Saturday, March 19, 2011

The revolt suppressed infects Syria protests: 4 dead

A new revolt in Syria, is added to the "springtime of freedom" in the Arab world. Like the others, bears a date: "March 15". And since yesterday has its first victims. The news of four or six dead, according to the contradictory voices that run on social media, arrived on the fourth day of protests called by opposition sites.

Yesterday, on Friday is prayer day, the date of the applicant in the Arab street rallies, Facebook sites have proclaimed a "Day of Dignity". Hundreds of Syrians took to the streets of several cities: a Da'ara in the South, not far from the capital Banyas where an imam has harangued a thousand supporters from the balcony, in Tartous, along the coast, and Homs, in ' East The clashes occurred as hardest Da'ara.

Pour water on nuclear reactor in Fukushima

Japanese army helicopters able to pour a large amount of water on Thursday morning on two of the reactors at the Fukushima nuclear power to try to cool the fuel, which threatens to enter merger, according to images broadcast live on public television NHK. Apparatus, type CH-47 Chinook, flying over the central and four times seven poured 500 liters of water over the damaged reactor three and four, according to the images.

Shot down a military plane flying over Benghazi

A military plane, apparently a Mig-23, was shot down in Benghazi, a stronghold of the rebellion in eastern Libya, and fell to the ground, AFP journalists found. The device, which took several minutes over the city and its right rear was on fire, crashed in a residential area south of Benghazi, causing an explosion followed by smoke.

For the time has not been able to determine how the plane was shot but his fall set off cries of joy in Benghazi. The pilot got out of the device before it crashed. According to AFP journalists, it's a Mig-23.

With Libiacontro Libya

Here they come from the extraordinary Council of Ministers, La Russa (Defence) and Frattini (Foreign Affairs). Are to inform congressmen and senators (in a classroom of the Senate) on the state of war that is being created with Libya. You read that right, Libya, the country in which we are bound by a treaty brother never complained, never deleted.

Just to remind you that Treaty, art. 4, paragraph 2 reads: "Italy will not use or permit the use of its territory in any hostile action against Libya." Well, now La Russa, the Defence Minister, will tell MPs and senators on one side and the other Italian bases that are available to NATO.

Blog - United States: U.S. Army is looking at suicides in its ranks

The gun of the West

The war that seems to start as far away as remote as Afghanistan or Iraq. Libya is part of our geography - is a shot of Scud from Lampedusa - and the pages of our history (not the best: there, our aviation invented the bombing of civilian populations, 1911). It 's even a not insignificant piece of our economy.

All this makes it even more surreal randomness with which suddenly urgent moral calculations of others, evanescence our smallness and European catapult us into a conflict. A conflict is not only very dangerous for us than for others, especially when unrelated to any strategic rationality.

Increases to four thousand 134 the death toll in Japan

The authorities of Japan increased four thousand 134 dead and 606 missing eight thousand of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on 11 in the northeast of the country, said today the last count of the police. However, it is believed that the final number of victims may increase even in some municipalities of the provinces most affected, and Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, where thousands remain without being located.

Gadhafi forces attack rebels despite warnings ceasefire

The forces of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi today moved to the city of Benghazi, under rebel control, challenging the global demand for an immediate cease-fire and after the French envoy to the UN predicted an imminent military action. Explosions rocked Benghazi as a fighter jet flying over the city, and residents said that the rebel stronghold in the east was under attack from the forces of Gaddafi.

From Iraq to Libya, the new geopolitics

Contrary to what could have been anticipated after the rebels had initially taken aback, Colonel Gaddafi, Europe and the United States have been slow and to take a decision, but above all to please take a common intervention in Libya. Skip to the eyes, however, as the pillars of the Atlantic Alliance are aligned differently today than they were before the UN resolution authorizing military intervention in fact ally against Tripoli.

The siege of Colonel freezes the feast of Benghazi

Benghazi - The news hit the city late at night, twenty-four hours after the UN Declaration on the no-fly zone and after a day of euphoria. The city's defenders fired for hours on the waterfront, under the windows of the hotel Almoran, endless volleys which responded more blasts, more and Kalashnikovs.

And it was a waste of ammunition that had lasted twenty-four hours. Since late in the evening of Thursday, the Security Council had made its announcement. Here, in Benghazi, Tobruk and also, in the Cyrenaica liberated from the dictatorship of Gaddafi's announcement was welcomed as a victory.

