkozy were very accurate (when you say the foresight!).

The past full of rebel Libyan

In the eyes of the Bulgarians, it starts to do well. Musa Kusa is at least the fourth major player of the Bulgarian nurses afafire to have turned his jacket from the beginning of the revolt Jamahiriya.

Chaos in Bahrain's economy slows

.- In the marble lobby of one of the most prestigious hotels in Bahrain, smartly dressed staff and friendly smiles outnumber the few guests. Cars parked outside Saudi normally absent. Bahrain's economy, once a quiet and friendly island for business at the end of the conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has been paralyzed by riots that have involved the armies and made to flee to neighboring and foreign investors.

The Ivorian regime is approaching the end, between battles

.- After 10 years, the regime of Laurent Gbagbo in Ivory Coast seemed to reach their final hour on Friday, after both fighters surrounded his residence and the presidential palace and fought to overthrow the man who has refused to recognize its election defeat last year. Even before the evidence of a rapid military advance by the Ivory Coast who came to the door of his house, Gbagbo rejected calls to resign.

Gaddafi's offensive Trpoli southwest kills at least 32 dead

At least 32 people have died and dozens were injured in the last few hours, during an offensive by forces loyal to Muammar al-Gaddafi at Kotla, southwest of Tripoli and is controlled by rebels, according to reports. Gadafistas troops have continued this morning with the attack that began yesterday. "We are receiving scathing attacks from the north," said Ezref, a resident.

"Two people have died a while ago and so far we have four wounded," he said. While the regime continues its attack gadafista, the Libyan leader seeks not overlook the little diplomacy can still use. Despite international condemnation of indiscriminate attacks against dissenters of his regime, Gaddafi insists on sending messages to their neighbors.

Use if the painter is a woman earns more when

Good news for American women. Their salaries will continue to be lower than those of their male colleagues, but the gap has decreased significantly: for every dollar earned by a man, a woman receives 83 cents. Seventeen cents difference. To understand the great strides made in recent decades in the United States in the seventies just think that a woman earned 59 cents for every dollar earned by a male colleague.

India-Pakistan peace color Cricket

One would think the score vanished, the high wall of animosity calving. For a few hours, India and Pakistan have taken communion, Wednesday, March 30, a single breath in the shared worship of a god, that's cricket. The two rival countries born in 1947 in bloody ruins of the British Empire of India have stood within a game, their mixed pulses, married their imaginations.

Bangalore in Peshawar, Lahore, Calcutta, Chandigarh in Karachi, life has beaten at the same rate: deserted streets, offices idle crowds clustered around a screen, cheers greeting the good shots. Of course, some elated when other grieving. Of course, there were two dreams one happiness, that of a qualification in the final of the World Cup.

Dozens of protesters injured in Yemen protests

Yemeni .- Dozens of protesters were injured Sunday when police used live ammunition and tear gas to disperse a protest against President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who called for an end to weeks of unrest. At least 10 people were hit by bullets in the violence in Taiz, south of the capital, but most suffered the effects of tear gas, a doctor said.

The protests inspired by the riots in Tunisia and Egypt have led to the Saleh government to collapse. But the president, a survivor of political turmoil, on Sunday called for ending the violence, saying he has no intention to resign soon. "We call on the opposition coalition to end the crisis by suspending protests, roadblocks and killings, and would end the state of rebellion in some military units," Saleh told supporters in Taiz province.

A leak of radioactive water into the sea raises concern in Fukushima

.- A leak of contaminated water into the sea from the central Fukushima today raised concerns about the extent of radioactivity, which continues to hamper efforts to revitalize the cooling system of the Japanese nuclear plant unstable. TEPCO, the company operates in Fukushima Daiichi plant, reported that a crack was found about 20 centimeters in the wall of a pit near the reactor two, flooded with highly radioactive water that seeps from there little by little ocean.

Sarkozy talks by phone with Ouattara on the situation in Ivory Coast

.- The French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, today held a telephone conversation with Alassane Ouattara, recognized by the international community as the winner of last November's elections in Ivory Coast. The gala chairman told Efe that conversation, of which no details were provided, took place before the meeting convened by Prime Minister Sarkozy, François Fillon, as well as the foreign ministers, Alain Juppe and Defense Gérard Longuet, to address the situation in that African country.

Fernandez complains that his warmongering in Libya London

BUENOS AIRES, April 2. Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez, has today criticized the militarism that keeps the UK in Libya and ironized, in relation to expressions of fear have been some British authorities of the country about what might make Argentina, calling that seem "almost a joke when you see them to other regions undertaking bombings.

" "They come to just accuse us that only participate in peacekeeping missions, to us who are world champions in the field of nuclear nonproliferation, to us who have still attacked by international terrorism, come to doubt the willingness peaceful" expressed. Argentina's President made these statements, which have been collected by the channel Telesur, during the commemoration of the twenty-ninth anniversary of those killed in the Falklands War, which was held in Rivers Gallegos in the south.

The police in Brazil have evidence that Al Qaeda in the country record

Brazilian police have evidence that the Islamic terrorist organization Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and two other militant groups have acted and still do in the country that have been used as a hideout, logistics center, source of collection of money and planning of attacks outside of Brazil. Explosives police documents have been revealed by the magazine Veja and are called to create a strong controversy in the political world as well as an alarmed public opinion.

The end of national sovereignty

In London was discussed whether to provide weapons to the insurgents Libyans is confirmation, if any were needed, that Libya has not taken steps to "safeguard the lives of civilians," the official reason was that the UN resolution, but in favor of one of the two factions in the camp. However, more disturbing news coming from the London summit is another: the decision to form 'a permanent contact group with the task of coordination among international organizations for humanitarian assistance and support of the opposition'.

The nephew of Pancho Villa drove the narcos

Mexico Match - .44 Magnum in his belt, sunglasses, baseball cap and tunic ... Villa Carlos Bibiano, nephew of Pancho Villa, a trigger-happy against drug traffickers. Former chief of police in Torreon, a city in northern Mexico as the cousin of his grandfather had besieged in 1914 during the revolution, a retired general will, April 5, functions of Chief Constable of State of Quintana Roo (southeast).