Saturday, January 1, 2011

False alarm in Washington: U.S. aircraft lost radio contact - Capitol evacuated

Scare on New Year's Day: The authorities in Washington have temporarily evacuated buildings in the government district, including the Capitol, fighter jets were on alert. A passenger plane was briefly the radio contact with the Reagan Airport verln the city. Washington - The Capitol and all buildings of the Senate and the House were evacuated on Saturday because an aircraft in the airspace of the Washington DC radio contact with the Reagan Airport had verln.

Aschtiani case: sentenced to death an Iranian plans to sue German journalists

For the two German journalists who sit in Iran in custody, it is a strange Volte: The sentenced to death for adultery Sakineh Mohammadi Aschtiani, wanted to report on their case, the reporter, now has a suit against the duo announced - possibly under pressure from the authorities. Their brief was scheduled press conference was in the guesthouse of Justice representatives of State Welfare Organization - Tabriz.

Terror attack on Copts: Angry Christenrandalieren in Egypt

Hundreds of demonstrators handed in skirmishes with the police: with anger and riots have Coptic Christians in Egypt to the terrorist attack in Alexandria responding. A suicide bomber had seized more than 20 believers to their deaths - now there is speculation about a connection to al-Qaida. Alexandria - Following the deadly attack on a church in Alexandria, Egypt, have been delivered there on Saturday afternoon, young Coptic Christians and security forces of violent clashes.

Attack on Copts in Egypt: Pope calls for better protection for Christians

 It was apparently a suicide attack: In a stop in Alexandria, Egypt New Year's Eve killed at least 21 people, mostly Christians. Pope Benedict XVI. asked in his New Year speech to stop violence against his co-religionists. Rome / Cairo - The Pope was clear words. After the attack on Coptic Christians in Alexandria, Egypt, Benedict XVI.

Governments around the world asked to protect the Christians. The pope called for "concrete and sustained commitment" to intolerance and discrimination. Words are not enough on its own, the head of the Catholic Church, said at the New Year's Mass in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. In this "difficult mission" should be one to be discouraged nor intimidated.

Afghanistan, tomorrow in Italy the body of the Italian military

ROME - The return of the body of Corporal Matthew Miotto, who was killed yesterday by a sniper in Afghanistan is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 10 at Ciampino airport. This was announced by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. After the solemn funeral in Rome, which will be held Monday, the body of the soldier will be transferred to Thiene, the birthplace of mountaineering, which will feature in the board room of the municipality the funeral home.

Afghanistan: Taliban soldiers tten Fhrer of Kunduz

Successful impact in the fight against the Taliban in the region of Kunduz killed Afghan soldiers and international troops, a leader of the Radical and his bodyguard. According to police, it is the shadow governor Mawladie Bahador. The Afghan army and ISAF troops killed during a joint mission in the New Year's Eve night a senior Taliban.

As the chief of police in the district of Char Dara in the region, said Kunduz, was the local Taliban shadow governor, Mawladie Bahador, came with his bodyguards killed in Operation. Several people were arrested. As police chief Mohayodin further said Bahador had met at the time of access to a Chechen commander named Ibrahim.

The son of Sakineh: "My mother guilty but lifted his death sentence"

Tabriz - says that the mother is guilty of the assassination of his father, but calls will not be executed. A talk at a press conference organized by the Iranian judicial authorities in Tabriz, is the son of Mohammad Sakineh Ashtiani, the woman sentenced to stoning for adultery and then murder. "My mother has been sentenced to stoning, but this should not happen.

I ask that the sentence commuted, this is my request," said the young man. "I consider my mother and Issa Taheri (her alleged lover and accomplice) as the killers of my father and the two are guilty. I thought they would have been if there had been controversy about his case, but this has not happened," he added Sajjad.

Sakineh's son asks his mother not be executed

Sajjad Qaderzadeh's son Sakineh, speaks to foreign journalists on January 1, Tabriz, Iran. / ATTA KENARELe son of Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani asked his mother not be carried out at a meeting Saturday, 1 January with the press in Tabriz, Iran. "The verdict against my mother is stoning, but it should not take place.

I ask that the death sentence be commuted, it is my request," said Sajjad Ghaderzadeh. "I see my mother and Issa Taheri [his accomplice] as the murderers of my father and both are guilty. I thought she would be released if there was a controversy about his record, but this does not happen, "he nevertheless said.

Illegal immigrants: Greek defense is to seal off EU

One in eight illegal immigrants coming to Greece in the EU - is that the will of the government in Athens soon be closing. A more than 200 kilometers long fence along the border with Turkey to stop the flow. Example is the controversial U.S. defense against Mexico. Athens - Two months ago it is just that Greece has the support of the EU's border agency Frontex has requested - Athens alone is no longer able to deal with the refugee crisis to be finished.

Ten died in a stampede at a bar in South Africa

A scuffle took ten died during the New Year's Eve in a bar in northern South Africa. Police were called about 2 am 15 in a bar popular Ipelegeng township, a small town about 200 km west of Johannesburg in the North West province. "Upon arrival, police found that there was a scuffle and that ten people died, "said the spokesman of the local police.

