Sunday, July 31, 2011

The King of Morocco calls for early election of a new Parliament

A month after the adoption by referendum of a constitutional amendment reinforcing the power of the Prime Minister, the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, called Saturday, July 30 to the early election of a new Parliament for a future prime minister is appointed. "It is important to start with the election of the new House of Representatives" for a prime minister can be appointed head of the party in the elections, said the sovereign in its Speech from the Throne, but without specifying a date.

The Syrian army launches an assault against Hama

The chariots of the Syrian army entered the night of Saturday 30 and Sunday, July 31 in Hama, one of the main centers of the protest movement against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. The balance sheet remains uncertain, journalists are still not allowed to go there. According to residents contacted by telephone by at least seventeen civilians were killed in the assault.

The state was in turn forty-five dead, according to a report release by the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (OSDH). "The tanks are attacking us from four different directions. Their guns shoot blindly destroy tanks and barricades in the streets by residents," testified a doctor preserving his anonymity for fear of reprisals.

Mubarak Trial will be in Egypt

The trial of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, which begins next Wednesday, will be held for security reasons in the Police Academy in Cairo and not in a convention center, as had been previously announced. Speaking to news agency Mena, the president of the Court of Appeals Egyptian Abdelaziz Omar, announced that it has definitively decided to conduct the trial in the Police Academy, located in the affluent suburb of New Cairo, East of the city.

Netanyahu promises answers to the challenge

Undermined by social unrest on a scale unprecedented in Israel's right-wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu promised reforms, hoping to stem the movement. At the opening of the Council of Ministers, Sunday, July 31, Mr. Netanyahu announced that he would appoint an "inter-ministerial team to present a plan to ease the economic burden [hanging] on citizens, according to an official.

We must act with seriousness and responsibility to change the order of priorities in the economic field. " This team will be responsible for organizing a "round table which will be invited representatives of various sectors of the population." This decision, following the measures taken in disaster last week, came a day after massive demonstrations across the country that brought together 150,000 Israelis according to media reports, more than 100,000 according to police.

Strong earthquake shaking again Fukushima Prefecture

.- A strong earthquake of 6.5 magnitude on the Richter scale struck again today northeastern Japan, according to the Meteorological Office in China. The ground movement occurred around 3:53 pm local time  off the coast of Fukushima, the region affected by the massive earthquake and tsunami of March 11.

The epicenter was 57 kilometers below sea level, off the coast of Fukushima prefecture. The earthquake reached an intensity greater than five degrees, according to the Japanese scale of seven levels in the towns of Naraha and Kawauchi, both in Fukushima, said the television channel NHK World.

Burned with acid, an Iranian renounces the law of retaliation

An Iranian woman blinded with acid by a man she had refused the marriage proposal was abandoned at the last minute to the abuser fairesubir the law of retaliation, reported Sunday, July 31 the Iranian press. Mohavedi Majid, who had thrown the aid in the face of Ameneh Bahrami in 2004, was sentenced in 2008 to lose the sight in accordance with Islamic law in Iran.

Under Sharia law imposed after the 1979 revolution, the "question" - "law of retaliation" - is allowed in the case of injury. Majid Movahedi was to receive his award - the payment of drops of acid in your eyes - this Sunday. "I tried for seven years to obtain the conviction in question, but today I decided to forgive him, said Ameneh Bahrami quoted by news agency ISNA.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Arrested in Texas, U.S. soldier "was preparing to attack fellows"

 Police in Texas arrested a U.S. Army soldier, suspected to be preparing an attack against his fellow soldiers. The young soldier, stationed at the base of Fort Campbell in Kentucky, has deserted the weekend of July 4, Independence Day the day after being accused of possessing images of child pornography on his computer, given the risks of being prosecuted before a court martial.

Anders Breivik Behring again questioned by police Friday

Anders Breivik Behring, the author of bloody attacks that Norway will again be interviewed by the Norwegian police, Friday, July 29. Investigators hope to eliminate some shadows: why was there a walkie-talkie, as provided the testimony of a survivor? And what about the "cells" which he referred to the existence? At that hearing, the second since his arrest, he will be questioned on "information received in recent days, and there are many," said Paal-Fredrik Hjort Kraby, an official of the investigation.

Libyan rebels announce the death of their commander

The Chairman of the National Transitional Libya (CNT) announced Thursday, July 28 death of the Libyan General Abdel Fatah Yunis, former head of the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, joined the insurgents. The man directed the military operations of the insurgency Jamahiriya. According to Abdel Jalil Mustafa, the leader of the CNT, was killed by assailants after being summoned before a judicial commission in Benghazi.

Serbia threatens to end the Kosovo dialogue

The simmering border dispute for days between Serbia and Kosovo will become a heavy burden for the two countries: The government in Belgrade now considering a halt to the dialogue with Pristina, which the EU had taught. Belgrade - The borders between Kosovo and Serbia now control the KFOR soldiers, but the conflict between the two countries is so obviously far from being resolved.

The Serbian negotiators Borislav Stefanovic now threatened with an end of the talks between the two countries: "If the situation at border crossings is not returned to their previous state, there will be no dialogue anymore," said Stefanovic of the Belgrade newspaper "Blic". Already on Thursday, the Serbian negotiators had demanded that the NATO-led KFOR security force to allow re-Serb officials at the two disputed border crossings.

Pilots of Air France plane that crashed in 2009 ignored the stall warnings

The crew of the plane that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on June 1, 2009 while covering the route Rio de Janeiro-Paris ignored the warnings of the stall and did not apply the procedures down the flight manuals, the report on the accident released Friday by the Office of Research and Analysis (BEA) of France.

This latest report from the BEA said that the pilots did not talk about repeated warnings when the Air France Airbus plummeted 11.58 miles rushed over the sea at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. The accident killed all 228 people aboard. While trying the device drivers will not crash, passengers were told what was happening.

Spain will elect a new parliament earlier than planned

Prime Minister Zapatero announced early elections for November - he will not even compete. Madrid - The € increasingly affected by the debt crisis in Spain selects four months earlier than planned a new parliament. Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero on Friday called early elections for the 20th Of November.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

In Iraq, a double bombing kills at least 12 people in Tikrit

Twelve people were killed and twenty-eight injured Thursday, July 28 in a double bomb attack in Tikrit, according to a first assessment of the head of health services in the province. A car bomb exploded outside a first bank, then a suicide bomber has driven his explosives belt at the arrival of aid.

"Among the dead, there are police and military," said the head of the health department of the governorate of Salaheddin. A security official in the province confirmed the death toll, but spoke of thirty-three wounded. The bank is located near Adala place, where a busy market in a time of shopping for Ramadan.

Tensions on the border between Serbia and Kosovo

The UN Security Council has accepted the request of the Government of Serbia for an urgent meeting to discuss the escalation that there is a few days in northern Kosovo, where it is concentrated in the remaining Serb minority in the province after the war 1999 and the unilateral declaration of independence in 2008.

The Reuters news agency reports that London and Washington would have preferred to wait for the quarterly meeting already scheduled, but the pressure from Moscow, a historic ally of Belgrade, have obtained an immediate meeting, but behind closed doors. The decision of the Security Council is circulating a sign of concern that the international community to the increased tension between the Kosovo Albanian government-led by Hashim Thaci, former leader of the KLA, the armed group that in 1999 led the guerrilla war against the Government of Serbia of Slobodan Milosevic, obtaining the support of NATO.

Last survivor of plane crash in Morocco dies

The final number of dead after the accident last Tuesday a military plane near Guelmim, in southern Morocco, rising to 81 after the death of the last survivor, said the Moroccan government. Communication Minister Moroccan government spokesman Khalid Naciri, said in Rabat during a press conference that "now there is no survivor." The last survivor, a soldier in his thirties, was under intensive care at a military hospital in Guelmim, near the Western Sahara, while the other passengers were killed immediately or hours later.

Accident in China is due to a failure signal

Train accident that has killed 39 people  in eastern China is due to a problem of signaling equipment hit by lightning, said Thursday the office of Shanghai railway, quoted by Xinhua new. The signal system "could fairepasser the green light to red", causing the train crash that has shaken confidence in the reliability of Chinese high speed trains, said An Lusheng, head of the office.

