Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ignored orders: Libyan pilots will settle over Malta

Libya's military is increasingly distant from Muammar al-Gaddafi. Two pilots of the Air Force flew their fighter planes to Malta and have applied for asylum there. The soldiers refused orders to shoot at demonstrators.  Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi clings to power, and uses military force against its own people.

But not all soldiers to obey orders Gaddafi - and two pilots have even stopped by the armed forces in order not to fire on their countrymen have to. The two soldiers flown in by two fighter jets of the Libyan air force on Monday to the International airport in the Mediterranean country of Malta.

Egypt: Iranian warships passing Suez Canal

For Israel this is a provocation: for the first time in more than 30 years, Iranian warships moved into the Suez Canal - a frigate and a supply vessel are en route to the Mediterranean, said a representative of the canal administration. Ismailia - you have taken courses of the Mediterranean, their goal is Syria: Two Iranian warships went on Tuesday Egyptian claims to the Suez Canal.

Since early morning a frigate and a supply ship were on their way towards the Mediterranean, said a representative of the channel management of the news agency. The Egyptian government had approved the passage. Iran has given its assurance that the two ships were unarmed. Israel has been extremely concerned about the way the Iranian warships through the canal, the first since the victory of the Islamic revolution in the country 1979th The right-wing Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman spoke last week, even by a provocation of Iran.

Immigrants, the EU responds to Bossi "sorting? No way"

BRUSSELS - not to mention to ease tensions between Italy and the European Union on the management of new and increasing flows of immigrants from North Africa as a result of the instability of the old regimes. The new heads-up on this time is a declaration of Umberto Bossi. "New landings of immigrants from the Maghreb? We hope not to come.

If we have them sent to France and Germany." These statements of leaders of the Northern League, a provocation in perfect Bossi-style, closed with a very convincing "We expect orders from Europe" about the position to take on the situation in Libya. Orders do not arrive from Europe, but little comforting signals to Bossi and those in the government hoped to see each other open the doors of other countries in the EU for a redistribution of migrants continue to arrive, hour after hour, on the Italian coast.

UN calls for investigation into the repression in Libya

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Navi Pillay said Tuesday that widespread and systematic attacks against the Libyan people could constitute crimes against humanity. 'The authorities should immediately cease such illegal acts of violence against demonstrators. The widespread and systematic attacks against the civilian population could crimes against humanity, "said the official.

Gaddafi: "I'm not going to go with this situation; die as a martyr"

"I'm not going to go with this. I will die as a martyr." Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has settled well in a televised speech in which he has used an aggressive tone and challenging, any speculation about his departure, wrapped in a wave of protests. In a similar line to that taken by his son last Sunday, Gadhafi has charged against the international community and foreign broadcasters, in his opinion, distort reality and "work for the devil." "This is our country and the country of our forefathers.

Libya, the revolt of the ambassadors, "the UN to intervene." Today's meeting

NEW YORK. Genocide, crimes of war, apocalypse, action by the international community, emergency meetings at the United Nations. One after another, the words spoken by Ambassador Ibrahim Dabbashi journalists to leave the mouth open. Him, the diplomat who represented the will of Gaddafi at the UN, turned his back and asks the international community to stop the "mad dog" that is killing its own people.

Portfolio - Events to support the Libyan people in the world

The Libyan regime unleashed its fury on demonstrators in Tripoli

Since the beginning of the wave of change in the Arab world, violence struck with unprecedented force in the capital, Tripoli, with the brunt of the regime to maintain order and keep power, when at least 250 people were killed by bombing planes of the Air Force against protesters demanding the downfall of a number of Libya, Moammar Gadhafi.

According to the Qatari television network Al Jazeera, the bombings were carried out in several neighborhoods in the Libyan capital. The official, however, the voice of Saif al-Islam Gadhafi, son of Libyan leader said that what was bombed weapons caches were located far from urban areas.

The Libyans diplomatically turn away from Gaddafi

Libyan diplomats are turning their backs on Muammar Qaddafi since the weekend started the bloodshed in his country. Today the Libyan ambassador to the United States, Ali Aujali, has joined several colleagues and has backed popular revolt after the bloody repression of mercenaries loyal to Qadhafi launched against the people.