An investigation was initiated to determine the cause of the accident, which occurred near the dance floor. But "it is too early to say what is the main reason," she added. "Several factors will be considered by the investigators," including the presence of a large number of people in the facility, she just suggested.

A death in the explosion of a Russian Tupolev

One person was killed and at least ten others wounded Saturday, 1 January after the fire and the explosion of an airplane on the tarmac of an airport in northern Russia. "According to our information, one person died and ten were injured. Six of them were hospitalized for burns in a service," said Vadim Russian agencies Grebennikov, a spokesman for the Ministry of Emergencies.

The Russian Ministry of Health for its part reported a score of wounded, most of them having been poisoned by breathing the fumes from the fire. The Tupolev-154, with 116 passengers and eight crew members on board, started to burn while driving on the runway of the airport of Surgut (north-east of the Urals), just before s' fly to Moscow, said the inquiry committee of Russian prosecutors.

Proceedings against private radio station: Hungary's media supervisor to use new powers

As soon as she got the new year with increased powers, the media control of the Hungarian government is already through - against a radio station. A song of U.S. rapper Ice-T at risk from their perspective of youth. Budapest - The Hungarian Media Authority NMHH is serious: On the first day, the guards have used the controversial expansion of its powers.

Submitted by the ruling party supervisor initiated a case against the private channel Tilos Radio Budapest. Not because of political abuse of due reporting - but for an alleged breach of the protection of minors. The station had a song played by the U.S. rapper Ice-T. The charge of NMHH: The 1993 published song "It's on" is harmful to minors.

Emergency landing for a Tupolev one dead and three missing in Russia

MOSCOW - One person died and three others are missing following the explosion occurred on a Tupolev-134 during takeoff from Surgut, a center of northern Russia. At first the information spoke of an accident during an emergency landing, but the Russian authorities later denied this reconstruction. On board the aircraft, according to initial information, there were 116 passengers and eight crew members.

Paris condemns "with the utmost force" the bombing of Alexandria

France condemned Saturday "with the utmost force" the attack which struck during the night the Copts of Egypt, the first Christian community in the Middle East, which killed 21 people outside a church in Alexandria. "France reiterates its commitment to respect fundamental freedoms including religious freedom and support to Egyptian authorities in their fight against terrorism," said Foreign Ministry.

Palestinian woman dies after inhaling gas released by the Army in a march israel

A Palestinian woman died today in hospital in Ramallah where he was admitted Saturday after inhaling toxic gas released by the Israeli army during a protest in the village of Bil'in against the separation wall built by Israel around the West Bank Palestinian Territory . The Palestinian Authority has condemned the incident, which he described as an "Israeli war crime." According to Efe reported this morning at one of the organizers of the protest, the Israeli activist Jonathan Pollak, the victim, Jawaher Abu Rahman, 36, was the sister of Bassam Abu Rahman, who died in April 2009 also by repression of the Army Israeli a demonstration for the same reason in the same locality.

At least 200,000 people stranded by floods in Australia

The flood water level threatens to inundate more areas and thousands of homes in northeast Australia, which suffered the worst flooding in decades in the region reached "biblical proportions" and caused multibillion-dollar losses. More than 200,000 people have been affected by the floods remain isolated at least ten days over large parts of the state of Queensland, an area equal to that of France and Germany combined.

Sarkozy's New Year's speech: The GroE Ankndiger

Nicolas Sarkozy has made the French in 2011 major announcements, so that they elect him as president again in 2012 - but the disappointment over broken promises of last year is great. The only brilliant campaign message could probably only proclaim his wife. The production is dignified and carried the mood: The President spoke.

After a few bars of the Marseillaise, Nicolas Sarkozy expenditure from the Elysée Palace to the New Year's Eve to the people. Surrounded by Trikol and European flag, he promises his "beloved countrymen" in timbre worn a "year of reform", a "new beginning" and an "imminent upturn." A deja vu? The announcements come from the year 2009/2010.

Slaughter in a market in Abuja, "How to Jos to Christmas Eve"

ABUJA - At least 11 people were killed in an explosion this morning in a very busy market located inside a barracks in the Nigerian capital Abuja. Have made it known witnesses and security sources said. The explosion took place at the barracks Sani Abasha Mammy market, an area always crowded with people who go there to shop and eat.

"Eleven are confirmed dead," said a security source. A witness said he was approaching the area to participate in the celebrations for the New Year when he heard the explosion. "People - Eric said - running away from all sides. There were several bodies of dead and wounded. The army has used the truck to take them away." On December 24 at least 32 people were killed in a bomb blast in a village near Jos, the so-called Middle Belt, a region already the scene of serious clashes between Christians and Muslims in the south of the north.

Murderous attack in Alexandria

Nigeria: At least eleven dead in bomb explosion

Near a military barracks in Abuja, Nigeria on New Year's evening, a bomb is detonated, several people were killed. In some reports, is up to 30 dead mentioned. Abuja - A bomb explosion in the Nigerian capital Abuja have come on Friday evening at least eleven people died. According to a TV report, it could even be up to 30 dead.