Attacks in Norway: the killer has sent thousands of emails before the attack

Barely an hour and a half before the killing, and Oslo on the island of Utoeya Anders Breivik Behring has sent his manifesto by email to nearly one thousand people, according to one of the recipients, the Belgian deputy Tanguy Veys, the far-right Flemish party Vlaams Belang. The elected ensures had never heard of the killer before the attacks.

"There were people from Italy, France, Germany, but I think the UK had the largest number [of recipients]," he told the Guardian, identifying two hundred and fifty British. According to Le Point, seventy-four French were also part of those recipients. "It's a low estimate. There are places like 'hotmail.

Torrential rains in South Korea left 32 dead

Torrential rains caused landslides on Wednesday throughout the South Korean capital and a northern village, killing at least 32 deaths, including 10 university students who volunteer. University students who died in the landslide occurred in the morning, had stayed in a cabin in Chuncheon, about 68 miles northeast of the capital, Seoul, when the flood of mud and debris crushed them, said Byun In -soo of the fire station in the town.

Ways to eliminate famine in the Horn of Africa

Emaciated children, long lines of refugees in search of food on land desperately dry: it is the stigma of going through dramatic humanitarian situation in the Horn of Africa, experiencing an unprecedented drought. A crisis worse today than some years ago, and could worsen in the coming months, while the next rainy season is expected in October.

In the meantime, nearly 12 million people at risk of malnutrition. Wednesday, July 27, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) had to meet the ambassadors of donor countries to take stock of the situation in Somalia, which suffered the brunt of drought and two regions which were reported by UN famine.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The mayor of Kandahar died in an attack

The mayor of Kandahar, Ghulam Haider Hameedi, died today in an attack in the council of this restive city in southern Afghanistan, as reported by official sources quoted by the local AIP. The attack occurred when a suicide bomber detonated an explosive in a hallway near the mayor's office, as indicated by the provincial government spokesman Zalmay Ayoubi.

Apparently, the terrorist encondía the bomb in the turban. The mayor was meeting with some leaders of a district of Kandahar city when one of them approached him and detonated the bomb, as noted by the chief of police of the city, Abdul Razaq. Hamidi's death occurs at an awkward time, just as there is a dangerous power vacuum in the volatile province of Kandahar, the birthplace of the Taliban and a focus of recent efforts of U.S. troops to quell the thrust of the insurgency.

U.S. debt: the Republicans will not vote before Thursday

The proposal by the Republican chairman of the House of Representatives John Boehner to leave the United States of the budget impasse will not be put to a vote before Thursday at the earliest, officials said Tuesday, July 26 at the Congress. The postponement will delay further negotiations on raising the debt ceiling demanded by the Treasury before the deadline of August 2 to meet its commitments.

78 people die in plane crash caused by fog

A total of 78 people, including soldiers and civilians, died in a plane crash near Guelmim, in southern Morocco, near the Western Sahara, Moroccan military sources said. The victims, which must be added two injured are members of the Moroccan armed forces, over 12 relatives, they said local sources in the province of Guelmim.

King Mohamed VI of Morocco said hours after three days of national mourning starting yesterday, with the flag at half mast on all public buildings. The plane, a Hercules C-130 troop transport, with a maximum capacity of 90 people with 80 passengers on board, came from Dakhla in the south of Western Sahara, and went to Kenitra, 40 km north of Rabat as early versions.

Social protest in Israel: Netanyahu meets wrath of the middle class

With its live, televised promises Netanyahu responded to a wave of protests against exorbitant rents. She was in the past few days so swollen that the Prime Minister had recently feared for his power: only 32 percent of Israelis demonstrated in a survey published on Tuesday in the newspaper "Haaretz" satisfied with his work.

54 percent of respondents are dissatisfied, according to the survey. Later in May, was the result of failed vice versa, the newspaper reported. At that time, 51 percent of respondents would not support Netanyahu 31 percent. Netanyahu takes this sudden change very seriously: On Monday, he canceled a long planned trip to Poland, when he wanted to garner support for his tough stance against the Palestinians claim for their own state.

Mubarak stops eating, medical alert status

The deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, has stopped eating and only eat liquids, reported attending physician at the Hospital Sharm el-Sheikh International, which warned of the "acute stage of weakness." The hospital's director, Mohamed Fathala, said Mubarak may not take solid food and liquids such as juices can only support so much weight he has lost, was quoted by the state agency Mena.

A deadly tropical storm sweeping the Philippines

Tropical Storm Nock-ten sweeping the Philippines since Tuesday killed at least nine dead and 25 missing on the main island of Luzon, announced Wednesday, July 27 the authorities. The storm is expected to cause the most damage in the northern island of Luzon, and heavy rains are expected in Manila, the capital, which has 12 million inhabitants where schools were closed as a precaution.

Most of the victims drowned or landslide, said civil protection. The storm swept Tuesday the coastal provinces of southeastern Luzon, forcing 645,000 people from their flooded homes, said Benito Ramos, head of the National Disaster Management. "We can not use army trucks as the water level is too high," he said, adding that authorities were waiting for a lull to send help from the air.

A380 Airbus: new incident on a Rolls-Royce engine

Singapore Airlines announced Wednesday, July 27 to have replaced a Rolls-Royce on one of its A380 after a failure occurred Tuesday. Shortly after takeoff the aircraft from the airport of Singapore, the engine has stopped working, forcing the crew to turn back and return to land. The Airbus was traveling to Hong Kong with 368 passengers on board.

"A change in the reactor was performed on the device, and we are investigating the incident with Rolls-Royce and Airbus," said a spokesman for the airline. The British engine manufacturer and the European attached to EADS, have faced a similar incident last year when one of the engines of a Qantas A380 had exploded in flight, forcing the unit to return to land, also in Singapore.

The bridge of humanitarian aid to Somalia starts

The World Food Programme (WFP) has reported that the first humanitarian airlift aircraft Somalia has thrown off and with 14 tons of food for children displaced by famine and drought. A WFP spokesman in Nairobi displaced, Challis McDonough has confirmed to this newspaper that the first phase of the mission aims to give an "extra help" to children who are coming to Mogadishu.

The humanitarian operation has begun 24 hours later than planned and after saving the bureaucratic problems that left the device on the ground yesterday. Meanwhile, thousands of Somalis kicked internal and external borders of their country in search of the crowded refugee camps assisted by international organizations.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The United States deny being behind the assassination of Iranian scientist

Washington denied Monday, July 25 being behind the assassination of Iranian scientist Dariush Rezaei-Nejad, 35, suspected of working for the Iranian Defense Ministry and killed Saturday afternoon in Tehran when he was with his wife. The President of the Iranian Parliament, Ali Larijani, and other politicians have said that once the United States and Israel were behind the assassination rated "terrorist act".

In Washington, the irresponsibility of the Republicans

Europeans in the euro area expected to be on the brink to decide last week, a second bailout of Greece. As if the prospect of a serious crisis was only able to fairesortir wait a casual. But they have an excuse: they must decide seventeen to one performance! The United States has no such excuse. The country's public debt is the responsibility of federal power.

Even if the founding fathers of the American Republic wanted a clever balancing act between the president and Congress, it is them and them alone, that depend on the decisions in this area. They do not. They are paralyzed. They expect to be on the brink, too. In less than a week, if Democrat Barack Obama and Republican majority in the House of Representatives do not agree, the U.S. Treasury will be in default of payment.

Morocco, 78 dead in plane crash a C-130 crashes into mountain

RABAT - A Moroccan Air Force C-130 crashed near Guelmin: the result of the disaster is 78 dead and three seriously injured. The Armed Forces have announced real. The plane hit a mountain, 830 km south of the capital Rabat, in a desert area and difficult to reach by relief: the causes of the accident are yet to be ascertained, although everything seems to indicate bad weather.

This is the worst air disaster in decades for Morocco.

Horn of Africa: UNHCR warns of an influx of refugees in Mogadishu

Some 40,000 people fleeing famine converged on Mogadishu in search of water and food since the beginning of July, said Tuesday, July 26 a spokeswoman of the High Commissioner for Refugees. "About 30 000 others arrived in camp 50 kilometers from the center of the capital," said Vivian Tan, a UNHCR spokesman in a press briefing, saying that at least 100,000 people had arrived in Mogadishu two months.

Horn of Africa: Hungry people are at least 12 million

A famine is affecting East Africa. Hungry people are at least 12 million, of which only 3.7 in Somalia. To address the food crisis was held today in Rome, FAO, the UN agency that deals with agriculture and nutrition. The emergency meeting was desired by France, President of the G20, represented by the Minister of Agriculture, Bruno Le Maire, who returned yesterday from a mission in Kenya in some of the camps that can accommodate tens of thousands of people fleeing hunger.