"I need the U.S. to raise its voice strong. This regime is teetering and it's time to get rid of him," said Aujali on Good Morning America on ABC. "Please, please help the Libyan people. Help him.'re Burning. We need the world support us," he said after news that U.S. planes bombed Tripoli parties to control the protests.

"You have been silent on the massacres of Gaddafi, now supplies gas will close for Italy"

The Libyan revolt could have consequences for our country: the supply of gas from Libya to Italy WOULD BE is the way to a gradual stop. Demonstrators of the Libyan city of Nalut have in fact threatened to stop the flow of gas to Italy by closing the pipeline that passes for their province. The citizens of Nalut in the mountainous region of western Libya, a few miles from Tunisia, in a message posted on the website of the opposition group "17 February", address "the European Union, and in particular to Italy" .

Meeting of African presidents amid violence in Abidjan

Clashes between forces loyal to President Laurent Gbagbo and leaving supporters of Alassane Ouattara took at least one dead and dozens injured Monday, February 21 in Abidjan, where four African presidents were trying to resolve the election crisis in C├┤te d'Ivoire . A panel of the African Union (AU) on the crisis resulting from the presidential election in November, Idriss Deby (Chad), Jikaya Kikwete (Tanzania), Jacob Zuma (South Africa) and Mohamed Aziz OuldAbdel (Mauritania) began their discussions by meeting Monday afternoon Laurent Gbagbo at the presidential palace.

The four dead Americans held hostage by Somali pirates

WASHINGTON - They died four U.S. citizens kidnapped by Somali pirates off the coast of Oman last week: the kidnapping ended in tragedy, reported several American media, including CNN and CBS, citing Pentagon sources. The four sailors aboard the yacht These were followed by a couple of days after a U.S.

Navy ship. The ship was taken after hearing the shots on board, but there was nothing to do about the hostages were already dead. To kill them were pirates who had intercepted their boat last week. On board there were at least 12, some were captured, others were killed. From Quest at sea had left an SOS last Friday, after crossing the Pirates last Friday, which had diverted to the coast of Somalia.

Arab world to date

Riot police units used force to suppress a concentration of hundreds of students from all over the Algerian territory to the Ministry of Higher Education in Algiers, to demand the repeal of a presidential decree that reorganized the higher education qualification. "We stay here until we achieve success for our struggle.

The beats are not going to with us. We will fight until the end, "one protester said the newspaper" El Watan ". The situation was complicated in Iraqi Kurdistan, the safest area in Iraq, where one second teenager has died in protests since last Thursday called for in Sulaimaniyah political reforms and an end to corruption.

Italy chaos fears paralyze their bilateral business prsperos

Does not seem a coincidence that in Tahrir Square in Cairo some young people sing, Hosni Mubarak after he threw the spoon, "we go from here if Gaddafi and Berlusconi also resign." Many North Africans know that the regime of Libyan dictator is in the Italy of Silvio Berlusconi to his great Western ally and a preferred trade partner.

Since two years ago Berlusconi and Colonel signed the Treaty of Friendship, Partnership and Cooperation, the bilateral business now exceed 40,000 million euros per year and reach all key sectors, from energy to banking or building and without missing military agreements and intelligence.

The United Nations announced a "independent international investigation"

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay today called an "independent international investigation" into the violence in Libya and requested the "immediate stop to the serious human rights violations made by the Libyan authorities". The UN Security Council will meet in emergency session behind closed doors to the Italian 15 hours today, 21 in New York, to discuss the crisis in Libya has announced the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, to room for a brief visit to Los Angeles.

When Boris Boillon, new ambassador to Tunisia, defended Gaddafi

Berlusconi called Gaddafi "Stop the violence"

ROME - After the pressure and criticism from many European allies for its liabilities facing the Libyan Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is preparing today to call the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Berlusconi will try to ask the colonel to stop as soon as the violence against his people and to initiate a political dialogue with those who took to the streets in recent days against the regime.