Cause had been deposited a bomb, said the Air Force general, Oluseyi Petirin. About the background of fact were not disclosed. The accident occurred in a "Mammy Market area known within the barracks, with market stalls and beer halls where soldiers and civilians together eating and drinking.

Egypt: Several killed in bomb attack on Copts

A severe attack has overshadowed the New Year's celebration in Alexandria, Egypt. After the midnight mass, a car bomb exploded outside a Coptic church. At least 20 people died. This provoked riots between Christians and Muslims. Cairo - The attack happened on Saturday at 0.30 clock in the district of Sidi Descr northern Egyptian city, as the faithful were leaving the church.

According to the Egyptian Interior Ministry had the explosives-laden car parked in front of the church. The Christian church and a nearby mosque were damaged by the explosion. Eight people were injured in the explosion, a responsible person of the Egyptian Health Ministry said Saturday the news agency.

No forgiveness for Billy the Ki

Twelve hours before leaving office, the governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, decided that no pardon for Billy the Kid. Richardson had little to lose, has already fulfilled his eight-year rule and the pardon, which had asked the Albuquerque lawyer Randi McGinn, was symbolic: a request that the State would live up to a promise broken by another governor 129 years ago.

"I would not rewrite history," said Richardson in New Mexico to inform its decision. Indeed, history holds that William Bonney, alias Billy the Kid was an outlaw who killed nine and 21 people in an escalation of violence sparked by the murder of his friend and adoptive father, rancher John Tunstall.

Pope heads to the nations: "Defend Christians" Napolitano's letter "Stop persecution

ROME - Do not want to give in to discouragement and resignation, not even in the face of "threatening tensions of the moment, especially in the face of discrimination, the abuses and religious intolerance, which today affect, in particular Christians, once again." Benedict XVI on the occasion of World Day of Peace, a few hours a car bomb explosion outside a church in Alexandria, which has caused at least 21 deaths, has invited the leaders of nations to tackle the "difficult task "for whom" are not enough words, we need the commitment and constant practice, "to defend the Christian communities.

Alexandria, car bombs in front of the church massacre after the midnight mass

ALEXANDRIA - New Year's blood in Alexandria, where a car bomb exploded outside a church at the end of midnight mass has 21 dead and 8 wounded. It 'been a hard blow for the large community of Christian Copts of Egypt and Alexandria, the target of the explosion leaving a church service to propitiate the new year.

An eyewitness told ANSA of a "bloodbath", followed by an ambulance coming and going among the mangled bodies on the ground. Christians and Muslims would then be dealt with blows with a stick in the adjacent streets. Last November, the Iraqi wing of Al Qaeda, claimed responsibility after a bloody attack on the Syrian-Catholic Cathedral in Baghdad, had threatened the Egyptian Coptic community, particularly numerous among the Christians of the Middle East.

Hostages in Afghanistan: Paris does "not pay attention to our requirements," say the Taliban

The French government "is not paying attention" to the requirements of the Taliban to release the two French journalists hostage since they retain a year, said one of their spokesmen Saturday, accusing the two journalists to be spies. Despite many optimistic statements from French authorities, the hostages began Thursday its second year of captivity, a particularly long period in such cases.

Dilma Rousseff today became the first president of Brazil

Just be satisfied curiosity about who will accompany this afternoon, the first of January, the new president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, in his parade in Brasilia, in the presidential Rolls Royce. Hypotheses are piling up. There was talk that could acomopañarla his second ex-husband which has been divorced for many years but who maintains friendly relations.

Then he told his mother he could do 87, an elegant lady who cares very much for your physical and do not look a day over 60. Either the new Vice President, Michel Temer, the PMDB, the largest party in the government coalicción. The first female president of Brazil, has chosen to be accompanied only by his only daughter Paula Rousseff, 34, who last September gave Dilma his first grandson, Gabriel.

Evo Morales cancel the decree that a 80% rise in fuel prices

In a surprising message to the Nation President Evo Morales repealed before midnight esteviernes the decree since last Monday had removed the subsidy on the prices of petrol and diesel but had also fueled the fire of citizen protests who demanded the repeal of the measure. Morales said of his decision after a lengthy Cabinet meeting, union leaders and social organizations that are related.

"I promised to govern by obeying the people. In these days I heard and understood the recommendations of the workers and the policy of obeying the will of the people have decided to abrogate the decree 748 and the other measures that accompany it," Morales said in a brief presentation along with the Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera in the Government House.

Several dead after an explosion at a market in the capital of Nigeria

At least 11 people have died and several others injured after an explosion at a market in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, as reported by military sources and health. The explosion, which causes still unknown, has occurred in the Mammy Market, near the headquarters of Sani Abacha, the largest of the city, an area that attracts many people to be a party leisure in the city.

Several witnesses said there were hundreds of people prepared to celebrate the last day of the year and welcome 2011. "It's a very unfortunate incident that has skewed many lives. It happened at the place where people relax," said Oluseyi Petinrin, defense spokesman. A worker from nearby military medical center to the area of the incident has been reported that at the moment there are 11 dead and more injured are being shifted to the center.