Monday, July 25, 2011

FAO tries to tackle the crisis in the Horn of Africa

FAO held today at its headquarters in Rome an international emergency meeting to discuss measures needed to tackle the crisis in the Horn of Africa, where 11 million people are in critical situation due to the devastating effects of drought in the area. The meeting was organized by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) at the request of the French Government as current president of the G-20.

Dead Sea, Israel intercepted a ship carrying weapons

The Israeli army intercepted Monday, July 25, a boat with two Palestinians carrying weapons on board the Dead Sea, said a statement from the spokesman of the army. The ship was carrying several assault rifles Kalashnikov, ammunition and other weapons, the statement said adding that the two Palestinians arrested were interrogated by security services.

When questioned by the, a military spokesman was not able to give more details including the exact location of these Palestinians were arrested, nor the place from where they left. "A more accurate statement would be issued later," she was merely stated. Army Radio, for its part, said that the boat was intercepted an inflatable boat from Jordan.

The author of the killing this morning of Norway appears in court

The far-right Behring Anders Breivik, 32, confessed author of the massacre of Norway, was completed shortly after 14.30, CET, his first statement to the judge three days after the double attack that has shocked the Nordic nation and rest of Europe and killed 93 people. The hearing was closed by decision of the judge, Kim Kim Heger, and without the presence of media.

So far, unaware of the content of their appearance, but the judge is scheduled to make a statement in the coming hours. The police have asked for eight weeks detention renewable twice the usual time. According to Geir Lippestad forward, defendant's attorney, Breivik believes that the crimes were "appalling but necessary" and believes he does not deserve any punishment for them.

Meeting of the UN for Africa

The United Nations has convened Monday, July 25 in Rome, an emergency meeting to stop the famine in the Horn of Africa where 12 million people are affected by drought, under pressure from NGOs calling on leaders world to keep their promises. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, tens of thousands of people have died in recent weeks, victims of drought, the worst for sixty years, affecting the entire region: Somalia , where the UN has formally declared the famine in two southern regions, Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, Sudan and Uganda.

Japan adopts a budget for post-earthquake reconstruction

The Japanese parliament finally adopted, Monday, July 25, a supplementary budget of 2000 billion yen  to finance the reconstruction of areas devastated by the earthquake and tsunami of March 11 (five days after adoption by the lower house). This allocation of additional funds is seen as a compromise of waiting, after the first of 4,000 billion yen   and before the discussions relating to a third expected to be approximately 10,000 billion yen.

Ireland, the Holy See responds to allegations pedophile priests, calling back the nuncio

The Vatican Secretariat drew the apostolic nuncio in Ireland, Archbishop Giuseppe Leanza, for consultations following the publication, on July 13 last year, the report of the Committee of Inquiry into the Dublin government abuses committed against minors by priests of the diocese of Cloyne, south of the country.

The Secretary of State and other Vatican departments should develop a formal response to requests from the Irish government about the Vatican's involvement in the cover and cover-up of cases of sexual abuse committed by members of the Irish clergy. This is the first Vatican's response to the harsh indictment delivered in Parliament on Wednesday by the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, that "the commission's report has highlighted the attempt of the Holy See to block an investigation into a sovereign, democratic and Republic no more than three years ago, not thirty years ago.

U.S. debt: the countdown has begun

New York Correspondent - While it is less than a week to the U.S. government to raise the ceiling on public debt, negotiations between the White House and leaders of both parties, Republicans (opposition majority in the House representatives) and Democrats (the majority in the Senate), ended with a new statement of disagreement, Sunday, July 24.

No compromise could be approved by a majority of both houses could be reached. Or an increase in the ceiling is essential that the country can borrow enough to pay all civil servants, teachers and military, its creditors (the retirees who have contributed all their lives, for example), those that attend (insurance -health of the poor in particular), and finally the open interest on its debt.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

"I have enough material for 20 explosions" The last 82 days before the massacre

"November 2010, shooting training, necessary to obtain the license for the Glock." "December, started the cycle of steroids, never been in better shape now, I've gone from 86 to 93 pounds and I have increased my strength. Serve. " January 2011: "Purchased $ 550 of ammunition by a small American distributor, which in turn is supplied by another dealer." These are some of the chilling pages of Anders Breivik Behring that reconstruct each month, even day by day and then all the stages of preparation of the massacre on Friday.

The Republicans and demcratas negociacin still stuck to one week the deadline for bankruptcy

Trying to save something at the last minute of U.S. credibility as a major economic power, Congress moved yesterday to seek some form of agreement to avoid bankruptcy. Different options were advancing throughout the day, but none of them still has bipartisan support to solve this problem with long-term guarantees.

The chairman of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, Republican called the group throughout the evening to present what is considered a final proposal on their part. If this is not accepted by the Democrats, Boehner has warned that no further negotiations. What happens then? Nobody knows.

Israel lives two angry demonstrations this weekend

Jerusalem would be less and hundreds of people have marched on Sunday to the Israeli parliament after Saturday's mass demonstration in Tel Aviv. They have demanded the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, decent housing for all "We want social justice," has been one of the slogans chanted by hundreds of demonstrators have marched Sunday through the streets of Jerusalem.

Concentration has started around 7.30 in a square near the Jerusalem municipality with Gan Havradim to the park, right next to the Knesset. So there you have wanted to move outraged to convey a message to Netanyahu. "Here we are, your government has to give us a solution now," said Arelina, a professor at a community center, while the deafening sound of whistles and bongos only communication allowed less than five feet, the dreaded troops Yamam (units National Police Special) by observing a few meters from the demonstrators.

You can hear explosions in Tripoli while NATO attacks Gadhafi complex

- Explosions rocked the center of Tripoli for the second straight night, while Britain said on Sunday that weeks of NATO bombing led to great damage to the fortified residence of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. The Libyan leader clings to power despite four months of NATO air attacks and a long conflict with rebels who demand an end to his term of 41 years, who have captured vast expanses of the North African country.

Attacks in Norway: A whole country is crying for his children

Was executed in cold blood and a jubilant young offenders - after the double attack with more than 90 deaths have stunned the Norwegians. Within hours, her country has changed. The brunt of the grief in Sundvollen - the place off the island, where the offender struck. A hotel made of brown wood is the focus of an entire people.

Less than two kilometers away is the island Utøya, which happened on Friday, the worst disaster in Norway since the Second World War. 85 people were shot, executed effectively, presumably by a radical right-minded assassin, the 32-year-old Anders Behring as hundreds of relatives gathered at this hotel off the island, parents huddle in the chairs outside, young people are silently weeping in the arms.

The lie of the young Murdoch

The Anglo-Saxons do not like lies. Crime in general is serious, very serious for all politicians in the lead. But the lying is perhaps even more. It is the fear of being put the lie to shake the dreams of the protagonists of the scandal interceptions. By Rebekah Brooks, a former director of the group News International, Rupert Murdoch, to the Prime Minister, all apologize, more or less deeply, the damage to spy on victims, but they proclaim in unison: I knew nothing until a few days ago.

Norway in shock, more than 90 dead Confess "Christian fundamentalist"

 The number of victims of two attacks which yesterday plunged into a nightmare, the quiet and open Norway, in Oslo - where a car bomb has killed 7 people - and the island of Utoya where a killer disguised as a police officer has rallied hundreds of students participating in a summer camp for young people Labour, killing at least 85, maybe more.

The assailant arrested by the police, Anders Breivik Behring, has confessed, is a man of 32 years, Norwegian, who in his Facebook profile and online describes himself as a Christian fundamentalist, conservative, tied to the far right, anti-Islamic orientation . And 'responsible for both actions, according to police.

U.S. debt, the ultimatum of Obama "I want a solution by Monday"

NEW YORK - 58 minutes of a tense summit and then all at home, "homework". Final deadline: "By Monday morning I want to have on my desk solution, you have to show me how America will avoid default." And 'well done, for now, the long-awaited summit at the White House on the debt. Started at 11 precise, Washington time, finished two minutes before noon.

A meeting convened by Barack Obama with the four most important exponents of the two parties: the Republicans John Boehner Speaker of the House and the Senate leader Mitch McConnell, the Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and members of a number of Senators Harry Reid . "Like four schoolboys summoned by the dean," said the reporter allowed to peek in the pool a few seconds before the start of the summit.