Defections undermine the Libyan regime officials

Deep cracks appeared in the regime of Moammar Gadhafi Libyan officials to resign in the country and abroad, deserting Air Force pilots and ignite a government building after clashes in Tripoli. Protesters urged to defy the leader of the Arab world with more time in office despite the intense repression imposed by the security forces.

Gadhafi was forced to appear on state television for less than a minute to quell rumors that his flight to Libya. "I'm here to show that I am in Tripoli and not in Venezuela. Do not believe these stations bitches who cheat. " Gadhafi lost the support of at least one of the major tribes, several military units and their own diplomats, including the delegation to the United Nations.

So far from London

"The Fighting Cocks" is in the student center of Durham, a small university town north-east of England. From the outside appears to be the most typical of the pubs, the kind that really like English students: lights dim almost to the point of being painful, thick carpet, wooden tables and a large bouquet of beer.

Yet on Saturday night, unconscious and free of any injury, I have happened to us "Fighting Cocks". And there I found not a single student. Besides being a really nice little pub by the name "The Fighting Cocks" is also a sad symbol of the rift that exists in the relations between students and locals, people born and raised in Durham.

On the spot, "the witnesses speak of a massacre"

It pretends to avenge the family nazi After 4 years he discovered that the SS extermination

BERLIN - In order to avenge his family exterminated by the Nazis for four years has become one of them. He ate with them, it is friends, dressed like them and shouted their slogans. The American historian jew Mark Gould, 43, was to expose the fake neo-Nazi SS torturer who killed 28 members of his family.

Uncles, cousins, grandparents, his past and the future. But the story of the revenge Gould then told the Hamburg newspaper, the Bild. After hearing the tracks, the United States Gould had decided to move to Germany in 2006. He wanted to expose the responsibility of the Shoah Frank Bernhard, 97, a former Obersturmbannf├╝hrer of Hitler, who over the years had continued to practice undisturbed as 'doctor' and that after the war, he lived quietly in Hesse.

Riots in Libya: Gaddafi appears on TV

The appearance lasted barely a minute: Libyan leader Gaddafi has reported briefly in the night on television to speak. "I'm in Tripoli and not in Venezuela," he clarified. In the hours before he had taken with brutal force against opponents of his regime. Tripoli - a televised speech was billed for hours of Arabic channels, shortly after midnight, he then went on: Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi was for almost a minute on television.

Unrest in Morocco: five people die in a burning bank

The demonstrations for more democracy in Morocco, there have been violent riots. In the city of al-Hoceima were five deaths, were trapped in a burning bank. Throughout the country, 128 people were injured, 120 more arrested. Rabat - The unrest in countries of the Arab world have spilled over to Morocco and five people killed.

were the case which followed protests also 128 people injured, the Moroccan Interior Minister Taieb Cherqaoui said on Monday in Rabat. The worst incident occurred in al-Hoceima in the north, broken where, according to authorities "troublemaker" and a bank branch and set on fire had. Five people burned alive, because the flames blocked their escape route.

Gadhafi appears on TV to show that it is in Libya

- The number one Libyan, Moammar Gadhafi, made a brief appearance Monday night on Libyan state television, "live" from his residence in Bab Al Azizia in Tripoli, said the television itself, to deny their departure. "I'm going to see the young to the green square. Just to prove I'm in Tripoli and not in Venezuela and lie to the television, those dogs," he simply said, responding to information released Monday by several television channels and media international argued that he had gone to Venezuela.

Fresh air strikes in Tripoli: "Over a thousand deaths"

A new day of civil war. Violence in Libya show no sign of ending. Some residents of Tripoli quoted by Al Jazeera television report that new air strikes this morning on some neighborhoods of the capital. Other sources report that some mercenaries hired by the Gaddafi regime are firing bullets fired on demonstrators.

The fact is that the count of the dead is impressive: it speaks a thousand deaths in one day today. The news comes from the president of the coma, the Community of the Arab world in Italy, which is in constant contact with witnesses in Libya. Yet there are those who deny. In the last hours, from multiple sources denied that there were actually air raids against the protesters.

Libya: what role for siblings Gaddafi?