Blasts police against demonstrators in Aden, Yemen

.- Police in Yemen broke out today in a demonstration in the south of that Arab country, where thousands of people demanding the ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, a day after a state of emergency imposed. The protesters say the police fired tear gas and live bullets in the southern port city of Aden while trying to remove the opposition camp, reported the news network Al Jazeera.

The police action on Saturday was the latest attempt by the security forces to quell growing opposition to the regime of Saleh, who on Friday declared a state of emergency after the violent crackdown that left 52 dead and 300 injured in Sana'a. The day before, security forces opened fire from rooftops and houses on tens of thousands of demonstrators in Sana'a, the capital of the country, in what was the most violent action since the start of the march on 27 January that require output Yemeni president.

Japan struggle to control nuclear reactors in Fukushima

The plant operators Fukushima, affected by the earthquake in Japan, said on Thursday again use military helicopters to spray water on the affected reactors, after leaving the first attempt at the increase in radiation levels. While the authorities struggled to contain the nuclear crisis with a variety of options, health experts said the panic over radiation leaks at the plant could displace Daiichi potentially more dangerous threats for survivors of the earthquake and tsunami on Friday, as the cold or access to drinking water.

Attack on Libya would begin after the summit in Paris Saturday

The French ambassador to the Gerard Araud, said Friday the BBC television that military intervention in Libya could begin "hours after" the conclusion on Saturday for an international summit in Paris. "There will be a summit in Paris with all participating in the operations and diplomatic efforts (...).

I think it will be a good time to send a final signal, "he said." United States, Britain and France have issued an ultimatum on the cease-fire (. ..). We have determined the conditions, "he added." So I think that after the summit, in the hours following launch military intervention, "he said Araud.

U.S. .- U.S. and Brazil claim a comprehensive reform of the Security Council UN

BRASILIA, 19 Mar. (Reuters) - U.S. and Brazil claim a comprehensive reform of the Security Council of the UN through the dissemination of a joint statement, according to Reuters a source revealed to the Brazilian government. The U.S. president, Barack Obama, expressed his gratitude for Brazil's ambition of wanting to become a permanent member of the Security Council.

In the draft produced, is recognized in Brazil a greater voice in international organizations, has confirmed the same source, which will become official at the end of the talks on Saturday maintained for U.S. President Barack Obama, and Brazilian counterpart, Dilma Rousseff. Meanwhile, Obama has shown his gratitude by a desire to Brazil to become the sixth permanent member of the Security Council, but has failed to express explicit support, a source has revealed the Brazilian government.

Sarkozy: "Ready to put Attolico UN demands"

"We are ready to implement the UN demands to end the violence in Libya." With these words the French president Nicolas Sarkozy concluded a summit in Paris to decide on roles and rules of armed intervention in Libya after the approval of the UN resolution. The foregone conclusion of the summit is the go-ahead for military operations against troops loyal to Gaddafi.

"We are ready to use every means, including military ones to put an end to violence against the civilian population in Libya," said the tenant of the Elysée, which emphasized the role of French aviation operations: "Our aircraft will prevent all Libyan attacks. Both planes, and tanks against Gaddafi.

G7 concerted action to prevent soaring yen

The yen fell sharply on Friday, March 18 against the dollar and euro. The yen backed off of 3.84% against the euro and 2.92% against the dollar at about 12: 50 am, Paris time, after touching a session low of 115.50 per euro and 81 98 per dollar. This decline comes after the Japanese currency intervention by several central banks of the G7 on the currency markets to curb the soaring yen, after reaching a record high Thursday at 76.25 yen to the dollar.

Same-sex marriages 53% of Americans favor

NEW YORK - For the first time most Americans were in favor of gay marriage. According to a poll Washington Post / ABC, 53% of Americans think the law should allow. A striking result, considering that six years ago, in 2004, was in favor of only 32% of the population. At the time the marriage between persons of the same sex is legal in five states (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Iowa, Connecticut) and the District of Columbia.

Gadhafi promised hell for those who attack

The Libyan leader, Moammar Gadhafi, said the lives of those involved in an attack against his country "will become a hell" after the green light given by the UN to carry out air strikes against government forces in the North African country. "If the world is crazy, we. Respond. Their lives will become hell, "Gadhafi said the RTP state television just hours after a Security Council resolution authorizing UN airstrikes on Libyan territory.