Train accident in China

At least 32 people were killed and 100 injured, Saturday, July 23, in a train accident in China caused by a succession of dramatic events. A high speed train was left to rest after a power failure following the lightning had hit the track. The train was then violently hit by a second convoy that followed him and derailed.

Two of his car then fell of the viaduct on which the TGV was immobilized. The accident occurred around 20 h 30 local time (12 h 30 GMT) in the city of Wenzhou in the eastern province of Zhejiang. The accident, which occurred less than a month after the grand opening of the high-speed train linking Beijing to Shanghai (1300 km), ask again, according to the media, the question of reliability TGV network in China.

Violent clashes leave 140 injured in Cairo

Protesters board .- Egyptian military and alleged "baltaguiya" (thugs) today held violent clashes near the headquarters of the Armed Forces in Cairo, which killed more than 140 wounded, officials said. A pro-reform activists march started from Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the protests, to the headquarters of the military junta, where he met with barricades erected by the army, and attack with stones and petrol bombs civilians.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Oslo explosion near the office of Prime Minister of Norw

A strong explosion occurred at the site of Vg in Oslo, the largest Norwegian newspaper, which is close to the Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. The Prime Minister was not in the building at the time of the explosion. The building is also home to other ministers, including Oil, where a fire broke out. For now at least eight wounded were counted.

For now, the causes of the explosion remains unknown, but the wreckage of the destroyed car were seen outside the building.

Cameron: "James must answer" Growing suspicions about the son of Murdoch

"It 'clear that James Murdoch now has to respond in Parliament," said British Prime Minister, David Cameron. Everything after the heavy claims of two executives from the News of the World who have questioned some of the deposition Tuesday to the House of Commons made by the son of the tycoon.

The former editor of Colin Myler and the former attorney Thomas Crone News International, have argued that James had misled Parliament about what he knew about the case of refund the head of the Association of Professional Football Players Gordon Taylor. News International in 2008 to Taylor poured a huge compensation for the intrusion into his answering machine.

The UN sent food to Somalia in the coming days

The director of the World Food Programme of the UN (WFP), Josette Sheeran, the agency announced it will begin sending food in the coming days by air to Somalia, where two regions of the south are in a state of famine. "Here in Somalia is a matter of life and death," Sheeran said after a visit to Mogadishu.

"The WFP will begin an airlift to ferry supplies to Mogadishu vital special nutritional food for malnourished children so desperately need," the director said in a statement issued in Nairobi. Sheeran stressed that "the critical situation in Somalia," and welcomed the recent decision of the radical Islamic group Al Shabab-linked to the terrorist network Al Qaeda, to lift the ban against humanitarian aid agencies in southern the country, which is largely under their control.

Departure from Belgrade: Hadzic on the way to UN tribunal

The transfer of the former Serb leader Goran Hadzic to The Hague is revealed. A police convoy had left with lights flashing and sirens, the prison in Belgrade - Hadzic must be before the Dutch UN tribunal to answer for alleged war crimes. Belgrade - The Serbian war crimes suspects Goran Hadzic is on its way to the UN tribunal in The Hague.

The Beta news agency reported on Friday in Belgrade. The 52-year-olds, the most serious crimes against humanity in the Croatian civil war (1991-1995) is accused have the morning to leave the prison in Belgrade, it said. On Thursday lawyer Toma Fila Hadzics had said it was "realistic" that his client was transferred to The Hague on Friday will.

Negotiations for a new government in Belgium

Belgium will she finally come out of the longest political crisis in its history? While the main political parties have been unable to agree, since the legislative elections of June 13, 2010, on the composition of a government the head of the Belgian French-speaking Socialist Party, Elio Di Rupo, informed, Friday, July 22, King Albert II he was able to start negotiations with eight formations.

41 people die after a bus fire in China

.- At least 41 people were killed and six injured after a bus carrying more passengers than authorized caught fire as it traveled along a road in central China's Henan province. The vehicle began to fire without its passengers could do anything to turn it off but have spread at a rapid pace. The bus, 35 seats, was carrying 47 people, and traveling on the highway between the capital Beijing and Zhuhai City.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Earthquake of 6.2 degrees at the border of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan: 13 dead

At least 13 people died, more than 80 injured and dozens of buildings destroyed by an earthquake of 6.2 Richter scale that rocked the border between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. The strong quake struck this morning at 1:35 local time  some 400 km southwest of Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan, with an epicenter located 42 kilometers from the Uzbek city of Fergana.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Uzbekistan today presented the first assessment of damage caused by the strong earthquake, which confirmed 13 deaths and more than 80 injured, according to a report by Russian news agency Novosti. "As a result of the collapse of several obsolete buildings, 13 people were killed and over 80 injured," the ministry said in a statement, the regions most affected by the quake were the districts Bagdadski, Uzbekistanski Rishtanski and, in the province of Fergana, where the highest number of victims and affected buildings.

In Syria, the security operations continue at Homs

The army and the Syrian security forces continued their security operations in Homs, Thursday, July 21, said Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (OSDH). "The army and security forces have invested in homes and made arrests in Homs. The gunfire was heard since the dawn" in the city, the third of Syria, where there have been dozens of deaths in recent days, said Abdul Rahman.

Japan: rice straw led to radioactive contamination o

A new batch of nearly 850 cattle suspected of having been fed radioactive rice straw was identified in several prefectures in Japan, bringing to nearly 1,500 the number of cattle heads shipped contaminated in virtually all countries, it was learned Thursday, July 21. Investigations conducted by the authorities revealed that cattle suspected of contamination was shipped from farms Iwate (north), Akita (north), Gunma (center), Niigata (west coast), Gifu (center) and Shizuoka (South Central), according to media count.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Anonymous, 21 arrests in the U.S. and Europe

Sixteen people in the United States in Europe and another five were arrested by the FBI as part of investigations aimed at blocking the famous hacker group Anonymous. The arrests were made in several states of the union. In Europe, an arrest took place in Great Britain and four in the Netherlands.

According to CNN, federal agents also raided several houses in the district on Long Island and the Bronx in New York, where they confiscated computers and other materials. In all the searches have been 35. After a first moment in which the FBI men had refused to confirm or deny the arrests today about just the Anonymous group, the bureau has also confirmed that the investigation relates to a cyber attack against the website claimed by Paypal group 'Anonymous'.

Japan: supplementary budget for reconstruction

The lower house of the Japanese Parliament voted Wednesday, July 20 a supplementary budget of 2000 billion yen  for the reconstruction of the country after the earthquake and the resolution of the nuclear accident in Fukushima. The upper house is expected to also approve Friday the allocation of additional funds, the voices of conservative formations of the opposition (Liberal Democratic Party and New Komeito) in addition to those of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ, center left), the power.

Tokyo banned the sale of beef from Fukushima

The Japanese government has banned the sale of Fukushima beef after the discovery of radioactive meat, a sign of further contamination, although the nuclear accident seems to being controlled. The spokesman of the government, Yukio Edano, said farmers would be compensated "appropriately".

This announcement follows the publication of reports of higher rates of radioactive cesium from the norm in the beef raised in this prefecture suffered a nuclear accident since March 11. These animals have apparently been infected by eating hay stored outside for several weeks. A total of at least 550 cattle fed on this forage Fukushima were sold in Japan and have already been partly eaten.

Murdoch in the Commons: "I betrayed and humiliated"

 - "We are deeply sorry for the victims of wiretaps and put things in place to ensure that nothing similar could happen in the future," begins James Murdoch. "It's the most humiliating day of my life," interrupted the father Rupert, and then let it go. Begins with a public mea culpa to the expected testimony before the House of Commons Culture Committee of the Australian media tycoon and heir, at the center of the scandal that is shaking the interception of Great Britain and the premier David Cameron.

Happy Birthday: U2 and 93 years of Mandela

Nelson Mandela, a living symbol of the struggle against racism, leader of the revolt against apartheid has celebrated 93 years last July 18 but not in good physical condition: in January, in fact, was hospitalized for three days in the hospital for an infection acute respiratory failure. The rock band U2 during a performance at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia paid tribute to the old lion, urging the audience to sing Happy Birthday to Mandela, called for the occasion by his nickname conferred by Madiba Xhosa tribe.