Sunday, February 20 evening, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, second son of Colonel, spoke on the waves of the Libyan state television. In the heart of a revolt whose size is growing every day, he said the regime of his father's "fight to the end" to suppress dissent. This intervention of the son, rather than the father, is not a coincidence, said Barah Mikail, research director at the Foundation for International Relations and external dialogue.

The wrath of the EU against the foreign ministry "can not defend a dictator"

BRUSSELS - In Europe they have renamed "schizophrenia Rue Froissart." It is the ultimate in Berlusconi's diplomacy: the entry into the community meetings (the cars of the delegations come precisely from Rue Froissart, on the side of the building of the Council) the Italian politician of the moment makes statements to the benevolent dictator on trial.

Then, at a meeting, vote with the other a statement of condemnation. It happened last European summit, when Berlusconi, arriving at the meeting, he sang the praises of Mubarak, and then pass a resolution condemning the repression by Saddam Egyptian hatched. It had happened before, when we defended the Belarussian dictator Lukashenko, only to support the EU sanctions on Belarus.

Libyan army carried out air strikes

Libyan armed forces bombed weapons caches located far from urban areas, said Monday night the son of Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam, Libyan television reported. "The armed forces bombed weapons caches in areas far from urban areas, Libyan television said, adding that quoted a statement by Saif al Islam the official news agency Jana.

Saif al Islam and denied "reports that the armed forces bombed the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi, Libyan television said. The television network Al Jazeera had reported air strikes in Tripoli. "What we are witnessing today is unimaginable. Warplanes and helicopters are bombing indiscriminately one area after another.

Berlusconi kisses the hand of Gaddafi

In a video of the March 27, 2010 Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi greeted the Libyan leader Gaddafi hugs kisses his hand. The pictures on the internet going crazy for hours, bouncing from Italian to international sites that emphasize the old friendship between the Rais and the Italian prime minister.

The video was shot during the Arab League summit in Sirte last March. Knight was the subject of criticism, which he defended himself saying that there had been "no kneeling to Gaddafi."

Egypt calls for the freezing of assets of Mubarak and his family abroad

Egypt has requested the freezing of foreign assets of former President Hosni Mubarak and his immediate family, announced Monday, the Attorney General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud. Besides the President, who resigned Feb. 11, the request for his wife, Suzanne, and their two son, Alaa and Gamal, and their wives, said the magistrate in a statement.

Cairo had already requested the freezing of assets of former regime officials or ministers, but without making any such move for the former president and his family. Hosni Mubarak is in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on the Red Sea since his departure from power, the government said.

The springtime of the peoples

Two changes are sufficient to mark the turning of an era, while the riots are already occurring in the Arab world are still ongoing. It is increasingly bloody repression in Libya. The new chapter of history is not limited to countries that are the theater. The sensitive area, from Algeria to Iran, represents 36 percent of world oil production.

This is what concerns us in practice, together with the risks of war not only civilians, in an area full of frozen conflicts, at the gates of Western Europe. On the political, ideological, moral, what is happening is also intended to disrupt, to reverse the damage of the West on the Arab Muslim world.

Reported hundreds of dead 'slaughter' in Libya

After international agencies and local media report of bombings and shootings of demonstrators in neighborhoods of Tripoli about 250 people are reported dead so far only as of the day. Witnesses at the site reported that the bombing of the Libyan air force against protesters demanding the downfall of the regime of Moammar Gadhafi has been "intense" and have focused on several neighborhoods of the capital.

Gadhafi appears on TV in the evening: "I am in Tripoli"

After a day of bloody clashes with fighters who arrived to bombard the crowd (read), the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has made an appearance tonight flash on the screens of television to announce the Libyan people to find in Tripoli and not in Venezuela and to refute the "malicious insinuations" about her propagated by Western media.

State television announced late on Tuesday that the leader of Jamahiriyha would be addressed during the night of his people against the backdrop of the most dramatic crisis that the country is experiencing since the colonel, in 1969, came to power. But who expected one of his speeches river was disappointed.

The only challenge to speak in China

Referring to the events of yesterday, the Chinese press ridiculed the initiative "a few stirred" (Global Times), or "irresponsible elements" (People's Daily). For most observers, even though many elements contribute to stoke anger among the Chinese population - regime stifling dissent, corruption, nepotism, widening gap between rich and poor - the country does not seem to be won by the protest movement that affects the Arab world.