Historical Japanese emperor sends message of hope

Emperor Akihito today addressed the Japanese the first televised address of his 22 year reign to ask them resist and help each other in order to overcome an unprecedented crisis. The uniqueness of the message of the Emperor of the Heisei era (Peace) demonstrates the extreme situation that Japan lives in the earthquake of 9 degrees on Friday, causing an even more devastating tsunami and a nuclear crisis that has anxiety throughout the world.

Rebels say Gadhafi troops approaching Benghazi

The rebels said today that Libya's Moammar Gadhafi troops advance toward Benghazi and have reached 50 kilometers from the rebel stronghold, while a military source denied such an advance system to the official news agency Jana and stressed that the ceasefire is respected. This information is produced when France, the United States, Britain and some Arab countries have given an ultimatum to Libya to cease attacks on civilians "immediately." Shortly after this ultimatum, the Libyan Deputy Foreign Kaaim Khaled said in a statement to the media in Tripoli broadcast on state television said the Libyan military "will not attack Benghazi and remain committed to the ceasefire" announced in early pm this afternoon.

Sarkozy, Libya and the 2012 French presidential

French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Libya with the declarations made by Nicolas Sarkozy in the last week officially opened the campaign for the French presidential elections of spring 2012. After the pressure to create a no-fly zone on Libya and prepare a possible armed intervention and the recognition of the National Committee of Benghazi on the part of Paris can be read as yet another attempt by the French President to garner votes in the French community of North African origin and at the same time to increase the consent of the French right, thanks to a newfound prestige in foreign policy.

Côte d'Ivoire, Laurent Gbagbo evokes a "dialogue" and called "rebels" to disarm

Ivorian President outgoing, Laurent Gbagbo, spoke, Friday, March 18, a "pattern of inter-Ivorian dialogue," "the only guarantee of peaceful outcome to the crisis post-election, and called" rebels "to" drop the Arms in full outbreak of violence in the country. The Head of State challenged "senior notes for discussion from the African Union and expects the High Representative appointed by the institution," the report of the Cabinet on Thursday, read by spokesman government Ahoua Don Mello, on state television.

The forces

WHEREAS the Libyan regime announced a cease-fire and the international community welcomed the news with skepticism, on the ground continue preparations for possible armed action against the loyalists of Muammar Gaddafi. At the forefront of Britain and France, two countries that have most pushed for Security Council resolution 1973 establishing the no-fly zones and authorizing a strike targets on land.

Bahrain hold talks with the opposition but will receive more troops

is committed to dialogue with the opposition but safety is a top priority and more troops arrive in the Gulf countries to help restore order after weeks of unrest, said Friday the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed al-Khalifa said that three or four Gulf countries were sending troops and forces in the nation would continue as long as necessary to bring calm after protests led by the Shiite majority in sectarian violence from escalating and compromised by the economy.

WHO supports lower risk for nuclear contingency

While the Energy Commissioner of the European Union (EU), Günther Oettinger, called "apocalypse" contingency in Japan following the earthquake disaster, the World Health Organization (WHO) expressed concern about radiation but said that risks to the population are younger. The contingency that gave rise to the second half, "independent experts" to review nuclear power plants in European countries that so wish.

Skepticism in the world after Gadhafi ceasefire

After the struggle of Muammar Gadhafi against opponents to his regime, some of the Western powers have reacted with skepticism. The announcement of an end to military operations Colonel Gadhafi, was televised speech Friday to the Libyan Foreign Minister, Musa Kusa, just after the Security Council of the United Nations (UN) to authorize the air strikes against the regime of Moammar Gadhafi.

Richard Ottaway, chairman of Parliament's Foreign Relations of the United Kingdom stated that this announcement is a sign that international pressure was effective, however, the challenge for the western powers is greater, as discussed between the possibility of act now or postpone its intervention.

Lampedusa, again in emergency situation

The Italian Government today urged the Navy to send urgently to Lampedusa a military aircraft with capacity for 1,000 passengers to relieve the crush of arrivals in recent days on the island, according to Ansa agency reported. Landings from North African citizens, especially Tunisia, have brought back to Lampedusa in an extreme situation.