Arrested Goran Hadzic The last Serbian war criminal

Goran Hadzic, the last Serb war criminaledi still in hiding, was arrested. The B92 television reported. Hadzic, a former political leader deiserbi of Croatia, was the last Serbian war criminal still on the run after his capture on May 26 last year in Serbia Ratko Mladic, former Bosnian Serb commander arrested after 16 years on the run.

Hadzic, 52, a Serb born in Croatia. During the Croatian War of Independence became President of the Republic of Serbian Krajina. In 2004, the Hague International Criminal Tribunal for the former Jugoslavaia accused him of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed between 1991 and 1993.

Netanyahu says he is ready for peace talks "in Jerusalem, Ramallah or anywhere"

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was prepared to commit "immediately" in peace talks with the Palestinians' home in Jerusalem, Ramallah or anywhere ", in an interview broadcast by the English channel Arabic television Al-Arabiya. "Everything is on the table, but you have to go to the table," he added.

The head of the Israeli government accuses the Palestinian leadership to have caused the blocking peace talks. He said the Palestinian leadership in the past refused to conclude the discussions by an arrangement, and will not now resume the peace dialogue. Suspended for nearly two years, peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians were revived early in September 2010 under pressure from the United States and were again blocked a few weeks after a partial moratorium of ten months construction in Jewish settlements that Israel has refused to extend.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Earthquake of 5.3 degrees shakes northeastern Japan

The northeast coast of Japan was rocked Tuesday by an earthquake of 5.3 on the Richter scale, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency, with no reports of casualties or damage so far. The quake struck at 10:43 local time on Tuesday  in the Fukushima region, and its epicenter was 20 kilometers deep, according to the institution.

Contaminated beef in Japan: more than 400 animals affected

The obsession of beef contaminated with nuclear disaster spread Fukushima in Japan after the discovery on Monday that more than four hundred oxen seven farms in the affected region had crossed the country after they had eaten contaminated hay. Four hundred and eleven head of cattle from the same region were sent to six other regions, including that of Tokyo, between March 28 and July 6, according to the prefectural authorities.

The Wall Street Journal: "Rupert Murdoch's ready to leave" "Jaws" expected in the House of Commons

Rupert Murdoch is considering the idea of abandoning the guidance of his media empire. He writes the Wall Street Journal, a galaxy's most influential newspapers of News Corp. According to financial newspaper, the possible abandonment has nothing to do directly with the illegal wiretapping scandal in Britain, which has overwhelmed and sunk the newspaper The News of the World.

Murdoch is thinking about it "more than a year," writes the WSJ, and even if the interception may postpone the departure of a few months, in more tranquil times. "Murdoch was considering the possibility 'to give the role of CEO Chase Carey to the current president, reported people close to him", but "Shark" would retain the post of Executive Director.

Nelson Mandela celebrates his 93 birthday

Monday, July 18, 2011

Japanese track contaminated beef by radioactivity

Deputy Health Minister, Kohei Otsuka, said that the priority is to detect contaminated beef with radioactive cesium, a material apparently ejected from the nuclear plant. According to the investigation, 143 cows at risk of being exposed to radioactive cesium were sent to at least 35 of the 47 prefectures of Japan, said tonight the Kyodo news agency.

Hugo Chavez: chemotherapy in Cuba

While the health of President vénézuléien been many questions for several weeks, the Venezuelan parliament has approved Saturday, July 16 unanimously Hugo Chavez to travel to Cuba for an indefinite period to begin chemotherapy. Hugo Chavez had surgery for a cancerous tumor a month ago. During his absence, some of its powers will be delegated to the Vice President.

Chavez on Saturday expressed the hope that his absence would be brief. "I thank the National Assembly. I hope it will not last very long, I must return soon. That's what I hope and I'm sure it will happen like that," Chavez said during a cabinet meeting broadcast on radio and television.

Libya: fighting intensifies in the port of Brega

While the Libyan insurgents have been trying for several days to resume the strategic oil port, intense street fighting broke out Sunday, July 17 between the Libyan and rebel forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi, announced the rebels. "Some small groups have managed to get inside (the city) but we do not control any more" the city, said Mohammed Zawi, a spokesman for the rebel troops.

"It is now close combat" in this residential area of north-east of Brega, he added. Loyalist soldiers control since April this port located 800 km east of Tripoli and 240 km southwest of Benghazi, "capital" of the rebellion. 3000 men loyal to Colonel Qaddafi are entrenched in the city center, according to the rebels.

Murdoch's empire at risk, if the American will be opened

In addition to the political earthquake that disrupts decapitates Scotland Yard and London, Rupert Murdoch's incumbent on the collapse of its American empire, now much larger one of the UK subsidiary. And not just because the victims now between sprout two star excellent espionage (the actor Jude Law and footballer David Beckham) that perhaps were intercepted on American soil.

FCPA is the acronym that may mark the end of Rupert Murdoch. FCPA, are the initials of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, legislation which prohibits American companies all sorts of corruption, making them liable not only for offenses committed on American soil and abroad. This is the reason why the illegal wiretapping scandal in England, obtained by corrupting public officials, has already entered its "second episode" in the United States, where Murdoch has moved for years the economic center and the registered office of his group, the News He himself Corp. has acquired U.S. citizenship.

U.S. government bankruptcy: Compromise plan raises hope for solution in debt dispute

In the U.S. budget dispute apparently stands for a solution: The parliamentary leader of the Democrats and Republicans in the Senate are working on a plan, which foresees a gradual increase in the debt limit. Obama would need to first only the votes of his own party.
Two weeks prior to the technical state bankruptcy, there are signs that the parties could agree on a solution soon. In the Senate worked on Sunday the chairmen of the Republican and Democrat, Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell, a compromise proposal in the coming years foresees a gradual increase in the debt ceiling, as the newspaper "Washington Post" reported.

Deadly clashes between supporters and opponents of the Syrian regime

Clashes between supporters and opponents of the regime in Homs, in the center of the country killed at least thirty dead over the past twenty-four hours without the police involved, said Sunday, July 17 the head of Observatory Syrian Human Rights, Rami Abdel Rahman. "More than thirty civilians were killed during the last twenty-four hours in Homs in clashes between opponents and regime supporters, Saturday night," said Rahman.

David Petraeus transmits the command of ISAF to U.S. General John Allen

The head of NATO forces in Afghanistan, U.S. General David Petraeus, has officially passed, Monday, July 18, the command to his successor, U.S. General John Allen, at a ceremony in Kabul. Petraeus leaves Afghanistan after a year at the head of the coalition to head the CIA, the U.S. intelligence, without being able to halt the spiral of violence in the country, where two close to President Karzai been killed in recent days.

Doctors deny rumors about Mubarak in a coma

The health of the deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, is the victim of speculation. Farid el-Deeb, the former president's lawyer, said he suffered a sudden stroke and fell into deep coma. "I was informed about the sudden deterioration of the health of Mubarak and now I'm en route to Sharm el Sheikh.

All I know so far is that the (former) president is in a coma. " However, the Egyptian Deputy Minister of Health, Adel Adawi said that Mubarak is stable. "The health of former President Mubarak is stable and continues to receive attention in his room on the third floor of the international hospital in Sharm el-Sheikh." This version came to reinforce an official of the hospital where Mubarak is hospitalized under arrest, denying the alleged coma.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Obama announced that will see the Dalai Lama, China protests: "Cancel the decision"

China has called on President Barack Obama to cancel his decision to receive the Dalai Lama and urged him not to "interfere in China's internal affairs." The spokesman said the Foreign Ministry of China, Hong Lei. The Chinese reaction was swift and not a few minutes after the announcement of the White House that the President of the United States would meet the Tibetan spiritual leader from Beijing departed immediately warnings to American diplomacy.

U.S. Financial Crisis: Revenge of the Republican frchten Whler

The dispute over the U.S. debt ceiling divides America, long pushed the Republican Barack Obama ahead of him. But now they're nervous: The party is torn between moderates and radical right. The electorate does not like that - it could benefit the president.  For days, on Thursday afternoon, meet the leading Democrats and Republicans to reach an agreement in the dispute over America's debt ceiling to reach.

Japan could ban Fukushima beef

While the Japanese have discovered that cattle were contaminated, the sale of cattle in the prefecture of Fukushima, where a nuclear incident occurred four months ago, could be banned, says the 'Friday, July 15 Kyodo. According to the authorities of the prefecture of Fukushima, 42 cattle raised on a farm Asakawa, about sixty miles from the rugged Central, were transported and sold to Tokyo and other cities of Japan in recent months, although they consumed food highly radioactive.