The dangerous friendship of the President of the Council "Trafficking in human beings protected by Gaddafi"

ROME - Silvio Berlusconi is to want the friendship agreement between Italy and Libya. He is to sweep off the table all the doubts that had blocked the Italian diplomacy and by the Prodi government to come to terms with Muammar Gaddafi. Whatever the cost, the normalization of relations with Tripoli and friendship with the Libyan dictator has become one of the glories of the Knights of international politics.

European Union representative travels to Egypt

The High Representative for the European Union, Catherine Ashton, has come from Brussels to Egypt to meet with representatives of the Transitional Government and civil society. The aim of the visit is to convey the message that "urge" constitutional progress "resulting in fair parliamentary and presidential elections." Ashton, who has participated in a Council of Foreign Ministers focused on the riots in northern Africa, will meet with members of the current Interim Executive of the opposition and civil associations and advocacy organizations, youth and women.

An earthquake kills at least 65 people in New Zealand

An earthquake of magnitude 6.3 on the Richter scale occurred five kilometers from the east coast of New Zealand has left at least 65 fatalities, as stated by the prime minister, John Key, after declaring that "Christchurch [ the second largest city in New Zealand and the most affected by the quake] is a total disaster area.

" Several buildings in central Christchurch have collapsed or burned, while some 200 people are injured or trapped in damaged structures and is expected to increase the number of fatalities. "We are witnessing one of the darkest days of New Zealand," said the head of the Government shortly after arriving from the capital city, Wellington, to supervise the rescue and assistance to the victims.

Milan to steal

It 'been a week to Sanremo, the week in which the Italians have suddenly rediscovered their love for their country, with an hour or so performance of Roberto Benigni sull'inno national area, is of course not here in question the skill Benigni which was certainly very good, just a great actor can take 50 minutes glued to millions of Italians, whose level of attention, thanks to this television model is equal to that of an earthworm, glued to the video about the Risorgimento , Mameli, values, history, culture, and certainly not in question that Benigni has done a great performance.

"The Libyan population is willing to risk his life to see its claims success"

Jean-Marie Fardeau, director of the Paris office of the NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW), highlights the difficulties in collecting information in Libya and worries of even higher casualties, following the increasing violence. The figure of 233 deaths is the precise number of bodies whose names have been identified in the morgue.

This information shall consist of a collection of meticulous work of our informants on the spot, HRW does not have an office in Libya because of the risks that entails. Someone from our office in Cairo is in contact with hospital officials and activists in Libya. These are mostly from opponents whose families were slaughtered in Benghazi in the Abu Salim prison in Tripoli in 1996.

Iranian ships in the Suez Canal on their way to the Mediterranean

Ismailia (Egypt) - After days of announcements and denials, two Iranian warships were actually entered the Suez Canal and head for the Mediterranean for a visit "routine" for a few days in Syria. The news was given by an official of the managing body of the Channel: "I came at 5:45 (4:45 in the Italy, ed).

It 's the first time that military units in Tehran pass by water from the Iranian Revolution of 1979. One development that exacerbates the already high tension for the popular uprisings underway in the area and has been branded by the Israeli government as a "serious provocation". Commenting on the news, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of Israel has spoken of presence, "provocative and unprecedented" and "represents a challenge to the international community." A manager of the Supreme Council of the Egyptian army, in power since 11 February, said yesterday to the private TV Dream that Cairo has granted permission under the Convention of Constantinople in 1888, which provides for the passage of military ships in Suez Canal.

Libya: Revolt against Gaddafi

"Flowing rivers are full of blood," threatening dictation son Saif al-Islam Gaddafi: Libya's ruler clan prepares for a fight in front of life and death. Several powerful tribes have already risen against the tyrant - they threaten to disrupt oil exports. Better to be a massacre instead of regime change: Libyan ruler Muammar al-Gaddafi seems willing to wage a war against his subjects to stay in power.