In the host, with capacity for 850 people, crowded around 3,000 immigrants, and sanitary and hygienic conditions are getting worse. A ferry carrying the material to erect a camp for 500 people today could not reach the island by bad sea conditions. Another 1,200 refugees arrived yesterday from Tunisia to the island in fifteen boats and stayed last night in the open.

Obama arrives in Brazil at the start of his tour of Latin America

WASHINGTON, Mar. 19 (Reuters) - U.S. President, Barack Obama, has come to Brazil on Saturday to begin his first tour of the continent since he took power more than two years with visits to Brazil, Chile and El Salvador, with the aim of trying to regain economic leadership in a region now facing a renewed role for China.

Obama will come to these countries where many question what they can offer to this continent that feels increasingly independent, while the White House focused its attention on unrest in the Middle East, the nuclear crisis in Japan and domestic economic problems. The tour, which starts Saturday and ends on March 23, will include stops in Brazil, the South American power, Chile, a successful example of free market economy, and the small Central American state of El Salvador, which has millions of Mexicans living in U.S.

Netanyahu skeptical about Palestinian reconciliation

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was skeptical about the possibility of a reconciliation between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas partenariatde leads to a viable peace for Israel, in an interview on CNN. "Can you imagine a peace deal with al-Qaida? Obviously not," he said, comparing the network extremist Islamist movement Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip since 2007.

"Hamas has a Constitution. If he surrenders - the Constitution calls for the annihilation of Israel and the development of radical Islam throughout the region - if they get rid of it, yes I would consider" dialogue with a new Palestinian administration. "If they stop firing rockets or importing rockets to launch them on our cities, if they stop terrorist acts, if they stop calling for our eradication, yes, of course we will be happy talk with them.

Ultimatum to Gaddafi "real truce or attacks"

"SARA 'hell if foreigners hit the Libya announced in the morning, the Rais, Mouammar Gaddafi. Libya is not afraid, "he said this morning with his usual disdainful arrogance, the second son of Colonel, Saif al Islam, announcing the sending of Benghazi in anti-terrorism units to disarm the rebels. A message to the West to reaffirm that insurgents are "terrorists linked to al Qaeda," as his father has repeated in every public speech since the beginning of the revolt.

UN Secretary sees "unacceptable" use of force against demonstrators in Syria

.- The Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, today branded "unacceptable" use lethal force to quell protests in Syria, where at least six people died in clashes with authorities in the city of Derra. Through his spokesman, Martin Nesirky, the UN chief expressed "concern" over these incidents and called for restraint on the Syrian authorities.

"The use of lethal force against peaceful demonstrators and arbitrary detention is unacceptable," said Nesirky, who recalled that the Government of Syria should gird their performance to their international commitments on human rights and freedom of expression. The spokesman said Ban believes that the Syrian authorities, like those of all countries have a responsibility to listen to complaints "legitimate" and addressed his people through "an inclusive dialogue and genuine reforms, not repression." According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the six deaths occurred when security forces broke up a peaceful protest in the town of Derra, in which, as in other cities, protesters took to the streets to demand reforms.

Nuclear power in the public eye

Nuclear power has never been well regarded, either by complaints about its environmental impact in case of failure of safety devices or its inseparable link with the atomic bomb home dating back to the massacres suffered in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Thus, nuclear energy, billed as the cleaner source ever discovered, has been the subject of constant criticism and complaints about his past of destruction, war and blood.

Gadhafi says Obama must comply with the cease-fire

.- The President of the United States, Barack Obama said Monday that Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, must comply with a cease-fire and all terms of a UN resolution, or you'll face the consequences, including military action . "The ceasefire must be implemented immediately," Obama said from the East Room of the White House after meeting with congressional leaders where Gadhafi reiterated that "can not continue without supervisory" because they commit atrocities.

Egypt constitutional amendments voted with the majority of the population against

Polling stations in Egypt presents an unusual image: long and orderly queues in which citizens of every political and religious duty waiting to cast their vote. Today, the laughter and the festive atmosphere reigns at the foot of the pyramids, in the same place that just four months the volunteers of the National Democratic Party of Hosni Mubarak to this reporter stuffed ballot boxes, blocked the way to voters who were not to give his vote or pointing the ID numbers of people who came in trucks and then fill in their ballots themselves in exchange for a modest amount of Egyptian pounds.