Nearly thirty protesters killed in Syria

Over a million people demonstrated against the regime in Syria, a prey for four months to a protest movement unprecedented that the security forces continue to repress and killed Friday twenty-eight demonstrators, according to activists. "This is an important development and a message to the authorities to say that the amplified events" across the country, said Rami Abdel Rahman, President of Syrian Observatory of Human Rights.

Murdoch retreats

They say that Rupert Murdoch has the soul of tabloid newspapers, can smell blood miles away. And yesterday proved that it is: Murdoch smelled blood, his own and began to retreat. The great global information magnate appears to have reached the conclusion that the crisis is beginning to reach a dangerous tipping point and it's time to save the ship.

Therefore delivered first thing in the morning yesterday the head of Rebekah Brooks, CEO of News International (the branch of British media group), which wants a daughter and very few shows as their qualities. And so today British newspapers today published a letter of apology from Murdoch entitled "Sorry." The text says: "We apologize for the serious mistakes.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mubarak denies responsibility for genocide

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has denied he ordered firing on demonstrators during the uprising in Egypt, according to a transcript of his interrogation. When asked to explain the deaths, Mubarak played down the severity of the repression. Mubarak, 83, is being held in an Egyptian hospital.

He faces charges of ordering the use of lethal force against protesters during the popular revolt that overthrew him in February. Since then, little has been said in public and transcription offers his broader statements until the last days of his regime for three decades. Court officials said the transcript was genuine.

Afghanistan: More than 1400 civilians killed in the last six months

The conflict in Afghanistan has killed over 1,400 civilians during the first six months of 2011, announced Thursday, July 14 the UN Mission in Afghanistan. A figure rose by nearly 15% over the first half of 2010, though it was the deadliest year of the conflict on civilians. The UN says 80% of civilian deaths between January and June 2011 are due to insurgents and 14%, nearly 200 people, with pro-government forces, Afghan or international.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Afghanistan, Karzai at the funeral of his brother

Afghan President Hamid Karzai opened the long funeral procession that has cut Kandahar this morning to carry the coffin of his brother Ahmed Wali Karzai to the native village, Karz, about twenty kilometers from the most important city in southern Afghanistan. The security measures were impressive. Afghan police officers and soldiers of the national army were deployed along the entire route, while the body of Wali Karzai was accompanied by thousands of people.

Japan may give up nuclear energy

Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, said Wednesday that the Fukushima nuclear crisis convinced him that Japan should get rid of nuclear energy and get rid of all nuclear power plants. The crisis of radiation in the central Fukushima, Tokyo Electric Power, triggered by the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, has provoked debate about the role of nuclear energy in Japan is an earthquake zone and with few resources and concern for the energy shortage because 35 of the 54 reactors are being held.

Five French soldiers killed in an attack on Afghanistan

Five French soldiers and a civilian have been killed this morning in a suicide bombing in Joyba in Kapissa province, north of Kabul. The soldiers were part of a contingent guarding a meeting of Afghan notables when a man has advanced to the French armored vehicles and then has exploded the bomb that was attached to the body.

Four other French soldiers and three other civilians were seriously injured. Soon after, an SMS sent by the Taliban France Presse served to vindicate the attack. The murder of five French soldiers came a day after Nicolas Sarkozy, on a surprise visit to Afghanistan.

Greece, Fitch downgrades credit rating from 'B +' to 'CCC'

Fitch cut its long-term rating of Greece to 'CCC', four steps less than the previous 'B +'. The decision is mainly due to the absence of a credible plan of aid for the country. The downgrading of Athens, Fitch said in a statement, reflecting the lack of a new program of support to Greece by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund should be credible and fully funded.

At this, the rating agency points out, there is increasing uncertainty about the role of the private sector in any future financing of Greece, just as you are weakening the country's macroeconomic prospects.

Attack leaves 21 dead in Bombay

Three explosions killed 21 people and wounded at least 141 in central and southern Indian city of Bombay. Interior Minister, P. Chidambaram described the actions of "coordinated attack by terrorists." The attacks were not claimed, but suspicion pointed to the Indian Mujahideen and the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), which is based in Pakistan.

The first blast occurred around 18:45 local time and the following occurred at an interval of 15 minutes.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Moscow, jazz protest against Putin

A song against an abuse. Ten steps in 24 hours, at the end of each edition of the news. A constant that has turned into an obsession. In the post-Soviet Russia, as embodied by Vladimir Putin, there are various ways to protest without attracting attention and avoid the harsh intervention of the police apparatus, and services.

Assange Lawyer in court for appeal: "Risk extradition"

Just over 4 months of the decision at first instance by Judge Howard Riddle British extradition to Sweden, where the judiciary wants to interrogate and prosecute sex crimes for which two women accused him, is back today in the Julian Assange the High Court in London to discuss the appeal. There are two days of hearing.

The high court should notify its decision Thursday. Before the usual crowd of photographers waiting for him from early morning, the founder of Wikileaks has arrived wearing a gray suit, blue tie and white shirt, her face tense. Extradition is possible that fears Assange United States where he opened an investigation on him on the publication of secret documents about 250 thousand U.S. diplomatic authorities in the world.

Clashes between Catholics and republicans in Belfast

The clashes between Catholics and caused dozens of police injured in Belfast on the occasion of the march Orange, which celebrates the victory of Protestant King William III over Catholic James II at the Battle of Boyne in 1690. A police statement said that 22 officers were injured in Catholic Ardoyne district, but only four are hospitalized for minor injuries.

Hundreds of people participated in the traditional parade, which many Catholics regard as a provocation. Of these, 200 have responded with violence and attacked security forces with bottles, stones and Molotov cocktails. The officers have responded to aggression with rubber bullets and water cannons.

France extends presence in Libya

The French lower house voted overwhelmingly to maintain the presence in Libya, the same day as leader Muammar Gadhafi's emissaries told the Chancellor Gallo, Alain Juppe, the leader "is ready to go." "Things are clear: we never said or thought that the intervention in Libya would be easy and ending in a few days, "he said after the vote the French Prime Minister Francois Fillon.

The presence of the Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) meets next Tuesday, four months. Later, Foreign Minister Alain Juppe, said after a meeting with Gadhafi government's emissaries, they told him that the leader "is willing to go" in Libya. Juppe said that there are contacts, "but not until today, a real negotiation." Fillon's remarks coincided with statements by the Libyan prime minister, Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi, who said the newspaper Le Figaro: "The rebels are supported by NATO, international financial aid available, are provided with weapons and supplies are supplies .

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Brazil received more touristsin May: more than 20%

Brazil received a total of 3.69 million international tourists in the first five months of the year, representing a 20.32% more entries than the same period in 2010, according to data provided by Infraero Brazilian company that manages the airport infrastructure in the country. In May, the number of foreign tourist arrivals grew by 25.28%.

The Brazilian Tourism Institute (Embratur) estimated to continue at this pace at the end of 2011 could reach nine million international tourists. Spending by tourists also increased in May for a 33.11% compared to same period in 2010, the highest value in the last ten years. According to data released by the Central Bank between January and May, Brazilian foreign tourists increased by 14.33% the expenditure over a year earlier.

Japan reveals the details of the stress tests

Japan reveals the details of the "stress tests" faced by nuclear reactors stopped before they can resume their operations, said yesterday a senior official as the government seeks to ensure public safety after the disaster of Fukushima. Gohsi Hosono, the minister appointed by the Government to monitor Japan's response to the crisis in the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Fuji TV said in an interview that Tokyo also announced a plan to supply electricity for the next "one or two years, "to allay fears among companies about energy shortages." The results of the new evidence of resistance and the decision on the restart can not be treated separately.

Egyptian Prime Minister announces cabinet remodeling after protests in the square Tahir

The Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, has decided to act after the demonstrations that took place last Friday in Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the protests last January that ended the regime of Hosni Mubarak. The mayor said in a televised speech that makes for "preserving the revolution" and to respond to claims that they took to the streets once again, thousands of Egyptians who demanded progress in the democratic process.