Yemen's president''will''only through the ballot box

Yemen protests to demand political reforms and the resignation of their leaders were exacerbated after Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh said he will leave power only if he is defeated in elections in 2013. "If they (opponents) want me out, I'll just go through the polls, "Saleh said, as thousands of demonstrators gathered outside the University of Sana'a to demand his resignation.

Despite growing calls to stop the power it has maintained since 1978, Saleh said a change of regime in the country "is unacceptable" and stressed that those who are leading the protests against his government "are a minority." "If you want power through the ballot box should catch (...) You claim that regime is gone, come and get rid of it through the ballot box." Earlier this month, President Saleh promised reforms and said it will not seek a new mandate in the forthcoming presidential elections scheduled in 2013, but his promises have failed to end the popular discontent.

The UN calls on Libya to immediately stop the violence

The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon called on the phone to Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi to "immediately stop" the escalation of violence that is happening in Libya. Ban today held "an extensive telephone conversation" with Gaddafi, who expressed "deep concern at the increasing violence and stressed that it must stop immediately," said the UN through a press release.

UN calls for international research on the repression in Libya

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, has described as "crime against humanity" repression against protesters in Libya and has demanded an international inquiry into these events. In a statement, Pillay has demanded the immediate cessation of human rights violations and denounced the use of guns, fighter jets and snipers against civilians.

"The widespread and systematic attacks against the civilian population are tantamount to crimes against humanity," he warned. "The callousness with which the Libyan authorities and their armed employees are firing bursts of bullets against peaceful demonstrators is inconceivable," said Pillay.

Tripoli, Tunis, Cairo. What is behind the insurgency (and what it's worth)

"As Tripoli Tunis. Tripoli such as Cairo, "the demonstrators shouted last night that the deal with the streets of the Libyan capital. "Tripoli is not Tunis or Cairo," he said last night on TV the second son of Colonel Gaddafi, Saif-al-Islam, in a desperate attempt to regain control of the situation. They are right, after all, both.

The rebellion is like the Libyan and Tunisian and Egyptian - ideal for thrust and political objectives - but very different is the context in which it takes shape and develops. Similar to the three "revolutions" is the desire to get rid of a dictator in power for too long attached. Gaddafi led the coup in Libya since 1969.

Du Rififi at Palazzo Doria Pamphili

Two lawyers in large confabulation in an anonymous piece of the 8th section of the Civil Court of Rome. The judge listens, nods and eventually return both parties to a different audience. That is the public face of a case before the epilogue weighs one billion euros. Nothing else filter. In this court where everyone can come and borrow a piece of file, documents relating to case No.

4408/2007 are safe. The lawyers, like their customers refuse to talk. Yet everybody knows, at least in name. This name carries much of the history of Italy. There are owners, a pope, Innocent X, cardinals, a palace on the Via del Corso in Rome, another in Genoa, castles and abbeys, farms and land, fourteen tracks, a church and one of largest private collections in the world.

Strong earthquake in Christchurch at least 65 dead, dozens missing

SYDNEY - At least sixty-five people died and dozens were wounded or went missing after the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that struck Christchurch, New Zealand's second largest city, destroying buildings in the center and entire suburbs. "We are witnessing the darkest days of New Zealand," said Prime Minister John Key to confirm the death toll.

An unknown number of people killed aboard two buses crushed by rubble. And according to Mayor Bob Parker, between 150 and 200 are trapped in collapsed buildings. WATCH THE VIDEO - PHOTOS The main shock took place at 12:51 (00:51 in Italy), and at rush hour. It 'lasted about a minute and was followed by two replicas, with a magnitude of 5.6 and 5.5.

Uprising in Libya: Gaddafi cautions West laid violent escalation

The EU is appalled by the brutal actions against Libya protesters - and is considering an evacuation of European nationals from the country. Companies already take off their employees. In Tripoli regime opponents a police station and government buildings are set on fire. Europe is outraged by the brutal handling of the Libyan Government with the protests in the country.

The European Union foreign ministers have condemned the bloody violence against demonstrators sharp. In the morning, also said Chancellor Angela Merkel. She denounced the action "in the strongest terms". The entire federal government and the chancellor were "dismayed" government spokesman Steffen Seibert said Monday in Berlin.