Friday, May 13, 2011

The mystery surrounding the murder of a exmilitar francs in Benghazi

Pierre Marziali arrived late on Wednesday to Benghazi. He was accompanied by a business partner, Secopex. In the Libyan capital of the rebels were waiting for three others, the advance of the French security firm: the next day they would meet with the new authorities to negotiate a consulting contract.

Just a couple of hours after arrival in hospital Marziali Jalaa the abdomen by a bullet shattered. His companions disappeared from the scene. Thus began a dark episode that none of the parties seems willing to clarify. The French government simply announce, after 24 hours, the death of a French citizen "at a security checkpoint and the arrest of his four companions.

Rumors and denials about the health of Gaddafi

Contradicting statements by the Foreign Minister of Italy, the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said Friday, May 13 that the NATO bombing could not reach it because it is worn in "the hearts of millions of Libyans," in a message audio broadcast Friday, May 13 in the evening by state television. Gaddafi says he is in a place "unachievable" and condemned the raid by NATO against his headquarters on Thursday.

In pornographic videos »Bin Laden's lair

The U.S. special forces who killed Osama bin Laden in the early hours of May 2 were seized, among other things, an abundance of pornographic material at his home in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad, as reported by sources Friday U.S. officials. The material, according to these sources, is recorded videos.

What is unknown is where in the house were found who saw the tapes or their content. Nor is it known whether bin Laden bought or if he saw them. With the leader of Al Qaeda, the command of Navy Seals who raided the home killed four people and left handcuffed to at least 16. According to the account given by the White House after the military operation, several families lived in the same building, so that the information given so far, it could not directly link pornographic videos with bin Laden.

"The death of bin Laden will weaken the Taliban's most radical"

They had pledged retaliation to avenge the death of Osama bin Laden. Friday, May 13, the Taliban have put their threats into execution by committing a double bombing that killed at least 80 young police recruits in northwestern Pakistan. It is probable that they organize further attacks in coming months, domestic terrorist groups should nevertheless be weakened in the long term, the death of the leader of al-Qaeda, which they considered as their guide said Karim Pakzad, a research specialist in Pakistan and Afghanistan at the Institute of International and Strategic Relations (IRIS).

Ordered the arrest of the wife of Hosni Mubarak

The Egyptian Ministry of Justice ordered the arrest of fifteen days of Suzanne Thabet Saleh, wife of former President Hosni Mubarak, to carry out investigations on alleged charges of illicit enrichment. This announcement follows the questioning this morning from Suzanne Thabet of the crime in the coastal resort of Sharm el Sheikh, and one day after the ministry decided to extend for another two weeks the arrest of exmandatario.

The U.S. envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell will resign

Washington should announce in the day on Friday the resignation of U.S. envoy for the Middle East George Mitchell. The departure of the envoy comes as U.S. President Barack Obama must decide, on May 19, a highly anticipated speech on the riots in the Arab world and North Africa. After months of secrecy in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had proposed in April a new approach to U.S.

Not only an act of revenge

Little wonder that those who have perpetrated the deadly bombing in Pakistan that allude, in claiming responsibility for the events, the death of Osama bin Laden and submit it as an act of retaliation for it. But even if the terrorist organization that has long held most of the terrorist attacks in the country, especially in the northwest tribal areas of the province and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Therik e Taliban Pakistan (TTP, Taliban Movement of Pakistan), threatened to develop activities for revenge a few days after being shot the then leader of al Qaeda.

The United States has asked the widow of Ben Laden

The intelligence services of the United States have questioned the three widows of Osama bin Laden arrested in Abbottabad, held in Pakistan since the U.S. commando operation in which the head of al-Qaida was killed, said Friday White House. "The United States gained access to women of Osama bin Laden detained in Pakistan," said spokesman Jay Carney White House, without giving further details.

Interpol condemns attack on Taliban in Pakistan

The secretary general of Interpol, Ronald K. Noble, condemned the double suicide attack by the Taliban against the Pakistani security forces, which killed at least 88 people. "As a representative of the international community of security agencies, Interpol condemnation of such attacks hard way murderers," said Noble, who is visiting Belarus, in a statement issued by Interpol.

Noble points out that "today's attack is a double reminder that the Taliban remain committed to supporting al Qaeda at the time of committing deadly terrorist acts" and that "Pakistan, its authorities and its citizens are too often the targets and victims of terrorism. " Police sources told Efe reported from Islamabad that 79 recruits and 9 civilians were killed in a double attack against an academy of border guards in the town of Charsadda, about two hours drive from Islamabad.

Bin Laden ordered back to U.S. attack

Obama bin Laden defended to the last day of Al Qaeda attacks should focus on U.S. and Western countries, with the intention of repeating as far as possible the impact and spectacle of the attacks of September 11 as analysis show that American researchers are making the material obtained at the residence of Abbottabad (Pakistan), in which the notorious terrorist was killed.

Bin Laden was personally involved in a discussion with other leaders of Al Qaeda to ensure that the organization is not divided into simple actions in remote locations, such as Yemen, Somalia or Algeria, they do not get much impact, but concentrate their efforts in bringing war to the United States also seeking the collaboration of some groups in this country, especially among Hispanics and African Americans, which is discrimination.

An Italian and a Briton kidnapped in north-western Nigeria

A Briton and an Italian working for a construction company were kidnapped Thursday, May 12 in north-western Nigeria, but no ransom demand has yet been formulated. Kidnappings are rare in northern Nigeria but common in southern oilfield, where armed groups have kidnapped many expatriates in recent years, usually released after a few days or weeks in exchange for a ransom.

The two engineers, "working for a foreign construction company, B. Stabilini, were kidnapped last night in their homes Birnin Kebbi, by unknown men," said police official of Kebbi State, Hassan Adamu. The two men were involved in the construction of a building in the central bank to Birnin Kebbi, capital of Kebbi State, located in the extreme north-western Nigeria, on the border with Niger.