Train derailed in India leaves 68 dead

The railway workers on Monday began removing the wreckage of a passenger train derailed in northern India after completing a rescue that found 68 corpses. During the day, many people desperate to locate their missing relatives appeared at the place where the disaster occurred on Sunday. The bodies of many victims were wrapped in white sheets were placed in rows on the floor next to the train.

Strauss-Kahn, referring to the August 1 "prosecutor drop charges"

The next hearing of the case, Strauss-Kahn has been moved to New York from July 18 to August 1. The lawyers have told the former director general of the International Monetary Fund, adding his hope that the prosecutors have formally charged Strauss-Kahn for attempted rape and sexual assault, withdraw their accusations.

"We hope that by that date, the prosecutor takes a decision in our opinion necessary to drop the charges", stressed in a written note of the defenders of Strauss-Kahn, Benjamin Brafman lawyers and William Taylor. The Manhattan prosecutor's office has said in a statement that the investigation is still ongoing and that no decision has yet been taken.

The Portuguese are angry against Moody's

"After all that we have suffered, and what we suffer, we react very badly." In Lisbon, Ines Furtado, teacher union 60 years, does not accept the decisions of Moody's lowered the debt rating four notches of Portugal and that of four Portuguese banks. Despite the austerity program put in place in exchange for a loan of 78 billion euros, the rating agency fears that Portugal fails to meet its commitments in reducing deficits.

Obama's anti-debt campaign: Countdown to the U.S. state of bankruptcy

The U.S. must soon declare bankruptcy? Negotiations falter in Congress on a higher debt limit. Obama is now urging a swift decision - but the right-wing Republicans are locked: the arch-conservatives are apparently willing to accept defeat in a state purchase. Barack Obama has arrived in the press room of the White House, he no longer wants to talk about small details, but on the bright future of the country.

Monday, July 11, 2011

7.0 earthquake shakes northeastern Japan

A strong earthquake struck the same area on Sunday in northeast, but there was no evidence of further damage along the coast or in the Fukushima nuclear plant collapsed, officials said. The Japan Meteorological Agency lifted a tsunami warning for the region before noon, after initially urged residents in the disaster area away from the coast.

The U.S. Geological Survey estimated its magnitude at 7.0 and said it occurred at a depth of 18 kilometers off the northeast coast, shortly before 10.00 local time. The same area was hit by a powerful earthquake and tsunami in March, which left 21,000 people dead and missing. The disaster of March 11 to cut power plant in Fukushima and detonated a nuclear crisis.

Israel has expelled 36 pro-Palestinian, 82 are still pending

Thirty-six pro-Palestinian activists from Europe and allowed to enter Israel were expelled Sunday, July 10. 82 remained in detention pending deportation. These expulsions involve 22 Belgians, 13 Germans and a Spaniard, she said, adding that a Belgian couple had been returned in the night. The 82 activists still pending are held in the prison Ela Beersheva in southern Israel, and that of Guivon in Ramle, near Tel Aviv. The majority are French, but there are also Americans, Belgians, Bulgarians, Spanish and Dutch.

Twenty-one miners trapped in a mine in eastern China

Twenty-one miners were trapped by rising water in an iron mine in eastern China, Monday, July 11 reported the state media. Seven people managed to escape when the water is mounted in a well in the city of Weifang in Shandong province, Sunday to 23 hours (15 hours in Paris), reported Xinhua. An investigation was initiated to determine the cause of the accident, the fourth in a mine in less than two weeks, according to Xinhua.

Obama: 10 days for the agreement on debt

Ten days to reach an agreement on debt. Barack Obama convenes again at the White House to Congressional leaders this afternoon after a meeting that lasted an hour and a half Sunday. The time for a solution to the impasse are shortened: August 2, when the United States could rise to the first default in history, is close by and after reaching an agreement can serve the technical time in Congress to increase the debt ceiling.

Eruption of an Indonesian volcano: the population evacuated

Indonesia ordered, Monday, July 11, the evacuation of hundreds of people living on the slopes of the volcano Lokon, after raising the alert level to maximum for fear of an imminent eruption. Mount, which culmunine to 1580 meters in the north of the island of Sulawesi (Celebes), entered into an eruptive period in recent days by projecting an ash plume at a height of 500 meters.

Protesters attack U.S. embassy with eggs

Syrian pro-government protesters threw tomatoes, eggs and rocks at the U.S. Embassy to protest the visit of Ambassador Robert Ford the besieged rebel stronghold of Hama, U.S. officials said. A senior State Department official said there were no reports of injuries, but that the embassy employees were hit by food thrown.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue. Ford traveled Thursday to Hama, where he was greeted by a friendly crowd that put flowers and olive branches on his car, while chanting "Down with the regime." Supporters of the government of President Bashar Assad responded Friday with a demonstration outside the embassy which lasted until Saturday.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Malaysia, activists in the streets in the name of legality, rights and anti-corruption

There is a woman and a lawyer of Indian origin Ambiga Sreenevasan head of the broad movement of civil society now shakes Malaysia. And 'the former president of the Bar Council of Malaysia, and is known for its commitment to protect individual freedoms and human rights. The leader was arrested today, along with 900 other activists, for leading an unauthorized demonstration in the streets of Kuala Lumpur, where they were discharged for several hours over 20 thousand young people, dispersed by police with water cannons and tear gas.

A hundred pro-Palestinian demonstrators arrested in Paris

One hundred and twenty people were arrested after being gathered Saturday, July 9 afternoon near the Hotel de Ville in Paris to demand the release of pro-Palestinian activists arrested Friday in Tel Aviv. The protesters were removed from the site to 16 hours and taken to different police stations in the French capital.

They did not report their collection to the authorities, said a police source. United behind a banner "Stop Israeli fascism. Shame on France accomplice", dressed in green T-shirts ("Free Palestine", "Palestine will live") and equipped with signs ("No to Gaza blockade"), they chanted slogans against Israel and called for the release of pro-Palestinian activists.

Decontamination Fukushima will take decades according to the Government

The Japanese prime minister said Saturday, July 9 that decontamination of the site of the Fukushima nuclear power plant would take several decades. Naoto Kan presented for the first time a program of long-term operation. Cooling systems of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, located 220 km northeast of Tokyo, were damaged on mergers within three reactors after the tsunami that followed the earthquake of March 11, causing one of worst civil nuclear disaster.

Japan, quake 7.3 quake in the north-east

Japan shakes back and relives the nightmare of the tsunami: A strong earthquake of magnitude 7.3, felt from the capital of Tokyo to the island north of Hokkaido, was recorded in the morning in the Pacific Ocean, about 200 km off the coast of Miyagi prefecture, bringing the alarm tsunami with waves up to 50 cm.

Not much, when referring to the tsunami until March 11 to 40 feet and head of the devastation in the northeast of the country, but different enough to push local governments to arrange the evacuation "of residents immediately" to minimize the risk to residents. Currently there are no reports of injuries or damage caused by the earthquake.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Freedom Flotilla, French vessel intercepted by the Greek coast guard

The Greek coast guard intercepted the French 'Dignity at Kaname' who was heading for the Gaza Strip. The boat was discovered while she was refueling at a small harbor on the island of Crete and was then towed to the largest port of Sitia, on the same island. The activist Manolis Pleonis sai.

Under pressure from Israel, the Greek authorities prevented the departure from the past few days in its ports of ten ships of the Freedom Flotilla II, who wanted to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza. Dignity, carrying a dozen Palestinian activists wire, set sail from Corsica at the end of June.

A 7.6 magnitude earthquake off New Zealand

An earthquake of magnitude 7.6 occurred off the Kermadec Islands, north-eastern New Zealand, reports Wednesday, July 6 before the U.S. Geological Centre. A tsunami warning issued in New Zealand, Kermadec Islands and Tonga, was finally canceled. The New Zealand Herald, the authorities have nevertheless asked residents to stay away from beaches.

First estimated at 7.9, the quake occurred on Thursday at 7 pm local 3 hours (21 hours in Paris 3), and its epicenter was located 211 km east of Raoul Island, which belongs to the Kermadec archipelago, and 48 km deep. "An earthquake of this magnitude has the potential to generate a destructive tsunami that can strike within hours to the coast near the epicenter," stated the Tsunami Warning Centre, which explained that a tsunami tidal wave could hit the Kermadec archipelago, uninhabited, Wednesday 21 am to 29 (Paris time), Tonga 17 to 22 h and eastern New Zealand at around 22 h 52, the Centre had said.