Rio de Janeiro EEUU/Brasil.- hire a guru to keep the clouds away during Obama's visit

RIO DE JANEIRO, Mar. 18 (Reuters) - Rio de Janeiro, famous for its warm beaches and sunny skies, has recruited a spiritual guru to keep the clouds away during his visit this weekend, U.S. President Barack Obama. Scritori Adelaide, a medium whose followers believe they can help monitor weather patterns, says that maintains contact with an ancient spirit known as 'Cobra Head Coral', who according to legend, is powerful enough to influence natural phenomena .

The twelve small Libyan coup

And at the end of the 12 children there was only one Libyan coup. It is a plot of Agatha Christie the elimination of fellow Revolution Muammar Gaddafi: parties together to seize power, Colonel (then Captain) got rid of his fellow soldiers along. Of the 12 apostles who began to conspire with him in 1965 (as members of the Free Officers Movement) against the kingdom of Idris and formed the Revolutionary Command Council led the coup of September 1, 1969, only six years later he remained 5 and only 3 are still close to Gaddafi in the latest battle.

The king of Saudi Arabia announces massive aid to prevent tension

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia announced Friday, March 18, a new massive program of aid to prevent social tensions in the kingdom, and the substantial strengthening of the security apparatus of the world's biggest oil exporter. These measures include the unemployed, the housing sector and the health sector.

They also provide for the creation of 60,000 additional jobs in the security field, under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior. An initial assessment from the figures established more than 70 billion dollars (50 billion euros) the cost of the subsidy plan, which comes less than a month after an initial package of measures totaling more than $ 36 billion announced by the king on his return from a long absence for health reasons.

Fukushima, raised the level of severity Naoto Kan: "Rebuilding Japan"

ROME - A week before the earthquake and the devastating tsunami that struck Japan not loosen in the country fear for the fate of nuclear power plant in Fukushima. The severity of the accident has been increased from 4 to 5. In units 1, 2 and 3, the core is partially molten. The containers which hold the fuel rods would otherwise intact, according to Italian sources in direct contact with the plant operator and the Authority for the Japanese industrial and nuclear safety.

Yemen is the worst situation in recent months

.- Dozens of demonstrators were shot by security forces and pro-government gunmen at the end of Friday prayers. According to the government are 25 dead but health officials report that at least 42 people have died and more than 300 injured. The riots originated when government forces tried to prevent demonstrators opposed to President Ali Abdullah Saleh to leave the square where they had gathered.

Japan Radiation causes exodus

Faced with nuclear emergency in the East of the country, the Japanese began an exodus to the south, on a day when one of the reactors at the Fukushima plant caught fire, without serious consequences. Residents near the sites affected by the levels of radiation in Japan began the exodus to Southern cities of Tokyo, even to other countries.

The 12 million inhabitants of Tokyo do not totally believe that the nuclear situation is under control, as expressed by the Government. Doubts grow when they know that on Friday there have been three explosions at the Fukushima nuclear plant. Tokyo flights from several airlines have been canceled or diverted while in the train, people-especially pregnant women or mothers with children-are lined up to buy tickets destined for other cities where they have relatives or friends hosting them.

Aid agencies prepare for exodus from Libyan

.- The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) warned as they prepare for a possible mass exodus from Libya. The alert was launched due to the growing tension that exists in that country after the announcement of the no-fly zone. UNHCR and IOM also called on Tunisia and Egypt to keep their borders open, as close to the flow of displaced persons would be "the worst case scenario" for how events unfold.

More than 7,348 dead and the story of a rescue false

Japan continues to count the victims of the earthquake on June 11 caused a devastating tsunami. With each new balance the number of victims is closer to the 10,000 estimated by the Japan Government. The latest official figures estimate there are 7,348 dead and 10,947 missing, confirming that we talk about living in Japan's worst earthquake in 90 years, beating the victims (6,400) of the 1995 Kobe earthquake.

Obama seeks to regain U.S. leadership in the new Latin American tour

WASHINGTON, Mar. 18 (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama will begin on Saturday its first tour of the continent since he took power more than two years with visits to Brazil, Chile and El Salvador to try to recover economic leadership in a region now facing a renewed role for China. Obama will come to these countries where many question what they can offer to this continent that feels increasingly independent, while the White House focused its attention on unrest in the Middle East, the nuclear crisis in Japan and domestic economic problems.