Michigan. Man kills seven people including his daughter

Seven dead, including a girl of 10 years, the dramatic results of a double murder in Michigan, according to police caused by "domestic reasons". The man suspected of murder, Rodrick Shonto Dantzler, was killed while he was entrenched in a house with a hostage and the police were negotiating with him by phone.

Among the victims, his daughter is the reconstruction of events: first a series of murders, the killing of two women and 10 years old girl, occurred in a house in Grand Rapids. Then the man, fled on board a Lincoln Towne old, would open fire on the occupants of another vehicle, killing four people, three women and one man.

Canada ends its mission in Afghanistan

Canada formally ended its combat mission in Afghanistan after years of being in the frontline against the Taliban in the south of the country. The withdrawal of two thousand 850 Canadian soldiers at a time when the Taliban continues to show its strength, peace talks are in their infancy and the Government and development are faltering.

Cameron proposes new regulation for the press

British Prime Minister, David Cameron has proposed a new model of regulation of the press for the scandal of eavesdropping and wiretaps that the drafters of the News of the World did for information. "I think we need a new system entirely," said the British premier.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Strauss-Kahn to archiving, the waitress sues NY Post

The case with Dominique Strauss-Kahn will end in a bubble, ready to dissolve in the coming days. To hear the experts judicial record, in New York, all charges against the former director of the International Monetary Fund may be withdrawn at the hearing scheduled for July 18, if not before. The woman who accused him of sexual violence, by contrast, is painted now as a prostitute who would take advantage of the fame and money of his client to earn as much as possible.

Somali terrorist arrested: Warsame case embarrasses Obama

Barack Obama looks like George W. Bush? The ultimate victory over terrorism is likely to twist paradoxically against the president really disappointed this time in a bipartisan Democrats and Republicans. The U.S. government has captured a boss of Al Qaeda.

New hacker attack against Obama on the official website

Obama and hackers, part two. The site for re-election of the president was stormed by a group of pirates who managed to get the application for mobile phones and directing the supporters of Barack to two mirror sites. "Politicians lie," read on web pages that the president certainly would never have authorized.

"Politicians will say what they want to hear." The blitz seems more Dada than criminal operation. But it shows the incredible permeability of the system. And above all, comes just days away from fake tweets from other hackers had done on behalf of the user's Fox announced as breaking news of the tragic death of President.

China: an oil spill polluting the Gulf of Bohai

For a month, oil leaking from an oil platform in the Gulf of Bohai in the north of China. The National Bureau of Maritime Affairs said Tuesday, July 5 that the leak has contaminated an area of 840 square kilometers sea. The escape platform Penglai 19-3 "has caused a degree of pollution and damage to the marine environment undeniable," said a statement posted on the website of the office.

"The Chinese Maritime supervisors began an investigation," said the Chinese government, which is particularly interested in American operator of the platform, the company ConocoPhillips. Nuisance for fishing is considerable, according to China Daily, which reported that marine plants and dead rotting fish were seen around the island of Nanhuangcheng, 75 km from the platform.

Rebel offensive in the west, about 50 km from Tripoli

Libyan rebels launched an offensive in the west of the country, Gualicho, about fifty kilometers south of Tripoli. A journalist from Agence France Presse reported heavy exchanges of artillery fire between the insurgents and the forces of Muammar Gaddafi and NATO planes flying over the area, but no bomb.

"This morning we finally got the green light for the Atlantic Alliance and the attack began," said a member of the Revolutionary Committee of Zenteno. Last Sunday, the opposition announced that in the next 48 hours would have launched an offensive to regain large-scale areas south of Tripoli, in particular the strategic town of Bir al-Ghanam from which they could bombard the capital.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The legendary Yellowstone River polluted by an oil spill

A pipeline from Exxon Mobil has broken, Saturday, July 2, near the town of Laurel, Montana State, the United States. According to the oil 750 to a thousand barrels (between 120,000 and 160,000 liters) of crude oil spilled into the Yellowstone River - river iconic American Northwest. The tanker has deployed hundreds of workers to collect, along the banks of the river, the oil can be recovered.

Hugo Chavez returned to Venezuela after an operation in Cuba

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who was recovering in Cuba of an operation of removal of a cancerous tumor suffered June 10 in Havana, has returned home on the morning of Monday, July 4. The head of state, who is 56 years old, was greeted at the airport in Maiquetia, on the outskirts of Caracas, by members of the government, according to pictures broadcast by state television.

The former officer coup, "nemesis" of the United States in Latin America could do in the afternoon appeared on the balcony of the presidential palace, said on television. The latter also showed images of the Cuban President, Raul Castro, before making his farewell to his Venezuelan counterpart.

Ben Ali receives another sentence

The deposed president of Tunisia was sentenced to 15 years in prison after being convicted of smuggling drugs, weapons and antiquities in the latest trial against him. A court also imposed a fine of $ 72,000 the former president Zine el Abidine Ben Ali.

Monday, July 4, 2011

London provides food for 1.3 million Ethiopians affected by drought

The United Kingdom will provide food to 1.3 million Ethiopians affected by increased drought in the country , the British Government announced today. International Cooperation Minister, Andrew Mitchell, said the contribution will be made through the World Food Programme (WFP). He stressed that the worst drought that has ravaged Ethiopia in the last ten years has left hundreds of thousands of hungry people face now, the three driest months of the year.

The winner of the elections in Thailand announces a government coalicion

The candidate for Prime Minister of Thailand, Yingluck Shinawatra, has announced a coalition of his party with four other smaller formations, after winning legislative elections held yesterday. The Puea Thai Party (Thais) won 265 seats of the 500 that make up the Parliament in voting that ended yesterday with a turnout of 75 percent.

The winning coalition is formed by the formation led by Yingluck, sister of deposed leader Thaksin Shinawatra, and four other parties: the Chart Thai Pattana, the Chat Pattana Phue Pandin, Palang Chong and Mahachon. The alliance will have 299 seats in parliament and the pact involves the transfer of several ministerial portfolios to the smaller groups have indicated Puea Thai sources.

Mladic in The Hague in the courtroom by surprise, but it works and is dismissed by the judge

Mladic presented in the courtroom by surprise, then he was dismissed because he refused to answer questions from the judge. So the charges against him were read in his absence.

Mladic appeared before in front of the judges with his old soldier's cap on his head. Yesterday the lawyer instead Saljic Milos said that the former general did not attend the hearing. At the opening of the courtroom, the judge has repeatedly urged Mladic not to turn to the audience.

Fox News on Twitter: "Obama is dead" 'the attack of a hacker

For a few minutes, from his tweets, Fox News has rocked the planet. "President Barack Obama is dead. It was shot twice. Unknown bomber." This was the message in the day in which the United States celebrate their most important national festival, the Independence Day.

The message, released at 2 am local time has immediately reached 33 thousand followers of the network by Rupert Murdoch. Fox was the victim of a hacker attack. "Struck by two bullets." At the first message was followed by others with more details: "About 45 minutes ago was hit by two bullets in the pelvis and neck," and soon pointed out yet another message: "Barack Obama struck twice in the restaurant in Iowa Ross ".

Gaza flotilla: the Athens proposal

The Greek government has proposed to activists of the Freedom flotilla and Palestinian Authority to deliver itself the aids to the Palestinian population. Greece "proposes to undertake the transportation of humanitarian aid, with Greek ships or other appropriate manners, through existing channels," as requested by the UN, said in a statement the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Chavez returned in Caracas: "I will get great victory"

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is back at home after surgery for the removal of a tumor to which Cuba is subjected to images of the arrival of Chavez in a video shown on state television. Just the long absence of Chavez on TV because the hospital had led many observers to fear the worst, fueling a kind of yellow internationally.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Strauss-Kahn, visiting the "Moma" First exit a free man

Dominique Strauss-Kahn visited the MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, on his first day of freedom after the withdrawal of the arrest. The former president of the International Monetary Fund had been arrested May 14 on charges of raping a waitress at the Sofitel New York. The allegations have proved unfounded, at least with regard to violence and Strauss-Kahn was set free.

The Syrian army continues operations in Hama

The Syrian army has deployed tanks Sunday at the entrances to the city of Hama, two days after a huge demonstration against President Bashar al-Assad, report of residents and activists. "Dozens of people were arrested in the vicinity of Hama. The authorities seem to have opted for a military solution to bring the city," said Rami Abdel Rahman, president of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights .